Emilys Driving School
7356 Garners Ferry Rd, Columbia, SC 29209, United States
Emilys Driving School

Review №1

Robert was a fantastic instructor, he made me feel very calm and relaxed while driving and was very personable. He prepared me for the test, listened to the questions I had and tailored the lessons to my needs. Emily was very friendly during the test which put me at ease, and I passed on my first attempt! Would definitely recommend to a friend.

Review №2

Robert did an outstanding job getting my teen through her driving jitters and on to passing the road test with Ms. Emily. One 8 hr classroom and four 1 1/2 driving sessions behind the wheel. They do the third party exam on the last day. Went to the dmv with the paperwork and bam…done.

Review №3

The driving school is really good. As an international student who had zero experience behind the wheel, Mr. Robert is patient enough to teach you the basic skills and point to you the mistake you made during the drive. He will review your driving after each lesson and ask you to improve some skills, you will get improved after every class. The most importantly is the school is not only teach you how to drive but control the car and help you build your confidence about driving.

Review №4

This driving school is truly the best! I was someone with 0 driving experience and honestly thought I’d never learn to drive let alone pass a road test. My instructor Kharee was amazing and extremely patient with me. His endless confidence in me and everything he taught me is why I feel so confident driving now & can also say I PASSED MY ROAD TEST!! Emily was great as well! She made me feel very comfortable and motivated during my test. I would definitely recommend this school and their course!

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Review №6

She was very patient with me and made me feel comfortable right away. She helped me learn very quickly. And made sure I got the hang of everything before my test. I am very blessed to have found such a nice lady.

Review №7

Very unprofessional. My son said Emily talked on the phone the whole time he was driving. Didnt show up on scheduled days and times. Emily is a very condescending person, not professional or even friendly. Was told the 250.00 included taking my son to do his driving test and my neighbors said their daughter was taken for the driving test. When asked when my son would be scheduled was told by Emily they dont do that?! But was told at the beginning they did. If you make a big mistake and use this place write down the time you leave and the time you come back as they will say you got 6 hours of driving time and you didnt. My advice stay away!

Review №8

When I went with them they would always be on their phones while taking me driving and never really teach me anything. They didn’t give me my refund back and will not talk or warn you when you are doing something wrong. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE!!!!!

Review №9

Honestly, don’t waste your time or money. They’re very unprofessional and they always show up late. Also Emily always has an attitude whenever you try to call or text her. The only reason why I took this class was because it was a little bit cheaper than the other driving schools and it seem to have good reviews online. The driving school itself isn’t bad, it’s just the management part which Emily runs.

Review №10

Emily’s was amazing!! Highly recommend! I had a woman, but the whole establishment is great .She is so patient and she makes sure to know what you’re doing before moving on to the next thing. The way she teaches is easy to catch on. She doesn’t rush you or make you feel overwhelmed! Also, she talked to me, as in, everyday conversation, which helped me relax, so I wasn’t nervous. She was amazing; I would give 10 stars if I could. Best driving school ever

Review №11

Got my license today! Highly recommend. Dont listen to reviews.

Review №12

Emily its a very fun, responsible and professional person. I enjoyed our driving classes. I personally liked that she will Let you know how are you doing and help you work on your weak points. I totally recommend them. Their service is excellent.

Review №13

Do not waste your time or money with this driving school. The only reason why I gave them one star is because Emily allowed my son a second time to take the test.Lack/Poor communicationDrivers Program not explainedUnprofessional

Review №14

Emily was AMAZING ! After my first lesson I felt as if I’ve known her my entire life ! She made me feel so comfortable as I was nervous driving coming into the class. But she taught me in a way where I could actually learn and I perfected each driving skill And was able to get my L’s on my FIRST try thanks to her! 5/5 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Review №15

The Quality was Great. They wanted it to make sure I asked every question, any thing I had to ask he would answer. Her husband took me on the Road Test, he’s cool. He wanted to sure I was ready before the test and confident. I passed on the First try :)

Review №16

Ms.Emily is the best instructor ever. I had zero knowledge about driving when I came here from India. She worked hard with me and now I got my license.Without her help I would have never passed the test. She is very professional as well as the sweetest lady I have ever met. I wish her all the best in life !!!

