Brentwood Road Test
50 Grand Blvd, Brentwood, NY 11717, United States
Brentwood Road Test

Review №1

It was a very good experience.. I passed the test.. Examiner 856 you are the best.. The place is a good place for road test.. I really recommend

Review №2

This location is horrible as soon as we got in the car he had a attitude and makes rude comments, wish I could give zero stars there not clear with directions and overall rude, he failed me within the first 10 seconds over his mistake giving me directions. if you want to pass do not take a road test here.

Review №3

I had examiner 858 and it was the worst experience of my life. she constantly told me i was driving too slow for her and when it was time for me to parallel park, she told me to line up with a car that was parked the wrong way on the street. a little challenge, fine. but as i was parking, i noticed there was no curb and a tree with roots that were making the grass curved, so it was basically impossible to parallel park it. obviously i hit the grass, and that automatically failed me. it was completely unfair, but i blame it on the DMV workers being miserable with their lives because i would’ve passed if it wasn’t for that. not even the best driver can park in a situation like that perfectly.

Review №4

This place is a residential area. There are a lot ALL WAY STOP otherwise everything good. The roads are wide and if you are confident, you will pass. Just drive normal and be cautious on the steps. Dont Hurry.

Review №5

Today was my road test. I had a middle aged woman, dark brown hair examiner ID 919. She was very nice, respectful and clear on instructions. She did not make me nervous whatsoever. I heard other people have had bad experiences here but I’m happy I got a respectful and calm examiner as that’s how they should all be to make the driver feel comfortable. She asked how I was and when she left she said “you did a good job, have a nice day.” Thankfully I passed my road test and you can too! :)

Review №6

Before I had my road test, I read some reviews amd I was terrified I almost rescheduled. But getting there, I met a lady I think 858, she was amazing so I think it’s the way you approach your examiners, it matters a lot because they are people too.

Review №7

I just took my road test today with the nastiest instructor ever. literally wrote me up for things that made no sense. told me i needed to stop in the middle of the intersection to make a left turn. like do you WANT me to get hit by a car?? kept nagging me and asking me “do you know where you’re supposed to be looking sweetheart?” very condescending. making unnecessary comments and not noticing when i corrected small mistakes. wrote me up for everything even though she specified in the beginning of the test if i fix my mistakes it will be fine. never coming back here again.

Review №8

Horrible place to take the road test. Rude instructor. Horrible time. Would not recommend. Very rude instructed shouted many timesExaminer: 858

Review №9

DO NOT TAKE YOUR ROAD TEST HERE! A larger old woman was my instructor, when I stopped at the 4 way intersection at the beginning of the road test there was no one else there so I began to drive. Someone theb blew their stop sign while O was in the middle of the intersection, tye instructor screamed at me and told me to bring the car back to the start. Very unprofessional, I didnt even get the chance to take the road tes spend your $10 on anything else just dont go here.

Review №10

Super quick, passed here on the first try after taking it and failing the test a few times at Patchogue. Examiner ID 920 was very kind and professional - the nicest examiner I have had in my experience!

Review №11

My test coordinator was a lovely lady, her number was 401 and at the end of the test she gave me advice on something light I could improve on and I passed.

Review №12

Horrible, they get too scared with everything you do, they say you dont check the mirrors even though you did. This people cant be examiners if theyre so scared to drive, my husband went there twice, he drives and parks better than me and he failed because he fails to check surroundings, when he was doing everything correctly. Dont take it here.

Review №13

I had examiner 520 she was nice but seem to get annoyed more and more every time she felt I messed up and I feel that this place grades very harshly When the test was over she handed me my receipt and got out without telling me if I failed or passed and without a chance to ask about how it went and the receipt was filled with grades i didn’t understand they should at least go over how they graded and what they took points off for instead of just leaving me completely confused. I also used an instructor from precision driving school to give me lessons the weeks before the test and took me the day of to the test. He was also completely confused by the grading and said even stated how what she wrote sounded nothing like my driving and was was confused about how I could’ve failed so badly leaving me to believe that Brentwood is just very harsh with the grading

Review №14

Worst experience ever I was really nervous and they were a lot cars around me and te instructor was rushing me to get in to the car.

Review №15

If you have a older lady with white long hair kinda looks like Ms.truchable from Matilda … Go ahead and set up another road test . Miserable, not good energy, and was completely livid when she couldn’t figure out her way out the car because of the 2020 Audi handles .

Review №16

This is a good place for Road testall examiner is good person....

Review №17

The examiners aren’t as bad as the other reviews make it out to be. Something I saw quite often is the testee doesn’t drive themselves to the site. DRIVE YOURSELF THERE! It will help you gain confidence and will put you in the right state of mind. The roads are mostly residential, so practicing around the area should help. Get there early and take deep breaths before you start.

Review №18

The address that DMV provides is wrong, people are rude. No room for discussion to learn. Terrible experience

Review №19

Great, they were very nice.

Review №20

I just finished my road test and It was very professional. I read all of the other reviews before my test and I had a completely different experience. This is after Quarantine so maybe it has improved. I also had examiner ID 920 and she was awesome. She didnt have any attitude and communicated clearly.

