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Windy City Driving School

Review №1

Victor was a great driving instructor. Very helpful, straightforward, and fun to talk to during the drive. I took my driving test today and passed because of him. Would recommend Windy City Driving School and him for sure., USA

Review №2

I cant thank Windy City Driving School enough for helping me get my drivers license after procrastinating for so long. Im 31 and never imagined it happening so fast! I was a student in their intensive driving course and they helped me feel confident behind the wheel in no time. I definitely recommend Windy City to anyone like me, who waited so long to learn how to drive.

Review №3

My experience with Windy City driving school was excellent. They helped teach me how to drive and took me through a practice road test multiple times so I could get my license. They were very flexible and understanding and the instructor was very easy to talk while also being helpful. This is easily a 5 star service.

Review №4

I registered for the 2 classes and road test package with Windy City. However, the instructors that I had to deal with were from their sister school (Amigo driving school), everything went smoothly for my first class, but then when it came time for my second class I scheduled it with the school on the phone over 5 times. No one showed up or called for any of the 5 times I scheduled. It took me over 3 months to get to schedule a class with them and after that I was told that I was ready for the road test, so I scheduled it and on the day of the road test, I was told that I was not ready and that I shouldnt be wasting the owners time by trying to schedule a road test when Im not ready for one.I ended up getting my license on my own two days after the road test attempt with the school during which I was humiliated. Long story short, stay far away from these people because they really dont know how to treat a customer right.

Review №5

I signed up for just the road test and my overall experience from the beginning with this driving school is horrible. When I called to inquire about the service and scheduling, the person who answered (from his voice over the phone I believe it was the owner Victor) was very unprofessional, dismissive, and had an annoyed tone. I chose Victor as he was highly rated in several reviews that I saw and I should have listened to the negative reviews about him instead because almost all of them hit the same points I could say. I followed his instructions the morning of my the test which included watching a youtube video with additional tips and tricks. When I got into the car Victor didn’t even greet me or treat me like I was a paying customer. He treated me like I was wasting his time (before I even started the car). So when I would do things the video said “look all the way back when you reverse” “make sure it’s noticeable when you look at your mirrors” he would say “I know it says to do that, but don’t.” and “you won’t get “cool points” for doing that”. I was literally following his instructions from that morning to follow what the video says. At this point I lost trust in him because he would contradict past instructions and I was anxious about all movements I made. Several times I felt like he give me dirty looks. To make my anxiety worse he would lecture and dictate rather than explain what I need to change or do. Then when I pulled over in a side street for the question portion he asked “when you park up hill, which way do you turn the wheel?” Which I answered “away from the curb” and he told me I was wrong and that I would’ve failed that part. He told me it’s because I didn’t say you’re supposed to put your car in park and hand break on (he didn’t ask WHAT to do when you park up hill. He only asked WHICH WAY do you turn the wheel which I was correct). When I pulled into the parking lot and parked he looked disgusted by me and rather than explaining what I did wrong he told me I have to take 6 hours more and practically kicked me out of the car. I was uncomfortable, more anxious that I was before, and embarrassed by the end of this experience. I still have anxiety when driving when I think of that experience and I have completely lost confidence in my driving (I wasn’t like this previously). I don’t recommend Victor or his driving school for anyone.

Review №6

Yadi was an amazing Instructor. Ive had my license for some time now and needed to brush up on my skills. Windy City Driving school did not disappoint. Yadi was calm & collective and the booking process was simple and easy. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for refresher classes at a reasonable price.

Review №7

My license had expired (and I wasnt driving anywhere anyhow) but the catch 22 was that I needed to retake my driving exams...but couldnt drive myself to the DMV. Not being from Chicago this presented a challenge...but one which Windy City Driving solved so easily I would highly recommend them! Their prices were below their competition and the car was ready and waiting for me. There was excellent communication all the way through the process, which really helped me relax, as well. If that isnt enough - the instructor at my site was incredibly friendly and easy to talk to!! I hope never to have to take my drivers test again, but this will be my first call if I do!!

Review №8

I used Windy City Driving School to have a car for road test. Booking and payment both were completed online and their website was very easy to use to schedule the time for a car.The day before my appointment, they emailed me a proof of insurance for the car and I printed it out for the exam day.On the exam day, Windy City Driving School advised to get there around 6:00AM and that was a good call after seeing how crazy long the line gets later in the morning. I arrived there 6:02AM and got out around 11:00AM.If you use the same service as I do, once you are done with written exam, you’ll meet with Windy City Driving School employee outside and they’ll provide you a car and couple quick tips for the road test. If you know how to drive, you’ll pass and get your license. It really is perfect for anyone who does not own a car but knows how to drive and wants a driver’s license.

Review №9

Great confidence builder if youre a beginner. I hated learning with parents because they make me a nervous wreck, but the staff here are patient and will guide you to getting your license. From parallel parking to driving in the highway, youll develop your driving awareness and the skills to be a defensive driver. Highly recommend windy city driving school!

