2741 E Belt Line Rd #105, Carrollton, TX 75006, United States

Review №1

This is the Good place to learn and start the Carrier. @AP is the best instructor. We are came here 0% knowledge of coding, He is trained us like a developer. And also all other instructors are so good to explain in depth. I am sure, 10 stars to recommend it.

Review №2

Dont worry about what you know or what you dont know, the tutors are always ready to help. There will be times you want to give up especially if you are new to this, they will be there to guide you and motivate again. Techfios is like a family that wants you to succeed. Do yourself a favor by listening and doing extra research you will be good!

Review №3

I was one of their students and they are really good at what they’re doing. There are a handful of instructors who are also very active in the industry, so you’re getting the training the job market needs. After you finish training they guide you through the market process and help you get a job. Joining Techfios was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Special thanks to AP, Adnan and Enrico.

Review №4

Great instructors, always able and willing to help. Great for a career change to IT!

Review №5

The kind of technologies they provide training on syncs perfectly with the current market demand. Every course planning and tutoring style is very clear and thorough which will help you reach your goal. Best training center Ive experienced so far. Highly recommended

Review №6

HUGE Thank You to the entire TechFios team for the support since day one! Came a long way with you guys and just wanted to express my gratitude. You all are changing lives! Feels unreal.

Review №7

I didnt know what to expect going in, and been quite the challenge, but its definitely worth it if you keep the end in mind. If youre willing to do the work your classmates and your teachers are more than willing to push you forward. There are more than enough resources at your disposal, and the information and connections you will make will be worth the sacrifice. Jump in and do your best!

Review №8

If anyone looking forward to buildup their automation skills with it background knowledge and without knowledge then this is the right place because you will learn multi tasking stuff which will allow you generate lots of reputation at real time work .. and they will hold your hand till you get the job and after u get the job they will be helpful to you as well . All you need to do listen to your instructor and practice practice practice . But yes this is the place .

Review №9

You pay your tuition after you get a job! Nothing can beat that. They work hard to get you the job. If you are looking to get trained for a career change then this is the place. 6 months of training can help you get a $90,000 plus annual salary job. I was skeptical but after the free trial class, I knew I was in the right IT bootcamp.

Review №10

Great School to learn IT. Professional teachers, individual attention to each and every students, assignment, projects others.Highly recommended !

Review №11

I took their online course last year. I’ve never been computer literate so it was a bit of a challenge to get myself to take their course because of fear of not understanding computer backend stuff and falling behind. BUT after the first class, the way they explained it made it super easy for me to understand what I had feared. Their instructors are each very knowledgeable and are responsive with all of my questions. They don’t get you a job necessarily, they TRAIN and MOLD you into an IT PROFESSIONAL.

Review №12

I’ve been taking classes and feel confident I will be in Market soon. The team of instructors are very helpful and put us on the right path to a successful job.

Review №13

If you are looking for a very fast paced class to get your feet wet, I believe Techfios is the place. The Techfios instructors are always very nice and helpful. I must say that they give you answers to every questions very patienly.

Review №14

All instructors are helping a lot in teaching the best as they can. Happy to find Techfios they are also training student for interviews and guiding them for every thing to get a job.

Review №15

This is the best IT career training place in the U.S.They train in Automation, Devops, and Java Development. I highly recommend Techfios for anyone looking for a change in career !

Review №16

If you want to build an IT career in a short time and at low cost undoubtedly Techfios.Campus is awesome and there trainers are very experienced,helpful and friendly.

Review №17

Good team members and friendly environments, you feel like you learned a industry required skills in very easy and efficient ways.

Review №18

Its was an awesome experience. I learnt a lot of things. It was a switch of career but techfios prepared me so well. I am thankful to them for this wonderful journey where study was so much fun. I would recommend to everyome out there.......

Review №19

If you want to bring change in your financial life or looking for change in career field pick TechFios. First of all they have great curriculum with knowledgeable instructors. I got my first IT job back in 2016 thru Techfios. Some of my close friends also got job by Techfiso. Trust me you will not regret if you choose them, every penny was worth it.Batch 2016.

Review №20

Great place to start career in IT industry. Very helpful and informative sessions.

Review №21

Great place to get training in QA Automation, DevOps Engineering, and JAVA Developer training. Full package from beginning to end. They even help you to make sure you keep your job.

