911 Driving School of Bothell
18002 Bothell Everett Hwy A, Bothell, WA 98012, United States
911 Driving School of Bothell

Review β„–1

Very good teaching instructors. Patrick and Denis taught skills well. Margaret ensured my test experience was less stressful. The only con is that it’s tough to reach the school office through phone to know their test and class availability. My phone calls weren’t answered, but pick up phone calls weren’t answered, but going in person and scheduling classes or tests worksπŸ‘

Review β„–2

They have such an amazing curriculum for any new driver. Very trustworthy, and skilled instructors will always make you feel comfortable and help you out of anything without hesitation. Very glad I made the decision to choose this driving school.

Review β„–3

I love their customer service and focus on the new drivers! In my situation, it was my minor daughter. She received a great education, treated well, and past her practical test on the first time! Thank you 911!

Review β„–4

My wife joined the classes here. They have very poor customer service. I am not sure they understand how to talk to a customer. My wife was sick on the day of the class and we had a few questions about the no show fee. Firstly they didn’t lift the call when we called in the morning 2 hours before the class. There was no call back and we ended up seeing the 40 dollar no show fee. When we called again, the way they answered makes me feel they lack empathy. We ended up canceling the rest of the classes, as I didn’t find the place safe enough after the way they spoke. Wouldn’t recommend the classes to anyone from my end.Note that, the problem was less the 40 dollars fee they charged for the no show(which doesn’t make sense though their policy states that) and more about the unprofessional attitude and the tone in which they were responding to customer questions. To be fair to the driving tutor, he was very professional and good.

Review β„–5

While the tutor I had was awesome, the front desk guys need to learn a lot about how to communicate with the customers.I had called in sick a couple of hours before my class as I had a terrible backache. I left a voice mail. No one responded. I didn’t even get a call back acknowledging that they have received the message. No response to the email as well. Gave me an impression that they’re keeping you in the dark and waiting to charge you that $40.The person who spoke to me gave a classic example of a doctor charging you for no show despite booking an appointment. That honestly makes no sense (though it was stated in their policy) here because you’ve already paid for all the classes before. When questioned further, he said that we’re only paying for the driving classes and not for the cancellation.I guess these guys expect you to attend the classes even though you have symptoms of COVID or flu to avoid the $40 fee because *clearly* that’s what their policy states. It’s pitiful that these guys are not at all being flexible about their archaic policies especially during times like these.I’m more than happy to pay twice as much and take my business elsewhere than dealing with them.Good luck to anyone who joins because dealing with their rude customer service is nothing short of a nightmare.

Review β„–6

Very good driving school. Teachers are patient and supportive.

Review β„–7

I did my driving test yesterday with Jennifer E and she was incredible. I was so nervous at first and pretty much the whole test πŸ₯΄ but, she understood that so she was so patient with me and she gave me clear instructions, pointed my mistakes and told me how I can improve for the future. Generally I had a pleasant experience. I recommend Bothell 911 driving school for everyone. Thank you so much

Review β„–8

Great team of instructors. Professional and safe. During Covid they offered online training, required masks and ensured the cars were cleaned before new drivers started their lesson. They were very flexible with timing. My son passed on his first attempt!

Review β„–9

They went above and beyond to make sure my son was able to get his driving test! Thank you so much

Review β„–10

I took 5 classes here, they give me 3 different instructors, they didn’t teach me properly on parking on curve, parallel parking etc.After 5 lessons, I practiced by myself by watching YouTube videos. I gave the driving test after 1.5 months of practicing. The instructor who took my road test, didn’t communicated me well, at the end of test he said I didn’t passed. When I asked, he said I scored 67 but didn’t explain where I made mistakes. They even didn’t give me the photocopy of my exam sheet. After two days, I went to the Everett 911 driving school, took the road test and passed easily. I would not recommend anyone to this driving school.

Review β„–11

Impressed with how they managed through COVID-19. Friendly staff, organized, easy to make appointments for drives.

