Kiddie Academy of West Cary
7350 O'Kelly Chapel Rd, Cary, NC 27519, United States
Kiddie Academy of West Cary

Review №1

This school is amazing! I have a shy boy who’s a picky eater and while attending Kiddie Academy he came out of his shell and is now willing to try new foods. The staff was very nurturing and in no time knew him by name. They knew my husbands and my name too, which for me, shows they care about their students and their family members. We felt welcomed from the beginning and truly apart of the KAWC Family. Ms. Nermin is an awesome teacher who truly cares about the students she has. She is invested in their learning and well being and my son loved being in her class. They also have a very organized and effective COVID-19 pick up and drop off system. My son is now in elementary school and we were sad to leave, but if we ever have another KAWC is where we’ll be!

Review №2

The whole school, teachers and staff members are just great! They are caring, loving and super professional. Ive seen my child evolution in learning and enjoying going to school.They are doing a great job with COVID19 protocols and cleaning, keeping everybody safe! I would definitely recommend Kiddie West Cary.

Review №3

We sent our children to Kiddie Academy during the 2019-2020 school year. We toured various preschools and selected Kiddie Academy due to the family feel, outstanding teachers and focus on our childrens well being. The Owners and Director were always available on site and always accessible. They would schedule monthly Curriculum nights which helped us understand trends and topics in early childhood and prepare us for kindergarten. When the pandemic hit causing changes to everyones routine, Kiddie Academy was able to implement online learning and education option to keep our children engaged. Our children thrived and we are so happy that we selected a great preschool for our children.

Review №4

We love everything about Kiddie Academy! After touring all of the preschools in the area, we selected Kiddie Academy due to the strict Covid policies and great teachers. The level of detail from restricting adults in the Academy to the daily cleaning procedures stood out to us. We were able to have Zoom calls with our teachers and receive daily pictures and videos or our child. Our child is thriving there and we are so happy that we selected the perfect preschool for our little one.

Review №5

We love KAWC! The staff, the curriculum, they are the whole package. It feels like they are a part of our extended family. We can’t thank them enough for helping to mold our kids into excellent human beings.

Review №6

Kiddie Academy of West Cary is a great daycare with amazing and caring teachers. Our daughter attended KAWC for 2 years and was thriving here. All her teachers were very attentive, helpful and always smiling! Seeing the owners involvement and everyday presence was very reassuring. The Pre-k classroom teachers did a great job preparing our daughter for Kindergarten. This is a daycare that offers warm and joyful environment for kids and a great learning experience!

Review №7

We have had a wonderful experience at KAWC. Its always hard to put your children in anyone elses care, but it is even more difficult during a pandemic. To say that the teachers and staff have risen to the occasion would be an understatement. In addition to continuing to give the kids so much love, they have also gone above and beyond to protect them. We are so happy to have our kids at such a great place!

Review №8

KA of West Cary has been a second home to our daughter for going on two and a half years. The owner, management team, and all the teachers and staff have delivered a welcoming environment where she is truly excited to go each day; they take education seriously and we have enjoyed watching her learn and grow. The owner communicates effectively and shows genuine care for each child in their care; the tone set from the top can be felt with every interaction with each employee.Additionally, the team implemented reasonable COVID standards to receive children in a safe way while also relieving the burden of families so they can continue providing. The team was clear in expectations and enforced the standards to ensure a safe experience for the kiddos and their families.KIddie Academy of West Cary is a wonderful school and we are very appreciative of the team.

Review №9

KA has a phenomenal staff, building, lesson plan and my son genuinely enjoys going every day. We have the utmost confidence in each team member at KA and would highly recommend to anyone looking for child care.

Review №10

Miss Robin was the best teacher ever! I cannot say enough good things about her. Im extremely picky with my kid and childcare, and this school was our third. Great admins, owner was present and so kind, and low turnover. Staff spoke to my kiddo kindly and he loved this school. We left because I wanted to stay home with him but I highly recommend if youre looking for a safe space to leave your child!

Review №11

Awesome center! The establishment is amazing and the teachers are very professional. My son learned so much from his time there.

Review №12

1. Tracy, Smita, Mieke & all the teachers2. Safety3. Management (Deepak)4. Program & Schedule

Review №13

Kiddie Academy West Cary is amazing! My daughter keeps telling me how she loved her school, her teachers and her friends. All of the teachers and staff there are professional, responsive and warmhearted. They care about every kids well-being and development. They are open to communication and act quickly.

