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Stephens Drum Shed

Review №1

Stephen is a highly motivated, professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic drum teacher.His online school has so much content, tailored to all levels of ability from absolute beginners (me) upwards.Stephens teaching style is easy to follow, anecdotal, witty and committed to the students success.Two way communication is actively encouraged and the experience is centered around a worldwide, vocal community of like minded students spanning all ages.Being taught by Stephen is like learning from your coolest best friend!Why are you still reading this and not enrolling?

Review №2

Stephens Drum Shed is one of the best decisions I could have made to improve my drumming! Stephens approach to teaching is amazing and its like he knows exactly what my brain needs to process this information. His lessons are very well organized and his methods work time and again. He recently released a course on the Art of Practice that can and will help anyone achieve their goals not only behind the kit, but in many other areas of their lives too. I would definitely recommend his teachings to everyone wanting to get better at drumming and who knows, you might see other parts of your life improve as well... I know I did!

Review №3

Ive been playing drums or quite a while now. But I keep finding myself bogged down by long fruitless practice sessions where I spend hours practicing and come away more frustrated than when I started. Since I discovered Stephen Taylors Drum Shed lessons Im falling in love with my drum kit all over again. Stephens laser targeted The Art of Practice program gets me playing and practicing much more focused. And I am having a real blast while enjoying my playing much more.I you have the chance to learn from Stephen, run dont walk because he has some of the most down to earth easy to learn lessons.Thank you stephen and your helpful staff for all you do.

Review №4

This is a great place to learn the drums... From the basics to the more advanced techniques... I started out as a complete beginning and I would say without a doubt that learning from Stephan has jump started my drumming journey. And to top it off he has an amazing personality and always comes with the jokes, stories, life lessons... Etc.. you are getting more than a drumming teacher.. you are joining a drumming family. So glad I found this group.

Review №5

If you want to learn to play the drums but dont want to pay for individual lessons, this is the place for you. It will give you the structure that you need to make progress on the instrument. Stephen uses a teaching style and methods that I think most people find appealing. Check out his free YouTube lessons to see if you agree. One of the great things about a membership is the weekly zoom calls where you can ask Stephen and his crew any questions. Stephen is very hands-on in running the school.

Review №6

I have been a member of the Drumming Daily Program for four months and I am absolutely loving it! Stephens teaching technique is excellent. His methodical systematic approach will have anyone playing quickly. I started with The Art of Practice series of videos which completely transformed not only how I practice, but my attitude toward practicing. I also like the community feel and the ability to get feed back from not just Stephen, but other students as well. I highly recommend SDS to anyone, whether you are just starting out or someone returning to drumming like me.

Review №7

In 2020, I decided to (re)learn how to play the drums after a 45+ year break. I looked for an online drumming school that would allow me to take lessons at my own pace but also have access to live instructors and a community of like-minded drumming students. I signed up for Stephens Drum Shed and I have been extremely happy with the progress Ive made and with the excellent team that runs the online school. These guys are great at what they do and you feel like you are part of something special when you get involved with their larger community of students. I highly recommend Stephens Drum School to drum students of all levels. - Jim Pouli

Review №8

Ive been a student of Stephens Drum Shed for about two years. I started as an absolute beginner and started with the beginner/basic lessons. Taking drumming lessons online has been great for me. I can go back and watch a lesson over and over if I need to, or I can go quicker if I want. On some of the earlier lessons, I sped along, but now that Im getting further into it, Ive slowed down and watch a lesson as many times as I need to before moving on. Stephen is a great teacher and goes into each topic in detail to ensure he reaches each students learning style. You can tell he has been teaching a long time as he knows all the areas where different students have had troubles. While there are a bunch of ways to connect with Stephens Drum Shed for specific one-on-one questions and guidance, I love being able to leave a text comment for Stephen on a specific lesson, and he responds it. This way, I get the feedback, and the other students can see where a fellow student may be struggling and what Stephens advice has been. There are so many features that Stephens Drum Shed provides, which I have yet to explore. Whatever you need, I bet they have it. Bottom line, Spephens Drum Shed has been a great experience for me.

