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Shammah Driving School

Review №1

I failed my first Road test because I was very nervous even though I knew how to drive perfectly. For my second attempt I took 2 hours of coaching from Cory and he was amazing!! He taught me how to pass the test, which is very different from knowing how to drive. I also booked my Road test appointments through them. Alexa was able to get me Road Test appointments in just a few weeks instead of waiting months on the RMV website. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for any amount of coaching or simply Road Test Bookings.

Review №2

Kori is great instructor and very patient as well. He guides you well. I had two classes with him and passed my exam

Review №3

Lucien is a fantastic instructor. I passed my test after just 1 lesson with him. His strategies and tips are easy to understand and he coaches you on all the steps that show up on the road test. Highly highly recommend!!

Review №4

I had a wonderful experience with Shammah driving school. It took me about 14 classes with multiple instructors and I passed the driving test on my second attempt. Having no prior driving experience, I feel significantly more confident on the road through the classes.Reflecting on my experience, some pointers below that may help:- Call them and book multiple classes in advance if possible. Their slots fill up quickly and they are usually booked 1-2 weeks out. Some instructors manage their own booking schedule, so they are difficult to reach during the day. So, getting a confirmed booking may be a challenge, but once booked, they follow up on it without issues.- Be on time for the classes. They are incredibly always on time, even during rush hours. Please be out and ready at your pickup spot to maximize your driving time. You drive the previous student to their drop-off spot, practice maneuvers, and then drive to pick up the next student, which maximizes your time on the road.- Their philosophy is learning by doing and I was a bit surprised to start driving in my first class! Some instructors are intense, be prepared for that. If you are doing well, they may say nothing. If you make a mistake, they will let you know what you did wrong and exactly how to fix it! It is an excellent simulation for the actual road test. So, don’t mind if you find the instructors strict, especially when you are just learning to drive. It is not personal and just helps make you a safer, more alert, and calmer driver on the road. Once you learn to stay calm in any situation on the road, the actual driving test will seem easy.- They help you schedule your road test with an RMV, and they sponsor the road test. Try to take a few classes just before your road test so things are fresh in your mind. Make sure all your details on the learner’s permit are correct (get them corrected beforehand), pay any outstanding dues on myRMV online, bring a filled-out road test application form, and the sponsor road test fee when you arrive for the road test. This makes the process smoother for everyone. Your validated learner’s permit acts as the driver’s license after 6 pm the day of your successful road test, while the actual license arrives by mail.

Review №5

These positive reviews got to be fake! If you want to learn how to drive, stay away from this place at all cost. If you want an old man to scream at you like a child during the whole lesson well welcome. This man is not professional at all, and he does not teach you specifically, he just make you drive everywhere without focusing on what you truly need to learn to be ready for the test. All he cares about is your money! If I could give zero stars I would. Worst instructor ever ! extremely unprofessional, he confuses teaching and screaming! what a shame!!! OH! I forgot to mention, he spends the whole lesson on the phone!

Review №6

I am so grateful for my experience! Alexa was amazing, friendly and patient. I called last minute for a road test sponsor and she made my experience pleasurable. I passed my test the first time and I’m so happy!!!

Review №7

Cory is a great instructor. Tamara is also great. Everyone is very nice. Learnt how to drive in 10 hours. Passed my first exam in Watertown. One thing to improve: communication is not great since people who book classes are also teaching, you have to be quite persistent when wanting to book driving hours since they end up forgetting that you texted them or replying late at night after their work day when you are not looking at your phone.

Review №8

Alex prepared me for the road test in a matter of few weeks, and I passed it the first time. She is very patient, and a great instructor. Highly recommended!

Review №9

Alex and Tamara were so nice! Great instructors and really understanding. So happy to have my license ayyyyyyye

Review №10

The value for the money is great. You get a full hour of driving for $50 (as of June 2021). However, my instructor appeared distracted during our session and was not clear with their directions. At times their advice was contradictory, as well.

