Acapulco Driving School
2133 S Laramie Ave, Cicero, IL 60804, United States
Acapulco Driving School

Review №1

Luis, the instructor, is very kind, respectful, and very helpful when it comes to teaching you in your turning, reversing, and everything else. Very patient as well. Liz, the lady at the front desk, very kind, and respectful. I really recommend any person to come here to get their license!

Review №2

This school is amazing! Mario the instructor is professional and easy-going. Liz is also very welcoming and professional. They both explain the process on how lessons will be handle and both overall are great in boosting confidence for the road. I highly recommend new drivers and inexperienced ones to try this school out!

Review №3

Mario is amazing! Very patient and easy going! They explain the whole process of getting the license and made the experience very easy and smooth. Very nice people and high quality service!

Review №4

This driving school is super amazing!!!!Mario the instructor is super professional & easy-going very patient & communicates perfect, Liz is also very welcoming & professional & super sweet, They both explain everything step by step, both overall are super great!! I recommend this driving school😁if there was more stars ill give way more then just 5🙂⭐️

Review №5

Liz and Mario were very good and were always helpful. Mario is a great instructor and he teaches you everything you need to know. 100% recommend anyone who needs to learn to go to this school. Overall great service 👍🏻

Review №6

Waste of Time and MoneyA family member went here to not only try and get their license but to get their permit first and after reviewing their experience on the 1st week they got a 3 star, after the owner coerced them that if they dont change the rating to a 5 start and leave a good review they would send the police. All they do is put you in a room and give you study material. No help and once the driving starts the teaching is very basic not worth the prices.

Review №7

They are very well organized. The lady at the front desk is so polite and kind she tells you every detail of the plans and how they work how much you got to pay when they schedule you its all very well in order. The driving instructor Mario is a very kind guy he cares about his students alot treats them like his own he helped me so much this past month in helping getting my license. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to get their license to come to this school because they will make sure you get what you paid for and will have your back every step of the way. -Sean Owens

Review №8

Very kind and professional people! Mario, the instructor, was very patient. He explained things very well and helped me through out the lessons. The lady at the desk was friendly and helped out with everything i needed to bring in order to start my lessons and get my license. Would recommend this driving school to anyone!

Review №9

Great experience with Mr. Mario. I was able to get my license in under a month and Mr. Mario was more a friend than an instructor. I highly recommend Acapulco Driving School. They’re very good people that helped me out when I needed it most. 10/10

Review №10

I highly recommend Acapulco Driving school. Mario, the instructor, is very patient and understanding. He will take his time with you and try to explain things so you can understand better. Liz, the secretary, is also amazing and friendly and will help you get ready to get your license.

Review №11

I highly recommend Acapulco Driving school, the staff are very nice and welcoming. Mario had a lot of patience! and if you had any problems/issues with your driving he made sure to make you practice until you got it right and felt comfortable with whatever issues you were having. He was very good at explaining things and gave me very helpful tips on my turns, which was something I was really struggling with. Taking your driver’s test is very nerve wrecking but he reassures you that you are going to pass, he truly wants his students to get their license and he makes sure they get it, he truly cares about his students. Having someone that believes in you really motivates you until you get it and that’s the energy I got from Mario. I really appreciate his service and Liz was awesome as well at the front desk, truly nice people.I am very satisfied with my experience and very happy that I passed my driver’s test thanks to them, I couldn’t be more thankful. The price is worth coming here.

Review №12

When I was enrolled in Acapulco Mario was very patient and understanding when teaching me and he was clear when giving directions on what to do and what not to do. The lady at the desk was very helpful and nice when explaining the class.

Review №13

Mario is an amazing driving instructor! Considering COVID regulations I was able to get my drivers license with such ease. Mario provides clear instructions and makes you feel safe the whole time. Liz, who works at the front desk is also super nice. I highly recommend anyone to check this driving school out if you need your permit and driver’s license

Review №14

I would definitely recommend this place to others. Mario was a great help. He let me get better at my turns and would give me pointers while I was driving. I now have. My license thanks to him. This place is great!