Review №9

I’ve been drumming for 25 years and had multiple teachers over that timeframe. Stephen has an amazing approach that is second to none. Concepts are easy to understand and once you have material it’s very straight forward to track your process. The only disappointment I have is not finding his curriculum sooner.

Review №10

THE place I go to improve my drumming skills.Solid instruction and easy to search resources. Fantastic supportive sense of community - and really nice people too!Highly recommend if you want to improve your skills and get advice on topics for bands and music related. Might make a few friends in the process :)

Review №11

I have only played for a couple years. A complete beginner. Stephen has the gift and the humility to be an excellent teacher and inspires you to keep trying and working. He will also be there to celebrate your wins. He has put together a great team of professionals to hit every aspect of drumming.

Review №12

Being part of SDS has given me structure to my drumming. Im making great progress, the lessons are so helpful, Stephen is a great tutor and gives you all the right guidance.

Review №13

Stephen is THE. BEST drum teacher. I have studied with him for 10 years. He is always innovating new ways to learn and apply skills in a musical context.He has built a drumming community that fosters collaboration, support, education, problem-solving and encouragement.The customer service of SDS is excellent.There is no better place to learn, engage and grow as a person and a musician.

Review №14

Im 55 year old woman who started the drums only a year or so ago. I find Stephens lessons easy to follow and they are taught in a way that builds one skill on top of another. Stephen, and his team, are only an email or phone call away. Often times they will respond quickly and with a video or voice message depending on what you need.All and all, Stephen had helped me to want to be a better drummer. And, if you get his Art of Practice package, he teaches concepts for practicing the drums and skills that pour over into other areas of your life.Laura LeClair

Review №15

Stephens lesson plans were the exact thing I needed to get some direction and structure into my learning. After 3 months, I am already seeing huge progress. Stephens methods and his approach to teaching are leading edge. This stuff is top notch!

Review №16

Excellent online music school with very structured (but also flexible) and goal oriented curriculum, high quality videos and sounds, fun and interesting drumming material, and top notch instruction. I became a lifetime member after spending 1 year working through SDS course material, and I am nowhere near even scratching the surface of all the courses and material available. Highly recommend for flexible, at-home learning!

Review №17

Ive been a member of Stephens Drum Shed for over a year now. Before that I enjoyed his free lessons on YouTube. As great as those free lessons were, the content and lessons and resources that he shares in his membership area is far more comprehensive. Stephen really does overdeliver on things in the best way possible, and he has a great teaching style. Cant recommend him enough.

Review №18

This is my 2nd year as a member of SDS and Im still loving it! Having completed the Warrior Way course and done a few of the other lessons available on demand via the website, Id say Im now at Intermediate level and still finding the website a great resource for developping my drumming skills. Its also really useful to bounce ideas off other drummers via the Community webpages and I enjoy the live Q&A sessions with Stephen and his team.

Review №19

Hi, Although I am from Canada, and have to pay the exchange rate. I still see the value in learning . Even though they have an excellent live workshops. It would be nice to have personal sessions via zoom. Maybe some advanced student mentor some newer students. I would be ok to pay 25 dollars for a 1/2 session. Like I said maybe from a more advanced studentTim

Review №20

Blessed day.SDS has been a huge blessing to us.I became a drummer because of the greatness of their daily drum lessons.I am grateful for their perseverance to make the Drum Better Daily program so wonderful.I have been a student of for a year now and because of their kindness in teaching me, I am now the lead drummer at our school.Thats why Im so excited to grow my drumming talents/skills in the SDS.I am thankful because there is google that I used to access the SDS lessons.Thank you so much SDS because I am learning a lot and my life has become more exciting despite the pandemic that the world is experiencing today.May the Lord our God continue to bless you all.AIRA GACISSDS student

Review №21

Ive been enrolled with SDS for about 8 months and I love it. The structure and support is great - Stephen and his team really work hard to bridge that virtual learning gap in a way that really helped me commit and feel confident about the process. When I commit, follow the structure, and take advantage of the resources, I progress so fast. Love it.

