Imagine Schools Great Western Academy
310 N Wilson Rd, Columbus, OH 43204, United States
Imagine Schools Great Western Academy

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The ladies in the front are sweet kind and very helpful. My son had improved since coming to this school and he has autism spectrum disorder. The teachers have helped him and we are also working with him at home. At first Mr King and I had a disagreement, but he’s proven to be a great Dean. I will be sending my son back in August.

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My kids have been here since 2011. Used to be a good school. The past few years it has really gone downhill. Nothing is consistent. One of my kids had a field trip and field day the other had neither. They used to have monthly dress down days now they never have them. My kids got sent home the last day for not being in uniform. Really?! Although the teachers dress however they want daily. Leggings are not professional wear. Lunch and breakfast shipped in as there is no cafeteria. Mostly served cold and partially frozen. All whole grain and disgusting. The kids wont even eat the pizza! My oldest had way too many projects from a certain teacher and never received more than a C. Nitpicking expecting perfection but when i asked her about her grading of things she was unsure about it because she wasnt good at math. Wheres her accountability of perfection on her end? There are a few people here that are really good. But too many teachers come and go at the drop of a hat. I feel like my kids were a non factor towards the end. Just slip them thru the crack. My kids are A B students. Except the oldest this last year. Probably because he felt invalid. He still got Bs & Cs. Find a school where all kids matter. They dont here.

Review №3

First off the people working the front desk are very rude, you can always hear them talking about the parents. The teachers treat the kids great when the parents are around but once gone its a whole different situation. I feel like my kids were not up to date on there learning. Do not send your kids to this school, there are better charter schools out there.

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This is the best school I have ever attended. The teachers, administration and office staff are the best!

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I went to this school for 7-8 grade and I loved the environment. However, I have only one thing to say. I got a very hostile feel from the Dean of students.

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Its good but i have been there for 4 years and im not on any of the images why why why? also this is jeremy lee spence spred this plzzzz put this on all of your post on twitter #putjeremyinaschoolimageongoogle

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I miss this school so much i miss ms ayers i loved that school i wish i can come back forever

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Ive always been the straight A student. Then I moved so I had to changed into IGWA. I have to say, its the worst school Ive ever been to in all my life. My grades went from straight As to straight Fs. The teaching skills of the teachers there disgusts me. I remember seeing kids ask for help & theyd shout at them. They dont care about our future, their just teaching for the money. I didnt learn anything while I was there. All that school did was stress me out immensely. It made my anxiety get worse. Just basically the worst year of my life there. I do not recommend that school to anyone. My mom was so disappointed. So I changed schools again. Im now attending Hilltonia Middle School, and let me tell you, that school is 10000× better. The teachers teaching skills are great. Everythings great. My grades are back to straight As. Im glad I moved schools. Overall, IGWA is horrible. Dont go there.

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My poor kids either had Valley View Elementary or this school which just by appearance and condition seemed much better than its scary neighbor Valley View! But how I was mistaken! I do not consider my children misfits by any means as stated below but quite the opposite. Coming from Hilliard school district & ultimately meeting up with Ridiculous city zoning my poor children were forced to attend this lack of a better word Slum! The poor kids there were served awful, cold & nothing close to even being healthy or edible food which was shipped in from God knows where & taught and I do use that word Very loosely by what I have been told & seen, bottom of the barrel teachers! I consider the teachers the Misfits not the poor children! My kids went all year being told this wasnt right or they were doing awful in this subject to the last report card being completely jam packed with all As! Hmm? Something smell fishy to you?? And no its not just the school itself but the schools faculty taking complete advantage of small childrens academic futures and not giving a damn! My poor kids have now been forced to fall behind all bc these poor excuses have failed at what they were taught to do! It will now take so much more extra hard work & time to make sure both of my children are even close to being back on the right track and learning at a correct & steady pace again like before they were forced to go in this completely incompetent & poor excuse for a learning facility.

Review №11

Please dont go here

Review №12

Good school for misfits....geez

Review №13

My son went here for 2 years and did not learn a thing.

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Its igh

Review №15

Good schools

Review №16

Terrible school!!!!!

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