Review №15

Mario is great teacher I got my license he’s very professional . I definitely recommend

Review №16

Amazing teacher that will help you learn from your mistakes and get your license like i was able to

Review №17

I had a really great experience here. Mario was very helpful when I was learning how to drive. I never felt unsafe or scared at any point. He gives really great pointers and is a great instructor. Liz works at the desk and was always very sweet. She welcomes you in which a lot of people don’t do so it was really nice to have that. I got my license with no problems (besides COVID-19 pushing back my testing date by a couple months but at least I got my license) and feel very comfortable driving by myself thanks to Mario. I would recommend to anyone that is trying to get there license.

Review №18

Worst driving school I ever went too. Mario would be on the phone during the lesson. He would get frustrated easily. Make me drive around to do his errands. I lost a class because I forgot my ID by accident and they didn’t remind me about my appointment. It’s a waste of money. 3 driving lessons isn’t enough. And there is only one driving instructor

Review №19

This school is a very good start for beginners! The tutor was sharp & explanatory on everything. I recommend anyone who is a starter for driving to go here!

Review №20

Mario is a good instructor and is very professional. He helped me get license in less than 3 weeks.

Review №21

Very professional! Amazing at communicating with you.

Review №22

The instructor Mario was an excellent teacher. He takes his time with things you need to practice and helps you step by step. Will recommend this place to anyone looking to get there license!!

Review №23

I 100% recommend this driving school. The instructor was very hands on and professional. I was a 1st time driver & he made me feel very comfortable driving. After my driving sessions I got my drivers license. 5 stars from me all the way.

Review №24

I have to say the this driving school is one of the best in the business. The instructor, Mario, has an incredible amount of experience and its very useful to new drivers like me. A nice relaxed and friendly environment that really help you control your nerves(if any). The prices are fare, the lessons are incredibly useful. My brothers and i have taken his course training and all of us have gotten our license with the help of Mario. Yes i would definitely recommend others to this incredible driving school.

Review №25

I am very happy with the great job that the instructor Mario did after thinking that I would never get my license today I got it thanks for everything 100% recommended

Review №26

I am so relieved and happy I took these lessons. The instructor Mario was patient, professional and clear. The lady at the front was helpful and kind as well. Very much worth it if you are considering on taking lessons here.

Review №27

I 100% recommend coming to Acapulco Driving School, my instructor was professional all throughout the sessions I had with him to earn my license. If I can give 10 Stars i would but Im only able to give 5 stars. Again if your looking to start driving and get your license this is place to go!

Review №28

Great experience, taught me how to drive very quickly and did a great job along the way. very professional in every way, if your about to learn how to drive I highly recommend Acapulco Driving school.

Review №29

Definitely recommend this place for any student/individual on pursuing & learning important driving tips. Instructor was polite, professional, and 100% patience.

Review №30

Hey everyone my name is Chance I just came on here to say I just got home from taking my driving tast and I past my driving instructor Mario is a good teacher he made me feel comfortable made me feel positive about myself if anyone need to take lessons I will really recommend this place

Review №31

I highly recommend this driving school. The instructor is very patient with his clients very nice. I appreciate the service I was received I got my license today with overall great school.

Review №32

Great investment! Luis was very straightforward and gave constructive criticism which helped a lot. He was very easy to talk to which helped with relaxing yourself because he made people feel comfortable, speaking for myself of course. He made sure to enforce his driving instructions and to remain focused on the road. I got my permit and drivers license very smoothly. He was a great instructor!

Review №33

I am glad I choose this school, helped me get my drivers permit and then later on my driving license. Staff is very friendly and helpful. I have learned so much from this school I knew nothing about driving going into the school but now that I’m done I know everything there’s is about driving and I owe it all to them. I would highly recommend this school to anyone out there you will not regret it!

Review №34

Got my license today Good service I was taught by Mario and learn within 4 classes fast service too

Review №35

I was so nervous about driving, that I had put it off for so long. Then I heard about this driving school and I loved it. Its afforable and gives you more practice hours compared to other driving schools in the area. The scheduling is super flexible and the staff is really helpful and accommodating. The instructor Mario was really patient and encouraging whilist teaching my nervous self. Thanks to them I was able to pass my driving test! Really recommend this place!!!

Review №36

Best driving school ever. Mario and his wife are so nice. Mario is very patient and explains things in detail when driving so you fully understand. He really encourages you and is an excellent teacher. within a matter of days i was ready to get my licence. He gives you as much time as you need to get ready for the big test and is just a joy to be around. I looked forward to going to drive with him because he helps you relax and get your nerves together before you drive. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a driving school. You probably want find one as great as this one.