Review №22

Search no more. SDS is the one place to go if you are serious about learning drums, and want a structured method adapted and paced to you.I had zero musical background, dropped here almost by chance. I felt from the first lesson that this was going to be serious fum and serious learning. Eighteen months later Im amazed of my progress, and the fun and learning go on.

Review №23

My favourite drum teacher online! lessons are very well thought out, notes are hardworking-ly refreshed along with the videos frequently so things are always relevant. Stephen’s personality makes learning so fun, the little analogies and stories and how he tries to relate everything to the most efficient way of learning things is the best. Thank you Stephen and the whole team for all the hard work!!!

Review №24

The staff here has been great at helping me make good solid progress in just a short time. Something I wasnt able to accomplish on my own. If youre on the fence about getting structured lessons, get off and join these guys.

Review №25

Without a doubt one of the most satisfying things, I’ve done in many years. I am 64 years old and gave up drums about 40 years ago. I ran across Stephen’s Drum Shed website about a year ago and he sparked my inner drummer all over again. Every lesson just pushes you to that next amazing level. I highly recommend drummers of all levels to try his class. I wish I had a teacher like him 40 years ago. You guys rockThanksJohn

Review №26

I’m on The Warrior Way as a new drummer and it is superb. Every lesson builds off the next and even though it’s challenging you’re ready for it.Can’t recommend Stephen Taylor enough. Drumming has become such a joy in my life and a large part of it is down to Stephen.

Review №27

This is an amazing place to begin drumming or expand your knowledge of this activity. With countless videos dedicated and categorized into specific techniques and skills, you really can’t miss anything. Would strongly recommend over most other drum sites.

Review №28

Stephen’s Drum Shed is the premier online source for aspiring drummers. I started my drum adventure with Stephen and in 15 months have made remarkable progress. His focus on the art of practice is a game changer for those that want to take their playing to the next level. The course content is world class as is the whole SDS experience.

Review №29

Coming back to drumming after a long absence. Stephen Taylor not only provides great content and an amazing variety of material for any level player, but he also gives you the tools and the motivation that you need to succeed. If I would only learn to follow his advice more often, I would be a much better player than I am.

Review №30

Always quick responses to queries. Great content and service. Awesome. The best online drum tuition around. Stephen is by far the best tutor I have come across. Dave Hill. Kettering. UK.

Review №31

I’ve been using the Drum shed for 18 months now and have only good things to say. The content is varied, high quality and constantly improving. There is enough material on the site to keep me going for years. After 20 years of slacking, my playing and confidence have definitely improved in this time. IStephen actually takes the time to go back, re record and refine existing lessons. This says to be that this is as much a labour of love for him as a business.On a few occasions I’ve reached out to Stephen and his team for assistance on very varied subjects (eg, “why won’t my left hand do what I tell it?,” through to “what is the best bag for this piece of hardware”). I’ve always had a response either from Stephen, Tim or Grant in good time answering the question and offering insights on where to go next.I would strongly recommend this for anyone looking to get into drums, or take their drumming to the next level.

Review №32

SDS has been an amazing influence on my drumming skills. The lessons are so well thought out and the support from the team is second to none. I couldnt feel more confident in recommending them.- John H.

Review №33

Been a member for many years, there are great people behind this online drum course! I don’t use my membership enough(my fault!) but keep it because Stephen is a great teacher and makes you feel like family!

Review №34

Joined SDS a couple months ago and seen a vast improvement in my technique and hand speed..Steve and the gang are very professional. Communication with them is great, they really make the effort to help you..They also have a great system to help your practice and to achieve your goals...Excellent........