Review №14

Undoubtedly the best child care provider Ive ever experienced! You wont find a more balanced and sincere group of teachers and staff! After being there a while and observing, I could see the owner really took his time in selecting the people that care for the children. I NEVER had to worry when I dropped my daughter off. Super clean and always met with unforced smiles here! You and your child will love it!!

Review №15

My 3 year old LOVES it here and I LOVE him attending. The teachers are high quality and their curriculum turns out measurable results. These teaches love to teach and know my son for who he is.New to the area, I feel like we belong here.Diverse staff. Diverse children. Diverse parents.I drive 23 minutes one-way out of my way, passing a dozen other preschools, to keep my kids in this preschool.

Review №16

We moved our daughter to Kiddie Academy in August 2017, when she was about 2.5. Her teachers are amazing, and she loves going to school. Our daughter talks about her teachers and friends over the weekends, and asks every morning if she is going to school. Her teachers cultivate and encourage friendships, foster independence while still providing loving support, and provide tons of hands-on activities and crafts. The staff in the front knows each childs name and are always available to answer questions or to share a story about your childs day. We are completely impressed with Kiddie Academy.

Review №17

I feel very grateful to have found this school and enrolled my 4 y/o son in the preschool. It is a top-notched school that cares about your child’s development and well-being. The staff and teachers are EXCELLENT. Within less than 2 months of schooling I have noticed a significant improvement in my son’s learning ability and he has shown more interest in learning every day. I sincerely appreciate the efforts thay the teachers put into providing a safe, caring, nurturing and fun environment for my son. I highly recommend this school to everyone.

Review №18

Absolutely loved my kids time at kiddie Academy. My Kid attended the school for over 3 years and was one of the very first ones to enroll. We always had great teachers who loved their jobs and the kids. Management was respectful, kind and attentive to our needs and responsive to the feedback. A special shout out to Ms Sierra, Ms Tracy, and Ms Cathy(chef), keep up the good work!!!!

Review №19

Our son has loved every day at Kiddie Academy. We have seen such growth in his academic and social skills since he started, and he has so much more confidence and self-reliance. All his teachers has been absolutely wonderful.

Review №20

Best daycare/preschool in the area! My son has been attending Kiddie Academy, West Cary over a year now.The facility is very clean and well managed, and the teachers/staff are attentive, nurturing, and highly skilled. Ms. Sierra, Ms. Teju and Ms. Tracey are the best teacher for the children. I am always happy to drop my son off knowing that he is happy. They give the best care and love as if all the children were their own.It was the best childcare decision weve made!!

Review №21

I have loved having our son at Kiddie Academy of West Cary. The staff, especially the director Christina is wonderful and talented and go out of their way to make sure the children are being developed and have a great time in their care. The owners have always made us feel like family anytime we have had concerns or needed help with our son.I will add that ur son is a very high energy child and he flourished in that environment, where there was so much to do and still follow structure and routine. Thank You for the wonderful years.

Review №22

My child entered this daycare at the age of 2.5 years old, and my infant at 3 months old. Since they have been enrolled, my 2.5 yr old (now 3.5) has shown such growth and advancement that he would not have received at home. From learning Spanish, and being exposed to different elements of the community (Fire truck day, police day, Volunteering and Giving within the center, one day they brought in different animals like lizards, turtles for the kids to learn about, etc.) he has been exposed to so much more than I would have been able to provide at home. As a full time working mom, I love that he can do Soccer Shots while at school, have water play days during the summer, and eat organic healthy foods. The owners and staff know everyone by name, and are always available if you need to talk. In regards to my infant, they offer her extra snuggles and love when she needs comfort during teething times, and make me feel like she is truly loved and cared for. They have made it easy for me to go back to work, and comfortable doing so. I would highly recommend them to any parent!

Review №23

I truly appreciate the commitment of all - from the devoted management to the loving and caring teachers. The balance of play and academics is also amazing. Ive seen my child grow intellectually and emotionally making her more confident each day.Thank you for all your hard work!

Review №24

We could not be more happy with the choice of Kiddie Academy as my daughter school. The staff is amazing and they really care and love the children. My daughter educational development exceeded all expectations and we truly feel that she has a strong foundation for her future academic life.

Review №25

Amazing center, caring teachers and a great invested owner. Formula for success!