Review №10

I booked a class them. I asked for a refund after realizing I live too far for 3 three times a week before the scheduled class. They never replied to my email....

Review №11

I had a marvelous experience at Windy City Driving School, signed up for initial 6 lessons, then took 3 more to get ready for the driving test. Their team was very helpful and helped me calm down. I have a lot of anxiety but they made my experience very joyful. They are a pleasure to talk to! Overall, I wish I could rate these guys 6/5 because they deserve it!

Review №12

My first experience with Windy City was fantastic! The instructors kept me calm. They were very kind, and helped me to get better. I learned a ton just on the first day and gained a lot of confidence. It was an exciting and fun ride, and I definitely recommend this school. 5/5 stars! ( If i could rate it more I would!)

Review №13

Windy City and their DMV Road Test Package is a great option to pass the exam for those who are experienced drivers but have no own car. Succesfully passed the exam today, many thanks to Victor! Prior to the exam lap, trained the route with Victor twice, until I was good to go. Very much satisfied and highly recommend!

Review №14

My driving instructor Victor was amazing!!!!! He made the learning experience fun, entertaining, and well informed. I would definitely recommend this driving school to others. Its an experience that Ill never forget. Its like having a favorite teacher that you would remember for the rest of your life.

Review №15

I had the best experience with Windy City Driving School! Firstly I would like to thank Yessenia for being the best driving instructor! She is so friendly, and makes you feel at ease behind the wheel. She went through everything with me, so that when it came to the test I was well prepared and confident! You can tell that she loves what she does. I would also like to thank Victor for preparing me just before the test- very professional, gave fantastic advice and tips prior to the test, as well as being a lovely guy! Finally, I want to thank the company for being so professional, kind and informative throughout the process, and for going out of their way to organize the car for me for the road test. I would recommend Windy City Driving School to anyone needing these services. You guys are the best! :)

Review №16

Windy City Driving School could not have been more reassuring and helpful in my driving learning process. I was very anxious to learn to drive, and my instructors always made me feel safe and supported. From all the different experiences– ranging from talking to the very friendly front desk receptionist to the lessons themselves and taking me to my behind-the- wheel test, I felt both honestly guided/taught and cheered on. Would highly recommend. I truly could not have asked for a better experience. Special thanks to Victor and Yessenia! They were all so kind and helped me learn to become a safer, more confident driver.

Review №17

Vic was great with the instructions. I rented the road test package with driving. He let me drive around the area for a couple rounds to let me gain some confidence as I was really nervous before the test. I passed the exam and Im very grateful for their services.

Review №18

I enrolled for a driving school because its been hard for me to get an uber ride lately. I searched for a school and Windy City was the first one to pop up. I had a great time learning with Yadi. She is very patient and calm and encouraging. Please ask for her. You will not be sorry. She worked with me on my schedule especially since I work as a night shift nurse. She is very professional and is an asset to this company. :). Thank you for helping me pass the first time. :)

Review №19

I have been having a drivers license for over 10 years and I can admit, I never practiced. I opted in to buy the 10 Hour Driving Class package and it was life changing. I am so excited to share that I feel safer, calmer, and more proficient in my driving abilities. Victor was the go-to guy. He helped me choose a package, choose an instructor, and in 5 days, I was already feeling like I could take a road trip anywhere in the country. Thank you, Victor, Yessenia, and Windy City Driving School, for giving me the reassurance and confidence to get back on the road. If I could give you guys 10 stars, I would! Choose Windy City!

Review №20

I got it! My instructor, Victor taught me everything that would show up on the test and took me down all the routes while giving very great instructions and guidance. Passed my test like it was nothing! Great team, great people. Would highly recommend this place!

Review №21

I had my first driving lesson. I was really nervous but my driving instructor Yessenia was GREAT! She was really patient with me and was great to talk to. The driving school as a whole is fantastic. They were all very nice when I called to schedule my lesson and were very accommodating to my schedule. I recommend them to anyone out there looking for fun driving instructors!

Review №22

Having never driven before I was quite stressed at the idea of starting my driving lessons but I couldnt have asked for a better school or better teachers. I took the Windy City Package and was made to feel comfortable from the get go. I highly recommend this school, an easy choice to make when choosing your driving school!

Review №23

I would give them no star if it were an option. I scheduled an appointment and the guy texted me the day of my lesson telling me to reschedule my class. He never replied to me trying to reschedule the class. He ignored all my texts and at one point started rejecting my calls. He wouldn’t reply to my message about wanting a refund either, so I had to contact my bank to cancel the transaction. Horrible service.

Review №24

My experience with Windy City Driving school was AMAZING!! Beyond impressed with the service! When I called to make an appointment, I was greeted by a very sweet and understanding gentleman! He answered all my questions and it was obvious he cared! Yessi, my instructor, was extremely calm and collected, which helped the process immensely! She made this scary experience very fun and relaxing. All the employees here are extremely kind, respectful, and personable! Im definetly going to refer all my friends to them!