Review №35

I really enjoy the variety of drumming topics that you can select from depending on what you are trying to learn. It’s also very well organized and allows to to follow and track your progress throughout. The team over at SDS is also very responsive to any questions or inquiries you may have and calls or emails you back right away.

Review №36

Best instructor I’ve seen on the internet. Very organized and his teaching technique is spot on. It’s an assembly line technique that takes you from one place to the next building your skills as a drummer a long the way. Good place for drummers to learn and hang out in his live chat sessions

Review №37

Stephens Drum Shed was the first online drumming school I found, through his youtube videos, when I started playing the drums again after a 30+ year break. Course curriculum really helps align what to focus on, and not get overwhelmed. Stephen also provides prompt responses through email/video, with helpful information. Definitely cares about his art and his students, and wants them to succeed. Havent been to the new studio yet, but planning on it in the future. Cant go wrong with SDS!

Review №38

I started with SDS a few years ago at the age of 59 just beginning to play the drums! Stephen and his crew are all patient and informative. I have learned so much over the past 2 years. They are amazing to work with and none of my questions have gone unanswered! They are extremely quick to reply which was amazing to me. Stephen has a wonderful energy and the content is top notch. Lessons are organized and the site is easy to navigate. I would recommend checking them out!

Review №39

I was a start - stopped - then continued drummer for many years of my life. Juggling my I.T. profession, being a husband and dad to three children made it difficult to improve my drumming without a structured system to support my efforts to improve. Two years ago I decided to try SDS Music school. I could not be more pleased. I just renewed my subscription. Stephen, Tim and Grant are enthusiastic, committed teaching professionals. I am still juggling many aspects of my life but 100% have been progressing with the time I have to practice and play!Ed.

Review №40

Been a drummer 30plus years you have to join. Stephen and his crew are great, professional and for the skeptics, this really does work. Stephen assesses your skills and sets up a lesson plan. you can email or call studio for any questions. they even have live sessions for drum questions, problems etc. Best drum SCHOOL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review №41

This is a great drum school. Stephen is wonderful at answering questions. You can not go wrong taking his program. It is laid out in a way that it is easy and ffun learning

Review №42

Fantastic studio to visit. Stephen and Grant took me on a tour and visited with me over an hour. Beautiful building and location. Awesome place to visit!!!

Review №43

Starting out learning drums a little later in life (50+), I just happened onto Stephen Taylors free videos on YouTube. So, I searched and found his online drum school ( I pay monthly and am very pleased with the quality of lessons. Stephen is a great teacher. I love the lesson tracks -these are organized and listed by level. For a beginner, I feel these are some of the best lessons. I live in Germany and the flexibility of the availability of lessons is very convenient. For anyone looking at online drum lessons, try BTW, the one time I needed to contact them, I received a timely response and the problem was resolved. Thank you Stephen and your crew!!!

Review №44

I have been a DBD member for a few years now and I cannot speak highly enough of Stephen and his team. They are great teachers, great musicians, great communicators - and just all around nice people! My questions get answered either immediately (in the live calls) or within a day (email). I can always find a lesson track that speaks to what I need. I especially appreciate their embracing of all different levels of musicianship and all different sets of goals. Oh, and the other DBD members with whom Ive communicated over this time are supportive as well. I cant think of any more pleasant and productive a way to work towards my goals as a drummer.

Review №45

I have been a member for almost two years and the wealth of knowledge available and availability in responding to emails is excellent. Stephen and his team provide a great experience and I would highly recommend to others.

Review №46

Stephen is an amazing teacher. He always goes the extra mile to ensure something is understood. Great value.

Review №47

Coming up to 3 years with SDS and highly recommend their course structure and online help. One site that all beginners should have a look at. Keep up the good work Stephen.

Review №48

I have been a student at stephensdrumshed for almost 18 months, since I decided to learn drums at the start of the pandemic.Steven has built a comprehensive drum program which is backed up by his decades of experience both as a live drummer and also as a student and teacher of percussion.He has an easy and informative way of communicating which translates to continual progress on the drums for the individual student.I would not hesitate to recommend stephensdrumshed to any drummers at any stage of their rhythmic journey.