Review №21

Just took my road test here because many people said the people were nice and the test is easy. However, I had an older woman grading my test and she yelled at me a lot. When i was trying to parallel park, she yelled at me multiple times to look behind me when I was. It made me a lot more nervous and I apologized for being nervous and she said “it’s not you being nervous, it’s you not listening and not paying attention.” She had absolutely no patience and was extremely rude. I didn’t get to complete the test and when I parked back to the curb, she yelled at me once again and mocked me. How old are you mocking a much younger person than you?? Unbelievable. I’m not upset that I failed, I’m upset because of very poor attitude.

Review №22

UPDATE: I went back here today and got a different instructor. She was the most patient person and let me correct my parallel park when I didnt get it the first time. I finally passed with her!I got the infamous lady with long white hair on my road test. Yelled at me that shaking my head is not an answer when she asked me the standard COVID questions and proceeded to yell at me over everything single thing during the test. Shes a very sad human being. She ended up failing me and took 40 points off in the last 5 minutes of the test because I yielded to a car that I apparently wasnt supposed to. I hope she gets some kind of therapy soon or finds a job that actually makes her happy, because her taking her issues out on other people is not a good look for her or the DMV.

Review №23

Test was really easy. A few left and right turns, 3 point turn, parallel park.. the end. And btw, for those having a difficult time finding the place, the address is 50 Grand Blvd. Left hand side as you come around the left turn. Green signs are posted along the curb.

Review №24

Its good

Review №25

Horrible, very un proffesional.

Review №26

I took my road test this morning in this place, it was the old lady with the white hair, she acts like she is always mad and hates her job, she should retire or find something else to do. She is awful as a person, makes you more nervous what you actually are. I passed my road test, but she made me have a bad time there today.

Review №27

I just took the test here. Had a situation before the test not saying what happened. The instructor was really nice and made me feel comfortable. She had a bun in her hair. But overall she was nice. Everyone you have to be respectful and nice.

Review №28

Black haired lady whined that its too cold out for her to wait for me to grab my permit then as we head into the card demands the windows to be open because shes boiling and muttered under her breath before we started the test.. So unprofessional as she tried to argue with my father beforehand. Dont take the test here. Try Hicksville or Wantagh

Review №29

In and out within 5min. Instructor was cute and down to earth

Review №30

Made good timing, arrived 45 mins early and was in by my scheduled time no issue. Instructor was respectful and professional. I personally had an instructor that was being overseen as she was training, and had no problem with that. both were very professional and critical within reason. If you are confident and have had practice, the test should be fairly easy.

Review №31

Awful experience. Very unprofessional instructor, old lady started off with an attitude as soon as she got a good morning. She should be retired, not doing this..

Review №32

I took my uncle here for his road test. The examiner was very rude. She had an attitude. He was cleaning his side mirrors because of the rain and fog. He was done, but She told him come on hurry up, we don’t have all day. It’s like from the start of the road test she decided to fail him. My uncle already has his license, international driver (Canadian). He’s been driving for many years, 35 years. If I could I would give this place 0 stars. Maybe there was just something wrong with examiner (examiner ID 920).

Review №33

Good place

Review №34

They do not know how to treat people there is a super bad lady and she treats you badly and yells at you how unbearable the lady they say is the worst in that place

Review №35

The only person with good customer service skills is the lady taking your information. I was there this morning with my daughter who was super nervous. She failed and it is what it is. Her examiner (#922) had the audacity to throw the car registration onto the floor when she got out of the car. I knew only after we had driven away. If you don’t like people then don’t work with people. If someone didn’t do well you don’t have to be an evil Neanderthal. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!

Review №36

I extremely disappointed due to very rude attitude of examiner ID 920. She abused her position. Fail or pass does not matter since it is part of the trainingbut examiner’s insulting behavior with seniors matters to me.DMV management should make sure quality of service to the public and appoint good professionals.

Review №37

I like the area. However there was a glitch so I have to go back.

Review №38

My Son took his test her twice. First with the old lady with the long white hair. He didnt even make it out of the lot because of poor direction. Then she stated to me that he didnt even signal when he left,. I replied to her I was watching and the signal was on, maybe they should video tape these test. The second time was with the old man, he failed him because he didnt parallel park well so he cant give him a license. What does that even mean? This place is a scam, after talking with some other parents on site where some have been there 3-4 times they never seem to pass here! AVOID IT!!!

Review №39

Person my child had was not to people friendly. Other instructors look way nicer.

Review №40

The lady with the white hair is so mean

Review №41

The DMV examiners were professional.

Review №42

I passed my road test at Brentwood by the grace of God and it was pretty good experience. Test Inspector was very polite. He checked documents and said start by turning right whenever you will ready. He also mentioned don’t hit curb or anything else. I was very afraid due to bad reviews about Brentwood ny but to be honest if you are good driver then no one can fails you.Best of luck for your road test.

Review №43

Amazing!! Very good instructor!

Review №44

How can I make an appointment to take a road test ?