Review №25

I came into Windy City Driving School after failing the Driving test twice in New York. My behind the wheel driving instructor was Victor. He is a patient and well informed driving instructor. I was able to pass the test after doing the 6 hour package. Victor made sure that I was confident and we also had some fun conversations throughout the duration of my lessons. I highly recommed Windy City Driving School for any drivers beginner or intermediate. The staff is helpful, friendly and attentive to the students need. Make sure Victor is your instructor and it will sure pass on your road test.

Review №26

I took the 6 hour with road test package. Throughout, Windy Citys staff was professional and I was impressed by the integration of technology into their process (i.e. I received appointment reminders via email). On the day of my exam, Victor was FANTASTIC. He was very reassuring and supportive, and although we were on the road at 6:30 am on a Tuesday morning, Victor was upbeat and friendly, which helped a lot. The entire road test experience was seamless from start to finish. Thank you Victor and Windy City Driving School!

Review №27

I had a great experience with Windy City driving school. My instructor Yessenia was patient, kind, and helpful. I was signed up for 6 hours to get ready for the driving test, my instructor was very nice, helpful and helped me calm down and be ready for the test. I got my license a few days ago, thanks for all of you.

Review №28

I got my license I just six days. Can you imagine. This was unbelievable but thank you Victor for having faith in me! We did it! I cannot believe I have my license! I highly recommend this driving school to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.

Review №29

I had a wonderful learning experience with Victor and Yessenia, they were patient, down to earth, and made sure I felt comfortable on the road. Victor took me out for my road test appointment and did everything he could to prepare me both mentally and skill-wise for the test, which I passed on my first try! Thank you so much Windy City!

Review №30

I’m a first time driver in the US. It was one of my best investments these classes. The instructors at Windy City are real professionals and talented tutors. They showed me different tricks and explained a lot of things that helped me to pass the DMV driving test and to become a confident driver. I’m so happy with this experience and highly recommend Windy City driving school to those who wants to get a drivers license and to the ones who wants to improve their skills.

Review №31

Thank you Windy City Driving School! You are amazing and professional. Since the first time I called the operator over the phone was friendly and answered all my questions! The best instructor you can ask for is Yessenia! Thank you for teaching me the right way with a lots of patience. Now I have my LICENSE and DRIVING all over the city!

Review №32

I have always been very insecure in my driving, but Windy City Driving school helped me feel more secure and safe as a driver. Ive been practising with both Yessi and Victor and they are both excellent instructors. They both have a very sharp eye for driving and they give you great guidance, not only for the test but for your everyday driving.

Review №33

Yessi was my instructor and Victor helped me when reserving a car for my road test. I had a practice session with Victor the day of the road test and he was AWESOME! I was a bit nervous for the exam, but he tried to relieve my stress and eventually I passed! You will drive around the DMV a couple times before the test which made it all that much easier! I strongly recommend this school! And thank you for helping me check this off my list!

Review №34

Genuinely sweet and helpful staff. I have had a very positive experience with the Windy City Driving School. Yessi is a great instructor-- she is attentive and firm with her instruction but also able to put people at ease. I got my license in just 5 days! I recommend the Windy City Package for people who want to get their license quick! And yes, I passed on my first try! Thank you Yessi!

Review №35

I had THE BEST experience with Windy City Driving School. You cant go wrong with any of their instructors. I worked with Cendy, Yessenia, and Victor! All of them were amazing. They teach you every skill you need to drive safely (even on freeways). I have tried other schools before but none of them compare to Windy City. Thank you for helping get my license.

Review №36

Unfortunately I never got to have a lesson. My lesson was postponed at first and then they said that it will need to be rescheduled due to an emergency. I didnt have any issues with that but since then, they are just completely ignoring me. I sent multiple texts asking to reschedule the lesson and the refund.

Review №37

I used Windy City Driving School for 6 2-hour behind the wheel lessons and the car rental service for my driving test and was very pleased with the service. I was able to learn a lot and improve my driving, especially from instructors Victor and Yessi. I would recommend it to anyone whos new to driving!

Review №38

Today I had my second driving class with Yessenia and I learned so much. I am terrible at parking but after todays lesson I feel much better about parking. She is a great instructor, she remains very calm and gives good feedback while driving. I had a great lesson today! Definitely ask for her!

Review №39

Victor was a awesome and made me feel at ease with wanting to take my test. I got my license in just 5 days! Thank you for being Super cool!

Review №40

I was contacted first and was ask to reschedule due to the snow. I agreed and chose a different date. Then I was called and was told that my location was to far and they wouldn’t be able to pick me up, I told them I was planning on driving to them anyway so they didn’t have too. I then asked to do a different date and they agreed. On the day of my appointment the car I was in got a flat so I called the school and told them what happened and if I could reschedule. I was told by the person on the phone that my driver instructor wasn’t there and that they would reach out to me to reschedule. However no one did. So I called them today to just get my money back and I was told that I couldn’t by the person who I am assuming is the owner that I couldn’t because I have cancelled twice on them. I have never cancelled on them not once I only asked to reschedule. The owner then lied and said that he never told me that someone would be contacting me when in fact he did and I have witnesses to prove it. He then claims that my instructor was waiting on me when that is also a lie because he told me before that my teacher wasn’t there. He also claimed that they were trying to reschedule me but never reached out to me. How are you going to reschedule something without letting the person know when that will be? Overall the owner is incompetent and doesn’t seem to know how to run his business and seems confused on what’s going on half the time. Take your money elsewhere.