Review №49

I have been a member of Stevens Drum Shed for the past couple of years and the excellent tuition combined with a very supportive community have been a huge help in improving my drumming. Highly recommended!

Review №50

Best deal in online drum course. Great different lesson tracks with tons of instruction. Perfect for any skill level.

Review №51

Stephens drum shed is more than just a great website with tons of great content(although it is that to). It is an entire drum school!There are literally hundreds of videos witch are grouped into lesson courses, and filled with everything you need to know to become a great drummer.And if you have any questions there are a number of ways for you to reach staff.(and they do answer back. I have emailed them a many times)There email is at the bottom of every page on the site. As well there are live Q & A calls every week. Which go as long as people keep asking questions!Stephens drum shed has content for any level of drummer from the complete beginner all the way up to extremely advanced.There are way to many bonuses, pluses and extras you get with SDS for me to list here, so just trust me when I say SDS has everything you need to succeed in drumming. Whether you are doing it as a hobby or are a professional drummer, Stephens drum shed is AWESOME!!!

Review №52

Stephen is great at communicating the fine details on technique and practice regiment. I find his method applies to more than just learning to play drums.

Review №53

Stephens Drum Shed has helped guide my drumming goals and structure my practice time by giving me the right tools to focus on. Ive felt more productive in two weeks than I ever felt in the last six months. SDS will help you breakdwon everything in a way that will help you see the big picture. 100% legit.

Review №54

Best drum school out there. Fantastic products and people. Can’t recommend highly enough! 🥇🥁

Review №55

I came back to drumming after 25 years of total break and I realized I need to learn drums again.After a couple of years of searching a solution for my learning to be effective, I decided to start with SDS.Stephen and his colleagues are great teachers and the lessons are very well structured.Im glad I made this decision.

Review №56

Steven is simply,a great teacher.I have been all over the net and his lessons were the ones I gravitate back to.So I joined and man they are awesome 😎.Great feedback great beginner courses all the way to pro.The Shed got you covered.Not only drums but production recording all the Technical stuff.They are just the best 😀

Review №57

Very well thought out and organized, a community that makes you feel welcomed, what more could you ask for? I feel Ive progressed much more than when I was taking the self taught approach, I think it really helps to be taking this route and so far it seems to be the case.

Review №58

This is a fantastic studio to visit, beautiful building and location. Stephen, and Grant gave me a tour of the facility and visited with me for over an hour. Again, a great place to visit!!!

Review №59

Stephen is always true to his word. Stephen cares deeply about everything he does and this is very clear within the content he produces. Amazing person and educater!

Review №60

Ive been a member for years and have learned a ton after taking a 20 year break from drums. Stephens methodical, assembly line approach really resonates with me. Hes also the first teacher who has ever explained the various hand techniques in a way that made sense to me.

Review №61

Fantastic resource all the way through. I’m one of those over 50 fellas taking up drums when I found the time. I did what a lot of people do and jumped around YouTube, bought a bunch of books and DVD’s but wasn’t getting anywhere really. So I wasn’t having a great time. Then I found SDS……now focused and target practice, my drumming has improved out of sight and I’m ahead of where I thought I would be. Can’t recommend these guys enough.

Review №62

With more than twenty years of playing experience behind me, I consider myself an advanced player. The SDS school of drumming presents me with challenging, applicable, innovative concepts that inspire me and challenge me to improve my art. I find myself taking courses from beginner to advanced and learning concepts that are new and exciting. The SDS crew is knowledgeable and there for you. For example, the SDS course on practicing turned my playing around and inspired a fresh new approach to learning, practice, and performance. I highly recommend this school for all levels of students, from beginner to advanced, from novice to pro.