Review β„–12

I recommended this place for my boyfriend to take his drivers test since this is where I passed and they were very nice. I have regretted the recommendation since. One day before his drive test my boyfriend suffered a seizure and had to cancel. They still charged a full cancellation fee, and then months later tried to claim he never paid it to get more money from him, when he explained that he had a seizure and was unable to take the test due to not only medical advice but also,, the LAW (you cannot drive for 6 months after having a seizure)... They said it didnt matter and they still charge for cancellations.Im usually not one to write reviews even if the experience was bad because I know people have off days and make mistakes, but to me this was a choice and really dismissive of his horrible situation. A seizure is not something you choose to do or have any control over, and the cancellation fee to a degree makes sense because it was sudden but they were so insensitive about the entire situation and really made me feel like they dont have respect for their clients, they only care about good reviews and making money

Review β„–13

I did my lesson with Enpart and my driving test with Liam. They were amazing. They were very patient and kind. Very good instructors.I would recommend anyone to do the classes here. Courteous and friendly staff.NB: I passed on my first test‼️

Review β„–14

Took my knowledge test and my drivers test with Holly she was a very informative and one of the best instructors I have ever had, everyone here was very polite and helpful! I recommend coming here for youre driving needs.

Review β„–15

I did my test with Enpart who is super helpful and nice throughout the whole process.

Review β„–16

I took 5 lessons and 3 of them were with Dennis. He’s very good instructor and always remains calm. He taught me parallel parking technique and it was quite good. I passed my test in first attempt.

Review β„–17

The instructors were genuinely nice, extremely helpful, and really fun. I would definitely recommend, even over other 911s.I did a lesson and my road test with Jennifer, she was a really great instructor and helpful.

Review β„–18

I just passed my driving test. I took 10 lessons driving class. 4 instructors named Dennis, Jennifer, Enpart and Liam taught me driving.Dennis understood my level of driving and taught what I need to improve on. Jennifer gave me confidence initially and focuses on being cautious on roads. Enpart made me drive with safety in mind. Liam made me drive confidently and kept me improve my driving skills with each class I had with him.Overall, this driving school is great and best. As I learned with multiple instructors, each one analysed what I should improve on and made me confident with driving finally and I cracked the test.Cars, reception lobby are all clean with sanitizers all around. They provided me with wipes for cleaning before each drive. Best place to learn driving!Thanks a lot, 911 Driving School of Bothell!

Review β„–19

Had a really pleasant experience here with one brush up lesson and a road test. Enpart is a great instructor and made me feel at ease when doing my test even though I was nervous. The cars are compact and nifty so theres not too much stress about parallel parking etc. 10/10 would recommend this place

Review β„–20

This driving school was the best decision I have ever made. It is the epitome of a good and well organized driving school. There were many instructors, all with same attitude, striving to make you the best driver you can be. They are very friendly and try to make conversation as much as they can without distracting you from driving. By far the best option when it comes to learning how to drive the right way!!

Review β„–21

This driving school is outstanding. The moment I walked in I felt welcomed by the staff. They were ready to help me reach my goals. I drove with Enpart and he is a great instructor. I took an hour lesson with him and a warm up before the exam, and within a few days I got my license.Enpart taught me all the necessary skills to drive safely. He has tons of experience and his teaching style is easy to understand. He was especially helpful with parallel parking! I get nervous before exams and he helped me calm down and feel confident. Thank you again Enpart! I highly recommend this driving school.

Review β„–22

Liam is an amazing instructor, taught me techniques on how to drive smoothly and safely at ease. His guidance helped me gain confidence and was able to pass the road test on my first try. I highly recommend him. Very friendly and nice person

Review β„–23

Best school ever! 10/10 recommend!! All the instructors are really nice and i just passed my drivers test 😁😎😎

Review β„–24

Jennifer was very helpful during the driving skill test. At first I was very nervous but she help me feel at ease and be confident in my driving. The pointers that she shared surely would help me a lot in practicing safe driving in the future. Thank you 911 driving school..You doing a great job.

Review β„–25

This driving school is amazing! I loved all the instructors and my driving skills immensely improved as time went by. I just took my drivers test and it went pretty well; Enpart was a great instructor and I passed on my first try!

Review β„–26

I just cleared my driving road test. Very professional. Attentive and to the point. What I really loved here is they help me to become a better driver, pointed out where I can improve .I couldnt thank them enough . Very happy with overall experience.The inspecting officer Mr. Empart, such a good observer and teacher . He gave ideas thatwould really help me to envision my future drives on road .hats off to his expertise.

Review β„–27

Liam is an amazing instructor, taught me techniques on how to drive smoothly and safely at ease. His guidance and feedback helped me gain confidence and was able to pass the road test on my first try. I highly recommend him.

