Nirvana Institute West Campus
2201 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60612, United States
Nirvana Institute West Campus

Review №1

This is a very good school. The instructors are great!

Review №2

Nirvana is a great school to attend they are very flexible. My teacher was Ms.Marie and she is a great teacher and a great person inside and outside the classroom room. Her teaching skills will help you remember the work easily to pass the class. I will recommend to anybody looking to jumpstart their cna career.

Review №3

I was enrolled in the 5-week CNA program at the West Campus (summer 2021) and it was a great experience. My instructors were Ms. Marie and Ms. Bettye Webb who were both RNs and so full of knowledge. The syllabus given out on the first day of class outlines everything that will be done over the course of all 5 weeks, so each class is very organized and ran smoothly. The office staff were super nice as well. If youre looking for a CNA program, Id highly suggest Nirvana. It is an accelerated course, so youll move through content at a fast past, but dont let that scare you. Its doable.

Review №4

Excellent school. Its an Advanced accelerated CNA class. Meaning its fasted paced. Hard course, so study hard, read the book, do the assignments, ask questions and you are sure to pass the class. The instructors are wonderful, theyre really passionate about nursing. Before you start the class ask yourself would you want to be a CNA, because if you dont like CNA work then you are not going to like nursing. Good luck & remember you can do it if you really want, but you have to try.

Review №5

This is a very very good school!! I had a great experience

Review №6

I took the 5 week CNA class offered at the south location and I am beyond satisfied with the course. My instructor Mrs. Marie made the class so simple everything was straightforward and students were given more than enough resources to successfully pass this class. This experience is something I’m glad I have completed and it also gives opportunities to further your career in healthcare. I definitely would take this class again and would recommend.

Review №7

Well I just move last Friday in to another apartment this is my fourth teen apartment in Chicago Illinois I have to get some furniture

Review №8

I went here for my cna class and passed my instructor was amazing ms Marie and ms Betty we’re amazing good job night class I can’t wait to till take my next class with Nirvana

Review №9

I went in to have blood drawn for a phlebotomy student. The process was quick, the facility was clean, and the staff was very friendly. 5/5 would give them more blood.

Review №10

I completed my 6week program at the south campus very fast paste but very informing the teachers was great! I loved it highly recommend this school.

Review №11

West campus is the best . Very good service.” Mrs Cynthia the phlebotomy teacher is awesome . Best teacher I’ve ever had . Makes it easy and she is very helpful and nice. “ Couldn’t have asked for a better teacher! They offer payment plans if you can not pay the full fee and will work with you and your work schedule.I definitely recommend this accelerated program to anyone interested in phlebotomy.”!!

Review №12

I love this school. Ms. Mari was my teacher as well as Mrs. V. I will definitely recommend this school to anyone

Review №13

I really believe I learned a lot in just a 6 week span. Mrs. Cynthia is a great teacher!

Review №14

I went here for CNA and it was GREAT! Quick, fast and cheap!

Review №15

I had an excellent experience at this school. The teachers were so helpful!

Review №16

I went to the West Campus School. The teacher Ms. Maria was wonderful. I really enjoyed her teaching the class.

Review №17

Nirvana was a great experience! Classes were quick and easy. I’ve been on two interviews for a Medical Assistant position and one for a Laboratory assistant. Accepted Laboratory assistant position. After certification there are plenty of jobs out there, don’t just focus only on indeed. Expand your search, type in local hospitals, doctors office and blood drives. Focus more on the details in your resume and a COVER LETTER is very important for any entry level work, 1st impression. Upload your certificate if applicable. Oh and Ms C is an awesome educator. (Authentic) Mrs Shanika Evans,

Review №18

Great school. Mrs. Vanessa was my teacher. Great job!

Review №19

Nirvana was affordable, in a great location (being from the Southside), flexible (day and night courses offered), and the teachers were amazing. The course moved fast but the instructors and Director made sure to stress the importance of key things, drilling facts, procedures, and policies in us. I was able to pass the state exam easily and found myself using some of the phrases used in class on the exam to remember information. I think the most important thing is that the staff actually cares about their students and wants to see them succeed and that makes a difference in the teaching and learning.

Review №20

I really enjoyed my time here. I felt the course was well organized and fit for someone like me, on the go and working. If you are looking to become a C.N.A. this is the place to go.

Review №21

This School Is Honestly Great,I Have Learned So Much In So Little.It Is An Accelerated Course So it is intense at first but Mrs.V and Mrs.Marie will not let you fail!!! Highly recommend to everyone out there!!!Thank you Nirvana Institute ❤️

Review №22

I went to this school, classes were fine, finals, were fine as well, but getting a job is nearly impossible and they do NOT help with that process. I actually contacted the school twice and they had no real advice. All they can say is there is no guarantee on getting a job. Thats fine and all, but Ive spent 1200 in literally nothing. Just disappointment.