Review №63

I only just got started with SDS and I am excited about the structured and objective-focused approach Stephen and his team offer to people like myself who have been wondering around in the world of drum lessons for quite some time and have finally found home :-).

Review №64

I joined the SDS community last November as a returning drummer after 20 or so years. They gave me a specific roadmap and all the encouragement to start practicing right away and every day. I’ve since joined a band and have two gigs booked in July. This school rocks🤘

Review №65

Great place to improve your drum skills with top level content. Highly recommended.

Review №66

I started drumming two years ago. SDS was my first and only choice for online drum lessons. Stephen is a great teacher. His approach to drumming gets the student playing music in the very first course. He breaks the material down in a format that is easy to learn for both adults and children. SDS is dedicated to helping drummers of all skill levels ! Thank you SDS

Review №67

I have been a member at Stephen’s Drum Shed for a couple of years now. I have found it a very valuable resource . I have dabbled in drums for years but was not progressing to the next level.I first found SDS on YouTube and could relate immediately to Stephen’s teaching style. Following Stephen’s lesson plans has made me focus on working on the weaker aspects of my playing. I am now seeing the kind of progress that makes me smile again when I sit behind the kit. I have to admit I sometimes wander back to just jamming to familiar songs etc. but I soon return to the next lesson at SDS.If Stephen’s teaching system can work for a guy like me I believe it can work for anyone.I will be an SDS member for life.Thanks Stephen

Review №68

SDS is by far the greatest online drum lesson website out there. The lessons are so helpful and easy to learn if you stay focused. The team there is absolutely superb. I had an accident in February of 2021 and I am unable to actually sit at the kit and practice but with SDS and TAOP I can still practice and learn so much from them. Ive talked to Stephen and Grant and what a truly helpful bunch they are. Plus the other members of SDS have been great also. Always will and have recommended them for lessons.

Review №69

I have reached out seven times over a 1.5 months time frame to Stephens drum shed for an account issue.Once by email and six times by phone without one acknowledgment from Joshua the manager.I will never do business with them again and I cannot recommend their products.

Review №70

Stephen is a top notch professional focused on delivering the best experience to his customers/students. He is always available to answer questions through direct interaction and also through the numerous group virtual sessions.He has assembled a world class team with the goal of making us the best drummers we can be.All of this leads to a supportive and collaborative community that celebrates the creative process, daily; sustained practice, dedication to the craft, and a love for all styles of music.Being an SDS member has significantly improved my drumming abilities, has made me a better musician and bandmate. The lessons I have learned here have carried over to benefit me in my day job and personal life. I’m very proud to be an SDS member! Thank you Stephen and team!!

Review №71

I have paid for face to face instruction for several years with several different instructors. I learnt more with SDS in a few lessons than I did with face to face instruction.SDS teaches what you need to know to make you a better drummer rather than what my instructors ever did. It seems to be more like this is how I do it so this is what you need to know.The lessons are progressive and you are taught to learn about and understand music vice just belting away at it.I have been with SDS for only a few months now and I am not leaving anytime soon.Keep it up team, give it a go everyone. Guaranteed money back if your not happy, how can you go wrong.Cheers, Simon from Australia.

Review №72

I signed up with SDS after trying a few online drum schools. What I like is having ONE teacher. I like the way Stephen teaches, talk and structures his lessons. The other part that is really nice is the community aspect on the platform. SDS is not necessarily a big player on Instagram or Facebook (please stay like that !) but Stephen, the rest of his team and the other students are really active in this community and its really has a positive impact on my way of learning. SDS is simple, authentic without artifice. In no time it became my school, my drum teacher and my buddies. This is where the other schools failed with me.

Review №73

Stephen is an amazing teacher and a beast of a drummer! Everything he produces is amazing.

Review №74

SDS provides a very clear, graduated series of drum lessons, as well as advice in learning and practice methodologies, that help achieve steady success in mastering the instrument. Highly recommended, especially if you have become lost in the endless numbers of free lessons online.

