Oquendo Driving School
527 Grattan St # F, Chicopee, MA 01020, United States
Review β„–1

My son went to Oquendo driving school and he was not professional. He didnt teach him what he’s supposed to. It was a waste of money. The day of my sons driving test he told my son β€œyou are not going to pass this test”even in front of the test examiner πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ like what kind of person says something like that to a teen to get his hopes down.

Review β„–2

I had a great experience.

Review β„–3

He scheduled classes with me and only came once. But never showed up for the other classes. He made excuses about going to his daughter’s wedding. If’s that’s true he should have at least called. Plus he not a good teacher. All he’s about is money so please don’t bring your child to him if they get there permit and going for license. Go to university driving school in Chicopee they are way better.

Review β„–4

Very bad experience, very good class but on the day of the exam I arrived a few minutes late and the assistant who was going to lend his car was upset and left me without taking the exam at the last minute super bad experience because after I come down from New York to Springfield so as not to return doing the steps again made me lose the appointment and the money I spent

Review β„–5

Oquendo was AMAZING!!! He went above and beyond for my daughter and made sure she was prepared for the road test. His pricing is very reasonable, you get driving lesson(that fits your schedule), he gives great pointers and makes sure to perfect anything you may need help on. He was on time for test times and very professional. I without a doubt highly recommend him. Go to Oquendo for any driving needs. You will be very satisfied.Stefanie Velazquez

Review β„–6

Not recommend one days says one thing and the next days says another tells you see next class then Cancels and doesn’t let you know. Says your not ready for the test but does not want to give more class.Not recomendable.

Review β„–7

In my opinion, Mr. Oquendo was very rude and unprofessional at times. Made me very nervous because at one point with out notice he just took the steering wheel from my hand to demonstrate a proper turn. Once we go to the 3 point turn he started counting to see if I could do it in 20sec and when I got extremely nervous and unconsciously was trying to beat his timer he yelled at me for trying to do it in a rush.I honestly regretted taking a class with him.

Review β„–8

Very unprofessional, dont call when he canceled appointments. Every day he has an excuse for not showing up, dont waste your time and money. 5 class took a whole month cause he kept canceling on me. Worst driving business. Dont go there cause its reasonable price, you will be only wasting time. Zero stars if it was possible

Review β„–9

No star, oquendo is rude, unprofessional caused a panick attack to myself in the practice, called me names, wasted my time and talked negative about passing the exam which I did no thanks to his driving school, waste of money should give a refund.

Review β„–10

I I was just driving on Roosevelt Avenue and the driver had to be going at least 60 mph. I was going 50 and he flew by me. Would not want him teaching my kids.

Review β„–11

He did an excellent job preparing my daughter to get her license. He went out of his way of his busy day to make sure she was ready. Thank You ..

Review β„–12

Scam scam scam scam!!! He will have you pay ahead of time then cancel or not answer your calls. Ridiculous how this business is still running, I don’t recommend anyone thinking about signing up through this man. Save your money!

Review β„–13

Very unprofessional and rude. Scheduled numerous appointments with him and there was always an excuse for him to cancel or not show up. It took weeks for me to try to reschedule but could never get ahold of him. He also writes fake reviews about himself! Don’t even think about sending anyone to him or this driving school.

Review β„–14

Oquendo never shows up to his appointments and does not call to cancel if hes not going to show up and when i call him he never answers and this has happened to me 4 times with him hes a horrible driving instructor too

Review β„–15

Had to cancel an appointment and special a practice road test which took 3 days to finally get him to answer the phone. He did not have time for my practice and was supposedly 100% booked for the next 6 days and was incredibly rude in telling me this. He clearly had no intention in giving me the time of day

Review β„–16

First of all, he β€˜forgot’ about our first appointment which was 3 weeks ago. Then today he β€˜cancelled because he thought I couldn’t make it’ even though I’ve been calling nonstop since 8am! (Our appointment was at 9.) I’m so unhappy with the amount of time I’ve wasted trying to get lessons by this guy, I could have already had numerous lessons elsewhere.Do not go here if you don’t want your time and money wasted!!!

Review β„–17

Sucks hes very up tight. Make sure to ask question while in your lesson with him . He is rude and i feel like i learn nothing.

Review β„–18

This man is a scam artist, paid him for 2 lessons he took my money, gave me 1 lesson & stopped responding too me. He was in fact rude & made me more nervous then driving its self. All together a waste of my money & my time.

Review β„–19

Thay are not professional I need class and I call him and he is not call me .very poor

Review β„–20

My grandson Ethan took driving classes from Oquendo, and enjoyed the time he spent with Jorge.Mr. Oquendo has helped us to set up driving tests and has gone far and beyond what he needed to do.

Review β„–21

Havent been there, but I watched their instructor drive straight through a red light today...probably shouldnt be teaching people to drive if you cant drive or follow the rules of the road yourself

Review β„–22

Never answers the phone

Review β„–23

Nothing professional speaks badly to the student that causes the student to get nervous and not concentrate, apart from the fact that he does not have patience, he does not know how to explain the only thing that interests him is to be paid

Review β„–24

I paid for 5 driving lessons and the last class they stood me up, but they never took my call or returned my messages. It is very irresponsible.

Review β„–25

I had the immense privilege of taking a class with this Lord and I can say with sincerity that he taught me well and was always super positive with me and made me feel comfortable even though I was nervous, he was very professional and his excellence was incredible !!

Review β„–26

We reserve and pay for the driving test. We made an appointment with this gentleman for practice and to borrow the vehicle for the exam. Never picking up the phone, he didnt show up for the appointment and we lost money. It is not to be trusted. Do not hire him

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