Canton City School District Transportation Garage
2030 Cleveland Ave SW, Canton, OH 44707, United States
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I wanted to make sure that there was not a problem with my son riding home on the bus, the supervisor was very nice in explaining the situation.

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I am proud to say that this is my place of work

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Very peaceful and relaxing

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Great place to work

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There’s no such thing as a bus schedule. My son’s driver comes at anytime she wants; from very early to extremely late. If she comes early she doesn’t wait at all. She has left him on multiple occasions .If pick up time is 9:10am ;the bus should not arrive at 8:45, or 9:30. I would expect maybe a 5-10 minute deviation, nothing more or less. If I didn’t work a day job I would take him because CCS is too unreliable.

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They lady at the garage is very rude.... she I have to take a kid that is staying with me him and my son go to school together the principal has called I have called and they still refuses to let him 9n the bus

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I love my job!

Review №8

They never reprimand their drivers when do not write reports on your kid getting hit and a mark.

Review №9

We miss ( miss T ) best best bus driver ever always on time even on the first week of school when everything was hectic, always patient with the kids & parents, BRING HER BACK !!! Only if other drivers could follow in her foot steps it be a great bus service, .now our bus is always late at least by 20 minutes plus several times a week, never know who the bus driver is gonna be its always someone new, . Bus attendentas need to be on every bus since Thier so many issues, so disappointed in the city school bus garage alott of huge improvements need to be made and made immedaiatly !!! Praying for a miracle ...

Review №10

Worst transportation system I have heard of. In the 3 yrs my child has been in school there have been too many problems to count. Anywhere from dropping off a Kindergartner 20 min early in pouring down rain, thunder/lightening w/ no parent home, forcing a child to get off on the wrong stop even when the child tells them its not their stop, not showing up to pick them up at all(multiple times), substitutes running the route too early & not noticing/caring that more than half of the kids arent at the scheduled stops or taking 2+ hours to run a route, My daughter loves school, so when she is asking me if the bus is gonna show up & is she gonna be able to go to school, thats a problem,

Review №11

My little brother has to cross Harrison Ave Sw just to get to his bus stop. Even though the bus comes down our street.

Review №12

Since December 2011 I have had transportation with three of my children. My 10 yerar old started pre-school on a IEP so was eligible to be picked up/dropped off at home. Through these years, I have met many different pickup/drop off bus drivers/assistance between my 10, 5, & 4 years olds. My youngest two children are currently home pick up/drop offs and the bus driver (Rick) is a non social stick in the mud. Hes NOT the type of person to ask how did my kids do on bus or me saying, have a good weekend. I do like the bus assistant however I cant ask her anything since bus driver Rick is all about kids off.Today he came four minutes early as I am having a battle with my younger kids over socks then finding a missing shoe. My 10 year old was helping me and said to the driver hold on and a short word on what we were trying to accomplish. (Anyone who has two young kids and boys so close in age knows how mornings can be on the my sock isnt right, or the wonderful battle of Im not wearing that shirt, its not Paw Patrol!) So the driver takes off leaving my children. Yes he waited 4 minutes but he also came 4 minutes early. He didnt wait another minute..not taking it in consideration that this morning battles doesnt impact his schedule on a regular basis. We are ready before the bus comes.Here is what upsets me, he gets to my kids school 10 minutes early and has been told hes getting there too early and he still continues to drop my kids off early at school but yet he cant be patient for one morning?!?!?!I miss the drivers/Assistant from last year (busses 12/15).I cant express any of this to Rick since hes non social and calling the garage wont do no good so that leaves me with writing this review. If anyone else has similar issues now or in the past with this driver, please let me know.In conclusion: my 4&5 year old are just kids!! Dont drive a bus especially for unpredictable 3,4,&5 year olds if you cant be understanding or patient.

Review №13

Due to family emergency and the fact I had to work they would not let my grandson ride a different bus other than the one he was assigned to. Lady on the phone was rude, will not be voting yes on any future school levies.

Review №14

I’ve been trying to get ahold of them to ask if they can pick my daughter up for school at her daycare and nobody ever answers the phone. She has a week until school starts and no way to get to school.

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Work related no comment.

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Best career ever

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I work here

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I work there

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Just past through..

3.3 Rating
  • Address:2030 Cleveland Ave SW, Canton, OH 44707, United States
  • Phone:+1 330-456-6710
  • School bus service
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