Kookies Dance Den
857 W 103rd St, Chicago, IL 60643, United States
Kookies Dance Den

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Kookie was AMAZING! My friends and I truly enjoyed the class and were going back!

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Had the BEST time of my life. I have zero coordination and have never been good at dance no matter how hard I try. I learned this! It was so fun and such an intense workout! My confidence is sky high! Im so glad I got out of comfort zone to try this. Cant wait to come back. Krazi is a blast!

Review №3

I love love love this studio. I came to this studio for a fitness class and now I am hooked. I have never seen a more energetic, upbeat, classy set of women. I would recommend this studio to every woman. I am a plus size woman and I have never been made to feel this comfortable anywhere else I have tried to go. They have all the stars from me!

Review №4

We had a great time!!! They are expanding and we need to help them reach their goals.

Review №5

Wow what can I say? Kookie is absolutely phenomenal. Her personality is made for this. She and her team went above and beyond to make sure my friend had the best birthday ever. We did a private class for 15 and the energy in the room was unmatched. I will forever be in support of Kookie and all of her endeavors. Even leading up to the day the communication was spot on and everything was so clear. I am known to be a tough critic and I can truly say that this was a 10/10. Keep it up ladies. We hope to be back soon.

Review №6

Its a GREAT experience! Kookie is kind patient and funny... youll have a great time... perfect for gettin yo sexy back!

Review №7

I love this place!! The environment is everything! Kookie’s energy is through the roof all the time and you are bound to have a great time. When I visit Kookie’s Dance Den I am able to leave my problems at the door. This a place where you can learn to be more sexy and confident in a room full of positive women who are all there to do the same!

Review №8

I LOVE love love it in the den! It’s so refreshing whenever you down or going through something. Just stop by Kookie’s dance den. She will make you forget about all your problems. It’s like therapy.Let’s not talk about TM2T kamp OMG😚! Kamp is where you really unleash, bond, and get to know other women’s . The DEN is the most safest place to be. Instead of calling up a friend to talk your problems out. You should try a class with kookie and you will keep coming back. And don’t forget on your first time buy the three classes for $25 pass.

Review №9

I went to my 1st class about 5 years ago and 1 thing I can say is Kookie makes everyone feel like family!!! Her energy is contagious and her dances are fun workouts that are great just to blow some steam, get a great workout, or just have a great time with other people. Rather you attend a class alone or with friends, youre definitely going to enjoy the experience every time.

Review №10

Kookies Dance Den is my go to happy place. When I first started I was very nervous because I didnt typically dance in front of other people and I knew the other girls would probably dance like professionals compare to me. I worked up the nerve to go with my friend and you havent been able to stop me since. Kookies Dance Den is a place of comfort. This is a non-judgement zone and the girls are very supportive. I missed out for years because I was scared and waiting for my friend to sign up with me. Im telling you, get up and go. Waiting and your friend and you will always miss out. I went from going only a few times a month to nearly everyday. I was there so much that it was like a second home. She offers so many different types of classes and for many different level. I became a member to take advantage of the extreme discount and many perks. Whether Im stressed, happy, dealing with a break-up, or whatever... Kookies classes are a sure way to relieve that stress, make some lifelong friends, learn the art if dance and build confidence all in one. You will not be disappointed!

Review №11

Im glad i found this place! I want to workout but not a fan of going to the gym. Kookies dance den has a variety of classes to choose from that are fun but you will also get a good workout in. She is very down to earth and I love how she and her crew empower women and encourage them to be sexy and confident! Great place for women!

Review №12

I am truly a different woman from my first Kookie’s class to now. She provides a space, atmosphere, vibe, energy...whatever you want to call it... that allows me to feel free of anxiety, judgment, responsibilities (temporarily lol) and I can just feel like my youthful self again. She reintroduced me to dance, and I thought I had lost that part of my life forever. I am so grateful she followed Gods purpose for her life. I am forever indebted.

Review №13

Fun environment to let go, dress sexy,and dance until the lights come on. All of the dance teachers are down to earth. There is no need to feel uncomfortable.i love this place..

Review №14

I loveeee KOOKIE! Not only is she an amazing person but when you walk into her dance den you come into a easy going comfortable no judgment free zone! I really like how we dance with different colors lights.. it really sets my mode! I have taking classes other then dance there and I love it!