Review β„–28

By far the best driving school, came in not knowing how too drive, did 5 lessons and then my test and past on my first try !!! I do recommend this school, they have the most amazing staff, everything worked out like it should’ve !! I’m just so happy and excited too start driving . Thank you guys soo much for everything and the help you’ve given me !!!

Review β„–29

It’s been such a great experience for my son at 911 driving school in Bothell. The staff is very helpful. Customer service is excellent! Instructors (Police Officers) are very knowledge and professional and want you to succeed. From the beginning to the end, I β€˜m giving them an A+. Thank you for your support!

Review β„–30

My driving experience was 0 before I started here. Took their 10 driving lessons and just passed my driving test with them yesterday. Enpart and Patrick are amazing instructors I must say. They taught me how to be a safe driver. Margaret at front desk is very welcoming and sweet too! I would highly recommend Bothell 911 Driving school!

Review β„–31

My instructor was very helpful, informative and fun at the same time thank you for the good work, will definitely recommend this school thank you .

Review β„–32

I had a great experience with the driving school. I took 10 classes in total with three different instructors Patrick, Enpart, and Liam. Unlike different schools, the instructors teaching style was consistent. Patrick took me on the road the very first day even though I had never driven at 45 mph, the confidence he put on me evaporated all my fear and anxiety. I had one class with Enpart where he taught me techniques to seamlessly control gas. My last instructor Liam was wonderful. He took me on Freeway :D and also helped me make turns smoothly. I must say, with Liams help, I was able to develop better driving habits. Thank you so much for all your help!

Review β„–33

This is a WONDERFUL place to learn how to drive. The staff is very welcoming. I took one class and my driving test here. My instructor was friendly and gave me wonderful tips on what I can do to be a better safer driver. I recommend this place to all my friends! It is the best and worth your money!

Review β„–34

Signed up, appt set, everything done professionally and in a timely manner. All questions and concerns were met. Definitely recommend!!

Review β„–35

I went here for my Road Test and I had Jennifer as my proctor. She was extremely friendly and made me feel less nervous during my test. I would definitely recommend 911 Driving School for any drivers tests.

Review β„–36

Enpart was a great help in registration, teaching, and through drives. He took out the time to get to know each or his students despite having known them for a short period of time. This is a great place and I would sign up again. An area of improvement would be if they could open more hours for there student to sign up for drives on the evenings or during weekends.

Review β„–37

Enpart the driving instructor was outstanding! I took my driving test last month and he corrected me on what I needed to do next time to pass and he even came in on his day off so I could take my test and didn’t have to wait 2 more weeks for the next available test! I highly recommend this school if you’re looking to take your driving test! Thanks again Enpart hope to see you again one day!

Review β„–38

I do not recommend, I saw a scene of bad manners in this establishment. In Redmond the service is very good and fast.

Review β„–39

Liam was a great and friendly instructor when I had my practice exam with him. I took my test with him as well and he was fair and gave me good tips after the exam.

Review β„–40

The staff was amazing and pleasant. I walked in to 3 very helpful employees. Not only did they make sure to walk me through everything they also answered questions I had. I was able to get everything I needed to accomplished. If you ever need to take a class or the tests I highly recommend them.

Review β„–41

I dont agree with you about making affirmations about my tests. The second time I took this test I noticed was something wrong with the speed in the car I had to control with the brake being careful to dont make a bad stop and hurt the instructor next to me. I told her 3 times during that test was something wrong with that and her answer was, its ok, that happens with these cars. Then happened what you are saying I was going 33 in a 25. She asked me if I knew the speed limit in that place and I answered right away it was 25 because I knew it, but I was more focused trying to control that problem in your car. Then she said about I did wrong the parking on the uphill. They gave me papers, videos, I read the manual again, to come and they said the curb there was a soft curb so I should put my wheels to the direccion of the curb. I told her in the manual of the state of Washington says, curb or without curb no about soft curbs. I told her she can check it on the manual and she did and she said, I dont like here doesnt say about the soft curb but its what it is. It what it is? Is what she says it is and she said to me she didnt even read the manual because she came from California when she was 16 and she didnt need to take that so she just passed the road test and now she tests people. ??????? I took a test with a person who didnt even read the manual of the State of Washington! And I paid for the third time for a car with issues! Because I told her and she confirmed me it. Then she wanted to give me an advice about when I stop in the stop signs I should do it passing the stop sign to can see and I said, the other instructor told me its ok to stop behind the stop sign and then in case I cant see good I can go a little more to can see and she told me to just stop passing the stop? In the paper they gave me is so clear where says: Note: if after you stop at correct stop and vision is obstructed then inch forward to open your line of sight to make sure it is safe to go...Your own paper says that! 2 times I was super scared and I agree I didnt do it well but this last time I was completely confident and paying 60 dollars 3 times, one in Kirkland and two in Bothell for me this is really suspicious.