Review №11

Honestly I dont know why this school has so many good reviews. The trainer/owner Lucien who came to teach me, didnt cover any basics or never explained anything in detail during the 2 lessons I took. He just use to shout and asked me to drive for an hour without explaining me anything. As a trainer I expected him to teach me from the basic and prepare me for the road test. However looking at his attitude it felt like he just wanted to make me take as many lessons as possible and mint money out of me. If you really want to learn then this is not the school for you.

Review №12

I was behind one of their drivers being instructed for about 3 miles today and they were doing 10 miles under the speed limit while riding their brakes the entire time so I’m gonna go ahead and say you probably shouldn’t get taught how to drive by these clowns

Review №13

1. Lucien has been in this business for years and tells you everything you need to know about passing the exam. I passed on my first try.2. He can come across as tough sometimes but you always know its coming from a good place. He is tough on so you now so the exam will be a breeze (7 minutes in the car, examiner was very chill). Come into the lessons with an open mind and ready to improve.3. I also liked that he can schedule your driving exam for you. Make sure to bring your permit to every appointment, especially on the day of the driving test.4. I highly recommend you book a class right before the exam. That way, a) The lesson is still fresh in your memory and b) You get an automatic ride to the RMV.

Review №14

Lucien guided me and taught me safe and smooth driving practices, and I got my license in my first attempt with Shammah Driving School! Lucien has wayyy better techniques and approaches than other schools. Would highly recommend!

Review №15

Lucien is a very talented instructor, and I had a very positive experience during the 10+ hours of driving lessons I had with him. I like the fact that I have driven with only a single instructor Lucien and did not have to deal with multiple instructors as is, in some schools. I basically had zero driving experience, but I did manage to pass my test after roughly 13 hrs of practice with him. He is a very pragmatic and won’t sugar coat your performance which, in a way can make you a better and a safe driver especially in Boston full of impatient drivers. One of the best quality is that 100% of the time he has been dot on-time. I highly recommend him.

Review №16

The best driving school there is! I took this test with Lucien 4 years ago for my license and it was amazing, and again with him with my girlfriend, absolutely amazing. Lucien communicates well and motivates people so that they’re not nervous and so that they’re prepped for the test. Love ya bro

Review №17

Lucien will make sure you know what you need to pass the test. Took couple of classes and he made sure I knew enough to pass the test easily. I have been dreading the road test and kept pushing it for 4 years and I passed at my first attempt. Great service! Highly recommend Lucien! Thanks! Elizabeth

Review №18

I’m flabbergasted this place got 4.5⭐️. We can’t be talking about the same driving school😳😳. I wish it was possible to rate them the lowest negative integer on the number line. These people only care about taking your money. RUN!!!!!

Review №19

I don’t know why he’s so highly rated but Lucien is a very bad instructor compared to other driving instructors I’ve had. He was very rude to me. I don’t know why some people said he brought their confidence higher, that’s actually why I chose this driving school in the first place but all he did was bring my confidence lower. He kept yelling at me and was very disrespectful to me and that made me uncomfortable the whole time I was taking lessons with him. Also he was texting and talking on the phone the whole time. Very unprofessional. The only good thing about him was that he was punctual.

Review №20

Took lessons and driving test through Lucien. Very helpful and earnest instructor. He is very direct about your driving mistakes and makes you perform the maneuvers until you get them right. Highly encourage people to go with shammah driving school.

Review №21

I dont know about these reviews, theyre probably his friends or something but my experience was just awful. I took classes with Lucien and he would tell me to go straight, back, left and right. When I asked him what I could do to get better he said just practice and no advice on how to get better. I also asked him what can I improve on, he did tell me i have to practice turns but he would never show me how to get better at turning, he would always point out my flaws and never explains how to become better.

Review №22

Dont waste your time searching for a great instructor in Cambridge. I tried many, but Lucien is the best!