Review №45

I failed my test thats what the experience was

Review №46

It was smooth just be nice they very helpful and when it comes to rules they picky but still they want to make sure nobody gets hurt kind a empathy with them so I understand them anyway all instructors they cool they experienced and I learned a lot today, never judge book by cover, to me great area to take driving test.

Review №47

My mother went twice and failed. She has been a driver for a bit now. She does not really speak English very well. The 1st time, the lady did not even leave the corner, put her to park right there and failed her. The 2nd time, the lady with the long white hair started off with a really nasty attitude and told her is English only. Took her around and kept getting her nervous by talking rudely throughout the entire process. She will not be going here again for a 3rd try. I truly believe this place Is out to make DMV a lot of revenue by failing people. Is a shame they start you off by being rude just to fail you.

Review №48

Nervous and scad and you get an instructor who is heartless a lady who starts out mean before your test even starts. She should not be in the field so if you go to that site beware if you get her you probably will fail. Big tall lady don’t even take it ask for someone else unless you want to fail. Beware maybe the DMV should check out who is trying to help people but has no compassion

Review №49

I know that others have had less than favorable experiences here, but I had zero issues. Because of this, I give them 5 stars.

Review №50

A little difficult to find with provided instructions. It is just a line, where parents waiting for their children have to stand out in the weather, but they had a good system and the examiner was nice.

Review №51

There is an old lady with long hair,becareful with her because she is a real &&nt...she is straight up nasty and with an been warned.

Review №52

The roads were very tight and apparently i had poor judgement when stopped at a stop sign and the cars were no where near me when i started to make my right turn and the instructor said “if we went, then they would have had to slow down” and they were no where near us. i was in the middle of the parallel park and a car came up behind me, honked, and didn’t go around because the road was so tight. don’t recommend going here. taking it again in patchogue in two days. people say that it’s much better there. don’t take your road test at brentwood. the instructors were very rude. my driver’s ed instructor said i was a fantastic driver, as did my parents. so, don’t go to brentwood.

Review №53

If I could give this location zero stars, I would. Do yourself a favor and take your test in Centereach if you want to actually get your license. When I took my road test here in December, the examiner was complaining that I wasn’t in the drivers seat, which I didn’t know was required and the driving school I was taking the test through didn’t bother telling me. I get to the end of the road, you can turn left into a parking lot or right onto the street, so I assumed right since the examiner said nothing and I was correct. The line of cars waiting was in the middle of the street, so I thought they were waiting for the stop sign, the examiner flipped out because they weren’t. Then she asked me to do a three point turn, a cop with his lights and sirens came behind me, I pulled over. She asked what I was doing. Then during the turn, another cop came obstructing my view, so I couldn’t see anything and she complained about me staring in front of the car too long. Then towards the end, I made a right turn and she hit the drivers ed brake in the middle of it, saying I was going to “hit those cars”. While pointing at the curb. The end was my fault, but everything else was because the examiner was terrible. I just passed my third test in Centereach on Wednesday and it has much better examiners.

Review №54

The instructors are bitter and will make up things just to fail you. I made one shaky turn and couldnt attempt anything else because the instructor told me to just go back. and failed me without letting me fully complete the test.

Review №55

Do not let a old lady that should be retired go into your car. before i even started the test she was a bit..h. i did not have one thing filled out and she didnt let me sign it on the spot. She is straight up rude and shouldnt be working there period.

Review №56

Took my test there today this morning at 9 am. It was quicker and easier than i’d thought it be, i was nervous for no reason. The examiner did seem a little serious but she meant well. Its literally a few turns, paralell park, 3 point turn and thats the test,Automatic pass. Was way worth it than the patchogue road test. I failed it there first time i took the test, but brentwood definitely recommend it.

Review №57

Horrible, I had an old lady that criticized me for for being even the tinest bit off of looking left and right and exaggerated my flaws. Never taking it there ever again.

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Review №59

They were harsh but reasonable, very educational, the instructor let me know everything I needed to work on, would recommend

Review №60

Unlcear reasoning for failure.

Review №61

Worst instructor and experience there nothing butArrogant nit pickers and they talk to you like your garbage. I was not relaxed in fact i was on edge 24/7. Horriable roads giant pot holes and other obstructions in the road. You people need a whole new and YOUNGER staff of employees

Review №62

The lady’s they are always mad

Review №63

Difficulty to find

Review №64

People there are so rude

Review №65

The instructions fail you on the tiniest little things and make you feel like garbage. Theyre all miserable cause their job is terrible

Review №66

Driving instructors have terrible attitudes

Review №67

Brentwood is the worst place to do your road test, they fail everybody that they dont know and pass everyone that they do know. Instructors only spend 5 second and turn you back around

Review №68

Horrible place, no matter your driving skills just hope the instructor is having a good day Because otherwise u will fail all depends on these disgusting peoples mood

Review №69

Shittiest place to give a road test

Review №70


Review №71

Instuctor very snappy, failed almost immediately.

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Review №73

Difficult to find

Review №74


Review №75

Examiner 859 very rude not professional

Review №76

Very professional and friendly the person who followed me in my test

Review №77

It was very good today to take the exam

Review №78

Very well

Review №79

A very quiet place

Review №80

They have a lot of viosecurity very 👍

Review №81

Excellent service

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