Review №37

I really enjoyed taking classes here. I got my license and everything I needed. Mario is a great instructor and helped me a lot during this time. The classes are easy and he will make sure you have everything you need in order to pass and get your license. I highly recommend this school to anyone who hasnt received their license and/or permit. Once again Mario was a great teacher and will make sure you have all it takes to get your things done.

Review №38

I had a great time driving with Mario. He really takes the time to teach you and show you everything you need to know to pass and get your license. Im a manager at a restaurant and always busy, his 6 hour classes were more than enough to get me ready to pass. Hes patient, hands on and professional. He and his wife took the time to make me feel comfortable and confident that Id pass and I did. Thanks Mario it was awesome! I will definitely recommend Acapulco driving school to anyone looking to get their drivers license in a quick but thorough way.

Review №39

Went there trying to just do what I got to do and leave, but on the other hand, I got my license quickly but also made friends with the people who work there 😊 Both the instructor and the lady at the office are super friendly and patient and will get you what you need without wasting time. Highly recommend going here without a doubt.

Review №40

Mr. Mario was more then just a drivers ed teacher, he made me feel comfortable and not get nervous on the road. The program taught me so much, Mario was straight forward and a completely honest person. Great staff, Liz did a great job as well, very respectful and professional! She kept me up to date and would keep me organized. I highly recommend taking Acapulco Driving School, regardless if you need the whole drivers license process or even behind the wheel classes. In my perspective, it was definitely something to invest in, I’m glad I received my license and driving as a legal civilian.

Review №41

I had an amazing experience with Luis Mario he helped me a lot, he explains things well when he is helping you to get your license. He has the patience that everyone has to have in order for someone to drive safe on the road. He is great help I recommend Mario to everyone. Because of him I know how to drive safe on the road and right now I got my licence because of his great help very friendly guy to be honest. Acapulco is a great school. Come to Acapulco and youll see the difference, you pay about 300 dollars but its all worth it at the end, if I could give Mario or Acapulco 6 stars or 10 stars Ill give it to him. We also drove in the express way and it went great because of him. Great, great guy.

Review №42

Finally got my license today and Im so excited! Mario was very helpful, patient, and very friendly. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to get their license.

Review №43

I am so happy that I got my Drivers License with Acapulco Driving School. Mario was very helpful in improving my driving, alongside being very nice.

Review №44

Mario taught me. He has a lot of patience to help me relax when driving. He helped me prep for the written test to get my permit. He gave me the courage to go on the highway the first lesson. After the third lesson, I was practicing the driving test. Today, I got my license after a little more practice at home.

Review №45

Very friendly and honest and will help you to get your license. Definitely recommend the driver instructor Mario did a great job teaching me the rules and would be very honest when something wasn’t right.

Review №46

Acapulco Driving School has all the characteristics a person is looking for in order to obtain their license. The customer service, availability and instructor are all excellent. Luis Mario, the instructor, is excellent in all the aspects. He always goes out of his way to make time for you and help you improve in your driving skills. He explains things thoroughly and has an amazing patience. I highly recommend Acapulco Driving School to everyone!

Review №47

Great school really like it. Luis help me very much to get my driver license showed me all the things I needed to know while driving. He is a really great person to be with he has a lot of experience in driving and you can gain confidence with him teaching you. Also, the person at the desk Liz she is really helpful explains very well all the documents that you need to be ready to get your permit or even to get your drivers licenses. I recommend with all honesty if you have the chance to get your driver licenses come get it here. I would of rate this 10+ but cant only 5.

Review №48

I already I have my license because of the instructor, Luis Mario. Even though I had taken drivers ed in high school, I still had to redo the written portion to get my permit again. Luis Mario is a great instructor. He made gain confidence while driving. He is a very patient guy and you can even have a good conversation with him while driving. He gives out good pointers and suggestions for whenever you drive in certain streets. I went on in the expressway twice, one on the Eisenhower and the other one on I-55. It wasnt that bad except for the fact that I got in when it was rush hour, so yes a lot of traffic. Acapulco Driving School is a good school if you want to gain more confidence and more practice on the road test. Good thing is that Luis Marios brother also helps a lot, and I felt pretty comfortable with both of them. Really great experience from here.

