Bach to Rock South Riding
25031 Riding Plaza #100, Chantilly, VA 20152, United States
Bach to Rock South Riding

Review №1

Lame school. My daughter was placed into a group of like aged girls. She enjoyed it for a while. After practicing for a couple of months the drummer quit, and just before a Battle of the Bands. My daughter said theyre not playing after all. No communication from staff. After calling they informed me they cant place a sub in order to compete in the BOB? No communication from the employees and parents at all. Then bandmates started infighting and arguing with each other, and no leadership from the staff. She ended up quitting.

Review №2

Great place to learn music and Teachers do amazing job with each individual kid and try there best to teach in different ways to make the student happy in learning music.My kudos to EJ teacher☝️

Review №3

The teacher is very understanding and helpful in explaining musical issues. Very knowledgeable about the instrument I am learning.

Review №4

My son who is 5 and just started absolutely loves it! Staff is very caring, kind and professional. I highly recommend!

Review №5

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff and teachers.

Review №6

Many of the customers here are younger, but just because youre an adult, doesnt mean you should stray from going to this location. Gokul was a fantastic bass teacher, and with just a few questions that he asked me, he was able to immediately identify my skill level and designed a program for me. He was able to explain things in a way that anyone could understand. But all of the staff were super friendly.

Review №7

Weve loved having two of our boys learn the ropes and enjoy performance opportunities in the community. Thank you Kathy and the South Riding Bach-to-Rock team!!!

Review №8

Our children love their time at B2R in Chantilly. Weve seen our daughter excel here, taking bass lessons AND being a part of a band. Being with an instructor and playing for 1 1/2 hours a week has been invaluable to her growth as a musician. Our son has just begun drum lessons and even wants to practice!! Both of our children have AWESOME instructors that fit their personalities to a tee.

Review №9

Staff is nice and I love the atmosphere. They have a good offering of music disciplines and a variety of times to choose from. I have an issue with the instructors being late and ending early. Not all of them are tardy, but enough of them that I notice. My son is currently taking private piano lessons. The instructor shows up 5 minutes late and ends 5 minutes early. This is a 30 minute private lesson! And last time I showed up before the class ended, they were doing drums. Where is the piano???! These private lessons arent cheap.

Review №10

All three of my children are learning so much at B2R in South Riding. It is wonderful to see their confidence and love of music grow! The instructors at B2R are very good with kids - my children have loved learning to play their favorite songs they hear on the radio in addition to the B2R curriculum.

Review №11

Aaron is awesome with my daughter and the staff at BTR South Riding are great to work with!

Review №12

My girls absolutely love Bach to Rock. I have one daughter in piano lessons and one daughter in voice lessons and singing in a band. The teachers are so informative, positive and fun to work with. My daughters are so confident about their musical abilities now. I am very impressed with the teaching and love for music. We love Bach to Rock!

Review №13

We signed up for drum lessons for our son. The first lesson ON THE DAY OF THE LESSON, Bach to Rock cancelled saying the instructor was sick. In trying to reschedule, they had no availability for at least 2 more weeks. On the day of our lesson, our son was unable to make it and they said they will not issue the refund for the lesson, that THEY CHARGED IN ADVANCE! We will not be scheduling another session and lost $40. Not recommended!

Review №14

My son just started electric guitar lessons and really enjoying it! Mr. Gokul is a great teacher and keeps lessons fun while learning the basics. The staff has always been super friendly and helpful from the moment I called to sign up. I highly recommend this location!

Review №15

We loved our B2R Rock Birthday Party this past weekend. All the kids had a blast and even the shy ones were participating by the end. Shawn and Shane did a great job engaging the kids and making sure everyone had fun. Our birthday girl was over the moon with the party and loved every minute of it!

Review №16

Great experience. Daughter started with piano. Liked it so much, added guitar. Reasonable cost. Options for joining; group, privates. Variety of instruments and vocals. I have recommended to friends!

Review №17

I know few organizations that leverage the power of their local community such as our B2R family. Everyone in South Riding, VA has been touched by the artistic expression B2R fosters in our children.

