Crazy Alans Emporium
1129 Weaver Dairy Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, United States
Crazy Alans Emporium

Review №1

This is literally the greatest store in the whole world. Alan is one of the worlds greatest souls. 100000/10

Review №2

The shop owner asked some customer loudly: “Why are you getting a cheap pen? My previous customer just bought a 1000-dollar pen.”It’s stupid. People don’t go to your store to get insulted by you. Also, brush up your knowledge of fountain pen please. It’s embarrassing.I’d rather get stuffs from Goulet Pens which has an excellent customer service.

Review №3

Great selection and awesome customer service. Thank you!

Review №4

Alan is a lovely guy who will go noticeably out of his way to relate to you about his vast inventory. Don’t confuse his excitement with pushy sales tactics—he will immediately adjust if you indicate something is out of your budget. He’ll help you find good options within progressively lower price ranges unless you specify one.I believe Alan is an absolutely killer salesman of some obscenely fine pens—seriously, he has some limited editions that would surprise most online fountain pen communities.Out of principle, I’m going to buy every pen I can from him going forward. I humbly ask that you check out his store!

Review №5

Great place if you want quality pens, paper and accessories!

Review №6

Great gifts (especially kids), cards and pens! My husband is office supply addict so we love coming in to see what is new. If you are a fountain pen collector, this is the place to go. Also has great selection of bags for travel or super nice leather bags (even rolling luggage). Fun place to spend time in.

Review №7

Fantastic store! Alan is awesome and an amazing resource for all things pen related. We live almost an hour away but it’s well worth the drive. Great selection, great staff, great store!

Review №8

What a gem! A friend and I stopped in on a whim to see just what this store was about, and we were so glad we did! The selection of pens, gifts, collectibles and office supplies is incredible and Alan himself is an absolute delight and a well of knowledge. Be sure to stop in if you’re in the area! You will not be disappointed.

Review №9

I met Alan and crew at the Miami pen show and had a great experience. Very personable service! I found a beautiful limited edition pen I had been wanting and Alan gave me a good price, followed by excellent customer service and fast shipping when I decided afterward Id like a different nib size than the one I originally chose. I would definitely recommend this shop.

Review №10

Very helpful and humorous staffWhile looking for a pen for my science final Al helped me find my perfect inexpensive match.The reason I gave it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ instead of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ is because of the clutter inside. I think it could use a little bit more organizing.

Review №11

Crazy Alans Emporium is easily the best office supply store in the area. Not only are they well stocked in every standard office supply, they have sizable quantities of other items that are unrelated, but useful. They have the largest pen selection in the state, and it includes some magnificent vintage pens. The staff is friendly, helpful, and always knows what else you need. The store isnt huge, but that makes it much easier to find what your looking for, rather than spending 20 minutes walking down a florescent lit paper aisle. Alan himself is fun and easy to talk too, and the art supplies are well stocked and high quality, and if that wasnt already enough, dogs are allowed inside.TL;DRthe store is really nice, well stocked, and the staff is friendly.

Review №12

The owner Alan is so energetic and passionate about pens, shopping here is an experience! We had so much fun browsing the store and finding the perfect pens for ourselves, I would highly recommend this unique place.

Review №13

Great store and staff. They have an amazing collection of office supplies. Kind of a fun, funky layout. More fun than the big franchise stores. Alan is crazy in a good way.

Review №14

I love this store for many reasons, but there are a few things that really make it special: (1) You can try ALL THE PENS. (2) You can buy pens individually. You dont have to buy 8 of something youre not sure you like yet. (3) If youre into quality pens and paper, there are options here you wont find elsewhere. (4) The people are so nice. Quirky, but awesome.Crazy Alans is really a local treasure and you should check it out.

Review №15

I have been going here for several years. The owner and staff are all friendly and knowledgeable, and their prices are great. They carry a wide variety of office supplies and their pen selection is second to none.They have given me recommendations on several occasions, and I have never regretted a single purchase.If you are a picky pen person, and are ready to ditch the pens you get for free at work, stop by. You wont be disappointed.

