Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Otay Ranch
2015 Birch Rd Ste.1505, Chula Vista, CA 91915, United States
Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Otay Ranch

Review №1

I was a little skeptical about the prices for class UNTIL I actually saw the facility. It’s beautiful and perfect for structured swim class for little ones. There’s never a weather issue like with an outdoor pool. Also, the pool is heated so my kids have been more excited and eager to go underwater and try all the activities. They are always excited to attend. All the instructors give each student their dedicated time during the class session. I first thought 30 minute classes were too short but have now seen that it’s the perfect time for toddler attention span. I highly recommend Aqua-tots!!

Review №2

My daughter has become so much more confident in the water after just two lessons! She loves going to her swim classes! Aqua Tots instructors are wonderful and encouraging and we’re excited to see our daughter continue to progress.

Review №3

Friendliest staff, best coaches (we LOVE Coach Rebecca!!!), clean and professional location. Our little guy (3 years old) has become so confident and comfortable in the water. We always recommend AQUATOTS to all of our friends 10/10!Thank you for all that you do!

Review №4

I came to aquatots Friday afternoon and saw my little nephew swim for the first time. The facility is nice and the coaches are great and we’re very patient but the amount of chlorine or the chemicals that they put in the pool is very concerning. children are constantly rubbing their eyes and can barely open them, it was sad to see when watching all the classes. I even saw one coach jump out the class and have another coach jump in and teach just to rinse their eyes. I don’t recommend this facility if you want to come home with your kids crying because their eyes hurt. And you can’t avoid having their eyes in the water, even with goggles.

Review №5

These coaches are so patient, sweet and effective. I am amazed at how quickly they turned my 3 & 5 year olds into swimming fanatics. They are pros at dealing with crying children and my kids quickly learned there is nothing to be scared about and now count the days until swimming lessons. In just 4 lessons, I’ve seen a huge difference. The front desk staff is also wonderful and extremely positive.

Review №6

This place is absolutely amazing. Very clean and sanitary, friendly staff, excellent coaches, and a professional environment. I couldn’t be happier bringing my children here. Keep up the good work guys.

Review №7

Kids love it the instructors are there every single step of the way. The process of starting is easy & fun for kids especially if theyre beginners.

Review №8

Best swimming school ever. Very clean, professional and great location

Review №9

Edit: unfortunately the dialogue with the swim school has exhausted itself.If your current cloth mask isnt quite covering your nose you will receive unsolicited medical advice from two front desk staffers. You will be told to wear a lighter mask to protect others. If youre like me, and do not wish to disclose the presence of asthma medication in your purse, you will be told to leave and wait outside while your child is in class, which goes against their own policy. Protect yourself and others, and also support local by finding a private swim instructor who will spend the lesson at their own pool one on one with your child. Here youre lucky if your kid gets 5 minutes of swim time out of the 20 minute lesson.Edit: the same staff are now denying that they ever said anything about a lighter mask, and theyre now saying it wasnt them but someone like them. What a joke.Also, one of the previous reviews mentioned instructors taking all the kids to the same tiny area after class, trying to yell over each other to give parents feedback, and the dressing room stalls being tiny. All true.

Review №10

Learning to swim is FUN!

Review №11

Excellent instructors who teach safely with care and patience to our little one. Excellent customer service too!

Review №12

Aqua tots is great. My child has been taking lessons here now for a few years.I do like the very small class size, and often the instructors double up, so the ratio is even better. The good ratio allows for better interaction with the students.I am always a little baffled at the end of the class. When they come out of the water the the teacher meets you by the door with your child. They then explain in very stringent technical jargon about what your child is doing well or not doing well. I honestly have no idea what their butterfly stroke is supposed to look like, or how they are supposed to practice it at home. They always tell you that, and i just nod. No idea what they are talking about.Overall its a quality swimming school at a very reasonable price. Highly recommend.

Review №13

I enjoy walking in with a friendly and professional front staff and not to mention my daughter loves her coach Rebeca. We love coming here!!! 😁

Review №14

Great swim program for younger kids because of the warm pool setting and short classes to keep their focus. Reasonable prices and nice facility.

Review №15

Even with all the interruptions/additional precautions its a wonderful thing to have this service available. My toddler daughter loves it!