Review №15

I love this place! I started taking classes with Kookie in January 2017 and havent looked back since! These classes were exactly what I needed to get out of the rut I was in. I LOVE KOOKIE and her AMAZING TEAM of instructors! This is my happy place come to relax, unwind, and have fun with an awesome group of women.

Review №16

Because of Kookie Daniels, I am working on loving me more. I have realized (through the simple act of Dance...something that gave me so much joy growing up) that I am much more powerful & capable than I think. Kookie challenges you to be the BEST you that you can! To come into the DEN & leave your problems at the door! This place is truly an escape for many women & we are all so grateful to KOOK for creating this space! I’ve met so many amazing women here, once you come’ll be back... TRUST ME!

Review №17

Ive on been here twice so far and yesterday I got a chance to meet Kookie. She is AMAZING. She was down to earth and her class was FUN. All the women who take the classes is so down to earth as well. I couldnt get a couple of the steps and several of the women helped me and practiced with me. I highly recommend for a good time and I would be coming back more often.

Review №18

Hands down the best dance den youve ever danced in. The instructor is bae always and kookie is very inspiring.

Review №19

Kookies Dance Den is my go to place for peace, love, support and encouragement when I’m having a good day or bad day. I know for sure on those bad days I will leave class with the weight lifted off my shoulders. As women we should always encourage and uplift each other, I promise’ll feel this energy everytime you leave class!!!!

Review №20

I decided to step out my comfort zone and challenge myself to new experiences and signed up for a class with Kookie! For the past 2 years this place has become a place of refuge and a consistent component of my self-care practices! Kookie and her staff are SO welcoming, talented and knowledgeable regarding the art of dance and just over all wellness. I highly recommend anyone looking to release, lose weight or just simply have a good time sign-up and take a class and/or become a member . You won’t regret it!!!

Review №21

WOW! WOW! WOW!!! Classes with Kookie and ALL her instructors are positively AMAZING!!! I had not danced for at least 10 years when I came across Kookies dance den. Not only has she helped me drop my insecurities about dancing again, but she has shown me that I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to! On top of that, she is a loving, caring, God-fearing young woman who knows her purpose in life and is determined for other women to find it within themselves. I thank God for putting her in my life. Thank you so much Kookie!!!-Dont look back, youre not going that way.

Review №22

I completed her teach me to tease kamp and it was the most empowering experience I think Ive ever had. She creates a secure environment and truly pushes you to do your absolute best. I will definitely go back time and time again...

Review №23

Started taking classes at the dance den back in oct/nov of 2019. The experience, choreo, teachers, and vibes were amazing. It was something I chose to do for me, fighting thru postpartum and finding myself as a woman. It was something that I was shy about but I took the classes anyway. Thhhhen I decided to take it further and do January’s Kamp, and that was one of the most phenomenal women’s empowerment experiences I’ve had. I went in shy. I went in vulnerable. I went it second guessing myself. Although I still have work to do on myself and still a bit shy, I stilllllll walked out feeling more confident than I’ve ever felt. I can’t wait to get my membership. And take more TM2T Kamps. I loved meeting Kookie. Her energy was amazing, genuine, and authentic. I really do appreciate meeting her and getting to be apart of her dance classes. Definitely recommend!

Review №24

I have been dancing with Kookie for over 5 years and it has been amazing. Because of her I have more confidence and love for myself and other women. She is AMAZING and her Sugar Kookie waist shapper is EVERYTHING!!!!

Review №25

I always love coming here. 😊

Review №26

Enjoy Dancing, Meeting new people, or just unwinding and opening your mind to something new? Kookie Dance Den is the place to be. Learning unforgettable routines and laughs thats are priceless. I definitely dont regret joining the family and developing a friendship that will last. Come Ladies and explore the possibilities of you!!!

Review №27

I remember Coming to my first class with a friend of mine that wanted to learn sexy dance moves for her fiancé and couldn’t stopped comingI I have been a student for over two years now and when I say I am doing moves I never thought I would ever do again I am doing them !!! because of Kookie Daniels🧡

Review №28

So cool

Review №29

Kookie’s dance den is the best studio on the south side of Chicago!!! Kookie allows you to open up in ways you never thought you could!!! This location is safe! This location is beautiful!!! This location is welcoming!! Besides dance she offers studio rentals at some of the best prices ever!!! Check out this space you won’t be disappointed!!!!