Review β„–42

Patrick helped me learn how to tie my shoes thanks to him I can wear my light up sketchers in style. Very cool! Just kidding he teaches the class very well and teaches you everything you need to know about driving, and can get you on your feet for learning how to drive

Review β„–43

It was a great experience, they were helpful and warm.

Review β„–44

I took 10 lessons from this school and my experience was amazing. My instructor wasEnpart and his guidance was excellent, each and every lesson was precise and helpful specially for a beginner like me. I was able to pass my driving test from the first try. And the staff was very friendly too. I would recommend this place to anyone!!

Review β„–45

I classify it as the worst place in Washington. I do not recommend, lousy service, instructor totally unbalanced.

Review β„–46

The drives were very useful for learning and practicing but still very relaxed and casual. The instructors gave very clear and easy to remember instructions when teaching me how to parallel park, which was a lot of help.

Review β„–47

I would highly recommend this driving school. The classes cut right to the chase and waste no time and in doing so teach very effectively. The staff are all kind and friendly and only hope for the best for their students. The staff teach not only well in the classroom but also on the road when on drives. Overall, this driving school is top notch and anyone who is looking to start driving should highly consider this center.

Review β„–48

Ive a great experience with this school. I took 5 lessons and just today have passed my driving exam from the first try. I would like to say THANK YOU and warm words of appreciation to my my instructor Patrick Korbel. Thank you for all your advices, and your patience. Very friendly atmosphere. Would like to say thank you for Margaret. Always nice, friendly and willing to help and give a support! Nice place! Highly recommended!

Review β„–49

The experience was fun and awesome. My instructor was Jennifer. She is really really good, she gives you tons of feedback when you did something wrong at the end of the test. And she tells you what to improve later in the future. Everyone is really nice and respectful. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Review β„–50

I had my warmup class followed by the test by the instructor Jennifer. She was super awesome, kind and friendly!!It’s a great place with helpful staff ..

Review β„–51

Amazing school with great instructors. Class with one of the instructors Patrick was a fun environment, he made it fun and easy to learn. Flew through the class and got my license easily. 11/10 would recommend

Review β„–52

Great school with wonderful staff. Instructor (owner?) Enpart was great. He was very accommodating, helpful and patient with my father during driving lesson and test (passed). One of the best experiences. Highly recommended.

Review β„–53

I had my lessons with both Enpart and Patrick. Both were great instructors. giving me lots of tips on safe driving as a result I was able to pass my driving test on my first try. I highly recommend them.

Review β„–54

This driving school is AMAZING! From the receptionists, to the instructors, and to the examiners- this driving school location is the best! If I were a parent, I would send my kids to this driving school location. And if Im living in Washington by the time I even have kids, I know that theyll be going to this driving school. Even during a pandemic, their office was clean, tidy, and I felt comfortable being in it. When I took my written test here, the receptionist was confident in my knowledge and that made me feel more confident too! You get three tries to take the knowledge test, which is nice. I did pass on my first try though.The examiners/instructors were extremely helpful. It seems like they truly understand what its like to having testing anxiety, nervousness over driving, and know exactly how to help you get over it. During my lessons, my instructor made it clear on how the vehicle operates and helped me understand how to parallel park and back around corners. I did those two skills perfectly on my road test!Above all: Jennifer was the most straightforward, kind, and honest examiner that anyone could ever ask for! She made me feel comfortable from the beginning. She provided me very clear instructions during my road test, and I was able to understand what she wanted to see from me. She spoke clearly and confidently. After my road test, she explained the areas where I missed points, and congratulated me on passing my road test! Hurray! I know exactly what I need to work on to become a better driver, and the things that I missed points on was completely fair. (Darn you backing around the corner! Ill keep practicing. :) )TLDR; This school is great. Do everything you can here. They even have instructional classes online. There were even Clorox wipes in the car that I could wipe down the vehicle with. That was nice too. They even have little magnets that say Student Driver on it. This location is prepping everyone for defensive driving! Thank you Jennifer!