Review №16

A lot of cool things to look at, most abundant varties of writing instruments, purses, backpacks, jigsaw puzzles, pads of paper, for drawings or painting, greeting cards and other knick knacks. I love going into this store, two thumbs up

Review №17

Crazy Alans has the best pen and gift selections! The pens from 19 cents to 700 dollars; and the biggest Baggallini selection outside of Texas. To be forthcoming, Ive worked here on and off for 10 years. The owner is a brilliant, kind, and very amusing man. This place is eclectic and fun! Hopefully, the staff is great too ;)

Review №18

Each time I walk in, no one EVER says Hello! or Welcome! Instead I always get Are you looking for something? I just walked in the door and wanted to look. And since I have worked in customer service for MANY years in training, it is always disappointing to attempt to spend money in a place where I do not feel welcome and there is no effort to make me feel as welcome as the other customers who came in while I was there. 3 minutes in and I am asked, Do you have any questions? It is almost as if I am being hurried along. Maybe its the way I dress! So I will take my business and that of my friends and family elsewhere and I will not refer anyone there again.

Review №19

Was in on a whim and asked if they carried a specific type of ink. Instead of getting a simple “no, we don’t carry that” I got a rundown of why the ink I use is wrong, why they would never carry it, and how bad my choice was for fountain pens by the owner. I use the ink in dip pens for illustration. Left a bad taste in my mouth and there’s really nothing here that can’t be bought elsewhere anyway. Also, the back of the store smelled like a septic tank.

Review №20

Alan, how DARE you be such a kind and personable business owner. This wonderful store is so full of cool gift ideas, teaching materials, beautiful pens, stationary, and fine papers. Its a wonderland. Alans energy and enthusiasm makes this store an oasis. Alan, you have my business for life. I HIGHLY recommend this place for all your office supply needs.

Review №21

I found exactly what I was looking for and the staff was incredibly helpful! However, the store is so disorganized. I honestly wasn’t able to find what I needed on my own because everything was so jumbled. I would have liked to browse fountain pens and compare, but it was impossible with their layout.

Review №22

Alan is fantastic and his store is STOCKED!!! Its the best place in a tri-county area for your office supply needs. THANKS!

Review №23

Very helpful and knowledgeable...I can be a very picky customer...thank you, for your patience, Juliana...

Review №24

Everyone in Chapel Hill and Hillsborough should support this local gem. It has a fantastic selection of stationery, pens, fountain pens, organizers.Independent places like this are a cool experience and a real asset to the community.

Review №25

Im pretty impressed with the store, I came here specifically looking for fountain pens and was happy to find some! New, and vintage even! Good selection of standard supplies, as well as a solid selection of clairefontane and Rhodia. The place is REALLY cluttered and disorganized though, my only complaint really.

Review №26

Alan was incredible and was amazingly helpful and knowledgeable on a wide range of high quality fountain pens. Went way and beyond to get me what I need and feed my enthusiasm.

Review №27

Super Good!! You can get literally all of your office and school supplies here in one trip. Got everything here for my school supplies.

Review №28

Unique items, the BEST quality paper ever and you can buy everything in smaller quantities, unlike at the box stores. Also, the prices are very reasonable.---Note: Google says the store opens at 9a, but the sign on the door says 10a.

Review №29

I was down at the Post Office one day and to save time decided to run in for a few things I needed (file cards, a protractor). From the front I had no idea that this was a comprehensive office store AND that there was an onsite owner AND that the store was cheaper than the Internet or the two big box office stores in the area. These folks beat Amazon and Staples on price with a much better selection of merchandise and real customer service. Even makes you want to go to the Post Office (well not really) to stop by.

Review №30

Crazy Alans is a fun trip. Huge selection of pens, trinkets, games, toys and fun. This is much more than your regular office store.

Review №31

Eclectic office supply shop with plenty of new ideas and replete with friendly., yet not overbearing, service.

Review №32

Have now been in the shop 3 times (still havent met Alan - hope your recovery is going well!) and this evening was the best experience ever! Unfortunately do not remember the helpful woman behind the counter, but she was outstanding, informative and got right on the phone with Alan with a question I had! He must have answered on the first ring! She is the reason I left there with a new Lamy Studio and some ink!Wanted to go back to get her name, but thought that might be a bit creapy. She was great.....and she loved writing with my Nemosine Fission!Well done Alan, cant wait to meet you!