Review №41

Would definitely recommend this school if your looking to pass your road test. I took lessons with Yessi and she was great! She took her time explaining things and was very patient. She was pretty easygoing too and it helped me feel less nervous. I passed the test on the first round! Thank you Yessi and Windy City for such an easy process.

Review №42

Driving was definitely not something I was good at or enjoyed doing before I took lessons at the Windy City Driving School, but I have a completely new outlook on driving after taking three lessons here. I would highly recommend this Driving School for anyone who wants to improve their skills behind the wheel and become a safer, more competent driver!

Review №43

Respectfully I would have given less then a one start if all possible. I would NOT recommend this driving school to ANYONE only at the sheer chance of a last resort. There was unprofessionalism from beginning to end. Just to highlight the high points. My class was rescheduled multiple times and I was put with one instructor to another. When the day of my class finally did come my appointment was set for 10am and the Instructor whom was Victor did not arrive till 12pm. Not to mention his late arrival and the lack of communication till after I decided to reach out after an hour of the scheduled appointment time. When it came to the day of my driving test he was a no show until MULTIPLE attempts of trying to contact him through multiple different people. After all was said and done he decided to post my photo on his website without prior consent. When asked for it to be remove he was very belligerent, disrespectful, and arrogant in his response of being asked to do. In the end I did receive my license but in no credit to this driving school. ( Might I add I had taken a drivers course in high school and had outside experience thereafter prior). For all I really got out the experience was being able have a vehicle to use for the road test for the 300+ I paid out though the package I paid for entailed differently. I would recommend that if you have previously taken a driver course in school or not just practice with someone you know and trust whom is an experienced driver because this school is not worth the money or time.

Review №44

Learning how to drive with Yessi has been hands down the best choice I made to pass my driving test. She taught me so many stuff and passing the test is all thanks to her. She is a kind, amazing teacher who cares so much for her students to learn. The rest of the school’s staff are extremely kind as well. Thank you Yessi !!! And thank you Windy City Driving School!

Review №45

(10/10) Just passed the test today, thanks to Victor at Windy City driving school. Everyone was very professional, the instructor was there on time in every lesson. The lessons were well organized with lots of general driving tips only pros would know.

Review №46

The staff who work at Windy City Driving school are very lovely and courteous. It was easy to schedule lessons before work and within a few days of each other. I was adviced to take a couple of practice lessons to get my US license after having driven on the other side of the road overseas. I found this to be plenty of time and Im glad to have had Yessenia as my instructor. She was very calm, clear and patient. She went over all the nuances of what it takes to drive safely and pass the driving test, which was very helpful and Im a more confident driver thanks to her. Highly recommend both the school and Yessenia!

Review №47

I just passed my drivers exam. I had Yessenia as an instructor multiple times. She was a very good instructor. She was very good at thoroughly explaining material and answering all of our questions. She was very patient and I always felt comfortable! Thank You for helping me get my license.

Review №48

Amazing service from front desk to instructors! I could not have had a better experience. I had a driver’s license from Brazil that I had gotten about 10 years ago, but never really used it. So, I did not feel comfortable driving. I signed up for 6 lessons and I think that was the perfect amount to regain the skill and confidence. Yessi was my instructor and she was absolutely great. Always on time, always in a good mood, and very diligent about instructing me on my driving skills and on the skills the examiners would be looking for on the road test. On the test day, I opted to use the driving school car, and I think that was crucial for passing the exam. Victor was the instructor who met me at the DMV on the test day and I cannot thank him enough for his guidance. He re-visited all of the things to be careful about, answered all of my last minute questions for check in at the DMV. Really took away all of the stress of the test day! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I highly recommend Windy City Driving School!

Review №49

I had a great experience with Wind City Driving School. Yadi, one of the instructors, helped me with my bad turn and taught me other great tips for the rode. I was given a video too of the road test itself which help also! Thank y’all

Review №50

My instructor Yessi was so great! This was my very first day and she made me feel very comfortable. I did such a great job, thanks to her! She was very thorough and allowed me to take charge after a while. I highly recommend Yessi and Windy City Driving School!

Review №51

Victor was my instructor and I felt very nervous on my first lesson. He’s very calm and explained me everything with a lot of detail. I passed my test on the first try! Thank you for helping me do something I thought I could never do!

Review №52

Yessie is a great instructor. She’s so nice and welcoming and make you feel comfortable. She also lets you know what you’re doing wrong. I was able to pass my drivers test the first try! Definitely recommended to anyone who needs help with driving and needs to be taken to the DMV.