Review №16

They have Nice instructors and heated waters with clean enviornmemt for childrens.

Review №17

This school does a great job of teaching kids how to perfect each skill. I love how they send a report card after each class. A student doesn’t advance to the next level until each skill is mastered.He has had three teachers and loves them all: Coaches Steve, Amanda and Alejandra. They’re patient, friendly and professional.Waiting/hoping for my son to advance to level 8 this year. With the great teaching and coaching, it seems it will happen.

Review №18

The staff have a lot of patience for the kids. And they are always very friendly and will work around your schedule. My son is always all over the place but they’ve managed to understand and have the patience to work with him and teach him how to swim at his own pace, he is in level four and was in level 3 for only a couple of lessons.. he’s definitely improved his swimming! Thank you staff!

Review №19

My daughter started at Aqua-tots at 6mos and has progressed so much in one month! The instructors are friendly and make sure that your little will learns the necessary skills for fun and safety! The rest of the staff are friendly as well and helpful to schedule classes around you!

Review №20

The consistent kindness when you walk through the door is always a nice reprieve as the parent, but also knowing that everyone here is committed to teaching water independence is wonderful! A special ‘thank you’ to instructors Christian and Diana for your dedication! You kindly, patiently and firmly challenge my son to do better, and I thank you so much for that!

Review №21

The coaches are GREAT! My boys enjoy the sessions very much and have learned great safety water skills while having fun. The staff in general is very welcoming and positive. Overall, Ive had great experiences over the past year.

Review №22

This place is awesome! The minute we walked in we were greeted by their friendly and professional staff who gave us a tour of the facility. Very clean, organized and theres ample parking outside. Score! (unlike other places weve visited) We got a good vibe from this place and decided to sign up our little one for classes. Shes been going for about 2 months and looks forward to it.

Review №23

Aqua-Tots in Otay Ranch is amazing! The staff are very friendly. Our swim instructor, Amanda, is extremely patient and so sweet with our son. She is doing everything to build our son’s confidence in the water. He looks forward to class every week and we are so thankful!

Review №24

This place is awesome! My wife and I went on a tour today and immediately signed up our daughter for classes! The staff were courteous and accommodating. The facility is super clean and easy to navigate. I am thoroughly impressed by Aqua Tots and look forward to my daughter learning how to swim there!

Review №25

Coaches are very dedicated and pay attention to every child, my daughter has been at the school for over a year and she loves it

Review №26

This place is awesome. Instructors are great and super knowledgeable and our kids look forward to the swim lessons every time we go. The facility is amazing and all the kids who attend seem like they enjoy it more and more. This is the best decision we made. Thank you Aqua Tots

Review №27

They are so patient even when my little one had a hard time getting comfortable in the water and with the teacher. Aqua-Tots really takes their time to make sure that the families are taken care of and comfortable in their clean facility. My daughters coach Sarah, is amazing and I can see the positive impact she is having on my daughter. I am really grateful for this place.

Review №28

Great experience. My kids love going here. The instructors are always very kind, and knowledgeable at what they do.

Review №29

Its expensive. Get over it. They are worth it. In 4 lessons theyve taken my kids from theyll probably die if you look away from for a few seconds to theyll probably be ok, give them a second my kids love coming and the teachers are super supportive and patient. I have no doubts that by the end of our first month that my kids will have overcome their fear and will be much more comfortable in the pool. Highly recommended.Update (About 9 lessons): My daughter jumped off the edge of our pool (deep end), surfaced and swam back to the edge of the pool. We decided to let her try after she graduated level 3. Shes not an Olympic swimmer with any sort of form but mission accomplished in my book. My son isnt making as much progress but hes only 3 and has trouble staying on task during class. Considering private lessons.Big lesson learned so far is that if you have two kids in a 4 kid group class that have trouble paying attention its hard (read: impossible, class is worthless) for the single instructor to keep things moving, its not the instructors fault, theyll work with you to find a solution. I see theyve recently added a Master Instructor that floats between active classes that really helps in this situation. If your kid isnt paying attention (like my son) consider other options like private or semi private lessons.

Review №30

Took my youngest child their and we absolutely loved it. The staff was great, very professional and patient. Very competitive pricing. I highly recommend them.