Review №33

Great shopping experience for nifty suppliers especially. With the added bonus that I found an IBM mechanical pencil at a price that worked for me and a great recommendation for a restaurant.

Review №34

After my first review on 8/12, I went back a couple weeks later and bought myself a Lamy fountain pen, which come to find out was defective.I didnt expect much. I have to admit it. I just didnt expect him to do anything about it and maybe even tell me to go to Lamy to get the problem fixed.He not only agreed, but he swapped the pen out for a pricier pen and gave me a big enough of a discount on the new pen that it didnt make much of a difference. The new pen writes like an extension to my hand. I love my new pen and I love this store! Customers really do mean something to him and his employees! You wont be disappointed.

Review №35

Good selection. Eclectic owner. Prices a bit high, but great to have a well stocked office supply store.

Review №36

Very happy with product and service. Staff is extremely knowledgeable. Will purchase from Allan in the future.

Review №37

Just had a great experience in the store finding a fountain pen for my wife, who Im trying to bring into the FP hobby. Alan is very knowledgable and friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip there.

Review №38

This is a great store. Lots of variety and things your cant find in chain suppliers. I go whenever Im in town.

Review №39

This place is a great independent local shop - hugest selection of pens Ive ever seen. A friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate staff. Been going for several years now.

Review №40

Not only do I love crazy Alan himself and all his employees, but his store is so full of things you cant buy elsewhere, like specialty pens of all kinds at a very good price. Posterboard of all kinds, foamcore, stationery, and knick-knacks I cant describe. Support a great local business.

Review №41

Crazy Alan’s Emporium is an office supplies store emphasizing both fun and down-to-business office needs. Because the inventory is so large it is difficult to pick any one main focus, but high quality Pentel products, quality ballpoints, fountain pens, and upscale supplies are well represented. It is also worth mentioning that there are lots of specialty and difficult-to-find niche products if you are looking for something you aren’t finding in Office Depot. The store’s absolutely jammed with stuff, so while you can get in and out, it would be wiser to allot yourself more time so you can look at all the shelves. Alan’s Emporium’s focus is on office over art, but there are plenty of art markers, felt tips, and other useful supplies too.It’s hard to review the store without mentioning Alan himself. He is wheeling, dealing, and ready to show you what he knows. He really loves his stock and seems to be the type to try to cut you a deal than see you leave without something you wanted. He’ll let you try most everything whether it is five bucks or several hundred. The experience is like visiting a tradeshow with an excited and knowledgeable boothsman, but expanded to a physical storefront.I visited his store with my mother. We left with 6 pens, including a retractable navy Pilot fountain pen, a Marvel Cross pen, a Faber Castel, vellum, Iroshizuku blue ink, and a small collection of useful supplies (I really like the highlighting pencils!). Alan even threw in a multicolor pack of Sheaffer ink when I discussed some second-hand pen woes with him. Unique local experience. Don’t miss it!

Review №42

Thanks for helping Carol Woods with a big order of Corkboards from ACCO, and for delivering the order to our door. OS&M is a good neighbor business.

Review №43

Terrific prices and service are found at every visit to Alans store. I highly recommend anyone interested in fountain pens or in need of general office supplies to give this store a try. He stocks Lamy, Pilot, Pelikan, and occasionally some new old stock Rotring fountain pens and can order almost anything you wish. We are lucky to have such a great independent retailer in the area!

Review №44

Wonderful pen and stationary store that also sells lots of office supplies.

Review №45

Alan is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I agree with other reviewers, skip the big box stores and visit our local pen (& paper) guru.

Review №46

The best store in the world!!

Review №47

Our favorite place to shop for birthday gifts and school supplies.

Review №48

Pens everywhere! Every color. Every style. My inner nerd was never happier! Very friendly staff.

Review №49

Great selection of pens.

Review №50

Friendly staff. Large selection of office supplies

Review №51

Great store!

Review №52

Amazing items!!!!

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