Review №53

I am grateful to all of Windy Citys staff for their professionalism, patience, and kindness but I’d like to to give special thanks to instructors Yessi and Victor! They really went above and beyond to ensure that I get my driver’s license, I love them so much and I wish all the best in life! Thank You again!

Review №54

Have registerd for Adult program, and clered the test. I would like to thanks Windy City for giving me a great trainer Mr. Victor. He is a awesome trainer, very polite and professional. He made me feel comfortable and very confident by giving great instruction and correcting my mistake. Thanks a lot Windy City Driving School and Victor for all your help.

Review №55

Jessie is VERY unprofessional and does not know how to communicate if your an adult go ahead. But dont Not send your children to this driving school they ripped my daughter off and were very rude.

Review №56

I had a fantastic experience with Victor! He was patient, kind, professional and also made me feel very comfortable and confident driving around the city and on a high way! I can not wait for our next ride!

Review №57

I really enjoyed their lessons and have definitely learned a lot thank you so much for walking me through everything it means a lot! I passed my exam on the first try! Highly recommended.

Review №58

I had a great experience with Windy City! Victor and Yessi are phenomenal instructions. As someone who had no idea how to drive, theyre patience and passion soon had me crusing around like a seasoned driver. I passed my exam a few days later. I cant thank these guys and this driving school enough 🙏🏽

Review №59

Obtained my Drivers license one week ago today. I want to give a special thanks to Yessi, who I had for majority of my lessons and also Victor who I had for one lesson plus my big day at the DMV. I went Into this Extremely nervous and terrible anxiety. These two did an amazing job getting my nerves from 100% down to 0%. Very informative and theyll both do everything they can to get you out there driving with confidence. You cant go wrong with either! Thanks again Windy City Driving School. Best Decision!

Review №60

I had a driving lesson with Victor, He was so nice and helped me gain confidence in driving for my DMV test. Thank you once again for all the tips !! I recommend Windy City !!! :))

Review №61

Ive only taken one class so far, and I had a great experience! Victor was my instructor and he really helped me to build my confidence while driving on streets!

Review №62

Yessi is a good teacher. She helped a lot. I got my license on the first try. Thank you windy city and yessi for being the best!!

Review №63

I took a one day package for the exam. Super easy, went smoothly. You can get everyting needed for license by reasonable price. Also good exprience with Victor! Highly recommended!

Review №64

I have no complaints whatsoever. My instructor Norman was patient, attentive, and made sure to take time out of each class to work on anything I wasnt too sure of; and Yesenia was very sweet, made sure scheduling stayed on track, and even went out of her way TWICE to set up a date for the driving exam since I had missed the last one. I would absolutely recommend.

Review №65

I never thought that I will be able to drive car in my life as I was afraid of speed.. but Victor not only made my car driving experience simple but on last day he made me drive on the expressway along with him. That was awesome for me and It raised my confidence a lot! He has very good way of teaching and following his tips make driving very easy. I got my license within a week. He makes sure if you are ready for the road test and make you a versatile driver by trying different routes and crowded areas of city so that he can teach you a better way to do it. He makes you take a turn till you are smooth and good at it. I had taken one class from another driving school before this, and the instructor was talking everything other than driving. So I could feel the difference with Victor on the first day itself! I have already suggested my friends to book Victors School for their driving license. I HIGHLY recommend Windy City Driving School. Thank you Victor & Im so glad to hear that youre the new owner of Amigo, I know youll do great things!

Review №66

Helped me get my license on the first try! I would like to shoutout for Yessi and Victor for being great instructors!

Review №67

I rented their car for the raod test, was in line by 7am, back in a uber by 10. I got my license that quick, thank you Victor for making this process fast and simple.

Review №68

The best driving school EVER! Windy City Driving is worth every penny. Victor is very professional and has great customer service. He was willing to meet me in the Loop for our sessions vs. require me to go to a specific location. Very knowledgeable on the rules of the road, the driving test, and knows how to teach others. I passed my driving test/felt very confident on the road because Victor did such a great job at preparing me. Outside of driving, Victor is an overall nice guy. He is personable and has a genuine passion for helping others learn how to drive.

Review №69

I just got my license! Thank you so much Victor! Your tips and videos really helped!

Review №70

I have taken lessons from competing Chicago driving schools and this is the best one I have encountered by far. It was fast and easy to set up lessons, and the price is by far the best value you will find. Given the quality of instruction, I honestly would have gladly paid more for the service. I found Victor to be straightforward, patient, and direct in his approach. He answered all of my questions (some simple, some very specific) and really knows even the minutiae of Illinois driving law. I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about learning how to drive.

Review №71

I looked at some reviews before selecting this driving school. I wanted to make sure that I would be taught by someone patient, understanding, and calm if I make any mistakes. Victor, my instructor, is someone with a lot of experience teaching, and he does a great job teaching me about the laws of the road and how to control a car. Besides these two things, he was also firm in teaching me that I have to be calm and not be so anxious when driving. I always get nervous, and his tips on being more relaxed like taking deep breaths were very helpful to me to concentrate.I could understand why people in the reviews like him as a teacher. Hes there to teach you, help you fix your mistakes, and hes also there to be strict and straightforward when its necessary. I would definitely recommend having him as a driving instructor.

