ABBA Driving Academy
5002 Ritchie Hwy, Brooklyn Park, MD 21225, United States
ABBA Driving Academy

Review №1

Shajuania is a fantastic instructor she gave us all of the information in great detail for my drivers improvement class as well as making sure we finished on time. The curriculum was taught clear and concise and very easy to understand. I highly recommend ABBA driving school my experience here was absolutely what I needed it to be.

Review №2

I had called them on short notice to renew my drivers license. Very impressed with the fast and friendly services and the communication expressed was very helpful towards me passing the drivers test. Thank you for having me on such short notice. Well continue to recommend to everyone

Review №3

Great driving school! Everything is by the book and they are very helpful with teaching you.

Review №4

I wanted to share my experience with ABBA Driving Academy I really loved everything from how Tiara,Karen, and Ms. Stovall taught to how much fun it was learning everything I needed to know about being a safe driver. There was never a dull moment of just sitting there being lectured because each of those three ladies always included the class. They even made my coach feel very welcomed and my coach was even telling me how much she enjoyed being there and gaining the knowledge that she will now apply to her driving skills. If I could rate them I would give them 100/10. I look forward to getting my drive time on!!

Review №5

I highly recommend abba driving academy. The instructors are awesome. I really enjoyed coming to class and learning and having all my questions answered. The teaching methods are great and very knowledgeable

Review №6

Tiara is an amazing driving instructor! She’s in no rush to get you out and she explains everything clearly and easy. She has great communication and will help you when needed. I really had a great time in that class and wished I was there longer to understand and remember more about driving (even tho I passsed) I liked we get breaks in the middle of class, I like the laughs we had, and Tiara just has an amazing personality. Couldn’t ask for a better driving instructor.

Review №7

Took DIP class with was surprisingly painless LOL and I learned ALOT...Thank you Mrs. Stovall!

Review №8

The teachers were really cool and my in class hour requirements were over before i knew it

Review №9

My son still waiting for the call back and i can see the going to call him for the next year..

Review №10

Wanted to share an awesome experience with ABBA Driving Academy I really Loved Ms. Stovalls amazing way of teachingAnd Karen was also really helpful and a great instructor would give 6 stars if I could!!

Review №11

Ms. Stovall is amazing she is very respectful she will answer what ever questions you have. Her goal is to make sure you have what you need to pass that test and to be a good responsible safe driver. If you are looking for driving school I recommend you go here. She makes her classes fun. And she will call on you to make sure you re taking in everything. I really appreciate her and her staff.

Review №12

It was a very nice experience

Review №13

Everything was amazing!!! They answered every question I had.....My teacher was amazing, Ms.Tiara helped me to understand everything she had taught !!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Review №14

Very good place to learn, instructor is very patient with you, professional. Edited: they lack communication, I always have to call themto figure out when they’re going to take me driving & I been passed the driving course in December and here it is almost June and I still don’t have all my behind-the-wheel sessions. They blame everything on “covid” but it should NOT take almost 6 months ..

Review №15

Really good school with amazing teachers :)

Review №16

Mrs. Stovall is just an amazing and kind teacher. She helps a lot of people and the experience is just awesome. I like how they offer morning and evening classes because some people dont have the time in the morning so they chose to take classes in the evening. She is very good at clarifying things and her stories are entertaining.

Review №17

Was very unprofessional, did not stay in contact at all and didn’t answer any calls or emails. Had to come into their place of business to confront them.

Review №18

Went for DIP classes. Amazing instructor . Would definitely, highly recommend . They also handle tag & title services and they are FAST.

Review №19

The driving instructor was very professional and attentive to all students, I felt very comfortable attending this class. I would recommend this class to persons of all ages who needs to attend drivers education, the best class around.

Review №20

Ms. Stovall was very patient & she explained everything thoroughly. I enjoyed being in her class, & I would 100% recommend studying here.

Review №21

It is a great way to start driving, relay helped me start as a miner.