Review β„–55

The team is friendly and professional, recommended without hesitation.

Review β„–56

My experience was great i faced no trouble in my tests. Magaret is really sweet and cooperative and Enpart guided a lot for successfully clearing the road test.

Review β„–57

911 Driving School was a fantastic learning experience. The staff were friendly, the classes fun and engaging. Overall, the driving course was a great, and memorable experience.If youre reading this Patrick, thank you for the awesome driving class!-Tristin

Review β„–58

Today in this place I was absurdly mistreated by an instructor who took the proof from my hand without even explaining the reason to me. arrogant and stupid, I believe he is a xenophobic, he thought I would be a Spaniard, but Im Brazilian and Im learning English, I couldnt understand the reason for his ignorance, a very arrogant and xenophobic bald. I dont recommend this place to anyone. I am waiting for the return of my money, because he did not want me to do anything there.

Review β„–59

Great and friendly staff, very convenient to just walk-in and take the knowledge test or schedule a driving test. (The website says you cant do driving tests here, but you can.)I took the knowledge and driving test here. For the knowledge test we just walked in, paid, and they gave us the test in paper. You know if you passed then and there, and they immediately enter the results into the government system.For the driving test, I had Enpart, who was really great. Hes not just there to intimidate you or give you a test; hes there to remind you how important it is to drive safely. Though I passed, he went over the things I could improve on because its not just about a test -- it really is about being a responsible driver and keeping yourself and everyone around you safe. I really appreciated his tips and definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs anything related to driving.

Review β„–60

I cannot thank Enpart enough, he was incredible! Turning me from a nervous wreck to a confident happy driver within weeks! Always putting me at ease and teaching me how to drive. Very understanding, patient and positive style of instructing. I’m honestly so thankful and cannot believe that I cleared my test today. Going to miss our lessons! 100000% strongly recommend him and this place.

Review β„–61

I took a warm-up session with road test and couldnt have asked for a better examiner than Jennifer. Although you dont see a lot of mentions of her in the reviews, SHE is truly AMAZING! I had a great experience testing with her. She has a very calm way of speaking and it immediately put me at ease. She gave really constructive and positive feedback after the test. Would definitely recommend her!

Review β„–62

I had a great experience at 911! All my teachers and drive instructors were so kind, polite, and caring. I had Patrick for the majority of my drives and he made me feel so comfortable behind the wheel where as normally I’d be a nervous wreck behind the wheel. Overall would recommend 911!

Review β„–63

10000% recommend taking your driving courses here. Staff is friendly and so helpful. This 10/10 gets you ready for the roads.

Review β„–64

I went to take my drivers test, both written and driving portions. They were friendly, helpful and quick! Patrick was an excellent driving instructor and the front desk people were excellent. 10/10 would reccomend

Review β„–65

I highly recommend this place. I took lessons from both Patrick and Enpart and they were really good! For someone who has never driven, they will make you completely at ease and teach properly! I am glad i chose them. Thanks again for all your lessons.

Review β„–66

Instructor Enpart, a former state trooper, was really terrific. He took special care with my teen who had lost a loved one in a traffic accident in recent years. He is knowledgeable and supportive of students and speaks in a way that resonates with them. Highly recommend this driving school.

Review β„–67

I took the driving test with 40 minutes warm-up here. Instructor Enpart was very friendly and helpful. He went over a mock test with me and helped me practice the areas that I wasnt good enough. He was very patient and chill and I didnt feel any pressure taking the test at all. The front desk staffs are very friendly and helpful as well.

Review β„–68

Love this place! I had Angel as my class instructor he made the class really fun and funny even though it was durring the summer and I wanted to be out with friend and not in class. Patrick did all of my drives and my driving test. Hes super nice and funny, on the last test I was nervous but since I knew Patrick was a nice guy I was more calm and was able to pass my test. Thank you 911 driving school!