Review №18

Our experience has been fine so far, contrary to negative feedback by some parents.I will believe that our situation & theirs could be very different - to start with, we bring our 3-yr old the Rock City class, so no private lessons, etc.The teachers, Gokul & Sami, are good. It did a couple or more classes for our baby to feel at ease. Now, whether she learns anything or not, she enjoys her time there. We think of it as a immersing in music/babysitting class 😊And yes, Kady, Brittani, and another lady at the front desk, are all accommodating in working with us on makeup classes.

Review №19

If you can’t be courteous to your customers, you will lose them. We are stopping our association with Bach to Rock South Riding because we were treated in a curt and insensitive manner by their staff.We got a call from the school nurse to pick our kid as he was running a fever. Amidst all the things one has to deal with, when you get one such call during a work day and rush to school, I try to call Bach to Rock and explain the situation and ask if they would oblige to reschedule.I’m greeted by a curt and insensitive assistant director (not taking names here to keep this professional), with no emotions or empathy towards my situation as a parent. Rather than making an effort to work with me, she slaps their 24 hour lead-time policy on me. When asked if anyone else can help discussing this further, she says she’s the top person and that’s the policy and she can’t help further.When I ask for an option to escalate, she won’t answer. I asked for a way to get in touch with their corporate, and she says she doesn’t know. I get sarcastic answers with total lack of emotion or sensitivity towards my situation. I felt humiliated as a parent and a patron. This whole interaction was very unprofessional and non corporate like. You can’t tell your customers there is no option to escalate or resolve issues (unless you are a private provider and you own the business)I had to finally call the Herndon B2R location and have them escalate to the Director (Sara) at South Riding B2R.To her credit Sara was courteous and respectful, however, she did decline the request to reschedule stating they already gave us that option about a year ago last March. (My son has been a student here for about a year and a half now).While I feel unfair about getting charged for a genuine situation (Bach to Rock policy would allow for the director discretion for a reschedule), I would be willing to live with that in exchange for some respect and courtesy. Not having received those from their assistant directors and not giving me the option to escalate this to their corporate/customer advocacy or a customer relationship partner makes me question why I should spend the money on a corporate school when I don’t get any professional options that other corporates provide to their customers.There’s plenty of private talent in South Riding offering similar or better music lessons and willing to work with you on a one on one basis. So I’m taking my business there.If I ever get contacted by Bach to Rock to make an effort to address my concern, I’ll be sure to come back and provide that feedback here on my review. I’m not sure about you, but I, as a customer, value a company by how they work with you during a crisis, rather than be flattered by how well they treat you when everything is hunky dory!

Review №20

Everyone with whom Ive interacted from the staff is friendly and considerate. The staff behind the desk goes the extra step to accommodate students schedules and needs when possible. Bach 2 Rock South Riding offers a healthy learning environment for students.

Review №21

Camp was a fun atmosphere. The instructors seem to really be into music, but also great working with kids who are beginners. Our child had a great time!

Review №22

My son goes to drums class here, he has a very good teacher . However Unreasonable expectation is They expect we follow their policies but they don’t follow . In the past they sent me emails on the same day less than 24 hrs saying instructor is sick and we need to re schedule but when my kid comes from school with temperature and they can’t reschedule per their policy . They rather have sick kids than loosing their money .I find no compassion in this especially when they are dealing with kids .

Review №23

I have my 7 year old kid and he loves this place and mentors here are so friendly and gives feedback after every class which is so useful for Kids. Environment at this place is so lively, any kid would be motivated all the time.

Review №24

My daughter enjoy be in glee and rock band camp, great place

Review №25

Very unprofessional! They cancel lessons anytime! Once they cancelled just an hour before, on a weekend when we usually have other plans. If their teacher is not available, they wont give you refund and make you come at odd times. The teachers are ok for little kids only, not always great.

Review №26

The teachers and staff are top notch!

Review №27

The teachers here are fantastic.

Review №28

Great teachers and lots of flexibility!

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