Review №17

Aside from the driving instructor always being late to pick my daughter up.Don’t let me get started about how rude, disrespectful, and hateful Emily was to my daughter while she was doing her driving telling her that she was disrespectful and shouldn’t get her license and that she doesn’t deserve to get it.all my daughter said was okay when Emily said something to her.she’s was incredibly disrespectful and was cussing at my daughter like she knew her.I don’t understand how someone can wake up and be that rude and nasty towards a child

Review №18

I recently decided to finally learn how to drive . . I came across this driving school and decided to give it a try .. and I have to say that she is AMAZING.. I’ve never been comfortable behind the wheel but she makes it so easy .. and I actually got my license .. all you have to do is listen and it comes naturally.. I am forever grateful .. this is an amazing company and well worth the money

Review №19

Very good at teaching you step by step. Nice instructors and to the point. Would recommended to anyone looking to get their license.

Review №20

I highly recommend this driving school. She is a very nice and patient lady.She went over and beyond for me to learn everything I needed to know. Very professional and always on time.she is very nice and makes you get comfortable. I still have a daughter that needs her license. I will definitely be going back to Emilys. Thank you so much

Review №21

Mrs. Emily is a fantastic instructor and a great conversationalist! She is excellent at explaining the rules of the road and essential driving skills. Her instructions are always specific and well-communicated. Her lessons are definitely a worthwhile investment because she genuinely cares for her students and prepares them well so that they can succeed. Most importantly, she is a great instructor as well as a great friend!

Review №22

Mrs.Emily is an excellent teacher. She is very patient and kind instructor and teaches you how to drive well. I really appreciate all she has done for me. She was also very flexible in scheduling the classes and driving test. I had an amazing experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn driving. Great school.

Review №23

I took a driving lesson about two years ago and failed the test twice. Ms. Emily works with you and is a awesome instructor. I finally passed my test today and I wouldn’t have done it without the help of this company. I would highly recommend taking lessons with her.

Review №24

I got my license today! Very good driving school they helped me feel confident in the road and made the test a breeze.

Review №25

A friend of mine recommended me to go to Emily’s driving school and I am so glad I did just that. Mrs. Sumter was beyond helpful and worked around your personal schedule, on top of being an amazing driving teacher. Her husband was very helpful as well. She taught me everything I needed to know and then some. Her class price was very affordable too. I finally got my drivers license!!!

Review №26

Great School. Great Prices. I was able to get my license within a week thanks to Mrs Sumter. She gave me the driving test as well which was very considered of her. Mrs. Sumter is such a great person and will teach you everything you need to know to pass. Just respect her and she will respect you. Dont believe the bad things people say about her!

Review №27

Highly, HIGHLY recommend. She is a wonderful instructor and very sweet. She also has very reasonable prices. She points out the things you messed up on and she helps you correct them. She makes you feel comfortable and she teaches you everything you need to know about the test. If you are looking for a driving school for yourself or others, Emily’s Driving School is the place.

Review №28

Emily is very good driving coach! Very nice to foreign beginner with good patient. Thanks for her teaching! I passed my road test today. Yay!

Review №29

Absolutely the best! She was very informative, friendly and sweet. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help and that little extra push. I was discouraged about getting my license until I took her class and passed on my first try. Definitely worth it!

Review №30

She’s the best driving teacher I’ve had. She was super patient with me and I was able to pass my toad test. I 100% recommend her to anyone!!

Review №31

Simply put, this is the best driving school you will ever come across. The owners are extremely helpful and accommodating. The instructors are knowledgeable and not only teach you how to drive well, but also give you all the tools to specifically pass the road test. I got my license after only a couple of lessons and it is all thanks to my instructor Roz. If you want to learn how to drive, the search ends here, look no further than Emilys school.

Review №32

I love Emilys Driving School. Mrs. Sumter was very helpful and patient with me. Im 29 years old and I had my Permit for 11 years. I didnt have any driving experience prior to enrolling. Im thankful for her showing me the right way to drive. You can tell she loves her job. The price is affordable. Money well spent. I got my license on the first try!