Review №23

Lucien is the best trainer. He was very helpful to me. I passed my driving test in 1st attempt.Thanks Lucien ✌🏻

Review №24

If youre reading this Ill assume youre in need of driving lessons. Look no further, this is the school for you! Pricing is reasonable and flexible scheduling. I had Tim as an instructor and he was fantastic. Very calm and definitely knows his stuff. As a first time adult driver it was greatly appreciated. I just passed my road test on the first try and couldnt be happier. He was honest and thoughtful about how many lessons I needed and what I had to work on. Thanks Tim!

Review №25

Lucien is an amazing instructor! He is very calm and patient and focuses on what you need to keep practicing. As an adult learner, the service they provide fits perfectly in terms of class scheduling. They are very reasonably priced and have great learning cars. 100% recommend!

Review №26

Shammah Driving School is the best option for learning to drive in the Cambridge, MA area. Lucien is an outstanding teacher, and I improved every time I took a lesson with him. At 38 years old with almost no driving experience, I was able to pass the road test on my first try after taking about 12 lessons with Lucien. Im very grateful for Luciens help. I highly recommend Shammah Driving School!

Review №27

Very good experience. Lucien is always on time and is super helpful with driving tips and preparing for the driving test. He can be a little intense, so be prepared for that.

Review №28

After 8 years of struggle and lack of confidence to even try, Lucien guided and motivated me to be a go getter and I passed my road test at the watertown location! He is extremely calm while training and is definitely not one of those screaming guides who make learning to drive even worse. Scheduling is a little tough with him because he is so Best! He is the best instructor around Boston/Cambridge and trust me driving schools are pretty bad around since I have tried a few. He has reasonable pricing and is extremely flexible in terms of pick ups/drop offs and the class scheduling.

Review №29

I have just received my Mass Drivers license. I cant express enough how helpful and great it was to work with Lucien, who is a very patient and thorough instructor. I already had a foreign drivers license, but was unfamiliar with the way they test here in the US. Lucien gave me an 1 hour class right before the exam where he showed me all the little details I could improve upon and all the traps I could expect from the examiners (he knows all the ins and outs of them exam), and I passed on the 1st try. Furthermore in 5 minutes my parallel parking went from great to Flawless!I would definitely recommend anyone to work with Lucien from Shammah to prepare for their road test!

Review №30

Efficient training and attention to every little detail!

Review №31

Lucien is the greatest teacher you can have as a new driver. Really an amazing person. Thanks for the help.

Review №32

Lucien is a great instructor. I passed my test in first attempt itself with his guidance. Make sure you follow his instructions carefully.

Review №33

The instructor is so Best that you may find it difficult to talk to him, but once the schedule is done, it is really quick until you take your license.He teaches very well all the essential skills for driving.I and my husband was able to take the license after a few days he connected us.I strongly recommend this school.

Review №34

Lucian is a great instructor. He was strict when necessary and helped me with all of my questions. I took couple of lessons with him before my road test and I passed easily. I definitely recommend him.

Review №35

Lucien is a good teacher, took 7 lessons, passed the test in the first attempt. Coming from India, my challenge was to switch from right hand drive to left hand drive, and follow the rules of the road. Lucien helps you learn exactly what you have to know. Test was in Lynn, it went smooth. The whole process took less than 3 weeks from the day of the first class.

Review №36

I did two hours of refresher before taking the road test using Luciens car in Watertown. (I have a foreign driver license.) Lucien is a super useful instructor. His feedback is very precise and actionable, constructive and all relevant to the road test. The lessons were excellent simulations for the test. If he is not saying anything - it means that you are doing well! When you make a mistake or could do better, he tells you exactly how to fix it next time. It was a very good experience, which I recommend to others, especially to people with a foreign license who are looking to get the MA license.

Review №37

Lucien is an amazing instructor. Kind and patient, he makes you feel at ease behind the wheel. He really wants you to know the rules of the road, and tells you everything that is a must-know for the road test, and after taking lessons with him, you will surely be a much more confident driver! Thank you Lucien!