Review β„–69

This is my personal experience with this driving school.Months ago I went to this driving school and purchased some classes. My instructor was really nice and knowledgeable. The front desk ladies are very helpful as well. After doing a few classes, I scheduled a road test. The guy who is doing the test isn’t my teacher. First exam he failed me. I thought it’s ok, maybe I needed some more practice. Even though I felt some points he deducted from my test is improper, I didn’t say anything. Instead, I practiced some more.I had the same guy doing my second test. It was raining really heavy. I was driving 5 below the limit. In fact, according to defensive, β€œYou should reduce your speed by 1/3 on wet roads”. However, the instructor deducted my points because he said I am driving too slow. It is common sense for people to drive slower and more careful on wet roads. The instructor should know better than me. Aside from that, after we were done with the test, we talked about where he deducted my points. He mentioned something about an uncontrolled intersection. I didn’t remember that road and I said: β€œwhere was that? I cannot remember.” He aggressively said: β€œwell, I am NOT gonna go back there with you again! I wasn’t intending to go back there with him, but the way he talks back to me makes me lose respect for him. I am very confident with my driving skills. I practiced a lot before my road test. Even with a perfect score on parallel parking and backing around the corner, he failed me again. You can get a sense of how many points he deducted here and there are improper. By the way, while I was in the room waiting for my test, I witnessed two times that he failed the test before me.I decided immediately after the second test that I’m not going to take another test here again. So I scheduled a test at 911 driving school in Bellevue. I took the test several days ago with the same driving skills and carefulness, and I got a nearly PERFECT SCORE. I proved my own strength, and also proved how he’s grading is iniquitous.

Review β„–70

I might butcher his name Enpart i guess, my driving instructor. Super chill, friendly dude. In-N-Out fan like me (Gawd i miss them, burgers). The best thing was he gives feedback, never heard any instructor doing that, A+ on that.Quick tip for future customers. Call in to request test dates. They are very accommodating. I called< Driving test the very NEXT day

Review β„–71

This 9-1-1 driving school location has excellent staff. The people who you first interact with are very friendly and they actually listen. They are very helpful and accommodating. They understand life is crazy sometimes and help to the best of their ability! The instructors teaching the class are very knowledgeable in the class room and on the road.

Review β„–72

This driving school is amazing! I had a really great experience in the classes and on the drives. The instructors are really nice and make the classes fun. Im really glad I chose this driving sxhool and I would highly recommend it!

Review β„–73

The instructor was so nice to coach me on my driving tips during training hours, especially focus on safety. All staffs there were so friendly and patient to explain any details, and made me relax from skills exam. Luckily, I passed the test!

Review β„–74

They are so amazing and encouraging!!! I had NO hope of passing my first time around & they encouraged me and helped me gain my confidence. I passed both of my test first try! They are amazing!

Review β„–75

I have great experience with this school. Especially instructor patrick is a cool person and gives very good tips in driving. I highly recommend him as instructor.

Review β„–76

I had taken just one lesson from Enpart and that itself gave me so much confidence that i was able to pass my test easily. Enpart is a very good instructor and makes you feel comfortable and confident about your skills as a driver. Thank you so much. I highly recommend Bothell 911 Driving School.

Review β„–77

The instructors were kind and taught the class very well. I learned a lot from attending, and I am happy I chose to go to this school!!

Review β„–78

I suffer from severe anxiety to the point where I failed my last 4 driving exams because I struggled to concentrate during the exams. However, Enpart was understanding and happy to help me learn my improve my driving as well as calm me down during the exam. Thanks to him, I finally passed! I feel a lot more confident after a practice drive + a 40 minute warm up before my actual skills exam. Thank you so much!

Review β„–79

I had 0 experience in driving... n took 10 classes at 911 driving school Bothell. I learned from 2 wonderful instructors Enpart n Patrick ... they r amazing ... very patient n encouraging . Thank u so much ... for teaching me to drive safely ... I passed my test today ... Enpart was amazing, he put me at ease n was very comfortable during test . Thank you all the staff 😊

Review β„–80

Classes were fun but also educational, teachers are nice. They are helpful and understanding of mistakes during drives! 10/10, 5 stars, white coffee, would recommend this school.

Review β„–81

Ive had a very pleasant experience with both taking classes and knowledge/road tests here. The front desk staff and my examiner Patrick were super friendly and helpful.