Review №72

Purchase the Windy City Package. Windy City Driving School took me through all of the critical skills need to pass the road test, and more importantly, be a safe driver. Furthermore, Victor is a patient teacher and pleasant to have along for the ride. I recommend Windy City Driving School over other driving schools because their tried and tested curriculum will get you your license in a week. Not to mention, the customer experience is top-notch. Victor helped my book the right package to get my license for the right amount! Thanks Again!

Review №73

Victor is an extremely helpful instructor. He takes you through making turns, parking, and other parts of the road test and explains things really clearly. If youre a nervous driver (which I definitely was), hes good at getting you to relax, and provides constructive criticism if you mess up. I was able to get my license after 12 hours of driving with him. Thank You so much, And Good Luck with Amigo!

Review №74

Class scheduling was the worst, they tried to charge me a cancellation fee for a class that hadn’t even been confirmed? The customer service overall was poor, and honestly I had a lot of anxiety about driving with a stranger but the interactions with my instructor just made it worse. Wouldn’t recommend it :/

Review №75

I took the road test package with 2 hour driving practice, and it was perfect. Victor picked me up (on time) and let me drive from my apartment to the DMV. Throughout the drive he was friendly and gave clear instructions, suggestions and constructive criticism. It was more than just the road test practice. We had a great conversation about life, ambition and passion. Over all a great experience. Highly recommend anybody looking for the right driving school. Good luck with your new business Victor!

Review №76

I got my License on the first try!!! Thank you to Victor, Cendy, and Yessenia!

Review №77

Victor was without a doubt a godsend. I was able to pass my driving test on the first try after a weeks worth of lessons. After initially being afraid to drive, I was able to gain confidence from my instructor, Victor, and felt like I could take on the challenge after his lessons. Victors instructions were very easy to understand, and when I didnt understand things - or if I was too nervous - he would find a solution in a calm and professional manner. His method of teaching you how to drive is very calculated, but as stated before - easy to understand. Without giving away too much, it was a great choice and you guys should definitely give them a try; there wont be a single regret.

Review №78

I definitely recommend this school because yessy let me take my time and she was really nice and not aggressive. She showed me the problems I had and corrected them. now I feel like a better driver because of her.

Review №79

I had a great experience with Windy City Driving. Since I had some sporadic driving experience but had never gotten nor attempted to get my license. So I opted for the intermediate driving package which concluded with the road test by the end of the week.Victor was a helpful, friendly and patient instructor offering both encouragement and constructive criticism when necessary. He picked me up and dropped me off from my house for lessons, which included the basics but also some expressway driving & merging that I wanted to work on. He gave helpful, thorough instructions and tips. We had some good conversations on a variety of topics as well.In the end, I earned my first drivers license on my first try! It was a very proud moment for me. I would highly recommend Victor and Windy City Driving School for anyone looking for a great, helpful program that will make you a better driver. It was a very enjoyable experience, thanks!

Review №80

A big thanks to Windy City driving school and my driving instructor Victor. Victor knows everything. He is an active and intelligent man who identified all my weak points very soon and make me work on them. I really recommend this driving school to everyone who seriously wants to learn driving. These people have lot of options at very reasonable prices. And the plus point is that they will schedule your classes according to your convenience.

Review №81

Im used to driving right-handed stick shift and had no experience driving in the US. I had been putting off getting the drivers license for the longest time since I live in the city, and was fortunate enough to come across Windy City Driving School when I finally decided to go for it. Victor is a fantastic instructor, hes very professional and honest to his job . He was very patient, tough when needed yet he helped me relax and gain confidence on the road. He addressed any concerns I had about driving(parallel parking is one of my main issues). He uses metaphors and examples from everyday life to help understand the rules of the road better. What I really appreciated was the lesson around the airport since I never thought Ill learn my way around it easily. After just 3 classes I passed my test in the very first try! Highly recommended!! Awesome job for a great price!

Review №82

First of all, I never ever write reviews, but this time I had to because it is definitely worth it. I found Victor by reading perfect reviews about him. I had no idea about driving but I love cars and love seeing people drive. As a 19 year-old I was feeling so anxious, stressed yet so happy and excited to learn driving, but, I was so concerned about getting my drivers license, taking the tests that I just procrastinated. Then, I realized I just have to find a good instructor and get my license because I couldnt stand not being able to drive. I have to say, I never thought I could get my license in only 5 classes, which one of the classes was my road test practice + road test exam! Victor has a perfect way of teaching. He knows how to make people focus enough so that they learn from their mistakes quickly or make little mistakes but also so confident and warm that you know youre going to do it somehow and you are capable of doing it. He also is an amazing life coach. He has great ideas, recommendations, thoughts, and opinions. While you drive, you also feel like somebody is accompanying you as a friend acting like a teacher - but a very authoritative one. I definitely recommend him no matter how new or experienced you are in driving. You will definitely be more confident even after 20 minutes of talking. I cant thank him enough for the knowledge, confidence, and belief in myself he gave me.

