Ann Bremer Education Center
6601 Xylon Ave N, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428, United States
Ann Bremer Education Center

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Went to grade school here when it was Edgewood Elementary. 72 to 76. Loved it

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Absolutely disgusting environment, I am a couple years late, but I would never set foot in this place again. Most of the teachers were really over the top mean and treated us like toddlers.

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I just felt like a herded sheep the whole time. The “shepherds” were despicable teachers, who seemed to have an arousal for their positions of power. They were condescending, arrogant, (some seemed even racist), just overall, it was a playground for these snakes who led the students like sheep, where the slaughter would’ve been my soul. Had I not left, I could’ve been made so corrupt, so irredeemable, my soul could’ve been lost forever.This being said, there are a select few staff members who really deserve something more than this. Some flickers of light in this shadow. It was hard finding these select few, but these better people deserve more than this purgatory. But overall, my original point of this place stands steadfast.

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Ann Bremer is a racial profiled school, where teachers treat you different. “ And always want to act like their in a competition. At my stay at Ann Bremer I’ve seen Teachers spend their days gossiping, and whispering in each other’s ears, Where they pretend like they want to uplift each other . The students are amazing and administrators are pretty nice, but I honestly have to say As a African and American girl working their I was the only one who got treated different .Not that I’m saying there wasn’t any African American workers there because they were, but they were working in another areas . “where I spend my days being the only girl in the classroom working as a African and American . “The teachers there are cruel they pretend to be nice at first but they later go behind your back and gossip .Ive worked for many schools in the past and never have I ever seen such thing in what I’ve seen in Ann Bremer in Brooklyn park in district 287. I strongly believe the teachers there are unprofessional and rude . If any one is ever trying to apply for this school please make sure you know what your settling for thank you .

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They really care about their high needs students. I never see a mad face from the staff. They are always eager to help and treat the students like anyone else they see in their lives.

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A waste of time. All students are 18 or older and yet they still have to be followed by a staff to go between classes. Most days staff are unorganized in keeping track of students. The list goes on.

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I want to try it !

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