Review №33

Emilys amazing as an instructor. Shes patient, teaches you everything you need to know, and shell have you practice over and over again until you got it right. Her prices are reasonable, I did a 6 hour session with her and was able to pass my road test.

Review №34

Great experience. Emily very nice and positive. She taught me how to pass the driving test accurately

Review №35

I absolutely love this driving school. Ms. Emily and her son went well above and beyond to ensure that I got my license. Even when I gave up on my self they didn’t give up on me! And for that I’ll forever be grateful! Love this driving school!

Review №36

Highly recommend Emilys driving school. Mr. Sumter was a great instructor and driving lesson times worked perfectly with our schedule. Mrs. Sumter was great as well. She picked my daughter up to complete her last driving lesson and took her to DMV for the road test afterward. All I had to do was fill out the paperwork. Within 1 month with Emilys my daughter got her license (1st try). Thank you Emilys!!! :)

Review №37

This is a great driving school. Mrs. Emily and her family is doing a wonderful job with training their students. I paid for practicing before the road test and then took it. I truly got my moneys worth here. I also passed the road test on my first attempt after practicing for just 2 hours. The price was reasonable and the instructor was kind. Thanks for the help Emilys driving school!

Review №38

Emily driving school is a great place to learn how to drive. I worked with Ms Sumter and She made me feel really confident behind the wheels. I was so surprised because I wasnt sure 6 hours of driving was enough to get me ready for the test. But she taught me the basic things that helped my confidence in driving. I just took the test and I passed it,. I recommend Emily driving school. And yes, it is very affordable :)

Review №39

Absolutely great. Before taking classes with Emily’s driving school I failed 3 times but with 1 class from Emily’s I got my license the same day!!!! Wonderful instructors how make you feel confident and extremely helpful. Definitely recommend!!!

Review №40

Emilys Driving School is the BEST!!! I came to Columbia, SC one month ago with my China driving license so I need to get the local license as early as possible. Without any experience driving in the US, I was very struggled and even desperate. But finally I was able to find Emilys Driving School and I am so blessed! The prices are very reasonable, and the time arrangement are very flexible. Mrs. Sumter was my teacher and she was awesome!! She was very experienced, responsible, helpful, patient, easy-going and encouraging, she makes sure that I can actually drive and not just passing the exam! Now I have passed my tests and its such a relief, I cannot make it without Mrs. Sumter!! If you ever want to find a driving school, Emilys Driving School is definitely your first choice!

Review №41

I genuinely enjoyed my experience with Mrs.Emily. She has been one of the nicest people that I have ever met. After attending another driving school & practicing for three years afterward, I thought that I would have never received my license. However, Mrs.Emily was heaven sent! She taught me everything that I needed to know to pass my driving test. She was extremely patient and gave me plenty of confidence. I took the test and received a 99. Mrs.Emilys Driving School is also EXTREMELY affordable compared to others.

Review №42

She’s great!!!! She works around your schedule. She made me very comfortable and confident in being on the road with other drivers. She’s very convenient. She would pick you up and bring you back to you place. She’s very friendly and a down to earth person. That’s a dollar well spent. I got my licenses with her. There’s nothing like her driving school, it’s the best way to go.

Review №43

This is a very good driving school. Emily is very helpful. She came to pick me up from my home and sometimes also from my work place. She is always ready to serve as convenient as possible for the student. They also arrange to take the knowledge test and driving test even during the weekends, also in the evening, which makes it easier for any graduate student or a working person. Specially, for an international student it is very good as she give all the details about the documentation/procedure to get a drivers permit. I enjoyed learning and driving with her. I highly recommend Emilys driving school for anyone who is either a beginner or trained (international) but just wants to get a license.