Review №22

I think this is one of the best institutes for any body who wants to build up his / her career as an IT professional. I must say all the Instructors courteous personalities have been helping me tremendously through my journey. They are so helpful, so encouraging minded and I am very much happy to be here as a student. Almost every single people is getting job, who is honestly giving his/her time, efforts and off course following the Instructors valuable advices and instructions .All the best wishes for the whole team of Tecfios on their last year success from me.

Review №23

One of the best institutions i have ever place to learn computer based programme

Review №24

I have tried couple of places like this before. I have to say that so far im very optimistic and happy with the amount of effort put into teaching by the instructors

Review №25

Best place to get trained as an IT professional. They pay close attention to each and every student to get the best out of them..

Review №26

All the friendly, hard worker, and helpful teachers make this institution unique. They really work hard, and find all the possibilities to get a job for the students.

Review №27

Really love the way they their course are designed. Very very good trainer and they all know how the industry works and how to get into the market. Their course content is awesome and really to the point. You can expect to get something out of it.

Review №28

I learned about this school from my brother, who was a former student of this school. Now i am also a student in here. I really like the way they teach and share resources to the students to have clear concept. They also help students to get a Job after completing the course. I really recommend it.and little more information, (My brother is now working as a software engineer at IBM)

Review №29

Very helpful. Staffs are friendly

Review №30

Very professional and helps you find your way to your goals! I strongly suggest joining this program!

Review №31

The curriculum is designed to fit everyone and allows everyone to excel. The instructors are super helpful and patient and help you through the whole experience. A wonderful opportunity!

Review №32

Nice place to get professional training. All the way they are informative and helpful. Instructors have clear concept about the subjects.I will recommend anyone to get trained there.

Review №33

Great place for them who wants to enter in IT sector even without anyexperience. they have great instructors and a learning friendly environment. so, its worth a try.

Review №34

Great place to get trained as a IT professional. Teachers are very nice and helpful. Sometime I called them 1 am but they reply and they are not even fill disturbed.

Review №35

Techfios is one of the best IT Training School Ive ever been. They helped me a lot during my course. The service was very good. And the instructors were very friendly and experienced.

Review №36

Life changed ever since I found this place. I have been a school teacher for 13 years. About a year ago a family member informed me of this place. I attended a free orientation and immediately knew, this was my way out into a better future. I attended classes there. The instructors were amazing. The support was from training all the way to finding and landing a job. Seven months later I got a permanent job direct hire from a telecom company. Could have done it in five months if I didnt miss several classes and put 100 percent from my end. AP (one of the instructors) spent many hours with me one-on-one from his personal time coaching, Adnan and Enrico spent many nights guiding me... the list goes on. I can never thank them enough and will always be grateful to them. I highly recommend everyone to attend this training and change their lives. After 10 months with this new job making six figure income, I am happiest I have ever been.

Review №37

It was really met my expectations.

Review №38

Techfios is a great IT training Institute. They are helping community in getting their Dream job in a professional and fast paced environment. I will recommend this Institute for IT training to get an excellent job.😊

Review №39

Great IT/Career Training school, highly recommended to all Friends, Family, Acquantances. If youre looking for a change in your life and receiving training for future proof careers, this is the place to be.

Review №40

Good Material content and great teachers as well. They push you to succeed and it will be worth it in the end.

Review №41

There is no IT institution like TechFios. TechFios has an amazing curriculum that allows anyone from any background to learn topics like SQL and Java. The instructors work with you every step of the way to get you a successful software testing job. If you are looking to start a new career, Tech Fios is where you want to go!

Review №42

TechFios has very dedicated instructors with 100% job placement guarantees. They will work with each individual student based on their background.

Review №43

I like their trainers they are knowledgeable and friendly.the content of the course are really fabulous.

Review №44

Best place to get training which helps to start your career..Staff and the instructors are very helpful..

Review №45

Awesome! Instructors and Students work together toward the success of each other$

Review №46

Provides good training that helps obtain jobs in the current technology industry

Review №47

Very professional people and make you ready for profession.

Review №48

I am a current student and their trainers are outstanding!

Review №49

Excellent training and probably the best place within DFW!

Review №50

TechFios team is very helpful and dedicated. They are knowledgeable and they are always available when someone needs help.

Review №51

Get trained and hired ITS For Real :)

Review №52

Best computer classes. My teacher was super profesional and helpfull the most important thing is I get hired after the training.

Review №53

They have great it training service and helpful

Review №54

Great place. Helped us get a job!

Review №55

Best place in DFW if you want to get IT education and change your career, life.

Review №56

Very professional! I like their dedication and professionalism.

Review №57

Really interactive ! Love it !

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