Review №30

This is the place to be!! I’ve been dancing with this talented woman since April 2017 and have learned so much about myself. The atmosphere is positive, energetic, clean, and all around fun!! Kookie puts her all in every routine and has an abundance of patience to make sure every person, feels great about their body. The classes are designed for any body type, experienced and non-experienced individuals who want to regain that sex appeal that was once there or learn some extra moves for that special person. I’ve met some beautiful women here and plan to stick around for years to come!!

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Kookie’s dance den is nothing short of amazing!! If you are coming to learn how to dance or just for fun this is the perfect dance studio for you. Kookies personality is just beautiful.

Review №33

Had an absolute blast at Kookies beginner strip class! She is so funny, sexy and patient! I felt free and confident and totally un-judged in her class! The price is perfect and it’s a different experience. So worth it!

Review №34

I visited kookies dance den after giving birth to my son. Kookie was so sweet and made sure I felt comfortable as it was my first time in her class. She made sure to make me feel like I was the only person in the room. I love her and will be attending again and again!! ❤👶🏽

Review №35

I am so grateful to have found Kookies Dance Den (on Instragram). She takes the art of dance/working out and makes it a true mind & body experience. I have been dancing/working out with Kookie for 2-1/2 years and have loved every minute of it! She offers such a relaxed, non judgmental, and friendly environment that continues to inspire my love for dance while helping burn some calories. As a student I am always challenged and encouraged, but most importantly I have a wonderful time . Everyone at the Dance Den is so welcoming and supportive of each other, they make my experience a truly inspiring one! Thanks Kookie!!!

Review №36

Best dance class hands down in Chicago! Kookie makes you feel amazing about yourself and your body and gives you that can do attitude that you didn’t have before you walked through the doors! The girls in the class are judgefree and come to have fun!!! Would recommend that you go with friends! Don’t have anything to wear? Kookie provides branded clothes as well! This place is absolutely amazing!!!

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Love love love going to ANY dance class with Kookie. I have a good time every time

Review №39

Great dance studio with some super-fun classes! Really enjoyed the hip hop class, and the specialty partirs are so dope. Classes are affordable, and Kookie is ine of the best fitness/dance instructors in the city. Highly recommend!

Review №40

I had a great time!!

Review №41

Amazing place it’s hard to find a good fun dance place on the south side thank god for this place! Kookie is such a friendly dance instructor and goes at a good pace for beginers. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and the women who take the classes are very nice. Kookie makes sure this is a judgment free zone and thats what I like most!

Review №42

I have been going to Kookies classes for over a year now. She came into my life when things where all over the place. I appreciate her and her gift of dance. The classes are the bomb for all levels, no judgement zone, bonding with other women, getting some excercise, and a new spicy routine for your significant other. I love KOOKIES DANCE DEN. Come check her out,take a class you wont be sorry I promise you that.

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Kookies Dance Den is a great place to come unleash your inner self and unwind with fantastic women from all over the city of Chicago. I first became introduced to twerk at a birthday party that I held at my home. Despite the fact that I had already LOVED dance, I was hesitant about this whole twerk thing. To be completely honest, the idea sounded ridiculous and I couldnt imagine myself twerking in the presence of friends nor strangers, but my friend was persistent with getting me to try a class so I figured Id have Kookie come to my home and I would be more comfortable. Please believe me when I tell you that I had the BEST time ever. Kookie is so animated and energetic and her personally lives through you. When I tell you that Ive never seen a group of diverse ladies, all different sizes, ages and skills levels, come together and perform the way that we did. We had so much fun with the choreography and she modified the routine for those who couldnt execute certain counts. She was so professional and appreciative of me booking her for my event. She is GREAT at what she does! Ive been to many dance classes with different companies but none quite like the experience you get at Kookies Dance Den. Ive been a loyal customer since that day nearly 3 years ago and Ive tried all of the classes that she offers from tease, twerk, chair, whips and even stripper twerk (which Ive only tried once). Kookies Dance Den comes highly recommended by me and no matter how terrible I may feel prior to arriving to her class, Kookie classes teaches you that you are beautiful and she ALWAYS helps you feel confident in your ability to slay!

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If you love shaking that thang, the den is the place for you.

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Staff is pleasant.

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