Office Depot
1812 Sam Rittenberg Blvd, Charleston, SC 29407, United States
Office Depot

Review №1

Excellent customer service from start to finish. Tom the manager and Calvin in electronics are to thank for making this the best tech experience I have had in some time. I will continue to take my in store electronics and office supplies business here.

Review №2

The lady in the printing service is no help. Office depot need a more experienced and people representive at 6:30pm. Really disappointed!!

Review №3

Office Depot had the printer ink I needed in stock, while Best Buy, Walmart, and Target did not. I ordered online, it was ready for pickup within 10 minutes, and the curbside delivery had it to my vehicle in under 2 minutes. All around, I was thoroughly impressed by the entire process, and I will shop here again.

Review №4

These people could care less about customer service and the store is in shambles. They don’t restock items and never know what they have on hand. Good luck trying to get anything accomplished here!

Review №5

On Nov. 11, 2020 I looked up HP toner cartridges (series/type #414A) on various internet sites. They all had pretty much the exact same price of $109.99 for color and $84.99 for black. (It appears as if HP now tightly controls the price, as that what their price was, too.) Ofc Depots web site indicated that they had it in stock at my local store on Sam Rittenberg Blvd. I would be buying 3 color cartridges and one black cartridge for a total of $414.96.Since I was going shopping and would be driving by my local store, I decided not to order it for pick up, but instead just do a drop-in and purchase it then.When I got to the store, I noticed that the shelf price was $152.99 ea for the color and $117.99 for the black! Thats a whopping total of $576.96 or an in-store price markup of $162 for the same 4 cartridges over their web site! So I thought, as often is the case, the shelfs tag was for a different item or out of place. When I got to the register, the toner rang up at the outrageous and abusive shelf price.I stopped the cashier and questioned the register price as I mentioned that their on-line price was radically different. The cashier said that they would honor (price match) their on-line price. But thats not the point. The point is: why is their such a HUGE price difference between their on-line price and their own shelf price? Thats a 40% in-store markup over their on-line price!But then the cashier asked me to prove the on-line price to him. WHAT? He couldnt look it up for himself? Fortunately, my phone found internet access and I was able to prove it to him. I did get the Ofc Depot on-line price.Office Depot===========If your listening to this, I understand that sometimes a store may have a price difference between on-line and shelf price. But a 40% markup? That is nothing short of outrageous & deceptive!The moral to this story:====================Before you buy anything in-store, especially at Office Depot, check & document their on-line price first. OPINION: It appears to me that they prey on unsuspecting shoppers who just assume that an on-line price would also be the store price.Boy, would I have been ripped off in a major way had I not by chance looked it up first.Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer beware!

Review №6

The photos were really poor quality (they use a laser printer), most of our pictures were printed the wrong size, we were not offered a refund after we were basically told not to waste our time getting reprints there. We were told to go to Walgreens or CVS by an associate so please use this review to save yourself the time.

Review №7

Office Depot on Sam Rittenburg Boulevard in West Ashley is a great resource for all things for office needs. When you need office supplies the same day this is the spot to visit as they have a great selection for just about every item. This store has saved the day on more than one occasion. The staff here is very knowledgeable and helpful and goes out their way to make sure that you have everything you need while shopping.

Review №8

Horrible customer service! I waited in line 15 minutes to check out, even though there was only one person in front of me and she only bought three things all of which scanned without issue, then when it was my turn to check out I waited another five minutes for the cashier to scan my items. The cashier did not say anything to me the entire time, including tell me what my total was. Then when I put my credit card in the machine it did not register. Again, the cashier did not say anything. After another couple of minutes the cashier told me to insert my card, which was already in the machine. Finally he called someone and said the credit card machine was out again and proceeded to ignore me. Thinking that someone was going to come check into the credit card machine, I waited. After another couple of minutes, the cashier told me to go to a different register. That was the worst customer service I have ever experienced and will definitely not go back to this store.

Review №9

Well organized, neat, clean, cant find the restrooms.... Staff always look sad to friendly acknowledgement . Have to hunt assistant if needed. Parking is good until 11:00 am and doesnt get better until 2:00pm. Convenient to several food shops...