Review №49

I would definitely recommend Acapulco! Mario and his wife both took the time to prepare me. They both made me practice a lot and always asked if I had any questions. I was able to get my permit and license because of both of them. Great driving school!

Review №50

Great school really like it. Luis help me very much to get my driver license showed me all the things I needed to know while driving. He is a really great person to be with he has a lot of experience in driving and you can gain confidence with him teaching you. Also, the person at the desk Liz she is really helpful explains very well all the documents that you need to be ready to get your permit or even to get your drivers licenses. I recommend with all honesty if you have the chance to get your driver licenses come get it here. I would of rate this 10+ but cant only 5.

Review №51

They are very nice, very patient and friendly and they will make sure you are ready to drive 10/10 would definitely recommend Luis Mario was my driving instructor and he was very good

Review №52

I would definitely recommend this driving school! My instructor, Mario, was very generous and taught me everything. He always asked if I had any questions which is very important. I recently received my license and I couldn’t be happier thanks to him.

Review №53

I was completely satisfied with Acapulcos Driving program. Mario and Liz have not only improved & expand my knowledge on the road, but they helped me build confidence and other personal qualities. I highly recommend taking classes at Acapulco. They provide you with high level support, good progress, and great classes.

Review №54

I wish I had gone to this school sooner! Very fast and easy way to learn how to drive. Luis is a great instructor, very patient and very fair with his criticisms. He is there to help! I would recommend anyone to this school who is wanting to get their drivers license quickly. 10/10

Review №55

The lady was really friendly and self explanatory with the process; never had an issue. Mario is a great driving instructor he’s very straight forward in fixing your mistakes, and encourages you to keep trying. I am pleased with the service they’ve provided and recommend anyone to attend Acapulco !

Review №56

Acapulco driving school is definitely the place to go if you are trying to get your permit or drivers license. They will teach you everything you have to know about how to be a good and safe driver. Mario (driving instructor) taught me quite a few things. He is a great instructor that will tell you what you need in order to pass the test. overall GREAT experience.

Review №57

First off, Id like to say Acapulco Driving School is great! Luis Mario and his wife were polite and professional. He made sure that I was more than ready for the driving exam. Luis Mario is so patient! I was scared at first but hes a super nice guy. Would totally recommend this to anyone interested in learning how to drive! Im super glad that he thought me but most importantly how to be a safe driver. Had the best experience here thanks to them.

Review №58

Such a good place to take out your license. Very nice and polite people! Got my license with Mario, very good guy! 100% recommend it!! Mario thought me everything I needed to know!

Review №59

I recently received my Drivers License. After many months of practice and waiting, I was able to obtain it, due to Mario’s wonderful carisma and Liz’s assistance at the front desk. He helped me with every aspect of driving and taught me how to properly drive. Liz was able to assist me with any paperwork necessary and the test portion. Wonderful school; would 100% recommend especially if you’re bilingual.

Review №60

Im so happy about my experience with this driving school. Lis at the front desk was always helpful and professional with making a clear and workable schedule to get my hours done . Mario was an amazing instructor, definitely corrected my mistakes and helped me improve my driving skills to get my license. Good people to learn with 100% recommended

Review №61

I came to them with barely any experience in driving and they took me in. Really nice and amazing people. Front desk was really nice and the Instructor was amazing. Mario taught me everything I had to know about driving and I did great.

Review №62

Mario was a great instructor for my son. He has a good sense of humor and made him feel very comfortable. He did a good job teaching him everything he needs to know about driving! They did highway and streets and talked a lot about the rules of the road!

Review №63

This is a great experience👌🏼. Luis will be more than happy to help you to get you license always. Best driving school ever.From day 1 he makes feel comfortable to the day you get you license and ready to drive. Great choice I made walking in there 😀😀

Review №64

It was a very good experience, Luis was very helpful and so nice throughout the whole procedure. I thought it was going to be hard to receive my license but no it wasnt, they made it very easy and understandable. If you are looking for a driving school I really recommend this one!!

Review №65

I highly recommend Acapulco Driving School. They have great personal and service. Luis Mario is a nice person and explains everything there is to know about driving and takes the time to make sure one knows the rules of the road. He is very patient and makes one feel confident and calm while driving. Wonderful instructor and person.

Review №66

My time there was fast and smooth, with the lady at the front store always being kind and the driving instructor is patient and will reassure you if you have any questions.