Review №22

One of the best driving schools out there, not only do they help you with learning how to drive. They aslo take the time and patience to help students understand the concepts behind looking for

Review №23

This school is the best school! Learned everything I needed to and the teacher was great 👍

Review №24

This is the driving class you want and need! You will feel confident! they will make you feel comfortable when answer all questions you have, there are no dumb questions if theres anything on your mind, I told him from day one that Im not good with us and I found out today that I pass! Class is Fun the course its very interesting and you more conscious I want youre doing while youre in the vehicle and being a safe driver.5 stars

Review №25

Very detailed information. Fun experience easy learning

Review №26

Everything was explained well. Also the attitude was always joyful. I highly recommend coming here you will pass efficiently and with alacrity. The dynamics of the education is gone over well. Be a good noodle

Review №27

Best driving school ever

Review №28

This was a very fast, and easy learning experience for me. Even during COVID-19, I was able to be fully prepared for driving on the road. Inexpensive as well; highly recommend!

Review №29

Love it!! The People are very welcoming and you can tell they are good people by the vibes and good energy when you’re walking in the building.. They have given me a better understanding of driving and the safety and I believe they helped me improve my skills for when I start driving!!!

Review №30

After two weeks, I can say that i made the right choice with ABBA. Quick and painless, will definitely refer to friends. Thanks Teach!

Review №31

Great school, I loved my teacher. It was a fun but also very educational learning experience. Time flew by and honestly it didn’t even feel like 2 weeks. I 100% recommend everybody to come here.

Review №32

I love this school! Mrs. Stovall is the best teacher ever. They make everyone feel included and are so funny and easy to get along with. I didnt just make friends with the other students-I made friends with my instructor as well! 10/10 would recommend to everyone wanting to learn.

Review №33

ABBA is a great driving academy. They have nice, informative instructors, take the time to answer questions and actually care about their students learning and driving. They offer classes during the week and weekends which was perfect for me and they really work with your schedule. A great place to learn how to drive correctly.

Review №34

Has been a great experience through the entire time. I learned a lot and had a good time doing it. All the classes were well paced and had enough small talk and lighthearted conversation to keep the subject matter interesting. I definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great driving school.

Review №35

This was a fun and enjoyable class. I was able to effectively and efficiently learn. The practice we do in here REALLY helped for the final exam I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

Review №36

I had appointment for dip class nobody answers phone and didnt contact me for zoom class took another day off work for nothing thanks Tina King

Review №37

Mrs.Stovall was very nice and funny as our instructor and the class was pretty fast, I learn a lot. They will be seeing my 3 teens soon.

Review №38

It was so wonderful to do the classes online the instructor were amazing in patience and and excellent with students thanks for all they did

Review №39

Great atmosphere and teachers are really determined to make sure students pass. They have helped me with my anxiety with driving and made sure I knew everything I need to know for the test. I would totally recommend this school for any new driver.

Review №40

Ms Stovall was excellent she taught the lesson for you to comprehend everything that she was teaching. Anyone look for a good driving school this is the place to be very flexible, I enjoyed my time here.

Review №41

Abba driving academy was absolutely amazing 😎It was very informative and I learned a lot from the class. I highly recommend this driving academy over all others! You will not be disappointed!

Review №42

Had a great 2 week in class experience with Ms.Stovall very family friendly one stop shop can not wait to schedule my behind the wheel driving with them

Review №43

Thanks ABBA Driving Academy for a job well done. Great information Instruction Jordan. I will also be receiving my certification.

Review №44

Absolutely love this school! I learned a lot. It was very educational and fun. Everyone was very nice and I would most definitely recommend for people to go there.