Review №10

I ordered and paid for a desk chair through the store in early December. It was set to arrive at the store at end of the month. In January, I still hadn’t gotten a call that it was ready for pick up. I called the store and they informed me that there was no order in my name, however they had 1 of the chairs in stock now (presumably the one they ordered for the store with my money) and they told me I could come pay for it in the store. I had a receipt and order confirmation that I provided them from my original purchase, but they told me that it appears my order had been canceled by the buyer the day of purchase. I was still charged the $340- which was still an active payment on my account and never refunded to me. They told me that there was nothing they could do and I needed to call corporate. When I called corporate, they told me that from their end, it says I paid cash. Corporate said since there is no card on file from their end, they cannot refund it and I need to submit a credit card dispute.Bottom line- this store is operating suspiciously. Check your statements and never pay cash here!

Review №11

I am not from this area but much further north in VT. We travelled here for a wedding and needed last minute items made late at night. The job was challenging with troubled files and font issues, etc. but we were so pleasantly surprised by a singular employee at this store named Travis. This young man was single handed key running the print deal art meant with about nine different customers all needing stuff done at the 11th hour. This guy was navigating between all of us simultaneously so no one was waiting and had a smile on the whole time. Nothing phased him. Nothing was going to not get done. I was amazed by this kid. He went way above and beyond and provided the best customer service I have had in so very long I can’t tell you. If I could award him a promotion I would do so instantly. I hope this store recognizes what a great employee and asset this guy is to them. Kudos on being a stellar human being, Mr. Travis, and thank you again for helping us. Annie & Eric Calacci

Review №12

Print Center: Rude lady with Red hair in a ponytail! I asked her for help to select the correct printer for printouts. She closed out the entire computer screen and told me that I can not use the computer. I told her that I have used it 15-20 times and have never had any issue with other store clerks. I will upload the video. Also, she pretended to call the manager. Next she videoed me and told me that she will inform security of my image.

Review №13

I went into Office Max on Sunday September 29th at around 5:45pm to make a 15X20 print. The guy who helped me was beyond rude. He never responded to what I said, it was like he wasnt even listening or like he had ear phones in listening to music. It started when I tried telling him I sent him the email with the photo link, but I needed him to use the one labeled 3:4 Ratio, I was looking at the screen as well and saw he was clicking on the wrong one. He kept asking me what size I needed it in and he had the size drop down, but I told him about 5 times during that I needed the 3:4 Ratio printed. This went on for over 5 minutes. He was rude and acted like I was inconveniencing him while printing. I didnt even know he had rang me up because he was walking around behind the desk doing other things. The front desk was dirty, there were Big Gulps with chewed up straws and random papers everywhere. He also rang me up for 2 prints, even thought the first print was all scratched. I even asked if I had to buy the first one he had printed, and he never actually responded to me, he just kept singing softly to his music and shook his head as he walked around behind the desk. Id be happy to send in a picture as proof. I spent about 20 minutes in the store. I never want to come to Office Maxs Printing ever again due to this experience. Ive never met a more rude individual.

Review №14

I got what I needed. But now you have to carry your own cases of paper out and lift them into the back of your car by yourself. I liked the old customer service policies.

Review №15

WOW! I dropped off some documents to be printed. Patty was incredible with the great service she provided. She called me back while making copes to make sure that everything was right. I am really impressed with the service.

Review №16

Great place to get office supplies, computers, and copy jobs. Very nice staff to help you get what you need. Highly recommend for the area especially in West Ashley.

Review №17

Very horrible print and copy organization. Dropped off a poster with a emailed file. Called a MONTH later to check up on it they had lost the poster, after 30 minutes of looking for it they found it and would get the copies to me...Three days later I call back and they lost the poster AGAIN. The employees are doing their best but the organization of it is HORRIBLE and I will not be using their services again.

Review №18

Im enjoying my FREE headphones that came along with my HP Ink purchase. Nice deal!

Review №19

Great store and helpful staff, pretty much anything you need for office work or supplies you can find it here in this office depot.

Review №20

Its a typical OfficeDepot experience. Merchandise is a little cluttered on the shelves. It looked as though they just had a big sale, because the product looked disorganized and some parts of the shelves were empty. I dont think they had a big sale though. Thats just what it normally looks like. Employees are nice, but how excited can you get working at a big box office store? They had some good sales and the prices were decent. I would recommend going here for your office supplies before going to Walmart or Target.

Review №21

Not friendly or helpful. Staff at the mail center seemed to be bothered to assist. She looked up from her computer and saw me but never acknowledged or said Hello. Aweful!

Review №22

I go here frequently and always experience friendly service and more help than you would expect from a store with depot in the name. Having print services and tech services too makes them very handy.

Review №23

Great customer service. Very helpful when not to sure on what product to get. Great selection.