Review №31

Rebecca (Yanez) has been my son’s (Mason) coach for awhile now and he loves her. She’s very patient and she takes her time with him. She challenges him but at the same time, she doesn’t rush or force him to do things he is not comfortable with. She has given him confidence in the water.Also, The staff are great & very friendly; and the facility is nice and clean.

Review №32

Brought my son to aqua tots he absolutely loves it. What a amazing staff and very clean facility. My son was afraid to get in the water until I joined aqua tots they made him feel comfortable to get in and now he loves it

Review №33

Highly Recommend this place, friendly staff and very clean! Instructors are amazing and made my kids feel very comfortable along with amazing progression in their swim lessons. The manager Shantell is so friendly and takes her time with us everytime were there! Well organized, never wait and very convenient! I’m so glad this place opened it was much needed in the area!

Review №34

Meh. The sales people talk so long that it makes you want to leave. She said I had to turn in my keys for our free trial. When class was over and we wanted to discuss it as a family over dinner, she said everything she could think of to keep us from leaving, including not giving my keys back by talking nonstop til I put my hands up and explained to her that my blood sugar matters more to me than her immediate sale.I decided against the place, not because it is wildly expensive, but because of the process after your child exits the water: everyone in the pool is taken to the same 15 sq. ft space and the instructors yell over each other to talk to every parent at once. Then you all take turns in the changing stalls, in which case only ONE is big enough for a parent and child to go in together despite their most Best class being for the toddler- preschoolers. If they staggered their class times just a little, it would make all the difference.Otherwise, if you are planning on having each of your children swim at the same time: plan on having a hard time talking to two instructors yelling in two directions in a sea of people at once. And dont come to the free trial without planning to sign up because you wont be leaving without paying without a show.

Review №35

Aqua-Tots is the best! Very friendly staff, warm pool, very safe classes and skills taught are invaluable. My daughter completely loves Coach Claudia!

Review №36

Coach Catrina was very rude and traumatized my child. Waisted my money coming to this place for my child to now be afraid to get into any pool. The mistreatment and annoyance shown to my child here was highly unnecessary. I was crazy to think this was a friendly environment when the coach started bad mouthing my child. Total waist of time and money. She should have been fired.

Review №37

Awesome placeClean

Review №38

Every time I have an issue or concern someone from the staff immediately responds and we come to a working solution for the problem. My son has continued to progress and has learned to love swim. I definitely recommend Aqua Tots as a place for children and place for extracurricular activity.

Review №39

We absolutely love Otay Ranch Aquatots! We are proud grandparents that want the best for our 2 grandchildren, and superior swim lessons are a must in California . Thank you to the entire staff for the outstanding customer service and excellent instructors!

Review №40

Very nice staff and kids friendly. If you live around the neighborhood, be sure to check it out. Your little ones will be happy that you did.

Review №41

Awesome hands on lessons. Daughter loved it and actually started learning really fast. Highly recommend it

Review №42

Me and wife took our 2 kids there and after the tour we signed up our kids right away. Staff was very friendly and the facility is very clean! I highly recommend aqua tots.

Review №43

My son he’s learning fast ! Great people ! My son he love this place ! Instructions are great with kids !

Review №44

Awesome place! Friendly staff that makes you feel welcome! Highly recommend

Review №45

Aqua Tots is an excellent environment for parents to take their kids to learn how to swim. The staff is friendly and the facility is well maintained .

Review №46

Exceeded my expectations. I was a member of a different swim school prior to Aqua Tots, so I had something to compare this to. A friend suggested that I make a switch and I’m very happy I did. The facilities are imaculate and the progress my litttle one has made over the last two months has been unbelievable.

Review №47

Great Location. Friendly staff. Perfect place to bring your kids..I highly recommend it.

Review №48

Friendly staff, very organized and accommodating. Super clean

Review №49

Highly Recommend . My 3yr old daughter cried her first days going to her lessons. The staff and coaches were very patient and kind to her . Now she looks forward for her classes .

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Excellent place for my baby 💜 🚼 💕

Review №52

Excellent place, my daughter has advanced enough in so little time. The instructors are very well prepared. And now after the pandemic, the steps they have taken are incredible, I dont feel vulnerable or feel like my daughter is exposed.

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