Review №75

SDS is legit! When I joined Stephens Drum Shed in June of 2020, I had never even seen a drum kit up close or touched a pair of drum sticks. I am now playing to some of my favorite music and I have had a blast learning this instrument and all because of my decision to join the Shed. Regardless of what level you are as a drummer, SDS can help you propel to the next level of your playing.Stephen, Tim, Grant, and the rest of the SDS team are always willing to help with all of my drumming goals. This encompassed everything from setting up my kit, learning good technique, recording, and applying it to music.What I didnt expect when I joined:The personal touch: If you have a will get an answer and real solutions. They will help you set your goals and help you design your practice sessions so that you can meet those goals. All while treating you with respect and meeting you on your level and not talking over your head or making you feel like you dont belong. It doesnt matter if your question has been asked 500 times, they will always give you their time and attention. (This is crazy cool and a big deal to me)A school based on your needs: You can be as engaged as you want or learn at your own pace and do it privately. Its totally up to you! I actually feel like I belong to a drum school! I have access to Stephen and the team when I need them, they offer live calls to discuss anything drum or music related, and I have the opportunity to communicate with other students...if I choose.Relatable lessons: The lessons that Stephen offers are down to earth, well demonstrated, and clear & concise. Dont get me have to put in the time and effort as with any practice if you want to reap the benefits. But they give you everything that you need to learn the skills you need to play this awesome instrument.If you are on the fence....dont even hesitate. Like I said....SDS is legit and I love being a part of it.Kevin M, Louisville, Ohio

Review №76

I have been an SDS member fro several years now and the expereince has been fantastic. The team maintain an extensive back catalogue of comprehensive video lessons and other resources. However SDS is so more than that. SDS is about philosophy that will help become the best drummer you can be by maximising the results of your practice time.Key to this is the individual feedback that you get from Steven and his team and the intereractivity you get with Stephens team, his guests, and the SDS community through the weekly(!) Zoom meetings.What can I say, Im a big fan.

Review №77

Stephen is so passionate about drums you can’t help but learn something. There’s not enough nice words to say about the Drum Shed!

Review №78

What can I say about SDS that hasnt already been said above... I had tried other online drum programs, and just didnt make much headway. When I saw Stephens youtube content, I liked the way he presented himself, and his content. I started out with a one year membership, and quickly realized the amount of content was something I needed to dig into even further. I quickly jumped on the lifetime membership when it opened up.When you join SDS (the Drum Better Daily or DBD program), you are embarking on a voyage of learning and fun. Stephens program shows you the right way to achieve your drumming goals. Videos are organized in such a way to guarantee success, one practice session at a time.Weekly live calls are provided to answer any and all questions you may have, as well as tech talk sessions to just nerd out about equipment, and guest artist sessions (real pros!!). The member forums are a great place to chat with like-minded people, share learning experiences, or get help for any issues you may be working through.Stephen also has the The Art of Practice program, which is a separate program designed specifically to help you maximize your practice sessions (regardless of instrument). The program is perfect for the artist that is trying to get the most out of their practice sessions, whether they are time-limited, or just stuck in a rut. The program delves deep into the how we learn. How the brain processes new information. How to use our practice time effectively. The best methods to work through content (Assembly lines, chunking), identify problematic areas (feedback loops), and ensure we plan and achieve our goals!Joining Stephens Drumshed is pretty much like joining a new family, all of us looking to become better drummers, and in turn, better people!TL:DR - 5 stars. SDS and DBD will make you a better drummer if you put in the effort. And with a 30 money back guarantee, what do you have to lose?!

Review №79

Highly recommend stephens lessons well structured for all levels of drummers.

Review №80

Very instructive, well organized and structured courses. I like it!

Review №81

Professional and helpful info communicated well in a fun and engaging manner!

Review №82

Its worth it. If you can stay disciplined and stick to it, you will improve.

Review №83

Stephen’s Drum Shed is a great place to learn to play the drums!

Review №84


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