Review №23

Called today to confirm open hours and I find out that they are listed wrong on google. Then I lyft to the king drive location get there at 5:05 today when I arrive I call the receptionist answers and I ask which floor they’re on and she tells me she’s about to leave in 5 minutes because she has class after the woman I spoke to this morning told me they don’t close until 530. She then persists to ask me to leave work early AGAIN and she’ll stay till the time she’s supposed to stay tomorrow. Mind you I tell her I’m outside the door talking to her and she didn’t have the decency to at least come to the door and speak with me or give me any info that would make the process go more smoothly. Wasted my time and money.

Review №24

I took the CNA program in the summer 2017, Ms. Marie was the best instructor. She was very good at teaching new material and giving us different ways to remember things. She made everything smooth and I enjoyed every single day of class. I recommend this institute.

Review №25

This school is AMAZING! I went here and took the CNA Class at first and did well and I went back and took the phlebotomy course and now I just got an offer for a Clinical Lab Associate for Advocate. I now have the best job ever, making more than I have ever made after taking classes that lasted about two or three months total! You guys rock at NIRVANA!

Review №26

The school itself is ok. Ms.C is great, the biggest problem my peers and I are having is being able to find a job. They claim that there are job leads but they are the same leads that would be posted on google if you quickly typed in phlebotomy jobs. I feel like Ive wasted not only money but time.

Review №27

Great experience... excellent staff and more... both my instructors was awesome Ms. Cathy and Mrs. Marie... If Nirvana offer a Nursing program, Ill be one of many to obtain a degree from them ❤❤❤❤❤

Review №28

Mrs. Marie was my teacher she was funny yet informative. I got hands on experience that followed me after attending. When I took my state board exam I giggled because I was well prepared for all of the questions I couldn’t believe it. I would highly recommend this school. I’m now a Basic Nurse’s Assistant and I’m now on my way climbing the ladder in the healthcare field.

Review №29

BEST CNA school! The instructors are amazing, it is intense but its worth at the end. Clinicals and classes are very easy if you pay a lot of attention. Miss Marie is a wonderful teacher, she does her job amazing!.

Review №30

Took the phlebotomy class here and got a GREAT job two weeks after completing. Good school and VERY affordable

Review №31

Very positive experience at Nirvana Institute. All of the staff and teachers were extremely nice and it was clear that they wanted students to succeed. The course expectations were clear and if you listen to what the instructors tell you in class, you will do well in the course.

Review №32

I absolutely love this school! I learned so much and gain so much experience here. I have had the pleasure to have amazing teachers such as Mrs.Marie, Ms. V & Ms. Patrice. They really care about their students and our understanding for CNAs. Wonderful program

Review №33

I was going to re enroll for a later time so I requested a refund before my class started and i was told that i will get my money back in 14days and its been 17 business days and i still have not got it and everytime i call its a different date and a different story

Review №34

I had the best experience taking this class. Mrs. Marie is the best she really care about her students.

Review №35

This school is awesome! I learned a lot in such a short period

Review №36

This is a great school...I took the C.N.A course in may. Aced all the tests and final, aced the state test as well. People must be aware that this school offers more fast track if you know you wont have an ample amount of study time this might not be the school for you.

Review №37

I took the CNA Class mid August and finished Sept 13, 2018. The class was fast paced and the clinicals started immediately! I literally Put in a few applications the very next day and got call backs for interviews from a few places. I received job offers immediately! And began working within a week after orientation! I’m even thinking on doing their phlebotomy class!

Review №38

Awesome location, great staff. Very fast paced, but if you’re determined to go far, then one will succeed! Ms Marie is my favorite!

Review №39

I took the CNA program at their west campus and my experience was great. It is a fast paced course (5wks) but the instructors make you aware of your grade weekly to make sure you are on track to pass. Ms. Kelly and Ms. Marie were awesome, helpful teachers. Also the price is GREAT - includes your book and scrubs and you are allowed to make weekly/biweekly payments. I highly recommend Nirvana Institute.

Review №40

I absolutely loved my class at Nirvana. Easy class, good instructors and the lowest cost if you’re on a budget like me.

Review №41

I just finished my class and hands down, it was great! Short and easy. Loved it!