Review №44

Ms. Emily is a blessing!!! Such a great happy funny and extremely smart person to be around with and has skills that will make you feel confident with your driving no matter what type of driver you are. She is a great teacher and will bring out the best in any type of student. I am in the military, and joined the service right after high school, after only being in the US for 2 years(originally from the Philippines), without a drivers license, and was stationed in Korea for a year for my 1st duty station. With that being said I have little to no experience in driving and being overseas had made it almost impossible for me to have the chance to practice or actually be on the road, causing me to be really nervous and anxious when driving. But now being back to the states stationed in Fort Jackson, SC, it is almost not normal not to have a license and not to be able to drive. Which is why I sought help to build up my driving skills and take the drivers license test and pass. At first I went to 911 driving school, and unfortunately they not only charged double compared to Emilys driving school, they also made me feel intimidated, anxious, and more doubtful of my driving skills on top of that didnt pick up and drop off, which is why I looked into other options and I found Ms Emily and everything just went really smoothly from there. It was a lot cheaper, she picked me up and dropped me off every after practice, and she was also very accommodating and flexible to my schedule. And the lessons she taught were very informative, easy to remember, and very useful not only for the test, but also actually being on the road and on being a safe driver. If I went on to continue this review would endless so I would just like to say Ms Emily you are the best and I couldnt thank you enough!!! More power to you and your family!!!

Review №45

I had my Dubai license and had just finished my knowledge test. I had a time crunch and had to get my licence in a week. I decided to go with Emilys driving school and Mrs. Sumter was my teacher. She was amazing! I did 6 hours of driving sessions with her and I got my licence in the first attempt today!! Her prices are very reasonable, specially for a student, and she also teaches very patiently. She makes sure you can drive and not just pass your exam! I highly recommend her. I am an international student and she made me very very comfortable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Review №46

Really good Driving school. She is very patient and professional, makes sure you get it right even if that means doing it over and over again. Thank you so much for helping get my drivers licenses

Review №47

I am so glad I took the chance to call Emilys driving school. I now have my drivers license because of her excellent training. Thanks Mrs Emily I really appreciated it. If you are looking for a good school to train you in driving for the road test feel free to give Emilys driving school a chance and you will not regret it thanks again Mrs Emily love Tiffany Ray

Review №48

I would suggest this Emilys driver school to anyone wanting to learn to drive and get there license. Emily was the best. Im in the Military and she would come on post to pick me up at my barracks or at my company. She took me around the exact course I would do for the test! So when I did go and take the test I wasnt even nervous, it just all came natural. Shes the best. I thank her so much.

Review №49

I am coming from India,without any prior driving experience.I was really scared initially about my driving status.But,once I got work with Emily driving school,I got a feeling,I can do it,and I did it.Thank you my instructors,thank you so much.I suggest Emily driving school to everyone, they worth it.

Review №50

Thissss place is the bomb I practice with them forever! I didn’t know how to drive my schedule is so crazy they always worked around my job schedules. But anyway their so patience cheap and guess what? I got my license today. But anyways BEST DRIVING SCHOOL IN COLUMBIA!☺️

Review №51

I just passed the driving test and was so excited! Emily was such a good teacher who was friendly and always positive. She will make sure you know everything before the test, and I feel real confident now driving on the road!

Review №52

If you are an international student and you need to get your driving license, Emilys driving school is the best!!! their prices are very reasonable and they will prepare you very well so that pass your test one-time! Mrs. Sumter is especially pleasant to work with. she is very friendly and jovial and makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable. she has a lot of experience with international students so she knows how to work with you to ensure that when you go take the test, you pass. I just took my test and i passed!! I am recommending them to all my friends!!

Review №53

A good friend of mine recommended Emilys Driving School. Overall they were pretty good. In two weeks my son had his drivers license. So its obvious that they are good at what they do. I also caught a good special that they had. My only concern was locating the office on Garners Ferry. There is no sign saying where they were located. My GPS took me to the building next to them. My son always said good things about Mrs. Emily and that was my only concern. As long as he was happy, I was happy. And most importantly, the mission was accomplished, he got his drivers license and thats all that matters. Thanks Mrs. Emily!!!

Review №54

Talked with several other driving schools in the area about working with someone with very little experience. They had the best deals and where extremely patient and helpful during the lessons. Thanks to Emily’s Driving school I got my drivers license!!! Highly recommended.

Review №55

Great teaching, patient but realistic. She prepared you for the real world and the driving test. Would highly recommend.

Review №56

Highly recommend this driving school. Rob was a very good teacher showed me everything i know. I passed my driving test and very excited. Big shoutout to my boy Rod he’s the goat.

