A1 Allied Health Training Institute
231 Market St, Camden, NJ 08102, United States
A1 Allied Health Training Institute

Review №1

Oh gee where do I start... I am so grateful for all the time Mrs. Pat dedicated to us I mean when I look at all the work and time she puts in I cant even to tell you how appreciative I am for her. Thankfully I was a part of a very big and wonderful group who all worked together and helped each other out in so many ways I am so thankful to you all we did it together. Mrs Pat would always make sure we understood and answered questions when in doubt she is all about us doing well and passing our test. I highly recommend taking any courses with her and as soon as I get my certification I will be going back! Thank you Mrs. Pat for all you do.Sandra

Review №2

Mrs Pat is a great teacher☆☆☆☆☆ I could tell she loves being a nurse, teacher and sharing her knowledge with all of us. She made me feel comfortable and confident. I would recommend her classes to anyone out there!! Shes the best🌹❤

Review №3

Ms. Pat is a great instructor who keeps the class lively and does her best to make sure everyone in her class is successful. She is understanding and uses her own experiences to enrich your experience at her school. I would definitely recommend doing a program with her to a friend!

Review №4

Did my CNA classes here, Ms. Pat is great❤️

Review №5

Mrs. Pat is a wonderful instructor who explains everything Clearly and thoroughly. She takes the time to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of what is being taught before moving to a new topic. And the price of the program is unbeatable.

Review №6

I had learned so much from Ms. Pat when I had passed her class this year. Shes a great teacher, and she really do care for you to learn. Ms. Pat is very smart and educated, and she will drill in the knowledge that you seek for. Thank you so very much Ms. Pat for being the best teacher I ever had. Take Care

Review №7

I attended and completed the CNA class last year with Ms.Pat (the owner/our instructor). I learned so much and could not have had a better experience!. Ms. Pat made sure the class well rounded in everything we needed to become working professionals, as well as good people. I loved getting to know Ms. Pat on a personal level, she was funny and upbeat. She always built me up and made me feel confident in all my decisions inside and outside the classroom. I also attended the phlebotomy class here. I then attended a class here for my certification in CPR and First Aide. It’s amazing to have all these certifications and licenses in the health field and that is all thanks to A1 Allied and specifically Ms. Pat. I still keep in contact with Ms. Pat and would recommend anyone looking into the health field to contact A1.

Review №8

I did not take the class myself, but sent a student here from Hopeworks. I cannot begin to say enough good things about Ms. Pat, and how professional she is, how much she cares about her students success, and how patient she is. I would not hesitate to send another student to take one of her training programs. Another Hopeworks youth who attended an earlier CNA training program with Ms. Pat is already working in the field, and she also feels Ms. Pat is an excellent teacher.

Review №9

The best CNA schoolThey know what they preparing you forMs Patt she is amazing teacher I really recommend it

Review №10

I wish I could give this 10000000 stars. I completed the CNA program back in May. Listen to me when I tell you, Ms. Pat is the best out there! She is the type of instructor who educates you, but doesn’t bore you. She makes sure you know everything you need to know, but she doesn’t baby you. I aced her class, and passed both of my state exams on the first go. Working in the field, I have met a couple of people who know her. She is very widely known and respected. You will not regret attending A1 Allied Health Institute. Go for it!

Review №11

Ms.pat is a very disrespectful lady and they will TAKE YOUR MONEY. This is not a hate comment but this is a TRUE one. After my experience I’ve had multiple people tell me about her and similar experiences that I’ve had!!!!! I’m pretty sure she’s going to talk about me to her “class” like she did about the other girl who she said that she had a “smell” so she had to give her deodorant... why talk personal issues about someone to the public. I’m ashamed of even being apart of my of this class.

Review №12

Ms pat is an awesome teacher not only is she patient but she cares about her students and their future shes always there for extra help and guidance and her school very clean and shes an awesome teacher not only do I trust her I respect her as well and I know I would always be able to count on you thank you so much for being an awesome teacher and having the love care and patience with me and the rest of your students love youThai Jeffcoat

Review №13

ATTENTION All Persons looking to become CNA and Phlebotomists. Please reconsider and do not attend this school. This is not spam or hate for the school. This is a waste of money and a very unprofessional establishment. This school will charge you one thing and when your in it they charge you to take test and more hidden fees. The receptionist is poor with handling payments and she can never patch you through to the director or instructor. The Instructor doesn’t answer calls from employers when you are looking to start your Career. This school doesn’t even have job placement for its students. Just a place to dump your cash and get nothing out of it. Just an Opinion I witnessed up to you to do what you want with this information. Hope everyone looking to start a Career the best of Luck. Maybe this will get there attention.

Review №14

Im interesting in Phlebotomy course. HOW LONG DURING THE COURSE?

Review №15

I got my CNA license from MsPat back in 2011 and she was great. Very respectful and will help you in anyway possible. I am trying to get back there and take another one of her classes. I call everyweek to see if any updated information has been put out. I just wish the school would update the website with future class that way people who work could try to fix there schedule. Overall great place.

Review №16

Great school, Very Great Teacher ! She truly cares about her students . Great learning environment ! No complaints, going to try some more classes from Ms Pat & I encourage you too as well ! Highly recommended !

Review №17

Superior curriculum taught by a superior instructor that knows her stuff and genuinely cares about your success.

Review №18

I truly love Ms.Pat,,,,her teaching goes over and beyond....I am getting ready to start another class by her,,,😀😁

Review №19

Im currently going here and I must say I love it and I will be back ! #Ms.Patt

Review №20

I attend A1 Allied Health Training in Camden 2014 nothing but wonderful things to say about in from the clean environment to the well teaching from Mrs. Pat.

Review №21

Wonderful SchoolThanks Mrs. Pat 😘

Review №22

Mrs. Patt is the best.

Review №23

Thanks a lot ms pat.

Review №24

Great school !!

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