Review №83

Taking Victors class as someone with previous driving experience, I would say this driving school fully met my expectations. After taking 2 classes, I felt completely ready for the driving test, and got my license with ease. While driving around, Victor added good conversation as well as great driving tips. Sometimes I felt intimidated, sometimes I felt incompetent, but these feelings mostly come naturally when you make driving mistakes. Overall, Id say it was a good experience, and worth the time & money.

Review №84

I wanted to get my driving license and was looking for places online. Something cost effective + also good reviews. I chose windy city driving school and took a 2hr lesson with victor and went to the driving test after thatvictor is a very clear instructor: Before the class, he clearly explains all the rules of the road and what decision to make at intersection. He is very meticulous in his approach: if you are lacking a specific technique, he makes you do it again and again till you get it rightHe did not unnecessarily waste my time/money: after the first class he realized my driving skills are good and we scheduled the road test.On the day of the road test, he takes you on the test path atleast 3 times that you are quite aware of the neighborhood, lights and road signs.This gives comfort when you are actually taking the testOverall great experience and was able to get license with ease. Victor is also a friendly instructor

Review №85

Ive always tried getting my license over the years but every time id make it to the DMV id get a huge amount of anxiety and start to self-doubt but just this year I decided to try again with all the free time I had in my hands. I had purchased an 8-hour package and started my first day with Yessenia the owner, shes very friendly and full of energy and she pushed me and gave me some knowledge I didnt even have prior on whats the best way to position yourself when behind the wheel and she always checked to see what I learned from the instructor she partnered me with named Norman.Norman is a great instructor and motivator which was a huge plus when it came to me driving with him behind the wheel, Noman always gives you constructive criticism which I loved because it helped me understand how far Ive grown learning with him. Norman is great with keeping up with scheduling you and hes always on time ready to help. As long as you speak up and tell him what youre having issues with hes more than willing to help you achieve the goal at hand.Thanks to this whole experience I was able to obtain my licenses in a quick manner and find a huge amount of confidence within myself and my own skills as a new driver on the road. If your looking for a driving school but unsure I highly recommend you choose this one you certainly wont be disappointed with Yessenia or Norman theyre both great instructors at amigo driving school.

Review №86

I passed my driving test today! Yessie is an amazing instructor. When I started I was a nervous wreck but she helped me learn at a comfortable pace and I couldn’t be happier! Definitely recommend Yessie and Windy City!

Review №87

I had been wanting to get my drivers license for quite some time now & a family member recommended me to contact Victor. I called him to set up our schedule for my tests & behind the wheel classes. He was swift to answer & flexible to schedule the necessary dates. He take his time to send you practice tests for the written exam & videos for the driving exam. Once I got my drivers permit I was ready to begin my behind the wheel classes. On the first day, Victor gave me a break down of the functions of the car we would be practicing in. He also spoke about the dangers drivers face on the daily basis & how to be cautious when driving. I didnt think I would start driving on the first day but I did. Victor makes you feel comfortable & confident behind the wheel. He helped me understand that Im the one in control of the car & to not care what others think while Im driving as long as Im being cautious & confident with what Im doing. The second day we worked in a safe lot. He taught me to properly make turns, to park & pay attention to small details I needed to work on. The third class I was a bit nervous, but I overcame my fear of driving on the e-way. On the fourth class we scheduled the drivers exam & I passed! Overall, Victor is a great instructor! He helped me overcome my fear of driving & made me feel confident behind the wheel. He really helps you understand where youre doing right & also where youre doing wrong. He gives you tips throughout the class so you can improve. I definitely recommend everyone to take their courses with him!

Review №88

Today I passed my test and received my driving license thanks to Victor and the Windy City Driving School! I had never driven before but after booking the Windy City package and taking a few lessons, I managed to obtain my license in a matter of months. If you want excellent service and learn how to drive properly, this is your place!

Review №89

Windy City Driving School is the first and only I have participated in. Victor arrived at my home around 6:30 in the morning and I drove towards the DMV despite being nervous. Upon arriving, he pointed out several things that will be asked of me during my driving test. We stayed near the DMV the entire time. He had me practice the route I would be asked to take during the driving test multiple times until I had perfected it. He also spent some time making sure I knew my way around a parking lot. When it came time to take my driving test, I was confident. I passed with no faults. I can say for certain that I would not have passed my driving test that morning without Victor as my instructor.

Review №90

I came here and enrolled for the TVDL services for $270. Victor gave me the Study Guides and let me use his vehicle for the test. Real easy to book, it took less than a week to get my License. Thank You Guys. I recommend Victor and Windy City Driving School.