Review №24

Horrible, lazy service. I was looking for a calligraphy pen refill and asked for assistance. The slow cashier called someone on her mic to request assistance. The equally slow person told her to tell me they don’t sell pen refills. I said, “yes you do. I was just over there and just need assistance on which one to buy.” She then proceeded to tell me again (as she pats her weave) they don’t sell pen refills (dummy-you’re working in Office Depot. I think she thought she was at Starbucks or somewhere else besides an office supply store🙄).So, some slick millennial comes over and proceeds to tell me that he stocks the shelves so he knows they don’t carry pen refills- at this point I had to look around to make sure I was in fact in Office Depot. I kindly led him to the pen section and showed him the entire section of pen refills that he stocks- or not. Unbelievable and lazy 🤦🏽‍♀️!

Review №25

Decent store but the shelf prices never match whats advertised online. Luckily they price match just about anywhere. Half the staff are pretty friendly, half seem apathetic. Its meh, as long as I can get what I need.

Review №26

It was nice I recommend it for all sorts of technology or office supplies, even art supplies which is what I got!

Review №27

Good Store, they just need more employees. They seem swamped every time I go in there, and it takes a long time to get someone on the phone. But once I get someone they are very helpful.

Review №28

Pleasant environment! Great place to get school supplies!

Review №29

Worst customer service I have ever had! I walked in and three associates looked at me and walked away so they didnt have to help me. I went there because I ordered a pair of headphones for my wife from their website, get to the store and they dont have them! The manager says that they were probably stolen and that their inventory doesnt reflect for that 1 pair....Did I mention that a manager from another Home Depot called to ensure that they had them there and they said YES! The associate was looking at the wrong pair and didnt pay attention to the stock number!! You had ONE JOB... Confirm stock number that was given to you, but you couldnt do that could you!! Between the unhelpful associates that obviously cant do their jobs and a manager that doesnt know his inventory, this is the worst customer service that exists. I will never return to this store and will in the future take my business elsewhere.

Review №30

The new shopping center looks nice, but its still a work in progress.

Review №31

Office depot should have a that was easy button too...

Review №32

This place is a joke! 25 minute wait to have 1 doc printed because neither of the ladies working back there know what is going on. I’d rather sell my literal soul than come here again. #worstplaceever

Review №33

Picking up an order that has already been paid for and delivered to the store should not take over 30 minutes. It should be a simple pick up and go procedure.

Review №34

I went here to print something out because it said I could print from the cloud. It took me over thirty minutes to print two documents, the equipment wasnt working properly.

Review №35

I would love to say my special Thanlk you to Stella. She is a very proffesional assosiate! She was very supportive and helpful in chosing a good laptop for me. I realy appreciate her attention and concern! Good job, Stella!!!

Review №36

I went there to get checks printed and there was no one there that have an idea as to how to process the order.This storys very poorly managed and I have ordered checks there at least 5 times in the past and there has always been some sort of issue

Review №37

Called about their computer recycle program and was told that I would receive a credit but when I got there, the cashier told me there was no such program and it ended up costing me $5.45. 🤨

Review №38

This location moved a few doors down from where it used to be, I expected it to be much smaller, but almost the same size. Rather typical otherwise.

Review №39

The people are great help here

Review №40

Easy to find what you need for the office

Review №41

Used to be a lot better place

Review №42

Tracy Shaw helped me with a return. It was a laptop I thought I had cancelled the order for online. While the phone and email people couldnt seem to help me, (no returned phone calls, or return emails as promised) Tracy went above the call of duty and figured out how to help me return the laptop, and get my money back pronto.

Review №43

No staff in area to ask for assistance!

Review №44

I found what. I was looking for . thanks

Review №45

They always send discount cards and have everything we need for the business and more!

Review №46

Managers are rude but employees are nice.

Review №47

Could not find employee in store

Review №48

Out of the ink I needed.

Review №49

All good

Review №50

Very helpful!

Review №51

Great place

Review №52

Closed at 9pm not 10pm

Review №53

Lots to choose from!

Review №54

I eat cheese pickles and pears

Review №55

Shout out to Andy!!!

Review №56

Terrible customer service. only one register open. no postage stamps available

Review №57

Standard office supplies

Review №58

Rude not helpful

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  • Address:1812 Sam Rittenberg Blvd, Charleston, SC 29407, United States
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  • Phone:+1 843-405-5066
  • School supply store
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  • Computer consultant
  • Computer store
  • Copy shop
  • Furniture store
  • Mailing service
  • Office furniture store
  • Office supply store
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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