Review №26

Our family has nothing but excellent things to say about our experience with Kiddie Academy. The wonderful owners, staff and teachers are always welcoming, caring and patient. My son is always happy and willing to go to school each day. I am completely comfortable dropping my baby off each morning and am confident in the care I know he will receive. Thank you for all you do!

Review №27

Our little one has grown remarkably over these past few years and Kiddie Academy of West Cary has been an integral part of her growth since about 9 months of age. We are very thankful for her 2.5 years there with all of the wonderfully attentive teachers. We appreciate the individualized curriculum our child received to foster her growth. Teachers provide regular feedback, helpful suggestions and reinforce parental efforts from home within the classroom such as temperament shaping to potty training. We highly recommend this facility.

Review №28

The owners take great care and pride in the school and in creating a great learning environment, and it shows in the smiling faces of the children and staff!!

Review №29

We highly recommend the Kiddie Academy of West Cary as it has been a wonderful experience for our two boys (1 & 3) and we have witnessed strong growth and progression in behaviors and skill development.Their focus on education in a fun and warm environment has been excellent. The teachers and staff are friendly and welcoming, and made our move into the area a little bit easier as our kids were immediately happy, and quickly embraced the teachings and facility.

Review №30

My little boy starts his daycare in Kiddie Academy of West Cary. He loves his teachers there and get used to school smoothly. Its an amazing daycare with very patient and sweet teachers, who are also very experienced with kids from diverse background. We love it!

Review №31

They have SPECTACULAR LOVING infant room staff, streaming video and great daily reports. I implicitly trust the staff. The school is SUPER clean and they are sticklers about process. Christina, the director, is easy to work with and the owners are always there with a smile. I chose them over Primrose and Goddard. Our Gracie is thriving with the Kiddie Academy team. She started at 12 weeks

Review №32

We have loved everything about our experience with our 2 year old son at Kiddie Academy, since enrolling him as of March 2018. The school is run exceptionally well and the owners and staff have been so polite, friendly, professional, and just do an exceptional job. Deepak and Christine and their amazing staff are there to greet you everyday and even greet me and my other children, who don’t attend the school, by our first names every time. My son has absolutely loved this school and teachers. The love and care by the teaching staff, socialization, activities, routine, learning, and potty training have helped our son grow and learn tremendously. The online video access, email with picture updates throughout each day, daily communication and notes sent via email streamlined communication of important information between parents and staff regarding child or important school info has been so helpful for me as a busy mom of three. I just can’t say enough great things about our experience. My husband and I were so well pleased with our experience and I highly recommend Kiddie Academy of West Cary!

Review №33

We moved to the area in the middle of a year and it was daunting to find a new daycare. Our kids were instantly made to feel at home and adjusted so easily. My older son is now in kindergarten, and we feel like he was extremely prepared and is excelling. The teachers and staff could not be nicer. We love being a part of the Kiddie Academy family.

Review №34

Great preschool - from the amazing teachers to the personal attention & care, the fantastic curriculum and great facility, this KA in West Cary is the Best!

Review №35

Excellent teachers. Hygienic environment. Attention given to each individual kids. Good response to parents feedback. Super satisfied and very happy to be part of this family

Review №36

I left a voicemail to inquire about availability and pricing but never got a call back. A week later went online to schedule a tour thinking maybe there was just an issue with the phone. Received an automated email and no one has contacted me since. That was 3 weeks ago.

Review №37

My daughter loves her school and her teachers very much. She cant wait to go to school almost every morning, even she is still in her first month transition. KAs atomosphere is warm and friendly, the teachers are loving, caring and very responsible. The web cam service is sweet and useful. We are very glad to join KA West Cary.

Review №38

As with any new venture, the initial ride was a little bumpy. Once the dust settled, it was just smooth sailing.The facility is clean and the staff is very friendly, helpful, kind and attentive. We cant thank Ms. Jeanne and Ms. Gennail enough for all they have done for our daughter. Our daughter had a wonderful time here!Id highly recommend this place.

Review №39

Excellent Academy! Kids learn a lot, have lots of fun. Very hygienic place! Neither too big nor too small. Perfect sized academy. Teachers - Mrs Sierra, Mrs Tracy are great and go extra miles to make sure all kids are well attended, best teachers so far I have experienced.Academy director Mrs Christina, Mrs Tracy and owner Mr Deepak are awesome. Always willing to make sure that your needs are well taken care off! Best wise choice one can make for their kids! Highly higly recommend it!