Review №67

Great teacher, always stayed consistent in what he was teaching me and would give constructive criticism but at the same time would always give me credit when I did something right. He taught me what I needed for the test and I was able to pass with help from him and some help from my mom. Would definitely recommend if youre looking to really learn how to drive and want someone who has patience.

Review №68

I’m so happy I came to this driving school. I got my license!! Luis Mario was my teacher, 100% recommend this place.

Review №69

I would recommend this driving school to any and all students. The instructor was very friendly and provided excellent classes. Excellent training with a professional environment. Add the affordable prices and you have a deal that cant be beat!

Review №70

Acapulco driving school is a great school to learn. Everyone in the office is very polite and professional; the driver instructor Luis Mario is very polite and Patient. He teaches everything you need to know about the rules of the road. Thanks to him I got my drivers license today!

Review №71

Ive had the most amazing experience here at Acapulco Driving School! From the minute you sign up at the office Lizandra makes you feel safe and welcomed. Luis Mario is the best instructor you could ask for. He gets right to the point when it comes to driving and hes very honest with you. He makes you feel like family and makes sure that you feel confident in yourself. Its not all serious work though, hes very friendly and holds any kind of conversation with you so you feel relaxed and comfortable and thats what makes this experience worth while! Not only is he your teacher but hes also your friend. Hes by your side every step of the way! Im recommending to anybody who is trying to get on the road as soon as possible, Luis Mario can do that for you! Thank you for helping me get my license and may the success of Acapulco Driving School go on!

Review №72

Im very glad I went to this school. Very happy with Mario, he did an excellent job explaining everything I needed to know. He personally taked me to get my license and he made me feel prepared. I would give home more stars if I could. I recommend this school 100% & I thank them for everything.

Review №73

I got my license with the help of mario in acapulco driving school he is the greatest teacher very friendly i highly recommend acapulco driving school amazing school and i thank them for everything

Review №74

Mario is an outstanding instructor.He was very patient with me,helpful, and encouraging. I enjoyed training with him.He trains for success.☺️

Review №75

I absolutely LOVED this school. Both Mario and Lisa were professional and kind. While driving I felt no pressure, in fact I felt at ease. If anything happened, they were sure to let my family know in advance! I would DEFINITELY recommend anyone to go through this program. I passed my drivers test with flying colors 🎉

Review №76

All the staff at the school are super friendly and kind. I recommend this place and it is worth the price. The driver instructer Mario teaches how to properly drive well.

Review №77

Luis the instructor is amazing, very helpful, goes out of his way to make sure you’re prepared and understand what is needed. Extremely kind, one of the nicest people i’ve met ! The service at the front desk with Liz is also very satisfying, makes you feel welcomed and very comfortable. The whole time spent with them was a great experience, would completely recommend to anyone who is looking for lessons, classes, anything in the sort !

Review №78

Definitely helped me with my turnings and work on things I needed in order for me to pass my test. Would recommend for anyone who is looking to practice their driving and feel more confident doing it.

Review №79

I really enjoyed driving with Mario, he is very patient, and polite he teaches you everything you need to know if you do something wrong he tells you in a nice way. Thanks to him i passed everything and now i have my drivers license. Thank you for everything you showed me Mario your a very good instructor.

Review №80

I came here to get help getting my License, it was totally worth the time and money I spent! The people here are great at helping and the driving instructor always made sure I had everything perfected for my actual test, I passed with flying colors and I 100% reccomend getting help from these people, theyll make you forget about your nerves and youll be thankful for the help.

Review №81

Very successful experience!! Luis was very kind and helpful. i passed my driving test easily after luis helped me practice and gave me good advice and tips on my driving skills. i would highly recommend this driving school.

Review №82

This is a great driving school that I highly reccomend. Thanks To Luis Mario and his wife I was able to obtain my learners permit and pass my driving test. They are great people who make the driving process smooth and easy. Going to this driving school is an easy choice if you want that drivers license.

Review №83

Absolutely awesome and professional experience. My daughter attended this driving school and she was pleased and so was I. I highly recommend the school. Great instructor, classes and hours availability are great. Greatly appreciate Mario and the staff.

Review №84

Love the school would recommend to anyone to start driving very friendly great driving teacher the great mario

Review №85

Mario is a great instructor and helps build your confidence every step of the way. His patience and dedication to help his students is out of this world! If you’re looking for a driving school Acapulco Driving School is the way to go!