Review №42

I recieved my phlebotomy certification here and it was the best decision I ever made. The staff is really friendly and understanding. I learned so much in just 6 weeks. Mrs. Cynthia knew excatly what she was teaching she made sure we were all understanding everything none of were left behide. So dont be afraid to take it just because its an accelerated course its also cheaper then going to another place. You also get hands on experience with class mates as funny as it sounds it was a lot of fun to do Mrs. Cynthia always there made sure no body got hurt and everything was done properly. A lot in the course still keep in touch. They also bring in someone from the American Heart association so you can take a crash course and small test to receive your first aid and AED certification for 40 bucks its worth it. After the course is over your ready to take the NHA certification exam. Mrs. Cynthia made sure we knew everything and if we had any questions or concerns about anything we were able to ask her and she was always there to help answer anything. I answered all 120 questions in about 40mins I was so nervous but I passed. There isnt anything i regret from choosing The Nirvana Institute to become certified as phlebotomist.

Review №43

Thanks Nirvana for all you do. Im a nursing student headed to the nursing program at Malcolm. I needed this short and easy class to get into the program .cheaper and daster

Review №44

I went to this school and took the phlebotomy class. All I can say is THANKS! Two weeks after completing I have the best job ever! Thanks to the instructors at Nirvana

Review №45

Great school I love miss Marie she was my cna teacher back in 2013 && now Im here again 2017 with Mrs. C! Taking my phlebotomy. great teacher as well I definitely will recommend Nirvana school to anyone thats thats trying to become a CNA or phlebotomy Tech. And any other upcoming programs that they might have.

Review №46

Very effective. Took a six week course and literally found a job two weeks after the class ended.

Review №47

Classes are quick and my class was full of nursing students going into the nursing program although I’m not, it’s was a good experience

Review №48

I loved Mrs. Marie, best teacher ever!

Review №49

I went to this school to take a CNA class. My teacher Ms. Marie the best teacher Ive ever known. I promise she will not disappoint you.

Review №50

I recently finished the Phlebotomy program and it was great! The instructors were great, my classmates were nice at times, but most of all I just got a job making more money than I ever! Thanks for everything Ms C!!!!!!

Review №51

Instructors provide you with everything you need to know to pass the class and its cheaper and quicker than most other programs

Review №52

Great! Phenomenal! Ms. Marie is awesome! She actually cares about everyone passing the class.

Review №53

I took my class at the west location, great program

Review №54

Loved the school and job fairs on the last day. You walk away with a job IMMEDIATELY!

Review №55

I liked the morning class. We learned a lot

Review №56

Really wonderful experience I loved my morning class I learned a lot it was very affordable and the teachers will leave you with an experience of a lifetime go check them out guys it was worth every penny I just completed my course today

Review №57

Instructors are amazing. I would give them six stars if I could

Review №58

Took the phlebotomist class. Loved it. I have a great job already and I just finished a few weeks ago

Review №59

I loved my class. i learned a lot

Review №60

The Nirvana Institute is a phenomenal quick school. I just finished up my CNA class here and it was a great class. The instructors there are fantastic. I adore Ms. Yvonne! She is a SAINT. I wish her luck on her future endeavors as an instructor. Ms. Marie is such a sweetheart. I felt it was impossible to fail this course. Both Ms. Marie & Ms. Yvonne are exceptional instructors and genuine human beings. I am beyond satisfied to have taken this course at Nirvana. I felt it really has set me up for success and it introduced me to a passion I never knew I had. Anyone looking to get certified as a CNA or Phlebotomist should come here. Its quick, easy and worth it.

Review №61

I agree with Chris Buress review of Nirvana. They are not forthright in letting you know they do t assist you in obtaining externship or assisting in finding you find employment.If you dont know to ask these questions you wont find out until later this portion is not provided. The class I attended was very small and they along with the teacher kept a lot of drama goingi. If you didnt participate in it they would verbally attack you. Very unprofessional. Bottom line it is about the money. Dont bother giving a rebuttal. By this school being on the neighborhood I believed it would have a standard of excellence, but that was far from the truth. Not a good place to invest your time or money.

Review №62

If youre headed to the RN program. This is the place to go for CNA. A lot of nursing students go here

Review №63

I can’t say enough good things about the school and teachers. They were fabulous!

Review №64

Ms marie is the best instructor i love the way she teaches she makes it so easy to understand

Review №65

Great school my instructor was absolutely amazing. Loved it!

Review №66

Highly recommended! My CNA instructor Ms.Marie was thorough, informative and clearly vested in her students achievement. Beyond that, the school offers quality, affordable and accessable classes; check it out!Ralei Evans

Review №67

Love this school the class and work was easy at times Ms Marie and Ms v did good at teaching us the things we needed and fast and it was not expensive. I encourage you to go here for cna classes.

Review №68

Great school. I really liked my teacher

Review №69

I love this school. The classes were fast and easy!

Review №70

Great school, took the phlebotomy course and just got a job offer from Lurie childrens hospital

Review №71

Really good school! I needed the CNA Class to get into my nursing program. So I went here and the instructors were good, the class was cheap and i got what i needed to get into my rn program in the fall.