Review №57

I’m from Thailand and have driven on the right hand side of the road almost my whole life. Originally I had an international driving license but did drive in the US a few times before getting a driving permit in Alaska. But the test was a different story and I failed the road test. After that I decided I need some formal course, but in Alaska it was pretty expensive and I didn’t have time until I moved to Columbia. Thats when I found Emily’s driving school with a very reasonable price and flexible schedule.Emily is the best instructor ever! She was very nice and patient. She made sure I practiced a lot so that I was confident and comfortable. I also like that she didn’t just focus on how to pass the driving test but also gave me some good advise on techniques for driving more safely which I really appreciate.After I took the practice road test with her in the morning, I took the road test with DMV in the afternoon. And guess what?I passed it with nearly no errors! Thank you so much Emily!ถ้ามีคนไทยเข้ามาอ่าน แนะนำเลยค่ะ เพราะครูสอนดีมาก ใจดีและใจเย็นมาก คือแนะนำทุกจุด ให้ทำซ้ำจนกว่าจะแน่ใจว่าเราทำได้จริงๆ

Review №58

Emilys Driving school and specially Ms Sumter,did an fantastic job to teach me drive a car and I got driving licence on 1st attempt.Ms Sumter, is a very good teacher, good person to learn from, and will teach all techniques needed to drive safely and pass a road test. She is very helpful, calm and flexible in training schedules. She would guide you throughout the learning process. I am glad that I got driving lessons from her. God bless Ms Sumter.Highly recommended driving training school.

Review №59

I had Mrs. Emily and she was wonderful and professional but she didn’t play 😂 she stayed on me until I got my license..... thank you 😊

Review №60

I would highly recommend these wonderful drivers ed teachers to any beginner behind the wheel. Theyre very patient and friendly. They explained and showed me everything in detail of what to expect on the test. They taught me how to do all my maneuvers with ease. I started working with them on Monday and finished on Thursday. They made me feel confident when it came time to take my test and I passed and got my license on my first try.

Review №61

My name is Johnny Boston and I am a former student f Emily’s Driving School. Emily’s Driving School consist of elite professionals who are more than qualified to teach student the rules, regulations, and responsibilities of being a safe driver and teaching their students the road skills that will last a lifetime. My experience I had was a challenging as in inexperience driver, but learning the concepts of being a safe driver became easy after the first class. My instructor was Mrs. Sumter and she is the instructor I met. She taught me the roads skills that are important for me to know as a safe driver. You can be a safe successful driver in Emily’s Driving School if you follow all of their instructions you were taught.

Review №62

Love Mrs. Emily! I highly recommend her and her driving school. She makes you feel comfortable on the road and teaches you everything you need to know to successfully pass the test. Not only is she a great driving instructor, but she has the most affordable prices in town. (5 stars)

Review №63

This school is EXCELLENT FOR ALL AGES!! Mr. Sumter is very patient & simplifies things to your understanding! They are flexible and try to work around your schedule. If you need some one to teach your teenager how to drive, please give them a call, It will be worth your piece of mind!!! THANK YOU Mr. Sumter!!

Review №64

This place is amazing! Mrs. Emily and her son were very nice to me. The dmv Made a mistake and mrs. Emily made sure they fixed it for me and I’m so thankful to both of them. I highly recommended this place!!!

Review №65

I would highly recommend Emily to everyone. She has been an excellent mentor. She trained me patiently from being an amateur driver to perfection. I cleared my road test in the first attempt.

Review №66

Miss Emily is such a wonderful person and a very good instructor. Highly recommend her if you want to learn driving from the T... Thank you so much Miss Emily for teaching me how to drive.

Review №67

I passed my driver’s test today thanks to Ms Emily! Ms Emily is the best driving instuctor in all of South Carolina. She was very patient and calm which gave me confidence that I could get better and better each time I drove with her. She didn’t yell or fuss, she was great. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.

Review №68

I absolutely LOVEEEEEE EMILY!!! She was patient and I passed and got my license within days. She’s awesome and really works with you. I felt super comfortable and she really took her time with me. Thumbs up all the way around for her!!!

Review №69

Emily does a wonderful job of teaching. She taught one of my friends, who speaks very little English, how to drive. She is extremely patient with internationals. Truly I did not know if it would be possible for my non-English speaking friend to learn to drive in this country because of the language barrier, but Emily made it possible. Thank you again Emily! You are a blessing!