Review №86

If it wasnt for the help from Luis Mario Giron I wouldnt have been able to get my license. He was patience, easy going, calmly explain steps and takes the time to makes sure one isnt nervous to drive. I would recommend him to my friends, family members and others that want to learn to drive. Want to get your license? just Give them a call

Review №87

Such an awesome experience at Acapulco Driving School. Mario crushes anxiety with such Patience, Warmth and thorough teaching. My daughter enjoyed classes at Acapulco so much that she tells all her friends to go take Drivers ed over at Acapulco and make sure you ask for Mario!!! Hes the Best!!!

Review №88

I really recommend this driving school. Luis and Lisa are very helpful and if you have trouble with something they will find a way to make it easier for you. They both are very kind and generous people.

Review №89

I went to the secretary of state not knowing what I was getting myself into. I was not aware of all the requirements for me to get my drivers license. As I was leaving the place, I ran across Mario. I explained to him the situation I was in. That I had court in the next week. He told me I can get the license that week but I was very busy so it was my fault there. Once I had time and I completed the course and got all the requirements done.. Due to his help and his employ I will be able to present my drivers license this coming Wednesday at my court. He did me multiple favors and I greatly appreciate it. I am glad I ran across him and he helped me

Review №90

The service here is superb! The instructor picks you up from your house, and then its your turn to drive! If you mess up, the instructor will tell you what you did wrong, and what you must do to improve it. The instructor is pretty chill, in my opinion. And I had a lot of fun while I was driving. We had very interesting conversations about school, to friends, to car crashes! It was amazingly educational! Thanks to the instructor, I am more confident in the way I drive, and am no longer scared, like I was my first driving lesson. Thank you!! ^_^

Review №91

I loved the experience that I had at Acapulco. I started in April last year working to get my permit and ever since then they’ve helped me every step of the way. Just last week I received my liscense which was made so much easier after all the practice that I had with Mario. He and his team are awesome and patient. If you want to be successful in receiving your liscense and/or permit, I’d definitely recommend Acapulco. A+

Review №92

Mario is an excellent driving instructor. He teaches you exactly what you need to do in order to get your drivers license, but most importantly how to be a good driver. Overall great service.

Review №93

Luis Mario is such a great instructor, I got my drivers license with him I really recommend you guys come to Acapulco driving school !!! 💕

Review №94

Today I passed my road test and I got my license and the instructor Mario did a great job teaching me how to drive he really prepared me and made sure I was ready. He’s really good at teaching and is incredibly nice.

Review №95

Coming here for my license was the best decision. Liz in the office is a sweet heart and was very detailed with everything that would happen. Luis is an excellent driving instructor and very patient with teaching. Got my license!

Review №96

I will definitely recommend this driving school. Im so glad I got my license. I will totally recommend the instructor Luis Mario. He is extremely professional and teaches you everything you need to know to learn how to drive. He is very patient and very kind. Thank You Luis Mario you are the best of the best. I also want to thank Lizandra she is also very professional. She explains everything in details. Very great customer service. I am more than happy with this driving school wouldnt change it for any other one. Thank You once more you guys are the best😊👍👏

Review №97

Amazon experience with both workers. The secretary is super nice her name is Lizandra. The driving instructor Mario is also very nice. Wants to make sure you pass the test and gives you the best training and skills advice. Fixes any driving errors you have ! These classes really will help me with driving in the future.

Review №98

I got my drivers license today on my first try, thanks to them. 10/10 would recommend this to anyone that is tryin to get their license. I think the price is reasonable for the service. They have a great driver instructor named Mario. Hes a really good teacher, hes really honest which I think some people can get discouraged. I personally like that he doesnt sugar coat anything so I can really work on my mistakes. I believe thats one of the reason on why I passed. From losses there are lessons.

Review №99

Mario is a cool dude, this was my first time driving and he understood and was very patient. He helped me get my permit and license. I would highly recommend this school. I have a busy schedule and they worked around it also.

Review №100

Mario and Liz are very professional. Mario explained everything clearly when it comes to driving. The Dos and Donts as well. I really appreciate the dedication they have for to help out the upcoming drivers on the road. I would highly recommend someone to this driving school because theyre professional and passionate in what they do. Theyre helping out the community with teaching people how to drive.

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