Review №91

Thanks guys a lot,I got my driver’s license from the very first attempt,Vector was very helpful,my instructor Anna was very oriented and rapid response during the practicing.🌺🌸💐

Review №92

Im 19 and Id never really driven a car until the start of the summer. I had my permit after the 6 hour online course but hadnt had the chance to get any lessons even from a friend. I needed a license stat because of my life circumstances, and Victor was able to help me pass the road test in only a week, with 3 lessons plus his road test package, where he drove me up to the DMV and made sure I was comfortable with everything Id need to do before going in. I passed with flying colors, and I couldnt have done it without such a great teacher and awesome guy as Victor. Thank you for everything, truly.

Review №93

Do you guys even have a location I can visit? Or do you run this business from your own home? Are you even licensed to teach?

Review №94

I wanted to buy a driving package that cost 603.00 for my daughter but also wanted her to be comfortable with the instructor first, so I opted to pay for a single 99.00 lesson to begin with. Really glad I choice that route because it was unprofessional to begin with.... first I booked an 11:00 am appointment got confirmation, then got a call that the instructor was unavailable so could we do 1:00 no problem get a confirmation again and she adjusted her schedule. The day of the lesson at 10:20 am I get a call saying can we reschedule back to the original 11:00 a.m. which didnt work for her because she wasnt ready so the Instructor said how about 11:30 am, which wasnt acceptable so she kept the second appointment time of 1:00 pm. They leave and when they return Im there waiting excited for her first class the Instructor Yessenia say we had an accident, I dont see any damage but Im shocked and concerned, then she clarified my daughter went over a curb but were alive!! (THATS NOT A ACCIDENT), I told her she cant drive thats why we called a Driving school to begin teaching her how. Talk to my daughter she says Yessenia made a stop at someones house after they were driving, I call the instructor Yessenia she said she needed to pick up the insurance papers and one of her students had it!! It didnt make sense to me at all. I said but you went in she said in her words not mine I had to pee-pee totally and utterly unprofessional to say the least, plus there was no 2 hour behind the wheel lesson at all. If there was a negative star here I would have used it. I waited before leaving this review but there was no follow up call to see if we were satisfied or how it went, my daughter said she was screaming which could never create a relaxed learning experience at all.

Review №95

I had been working for the last 6 months on getting my license. I took classes at a different driving school (closer to my home), but when it came time to help provide me a car for the exam, they went quiet on me. I began asking friends & family about their cars, hoping to find a smaller vehicle similar to the one I had practiced in. Unfortunately, as most of my them have families of their own and/or are outdoorsy, theyve got bigger vehicles that wouldve been a very drastic change. Frustrated with a lack of solutions to get my license, I began looking around online.Thats where the Windy City Driving School comes in. They offered just what I was looking for: A driving lesson with a road test for a fair price. One of the best parts about them was the quickness at which I was able to have my lesson and test. I booked my appt. on their website around 10pm on Friday night, and was on the road the following Tuesday morning.Victor was an absolute joy to have as an instructor. Very calm, cool, and relaxed, which isnt the case with all driving instructors. I never felt rushed or in a situation where I didnt feel comfortable. Very knowledgeable & taught me a way to look at the road that my previous instructor did not. He ran through the various routes the DMV uses for the road test & had me do them repeatedly, which benefitted me greatly as there were no surprises for the actual test itself. And, most importantly, I passed my test & got my license.In conclusion, I highly recommend using Victor & the Windy City Driving School if youre looking to learn how to drive. I may have only spent a day with them, but I know anyone would greatly benefit from having Victor as their instructor from start to finish. He helped me get over the finish line to get my first license, while teaching me things I didnt learn driving for hours somewhere else. A great experience with a great instructor from a great driving school. What more could you ask for?

Review №96

Quick and flexible with your situation!

Review №97

I have taken 4 classes now and I can say without a a doubt this has been an amazing experience. Each instructor that I had the privilege of meeting was kind, respectful and professional. My favorite instructor that I had the privilege to meet was Yessenia. She was kind and help me learn the proper way to drive. She was attentive and thoughtful.@Jazzy lady 2 jazz I am so sorry that your daughter didnt have a good driving lesson however to give the windy city driving school let alone yessenia a 1 star review is ridiculous 😂.P.S. in the email it clearly states that if the driver in this case your daughter were to in danger the life of herself or the instructor the class is terminated. An accident whether it is big or small results in immediate termination of the class. So instead of being a grumpy lady. How about you say thank you to 5he windy city driving school and yessenia for not cancelling the class right then and there since your daughter crash into the curb!!!!!The words you are looking for are thank you!!!!!!!!I will 100 percent recommending this school to everyone!!!! One stupid review should not tarnish this schools good name let alone an amazing instructor such as yessenia !!!!!

Review №98

Brain thank for teaching to drive and teaching me new things I am glad I signed up I highly recommend you contact them.Brain got great customer service skills thank you for everything I passed.if your looking for the best school to learn to drive contact them right away

Review №99

They canceled my appointment 15 minutes before he was scheduled to pick me up.

Review №100

Thank you for the study guide. Quick and easy service.

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