Review №45

Very fun and you will learn everything you need. Not boring because the instructors make it fun and not just lecture . For example, games with answers that will improve your knowledge. Very flexible with payments and missed day make ups

Review №46

They are amazing. Thanks guys I really appreciate you all❤️

Review №47

Had a pleasant experience with the driving school can not wait to return with my car paperwork to use the tag and title service that Ms.Stovall also offers

Review №48

Had a great experience here! The staff is easy to talk to, they are flexible and understanding. They are affordable and I would 100% recommend coming here for driving classes!

Review №49

My experience was amazing! I felt like family during the two weeks and I learned plenty about how to stay safe, responsible and minimize risk while driving!♥️

Review №50

This school was wonderful from beginning to end. Mrs jordyn is a awesome teacher. She makes the class fun while showing you what you need to know. Highly recommend.

Review №51

Glad I chose this academy! You learn everything you need and more!!

Review №52

My experience at this driving school has been really great. I loved how interactive and engaging the staff are. Every instructor has a different teaching style and they make sure that you understand the lessons.

Review №53

It was great attending abba driving school. Fun and educational at the same time and did I mention affordable!

Review №54

It was a great time. I learnt a lot. The instructor was really friendly and great

Review №55

ABBA is really a great place. They have a wonderful staff that will give all the knowledge you need and more. And special thank you to Jordyn for being the best teacher ever!~Avery

Review №56

I loved it....if you want to learn to drive without pressure this is the place to go and to be..Thank you so much Ms. Stovall @ABBA Driving Academy 🥰

Review №57

I finished my driving class last week. I attended the pm class . My instructor was amazing and i loved her teaching skills. I learned something new everyday. I enjoyed coming to class just to see what i got on my quiz. I passed my final with an 96% !!! I also took my learners the third day of driving school and passed the first time. I would recommend anyone that like a family oriented environment to take there class.

Review №58

I really enjoyed driving school because of the teaching style! Mrs. Stovall did a wonderful job teaching and keeping the class interesting and interactive. I heard several stories about boring driving schools, but I can really say that ABBA driving academy is the opposite. Definitely will recommend them to everyone!!

Review №59

The instructors at Abba Are friendly and knowledgeable. They truly care of you pass the test. They are mva certified and offer tag and tile service as well. They offer morning and evening classes and will work with you. My son had the flu and I couldnt attend my class for two weeks... They just picked up where I left off with another class and I continued where I left off. This is indeed a place you want to go for your drivers education portion of of getting your license.

Review №60

This driving school is really good they have a very positive attitude all the time. I would recommend this school.Plus excellent service!!

Review №61

I had a very wonderful experience and the staff went out of their way to make sure we all understood what driving was all about and the rules that we had to adhere to especially Dr Jefferson who gave us daily quiz that comes in a delicious package ( which my daughter loved). Thank you and God bless

Review №62

Very friendly atmosphere. I was engaged the entire time and I loved the energy given from the teacher. So thankful I chose to go here!

Review №63

Thankful and grateful that I picked this place to come to they treat you like family and are understanding, class was never boring I hope you make the decision to come here!!!!!

Review №64

ABBA Driving academy is awesome!! Great staff that engages students in the curriculum. Highly recommended to anyone learning how to drive regardless of age

Review №65

Awesome staff. All instructors were kind and knowledgeable. Great for any new or experienced (but unlicensed) drivers.

Review №66

This was the best experience, they make you feel comfortable n make sure you are understanding the content, BEST CHOICE TO MAKE 😁‼️

Review №67

Class was great and never boring with Jordyn! Thankful to have had such and energetic and helpful teacher😁

Review №68

My honest review on this School is more then what I expected. I really recommend this school because it shows you everything what you need to know especially if you are a first time driver. If you came in with any doubts about driving best believe when you come out you will know and be prepared for the mva . Everyone was really nice. Thank you to my instructer jordyn and Dr jefferson.

Review №69

Really nice environment. Super helpful :)

Review №70

Amazing class. Met new people that are nice . Hope to get other people here.