Review β„–82

I grew up and worked most of my life not in the USA. I did not have the need to learn how to drive until I arrived here. Not being young I was very afraid to learn how to drive. I stumbled upon 911 Driving School through a friend who also went through here and got her drivers license. The office staff was amazing and so accommodating, especially Jennifer. Always a smile on her face. Enpart the instructor that I did my lessons with was amazing. He was so patient, encouraging and supportive.Thank youI will refer all my friends here.

Review β„–83

It was wonderful driving class today with Enpart. After five classes at 911 Driving school my driving is getting much better from driving at Parking Lot now I can drive at Big Road up to 55 Mph. Which I havent done before. Thanks so much for helping to drive today. I will recommend this school to my friends and my acquaintances.

Review β„–84

My cool Albanian instructor was patient and great at giving me a few pointers before my test. (: His attitude helped me stay calm during the test and Im glad to say I passed! Faleminderit!

Review β„–85

I have a wonderful driving test experience in this school and I strongly recommend this school. The examiner is patient and nice, makes me feel comfortable and relax. Thanks so much!

Review β„–86

This place was amazing.I took my class over the summer and didn’t struggle coming everyday.The instructors are kind and always out to help you be better and correct you.Jennifer was kind and understanding every time I called to clarify something.Drives with Enpart and Patrick we’re very smooth too.I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Review β„–87

Absolutely amazing. The staff are all friendly and extremely helpful. You really feel that they care about helping you improve.

Review β„–88

It’s a very good school! The staff is are really nice and helpful! Recommend going to this school! Patrick was a very funny instructor and made class fun!

Review β„–89

Im an older driver learner. They were so nice, fun, supportive. Patrick was a great instructor, very friendly and knowledgeable. After 2 lessons on skills I was ready to test. They helped me fell safe amd confident on the road. 100% recommend for all ages and skill levels.

Review β„–90

Jennifer is the BEST driver in structor. 5 stars. Highly recommend her. THANK YOU!!!

Review β„–91

This place was great!! The instructors and staff were friendly, super helpful and funny!! Please go here for the best drivers ed experience!!!!

Review β„–92

A great school for learning how to drive safely. All of the staff members are invested in making your time at 911 worthwhile. I personally wasnt required to take the drivers ed course, but I found the classes very helpful in learning the rules of the road. Patrick and Enpart are wonderful instructors with lots of experience, and they reinforced my confidence as a driver. I am very happy that I chose 911 Bothell to get my liscense. πŸ‘Œ

Review β„–93

Staff and Road test Examiner were nice and friendly. I had a wonderful experience with them.

Review β„–94

Patrick is my examer and he is super nice. I passed my driving test on my first test day!excited!at the end of the exam,Patrick kindly gave me few tips that I could improve in driving skills.

Review β„–95

Great instructors and friendly environment! 10/10 would recommend the class to starting drivers.

Review β„–96

I highly recommend 911 Bothell driving school. I worked with 2 instructors Enpart Kociaj and Patrick korbel. Both are awesome instructors with great knowledge, cool and friendly. They guided me very well. I could see my driving skills got improved significantly after taking lessons from them. I have gained much confidence to drive safely. Front desk scheduler is so kind and friendly. Overall my learning experience was excellent. I am happy that I chose 911 Bothell driving schoolπŸ‘

Review β„–97

This driving school is very exceptional compared to the other driving schools. Definitely recommend going to this one. Patrick is 10/10.

Review β„–98

I’ve had quite the learning experience here. The instructors here are extremely flexible and understanding of everyone’s knowledge and skill on the road. Enpart along with Angel have been quite the good representation as teachers for us students. The staff is incredibly helpful and thorough with any newcomers who have questions and/or concerns. Wouldn’t recommend anywhere else!

Review β„–99

Patrick is very nice and he made it very fun. Join this school for driving class! Wish I could put 10 stars but unfortunately I can’t:/

Review β„–100

Everyone is friendly and nice. I also would recommend Enpart, he is really chill and friendly. He helped me with some more lessons about driving.

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  • Phone:+1 425-786-0911
  • Driving school
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  • Monday:12–6PM
  • Tuesday:12–6PM
  • Wednesday:12–6PM
  • Thursday:10AM–4PM
  • Friday:10AM–3PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:12–6PM
Service options
  • Online classes:Yes
  • Onsite services:Yes
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