Review №72

Mrs V is a great instructor

Review №73

Awesome classes during my phlebotomy! Thank you, Ms. C

Review №74

I absolutely loved the fact thstbon our last day of ckass they had several employers at tge school to hire us immediately!

Review №75

This school is the best for CNA. Fast and less expensive

Review №76

Great program! Learned a lot and it only takes 4-5 weeks which is awesome.

Review №77

Our CNA instructor was great!

Review №78

My instructor was the absolute BEST!

Review №79

Good school. I enjoyed the knowledge that I gained and the job that I got now

Review №80

Real nice experience and great teachers too

Review №81

This is a very good CNA program. I learned a lot it gets the job done at an accelerated pace. I will reccomend this program to anyone who is looking to either work as a CNA or who needs it as a requirement for nursing school. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №82

Very good teachers ESPECIALLY MS. MARIE

Review №83

I took the CNA and the Phlebotomy Class and I REALLY enjoyed the experience and the instructors. Really easy and fast

Review №84

WARNING MOST HOSPITAL/ LABORATORY jobs will STRONGLY PREFER (ASCP) Certification (American Society for Clinical Pathology)An ASCP certification is generally a professional credential for pathologists assistants, laboratory technicians and technologists.((they wont tell you that here!!))THIS institute is only (NHA) (National healthcareer Association)Passed the Phlebotomy state board 120 question NHA exam. took me about 30 mins mind you we were well prepared by the teacher who drilled us each class about the importance of the order of draw additives inversions etc! Mrs anthony (west campus) was an amazing instructor very direct and informative with technique to back it up.The reason i had to rate 2 stars however was based upon the institution in of itself. the fact that youll pay 1400 dollars apparently towards equipment. It included CPR class but did not include the CPR card which apparently will cost us 40$. unlike the cheaper CNA course offered (they get maroon nirvana logo scrubs and an entire practice classroom with dummy patients and full of beds- while us phlebotomist got to practice on each other). We received nothing but a recyclable paper lab coat (seriously its blue paper that should only be donned once but we hang em up and re-wear them as a barrier against our classmates blood??) (a real one is worth what? 20$? and can be bleached).Finally, after completion youll get no job placement or assistance here, (our amazing teacher was gracious enough to print us some fresh job links especially helpful for those who have no internet or online access seriously she was truly the beacon of hope in that cash grab of a building)if i were you id save my money or do some research into alternative fast paced phlebotomy programs that offer some degree of completion support at a fairer price for product, i dont wanna say this place is a Scam like some of the other reviews but i will say that it feels like a pop-up business directly aimed at higher profits vs quality.

Review №85

Awful !!! I took the phlebotomy class and did not learn anything really, you basically teach yourself. The instructor was not even knowledgable about what she was teaching and the lady at the front desk has a really bad attitude after she has gotten your money. This school is a ghetto and unprofessional mess, although the director suppose to have a Masters of nursing she throws her weight around and salary more so than anything else .... Ghetto .... Wasted a thousand dollars and did not learn anything SCAM dont do it.

Review №86

The class i took was on Madison St. The school and instructors are very goid snd extremely helpful

Review №87

Me and my friend went to the one on Madison. Good school

Review №88

Lets just say I graduated two years ago n got a job the day I graduated...lets just say Mrs.Marie the bomb...she a very good good teacher I wudnt trade her for the world

Review №89

I loved my class

Review №90

Nirvana institute is the best school so far

Review №91

I learned a lot during a short period of time

Review №92

This is an EXCELLENT SCHOOL. I just completed

Review №93

This is a great school. I loved it

Review №94

They do job firs on the last day. Awesome!

Review №95

I didnt like the experience please dont go here the school is a scam and just want money

Review №96

I went to this school for recertification. I loved it

Review №97

Greatttt school, GREATTTTT instructors! I took the CNA class there because Im going into the RN Program at city colleges in the fall and the cna program is a requirement for us to enter the program. The cost there was much cheaper than the city colleges and I got just what I needed at half the cost and in half the time. Thanks for being a great resource within reach!Katherine V.

Review №98

I took the CNA and phlebotomy class and I now work for Advocate and my instructor gave me the job lead.

Review №99

Loved it never really been a good student. Class work is super easy, finals and exams are a piece of cake! I just loved the school in general that atmosphere is wonderful. Mrs. Marie teaches in a way that youll be able to underse and it sticks! For the state boards I didnt even study and I still passed! Thats really how good of a school it is. I went there for the CNa program and hopefully when they get the Lpn program Ill be taking my classes there as well.

Review №100

Great school. Hands down!

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