Review №40

We are very impressed with Kiddie Academy and what they offer. As an educator, Im looking for engaging activies, communication from teacher and administraton, and that curriculum portion so my son will be ready for kindergarten; Kidde Academy exceeds my expectations! I also enjoy the daily note home each day with pictures, spanish class, and being greeted at the door each day! I couldnt ask for a better school!

Review №41

KA of West Cary is AMAZING. I cannot say enough good things about them. The staff is so competent, sweet, and caring. Had to leave due to a move out of the area but I am still comparing other centers to KA West Cary. Miss them dearly!!

Review №42

Having had my fair share of daycare experience with a number of kids, I can say that Kiddie Academy is one of the best, if not the best, there is. Leaving your kids to someones care while you work is a daunting task. But with them, you know and see for sure that they are in good hands. Theres cameras that you can view online to see how the day is going by for your child, on top of constant email communication throughout the day and a summary email at the end of the day with all the activities that your child did. Theres also transparency; the owners are really nice, theyre onsite most of the time and 100% hands on in ensuring that each child is treated like one of their own. The staff are all nice, patient and knowledgeable. The curriculum is solid and your child gets to do different activities aimed at improving different aspects of their mental, physical and emotional well-being. The food is also prepared in-house to ensure that your child gets a well-balanced and nutritional diet. All in all I am very satisfied with Kiddie Academy and I would highly recommend them to anyone whos looking for a safe, secure, organized, clean, family-oriented environment with skillful, patient and experienced staff and owners to care for their child.

Review №43

Great pre school. My daughter loves this school. Ms. Arielle is a great teacher. She is very attentive to the students and puts in a tremendous effort to help the children.

Review №44

Teachers are walm hearted. Video cameras are available for parents. Parents receives a report everyday. Kids learn lots of knowledge there including Spanish. My son loves it.

Review №45

Having pre-schoolers take the classroom chairs outside and clean them with some type of bubbly soap, rinse with water, and then dry them is totally inappropriate! Sending the pic out to parents with a caption of Being helpful and responsible cleaning the classroom chairs to justify this is unbelievable. I will not post the pic as it shows the faces of the children attending cleaning chairs outdoors. Is cleaning the facility part of their curriculum and what we pay for? Surely the children would have preferred learning or playing.

Review №46

My son has been going to this day care for almost 3 years and all I have is great things to talk about this center.

Review №47

We loved our experience with KA!! We moved from another country last December and finding a pre K for my son was not an easy task! From the very first time we were there, the fabulous owners and staff welcomed us and I can say that they´re 100% committed to the best development of our children. My son was always excited to go back to school to see his teachers and friends. I highly recommend KA.

Review №48

The teachers are very friendly to all children. They send photos and daily report to my email every day. Parents can see a video feed in the classroom and the playground on phones.

Review №49

There are so many great things to say about Kiddie Academy of West Cary, Im not sure where to begin! My son started in the infant classroom about 4 years ago and we now have all 3 of our children enrolled on a full-time basis. We are pretty particular about things (I can totally picture the staff chuckling as they read this! :), so having all of our kids enrolled here is saying A LOT! We definitely had many options when it came to childcare, but by far, this was the best choice for our family.Each day, as we walk through the doors, we are always warmly greeted with smiles and by our first names. The level of transparency and communication has always made us feel at ease and the best part is receiving all the pictures/videos of our kids smiley faces while they are having a dance party, playing with instruments during music, learning new words and songs in Spanish, playing soccer or just having a blast with their best buds. We also enjoy being able to check-in on the camera feed when we are missing them during our busy work day.The teachers are beyond amazing... fun, creative, loving, the list goes on... and they wont ever hesitate to go the extra mile for their students! Weve seen so much growth in our children, both on a social and academic level and I know for sure we owe a lot of it to the care and education they are receiving at KA. We also found that the administrations willingness to be flexible and accommodating to our specific needs to be invaluable.If you are looking for a well rounded pre-school with exceptional teachers, competent and involved admin team, and an environment where your little one(s) can have fun and thrive, look no further!Special shoutouts to the awesome owners, Deepak and Taisha - Thank you for creating a haven where our kids can feel safe and right at home! Ms. Christina, Ms.Tracy, Ms. Meredith, Ms. Kathy and all of the wonderful teachers at KA - You are an absolute DREAM TEAM, thank you for all that you do and for loving the kids like they are your own!