Review №71

It was a wonderful experience Ive learned alot in the past two weeks...I definitely recommend anyone to attend😊😊

Review №72

Great driving academy. Learned a lot. Mrs.Stovall is a great teacher

Review №73

I just love this academy I learn a lot all are so kind and fun loving I m so happy to have learn for this academy miss you Miss Jorden 😘😘😘

Review №74

They helped me out a lot an great place to go the teachers are fantastic and they definitely put us students 1st

Review №75

Very good teaching skills and very respectful

Review №76

Great school ! My instructor is the best (Dr.Jefferson)! Always made sure we understood our lessons .would recommend. This school for the best learning experience.

Review №77

This is the best driving school. I highly recommend this driving school to everyone I know. The instructors are very polite professional and very helpful with everyone and everything. Wonderful in everyway.

Review №78

This is a great place to get prepared to drive safely and confidently. The class is very interactive which makes the information easy to learn.

Review №79

I loved doing my schooling here. Ms. Jordyn was my instructor. She was AMAZING!! I would recommend this driving school to anyone and everyone!!! 100000000 stars for y’all. :)

Review №80

Mrs. Stovall made driving education fun, interactive and very informative. She was very knowledgable on every topic and offered real life examples to make learning easy for students with no background on driving what so ever. The class was always clean and safe. Would hight recommend for all ages, young and old!

Review №81

Its been a very fun experience better than the last driving school Ive been to.

Review №82

Fast paced, gets all the info across clearly. really fun environment!

Review №83

I really enjoyed myself in ABBA Academy! Everyone was friendly and I learned a lot of info. I highly recommend ABBA driving academy to everyone! ❤️

Review №84

Its a great place to learn i would send anyone here who needs to do driving school or drivers improvement good luck n thanks

Review №85

Mrs. Stovall did an amazing job teaching us what to do and what not to do while driving. It was a very enjoyable time and do not regret choosing Abba Driving Academy.

Review №86

Best Driving School Ever Loved Everything About It Comfortable Environment And Miss Jordyn Is The Best 😊😊

Review №87

This driving academy is literally the best ! They make it they’re priority to ensure that you pass, they don’t accept anything less and the class is actually fun lol Thank you again Mrs. Stovall & Ms. Driggins ♥️

Review №88

I have nothing but postive things to share about this school. The educators are very dedicated and very informational. Very friendly. Prices are reasonable. Definitely recommend.

Review №89

I really enjoyed my time at this driving school. Jordan is a great teacher and she keeps everyone engaged in the lessons. I recommend this driving school to anyone.

Review №90

Great place to learn the ins and outs of driving! All of the teachers are Amazing in their own different ways yet still manage to get the info to stick with you Would recommend.

Review №91


Review №92

BEST DRIVING SCHOOL EVER !!!!!!! They’re so patient and they work with you to get you to understand. they have amazing methods and I would recommend that you make sure you go to the class with Ms.Jordan and Mrs. Stovlef ( sorry spelled her name wrong ) because they’re the best. The energy is amazing they connect with you, they listen, they help. All in all like your best friends but also your mom. When it comes down to it they will help you succeed.

Review №93

Great place to learn and enjoyed my experience here definitely would recommend this place for anybody that’s trying to learn how to drive and a great teacher I might add

Review №94

Very good driving school! Make the classes very engaging and fun for everyone!

Review №95

Had a amazing experience and teacher. Thanks for everything. If you need to go to driving school this is the place

Review №96

My experience at Abba was a successful experience,. I enjoyed the learning and driving with Ms Jordyn and Ms Stovall. You will definitely learn how to drive and you will have fun learning

Review №97

Wonderful teachers,intriguing lessons, good learning environment. Highly recommend using ABBA Driving academy.

Review №98

This has beeen the best learning experience i have ever had the environment was friendly and fun this is the place to be when it comes to learning now that i past my wife is next cant wait.

Review №99

Class was very helpful and i learned everything i needed to know about driving i feel like i can be a confident driver after taking this course

Review №100

This school is top notch, I had a great time and definitely recommend it to everyone.

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