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I just took prelicenseing from John after he became highly recommended to me. Now, I highly recommend his course. He has a great way of teaching and keeping you engaged. He also knows people learn different and I watched him break down things multiple times for people who needed it. One of his biggest things is to respond with an answer and then usually if it’s not on the test, he says just that. “But they won’t ask you that on the test..” This is valid information! Something I questioned at the beginning, but don’t! Because John teaches you how to take the test! I actually did not pass my end of course exam and wishing now i had paid more attention to his test taking skills and the information he said you need to know versus the information that you’d learn more in post license.My advice is to utilize all aspects he gives you and ask questions when you need to! But that would be my advice in any class. John gave our class endless amounts of resources and attachments in our emails to help us learn in other ways also. He even allowed us to hold a fully optional in person meeting with him in his office, where those who wanted to could attend and ask more from him and the other peers. There was plenty of room for social distancing in his SC office where he teaches in person classes as well to make everyone feel as comfortable as they needed.One of the best things I complimented John on was the fact he was constantly available. He starts the first day of class, giving out his contact information collectively to the class. I was able to email him, text him, etc. on my time when I was studying and had a question pop up. That availability, allowed me to retain information I wasn’t understanding to the fullest in class. So I highly suggest never being afraid to ask him to help in or outside the zoom hours, it’s what he’s there for!I would take this course again. And I highly thank Agents Choice for getting me to where I am at. This was my second time taking this course, and first with agents choice. I may not have passed but I understand the material more than I did beforehand.

Review №2

Loved my experience with Agent’s Choice. John found a way to take an over abundance of not-necessarily-exciting information and make it navigable and exciting. He was accessible and so so patient with me and others in our class. This course is HARD but John was there to help. Can’t wait to start post-licensing classes.

Review №3

My fiance paid for the class and the instructor ended up with covid. So she was told that they was going to reschedule her class well she never heard from them again. She has called and emailed atleast once a week for months still no response we want our money back since no one will contact us or response

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I had John Sylvia as my instructor for Pre-licensing, as well as post-licensing 301 and 302. He is phenomenal. Not only does he keep us entertained throughout the webinar, but he balances education with real world experience that I have found so helpful when actually practicing real estate. I passed the state and national exam on the first try and felt I was well-prepared from the course material, mostly from Johns instruction of it. I am currently taking my last post-licensing course through another online school (as Agents Choice has been swamped with other classes/conflicting schedules), and I found the instruction of this other school to be dull and slide-heavy (just reading from power point slides versus narrative to enhance the slides). While I didnt have to take the final exams for the first two post-licensing courses with Agents Choice due to Covid, I can say I wish I could have taken this last 303 class with them. I dont really feel prepared for this final exam, mostly because Ive lacked any interest in their instruction. Ive never been so disinterested in a class, that I feel so bad! Oh well. It is what it is. Just go with Agents Choice and youll be golden! Also, the price of the courses are the best around!

Review №5

Number 1 hands down! I will complete all of my courses here! ❤

Review №6

Good class conducted via Zoom. John was a extremely helpful in preparing me for the national and state exam. Passed them both the first time!

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Really enjoyed the class. Found that the many options (this school offers week day, week nights, and weekend classes) to take the class was one of the biggest reasons that I choose this school. Very glad that I did.The venue was always nice and clean, the class size was not over crowded, and the instructor was very good. John always spent extra time with me in and out of the classroom to help me with anything I needed. Was very professional, but still made the class fun and interesting. I have spoken to a few students that I took the class with and they miss attending the class. Thank you very much for everything! :)

Review №8

John is an incredible teacher and mentor. He truly cares about the success of his students and is genuinely passionate about the business of real estate. Attending his class was a pleasure! Thanks John!

Review №9

Just took the 301 Post Licensing class with J. Mazzaferro and it was great. Cant say enough about Josie and her love for what she does. She makes the class exciting which allows the time to just fly by. I would highly recommend this school to any broker / agent.

Review №10

I took my post licensing classes from Agents Choice. I loved the small class size and the ability to engage with the instructor and class. Agents Choice did a wonderful job in presenting the material and helping to ensure my competence in passing the end of course exams. If you are looking for a great experience with knowledgeable instructors, Agents Choice is the place for you!

Review №11

I found this school by chance and I am truly a fan. Josie is a incredible instructor and makes these classes enjoyable. This school makes you the client rather than a customer.

Review №12

I took my pre-licensing - John was great, keeping everyone entertained and despite the long days, I was able to stay engaged and be well prepared for the test that I passed with no issue.

Review №13

John is both knowledgeable and entertaining. Great option for pre-licensing, post-licensing, and CE.

Review №14

Every question heard and answered with kindness and the wisdom that comes from years of experience. Thank you again.

Review №15

Saturday classes at Agents Choice was a good choice for me. John (Instructor) is very knowledgeable and slows down for us learners.💯💯

Review №16

John is amazing

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