Review №50

We enrolled our son at Kiddie Academy of West Cary at 3months old, when we both needed to return to work. It was difficult to imagine leaving him in the care of someone else and being able to actually focus at work. When we toured Kiddie Academy of West Cary, those concerns were laid to rest. The first thing we encountered was the security system for allowing people to enter. Then once inside, warm bright colors and a very welcoming staff. Christina (the director) is very active in the day to day activities, has a wonderful open-door policy, and creates a community feel within the center. The owners (husband and wife Deepak and Taisha) are also very much engaged and foster that community feel. The classrooms are a good size for each age group with activity areas throughout. The curriculum is impressive and implemented in a way to allow the learning process to be fun. Spanish and music classes are included. The outside play area has two divisions to allow for safety during play for the younger children. There is also a great splash pad area. However, what was much more important to us was that it was evident during the tour that the children were engaged, happy, and confident in their environment.Our son has definitely thrived at Kiddie Academy. From his first class to his current class, we have been very pleased with the attentiveness of the teachers for both the day-to-day activities and his overall progression towards milestones. We are also thankful for the amazing care and compassion they routinely provide. He will run up to hug them and smiles when he sees them. We also love the friendships our son has formed with the other children there.We did briefly leave Kiddie Academy, for a daycare that was more convenient to our jobs. Prior to us leaving the owners reached out to us and made sure there was nothing they could do to change our minds. On our sons last day his teachers cried and gave us a beautiful book of all his pictures since he started there with wonderful messages to him and us. When we were making the decision to switch daycares, we looked for the same qualities concerning educational focus and reputation. What we failed to take into account was the level of community our son, my husband, and I had at Kiddie Academy of West Cary. Though the new facility was great, that quality and comfort could not be reproduced. I called Christina, in tears, within a week of leaving hoping for the opportunity to re-enroll our son. She was wonderful through the entire process and incredibly kind.Our son is now 2.5 years old and continues to enjoy “going to school”. We continue to be thrilled with his progress and the care he is receiving.

Review №51

It’s hard to believe that our youngest is about to graduate from Kiddie Academy of West Cary! Our oldest graduated two years ago and I thought that was hard.I can’t say enough about the impact Kiddie Academy on our family since their doors opened almost four years ago. We are beyond grateful to the owners, director, teachers, cook, and other parents for their support and guidance. It is clear when you walk in the door that KA is a family- the staff and the parents know and call each other my first name, even if they’ve moved on to different classes. The difference is clear if you happen to visit another center.KA has definitely prepared our girls academically and emotionally for elementary school.On a personal level, as the parent of a child with special needs, KA has never once wavered in their support, understanding, and motivation. Considering what you’d expect for a busy center, KA has gone WAY out of their way to make sure she’s gotten the support she needs.Kiddie Academy of West Cary- we love you! And since we’re still in the neighborhood, you better believe we’ll be visiting often.

Review №52

We had a great experience. Lovely staff and admin.

Review №53

A sense of family in the facility-- I feel like everyone knows and cares about my children. My children are also exposed to a sound curriculum that is helping them to grow.

Review №54

This is very likely the best daycare facility in the area. The owners are kind, knowledgable and friendly - they actually know the parents and children by name. We started in the infant room which we found clean, loving, developmentally appropriate and above all safe. We have since moved up to the waddler room. I cannot say enough about our positive experiences with teachers: Ms. Katie, Ms. Charnelle and Ms. Laquira. My little one is deeply attached to them. They encourage growth, exploration, confidence, and creativity. They watch out for developmental milestones and work closely with parents and guardians for the greatest growth of each child. What is more - it is clear they love and care for each of the little ones. I toured many centers before I found and feel in love with this one. Thank you Kiddie Academy of West Cary!

Review №55

This is a special place. From the top down, everyone cares about the welfare of the kids and their parents.

Review №56

I like that the owners and staff took the time to listen to our concerns and partnered with us to make our daughters transition to her new class painless.

Review №57

The owners are rude and out for personal gain.

Review №58

Best facility and highly recommend it!

Review №59

Great place for your toddlers!

Review №60

The teachers are very patient and friendly to my son.Thank the teachers of the Kiddie Academy of West Cary.

Review №61

Great Preschool

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