Review №38

I had a great experience. I first called a different school and was told that the first road test date available was more than 4 weeks away. I really needed a license quickly. So I called Shammah Driving school and Lucien made it possible for me to take the test only 2 weeks after I called him. I was so happy!

Review №39

Hi, Lucien is a very good teacher and a very patient person. I have never driven before and he taught me all the basics. We did about 10 lessons and also 1 session on a highway. He also helped setup my road test. I passed the test and got my license.Highly recommended!

Review №40

Lucien is a wonderful teacher. I took a few lessons with him to prepare for my road test. He was patient, pointed mistakes, and taught me good practices for driving. I was very prepared for the road test. I would recommed this driving school for anyone wanting to learn good driving or brush up before an exam.

Review №41

Waited for the instructor (Tim O) for about 40min. When he finally showed up he accused me of putting him in trouble because I called the office to ask where he was and then he told me he had to reschedule. Honestly, not sure what to think of this bizarre situation. (Tim O 1 star or none)UPDATE: took a class with Lucian today (sept 24) Amazing guy, super patient and very professional. 5 stars for Lucien and 1 star for the other guy.

Review №42

Shammah Driving school has excellent instructors. I started taking lessons on Monday and they got me a driving test for Friday, since, I only wanted to learn parallel parking. My instructor listened to me and gave majority time of my lessons to parallel parking. Thanks to his efforts, I passed my test. The school teaches to you with the most patient instructors who are ready to give you all the time you need. Thank you!

Review №43

The instructor is extremely patient and very kind. He doesnt make you nervous at all and in his own way lets you handle the car but keeps you in check. I would highly recommend this school.

Review №44

Lucien is an amazing teacher, he is there for you all the way, he is professional and patient. He encouges you to always be positive and it worked for me and i got my permit the first tempt. You wont regret once you work with him.

Review №45

I took 4 classes with lucien, he explianed very well and I passed exam in first attempt...Highly Recommended

Review №46

This is one of the most unprofessional companies I have ever experienced. I booked two sessions with the school (iunstructors name was Tim O.). For the first session, the instructor called me 10 minutes after our appointment saying that he will be half an hour late because the car had a problem with its breaks. He ended up being more than hour late; he also did not know the duration of the lesson I had booked. Suffice to say I cancelled both appointments. The instructor messaged me begging for a second chance and promising that they are very professional and that it would not happen again so I decided to give them another chance and keep my second appointment which was today at 12:00. It is now 1:05pm and no sign of Tim. I have messaged and called several times and there is no response. I called the company and they claim they cannot reach Tim and that do not know where he is.

Review №47

Highly recommend Lucien - he was very accommodating around my last minute request for help with a road test, and ably guided me to be able to pass on the first attempt.

Review №48

Wonderful instructor, very helpful and friendly. I passed my road test after one lesson!

Review №49

Lucien taught me how to drive and helped me get my license. He is a great teacher and a good guy.

Review №50

Lucian is the best teacher.And he is nice person also.he is understand your aurgency also..i like teaching skill...He is the best...

Review №51

Dont know why those fake reviews. Call them you will find out yourself.

Review №52

License = Shammah Driving school; Lucien has helped me along with 2 other students on passing the exam & getting the license. Honorably great school & highly recommended

Review №53

Lucien is amazing!!!!I have no words how to describe him... His so professional, patient and kind he also has a great heart he always help his students in so many waysim so happy to have had the opportunity to learn to drive with him, he helped me to face my fears now i have my drivers licenseThank you Luicien God bless you alwaysSolineia Pierce

Review №54

He was tough on me but that made me pass the test on the very first attempt. Thanks alot five stars for service and instructions.

Review №55

Lucien is the best teacher, the best Of the best, gentle, patient, kind, lucien may God continue blessings to you and your family.#XOXO, i higher recommends Lucien is the best...

Review №56

Best instructor! Highly recommended

Review №57

Knowledgeable, patient and professional instructor.

Review №58

Very helpful and friendly instructor !!!

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