Review №70

Great Experience!!! Emily is awesome and very patient and straight forward with helping you understand all the things you need to know. She wasnt only my instructor she became my mentor and I couldnt thank her enough!. I received my Drivers license today on the first try!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Ms. Emily your the best and I highly recommend you to everyone!☺️.

Review №71

Emily is a great instructor! I had 6 hours of driving lessons, she has always showed up on time, always very patient and explained literally everything I needed to know for the exam. I passed my exam the very first time and I was confident taking it because Emily really made sure that I gain my confidence behind the wheel and that Im comfortable on the road. Emily has also taught me how to drive on the highway. Ive always been very nervous about driving on the highway but with Emilys assurance and guidance I started to feel more comfortable driving on the highway.Thank you, Emily!!

Review №72

Love this lady and her school. After leaving a bad driving school I called Ms. Emily and after 2 hours I had my license. She was amazing and made me feel super confident and comfortable behind the wheel. Im suggesting her to everyone that needs lessons because she is truly the best.

Review №73

Price was just what she quoted and well within my budget. They also accompanied by son to get his license and met our deadline of him getting them in time to go back to school after Christmas break. Awesome team. Would recommend to anyone needing this service.

Review №74

Awesome lady! very helpful and polite, had a really good experience with her. Fabulous teacher, makes driving so easy. Just follow what she says. I highly recommend emilys driving school. Loved her!

Review №75

One of the worst experience I’ve ever had ! They were unprofessional. They had poor communication skills. They also were always 30 minutes late into my driving lessons. I will not recommend this driving school .

Review №76

This past weekend, I had the fortune of working with Mrs. Sumter. Before taking her class, I wasnt too confident in my driving skills and had failed the driving test 3 times. Taking her class, she really does help. She gave me lots of tips and step by step instruction on how to do the parallel parking and backing up part of the exam. It really helped me. When it came time to take my driving test, I felt comfortable for the first time. And.....I PASSED. Thank you so much for your help Ms. Emily! I would recommend Emilys Driving School to anyone whos looking for a driving class.

Review №77

I did about 3 sessions and I enjoyed my experience. Mrs. Sumter was very patient and kind. She answered all of my questions and was very thorough. After my sessions I was a lot more comfortable and confident behind the wheel and I got my license right after my last session with her. Emilys Driving school is affordable and I highly recommend it!

Review №78

Mrs.Sumter taught me everything I needed to know for the driving test. Prices are within budget. She was a very patient instructor. Also she does try to work with you to help you achieve your license. Will recommend her to anyone I know trying to get their license or learn how to drive

Review №79

I am international student and study in University of South Carolina. This driving school my friend told me. Its pretty good for international students. All the trainers are very helpful and enthusiastic. I am appreciate that they they did all the things for me.

Review №80

I would like to confirm all other positive reviews posted here. I was relatively new to driving but Emily driving school helped me get my license at first attempt and made me feel confident about driving. The timing is adjusted as per your schedule and I had to cancel an appointment once but they did not complain about it. I would recommend Emily driving school to anyone looking to get their license in Columbia, SC.

Review №81

Very friendly, and nice lady. Makes the driving experience really relaxed. Price is affordable. Great instructor and works well with student and work schedules. Couldnt have gotten my license on the first try without Emilys Driving School! :)

Review №82

She was really a great instructor! Thank you for helping me get my license! ❤️

Review №83

Thank you for helping me get my license. Will be recommending all my sibilings next in line!

Review №84

I highly recommend this driving school rob helped me with my driving and I got my license within the 6 hours they give you this is the best and cheapest driving school your going to find .

Review №85

Ms Emily is the best mentor you could ask for, not only shes nice and sweet also she make sure you are comfortable. I had the best experience ever with Ms Emily and I would recommend her to everyone .thank you so much for everything you and your son are the real MVP. If you need a great driving school call Ms Emily I promise you wont regret it.

