Columbus Gifted Academy
100 W 4th Ave, Columbus, OH 43201, United States
Columbus Gifted Academy

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I go here i love it im in 7th been since 4th

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School is awesome!!!!! 10/10

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I have been going to this school for three years. It is a great school, because my other school could not provide an accelerated program for me. This is the best school I have ever been to. Thank you for your time. Goodbye.

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When i was a young man i went here i can on my finger maybe 3 good teachers there..i remember when i was a kid i was Transfering to another school...the Career Counselor had to sign off on my transfer paper i remember before i left she told me i would not amount to anything who tells a child that i had too take care of my mother because she was sickly. Anyway 20 years in the Navy as a Chiref Warrant a Merchant Seaman for almost 17 years.wherever she is i hope she Someplace hot and Rotting..Note this was when it was a Real Middle School.

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As a student, I believe that this school is excellent for children who are struggling at school due to lack of challenge. The building is old, but it isnt gross or rotting. It has tons of historical and interesting passages, as well as some old graffiti from students as early as 1956.

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As a student, I think that Columbus gifted academy is doing a wonderful job. The teachers there are understanding and help us with almost anything. Everybody there is very kind and it feels like a safe place for me sometimes.

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The enviorment here is great! I love most of my classmates and most of the teachers (some are not... you know who you are) are great! I think the principal is great also. I would like to say the workload is outragous, specifically in middle school, and I know most people here dont have any free time. From personal experience, its incredably stressful and I end up crying more times about it then I would like to admit. Yeah... I dont know how to end this. Sry about bad spelling and grammer.

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This school is very much the good. It has the good academics and the fun teachers. You arent allowed to upstairs, but you can still go if you want. You will just be attacked by the guard hamsters. We would get guard dogs, but we dont have the budget, and we need to make sure that we can pay for shipping the C.G.A. socks. Hope you come.

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One time I sold organs. It was profitable.

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This School was quite, how do you say it... Bad. I was forced to go here after they opened it, and it was horrible. The middle school teachers were very rude, im not going to name names, but if you go there you know who im talking about. If you didnt agree with certain teachers opinions they would be very rude to you. They deleted a lot of the reviews, if that isnt telling, I dont know what is. - Mickah Schuld-Fields, Alumni

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A great Columbus City Public school for 3rd to 8th graders. Great principal, teachers and kids. Glad to see this old building still being used.

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Great place from funny teachers to weird events maybe youll walk into the school and theres a bat in the cafeteria or You hear rats screaming for dear life in the vents or maybe if your unlucky enough you walk through the halls smelling those dead rats

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As a former student of this school, I can confirm its a pure mess. The work load doesnt actually help with understanding subjects, as all they do is give you work to occupy yourself during the absolutely incompetently designed flex days, which are just days where they dont even supervise you, and just give you internet access for a day. Even when you actually do your work the entire time, which roughly 4% of kids did, you dont actually finish it in time. The community is very LGBT supportive, which sounds good, but from my experiences, they are anti-male and anti-straight, if that makes enough sense. They prioritize the LGBT students problems over anything, even when it doesnt matter to their identification, they still have special treatment. Most of the students are loud, brash, and hostile, and very unapologetic in what they say. While this presents minimal issues, it does present the issue of jumping on everything someone says as a threat, even when it cant even be considered one unless youre genuinely trying. Now, you shouldnt expect to be able to read this review for long, as I have seen in my years that they have taken down multiple negative reviews of themselves, in which I was one of the victims. Attempting to explain all the issues this school had/likely still has, would likely take me about 3 weeks, and id have a full novel by the time I was finished. Regardless, I would always love to see it change.

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I have been going to CGA for 4 years, and it has been a very safe, inclusive, and productive learning environment for me and my peers. I love CGA, especially due to the advanced courses they offer and the wide variety of learning experiences available.

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I went here for 6th-8th when it first opened and it was a M E S S. Some of the teachers were rude and others were okay. The band teacher was probably one of the only reasons I stayed. Also Mister Cashin.

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It is concerning when the negative reviews get deleted because of actual concerns with the toxic prioritization of Oppressed groups over others for no reason whatsoever. It is also extremely hard to bring up an issue with teachers that disagree with you politically. I was called a blatant racist simply because I called out my teacher for flat-out lying on political issues. Overall extremely disappointing and pretentious students being fueled by their teachers. -Greyson Mathis, Alumni

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Was my Husbands school in 1968, 1969, and 1970 Frank M Glover he loves this school and Has Great Hope that it is saved from demolition.

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Hate it here and i didnt want to go here in the first place been going to this hell since i was 9 and theres a lot of fakes so watch your back but i guess its ok or whatever wish i didnt have to go back here in august but it is what it is...

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The School isn’t very welcoming if you don’t agree with their opinions

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Very pleased with this school.

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Not enough lamsauce

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Get me out of here

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Cga is moving in

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