Borealis Language Academy
6801 South Blvd B, Charlotte, NC 28217, United States
Borealis Language Academy

Review №1

I have so much to thank the school for. I improved my Englidh from being afraid to speak to actually speaking English! Pase de saber algunad frases a hablar inglés! Recomendada!!

Review №2

I came to the U.S. mainly to learn English I didn’t think that in 3 months I learn so much. My English knowledge was zero. Thanks to the great teachers at Borealis my progress is amazing!

Review №3

Is the best way to learn English, I love it, the teachers and every person that is involved here are awesome I recommend study here 100%

Review №4

I came to U.S to learn English and loved the academy, I have learned very fast and the teachers are amazing if you really want to learn English you should come here.

Review №5

I have had several semesters now of one-on-one tutoring with Adileana at Borealis. I had never spoken or studied spanish before and I’m amazed and pleased with the progress I’m making. We speak Spanish in every session and she teaches the vocabulary and grammar as we go. I can’t recommend Borealis and Adileana highly enough. A great experience !

Review №6

I love borealis, because their staff have a passion to teach us, they are profesionals and give us different ways to assitence to keeping learning.. SUPER RECOMENDADO... what are you waiting for?

Review №7

With the little time that I have been studying here, I see the difference in my English level!! Its awesome!.

Review №8

Great experience!! I will recommend 100%.

Review №9

I never thought I could learn how to speak English so fast! I really really recommend this school. In 6 months just 3 times a week, I was speaking English. Nunca pensé aprender tan rápido! En 6 meses, solo 3 veces a la semana

Review №10

Borealis Language Academy is the best school in Charlotte North Caroline, Your employees are nice people.

Review №11

Love i have learned so much Spanish in such a short time.Ya puedo ablar español

Review №12

The owner is a an arrogant lady who doesn’t listen to the needs of her employees or the students. She is set in her ways. She has a general manager who doesn’t speak English but tries to tell you how to teach am English class. I wouldn’t recommend taking classes or working here.

Review №13

Borealis Language Academy it’s the #1 English school for me 😁💯

Review №14

Excellent English classes, and a very welcoming and familiar learning environment. Thanks

Review №15

Excellent! Excellent! I am so glad I camecto this school. I dif not speak English, I was afraid and know I can communicate and understand better! You think you cant but here you can learn to speak English fast and the staff is super friendly !! 100% recommended!!

Review №16

It is an excellent school very good teachers I have learned a lot I am very satisfied with myself if you want to learn this is one of the best schools

Review №17

I was already in this school as soon as I arrived in this country and it helped me so much to communicate. I had to leave but I am back to continue studying !! I recommend this school to you. They make you talk!

Review №18

Some years ago I studied at this school, and now I am recommending to a relative who is going to start their classes. The teaching method is excellent! Many people get frustrated in the process of learning another language, but in all honesty I tell you that in Borealis lenguage you are not going to get frustrated, you are going to learn iingkes.

Review №19

It is a very good school, it has very good teachers and it has helped me a lot to learn English, I like the classes and it is a school that I highly recommend for its good service and professionalism.

Review №20

I would like to put more than five stars ...I think that really when you have the desire and you make an effort to learn everything is better ... really my experience has been excellent and I have learned too much and I am still learning, the teachers I had are excellent and the teacher Rebeca the best teacher because it is very noticeable ❤️ loves her work and tries too hard for the students to lose fear and that confidence that she gives us is very important to learn ...

Review №21

If you really want to learn to speak English this is a very good school. They help you a lot. I did course 1 and I learned to talk a lot and then I left for work but I am here again and I feel very comfortable!

Review №22

I started my classes virtually through Zoom and it has been the best experience I have ever had. The classes are more personalized, you are not distracted and the teacher is excellent! At first I was a little skeptical about it but they gave me a test class and since then I loved it and I even wish I could follow my classes through Zoom even after they open again. I highly recommend it !!!

Review №23

I started the classes in person but when they closed for Covid, we started to give them for ZOOM. I really like this experience since the classes are more personalized and other teaching and study techniques can be used. It should be noted that Rebecca, the teacher, is incredibly good, she is very involved with the students and it shows that she loves her work. It makes you like English more and more !! She is without a doubt the best English teacher I have ever had !!

Review №24

Excellent place to learn English and practice it, they have very flexible schedules and the teachers are very good. Al% recommended

Review №25

Great classes! Lots of practice and the teacher corrects my pronunciation all the time! I love classes. The teachers take great pains. I have improved a lot in just 3 months and only on weekends! Thank you! Thank you!!

Review №26

I am a student of Borialis Language Academy and when I entered here I did not know any English and now after a year, I speak English !!! Im still in class because I want to learn even more and I like them a lot! Its the best decision Ive made. It feels good to be able to communicate !!

Review №27

I truly recommend the English classes here. I have learned in 2 months what I never learned in years before. The English classes here are very good, especially with the director Rebecca! I learned here in 2 months what I never learned in years! Thank you teacher! 🥰

Review №28

I recommend this school as they provide good services.

Review №29

I recomend this academy 100%. I improved my English from basic to intermediate quickly. All the teachers are very good. Always willing to help. They teach you to talk not only to understand. I did it! You can too! 😊

Review №30

This school is great I sincerely recommend it to you, I personally changed my life since I learned to understand English. Between knowing nothing and understanding nothing and now I am happy to be able to speak and communicate in English.The director and the teachers are excellent, very professional, they explain us in different ways until you can understand and remember> Battles in English are won by not letting us give up. I hope you guys try it!

Review №31

Thanks to the 4 months that I studied at Borealis Language Academy, I began to speak fluently and lose my fear of being wrong. Since then I have no problems communicating and making myself understood in all kinds of situations that I find myself. ❤️🙏🏻

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