Review №86

I would Highly recommend Emilys driving school to anyone who has never driven before and otherwise. This was my first time getting behind the wheel and she made me feel very comfortable. She is full of energy and encouragement as opposed to some individuals who will only talk down at you for being fallible. She will not only manage her patience but she will hit the nail on the head and by that I mean she will teach you ALL that you need to know to be a safe driver and ALL you need to pass the test just as the tester demands. If you are looking for a driving school that can get you up and running contact Emilys driving school...Thank me later!

Review №87

WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!!! Ms. Emily is the type of instructor who makes sure that you actually know what youre doing and that youre comfortable doing it. While driving with her I felt like I was driving with not only a trusted friend but a guardian as well. I never thought Id get a drivers license on the first try or like driving on the highway but Ms. Emily helped me to build my confidence and my skill to be a safe driver. If I could I would retake the class, and Im sending every nonedriver to her

Review №88

I was totally new to driving, and was able to get my drivers license in my first attempt, learning everything from scratch. The sessions were really helpful and boosted my confidence. Both instructors that I worked with were excellent, and I cant thank them enough. Really recommended for adult drivers who are new to driving.

Review №89

Great teacher and good learning experience for new drivers and my opinion regiment to try the school and class out

Review №90

Awesome person. She made me feel comfortable and kept me laughing. She has a trick for everything so you can learn quick and easy. I paid for two hours with her and she spent 3 hours with me because she did not want me to give up until I grasped everything. I have been struggling to get my license due to a traumatic car crash a few years ago but she made me forget all of that. If you want to learn how to drive and get your license go to Mrs. Emily!!

Review №91

This is an excellent driving school. The people are very nice and helpful. When it came to the time of the test at the dmv. At first I was really nervous but I was calm and then I pass I was super happy. They really do have good instructors. This is a good school to go too.

Review №92

I would recommend Emilys Driving School to anyone. The instructor, Mrs. Sumter, is so friendly, yet professional that I felt like I was driving with a family member who truly cared and gave the best experience with the most manageable prices around. And the instructor Demarcus made learning some of the most difficult maneuvers like parallel parking a breeze. Both were great at their job, so you wont be disappointed with either.

Review №93

I really needed my license for this summer, but I had an expired permit and never held a license before, so I was nervous I wouldnt get my license on time. I found Emilys driving school and they were prompt with answering my concerns and questions. Not only was I treated very friendly by everyone I worked with, Emily personally showed that she cared that I be successful in getting my license. I got my license today and made a 91/100 on the exam, all thanks to the step-by-step guiding I received. I would recommend Emilys driving school to everyone. Thanks Emily! :)

Review №94

AMAZING....I was totally scared of driving and Mrs. Emily made me feel very comfortable. This was the best experience ever and I recommend her to EVERYONE. She works with you in every way possible so going to her would be the absolute best. Thank you Mrs. Emily.

Review №95

The instructors are very patient. They teach you EVERYTHING you need to know the correct way. They dont yell or get frustrated if you make a mistake they help you correct it. They make sure you fully ready before going to do your test I love it. I passed on the first try. If youre looking to learn with someone who takes they time with you and very patient you should try Emily driving school you wouldnt regret it.

Review №96

She was a great motivator. I was hesitate to train with this school because of a previous driving school instructor who really unmotivated me to get my license but then emilys came along and was willing to help make sure that I was calm and prepared to get my license . She taught me at a pace that I could get use too. She also is very flexible, If you have something to do later on in the day. If you need someone calm, cool and collected, Emilys Driving School is the school for you. I also appreciate everything that they have done to help me finally get my license in my hands.

Review №97

Mrs. Sumter is an awesome teacher. She provides excellent guidance and you will definitely pass the test if you follow all the instructions. She was extremely cooperative and helpful too. She is extremely jovial and encouraging and you will definitely have a good time during your sessions. All the best !!!

Review №98

I was afraid of driving but my instructor made it very easy for me to learn driving.Emily is really a nice person. She teaches everything you need to know not only to pass the exam but also to drive smoothly. I had very good experience and I am glad I chose this school to learn driving.

Review №99

I am super happy ... I would recommend this driving school to anyone. It was a great experience Ms. Emily didnt get frustrated when I wasnt getting it she was very patient. She practice the morning of my test just to make sure I have everything down. Thanks Ms Emily

Review №100

The best place to go if you want to learn how to drive and to get your lisence.

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