Dollar Tree
20609 WA-410, Bonney Lake, WA 98391, United States
Dollar Tree

Review №1

Stopped in for some stationery items. They had what I needed. Grabbed some snacks in the check out line. Store was neat and clean. Cashier was helpful and courteous. Look, its a dollar store.

Review №2

Good customer service. Even with high inflation, still good value for the price.

Review №3

I was in there a couple weeks ago and was helped by a cashier named Jenny! She was very helpful and even suggested some useful things I didn’t know the dollar tree carried. I’m only giving it three stars because I heard she quit and she was one of the only good cashiers that made me enjoy the experience with her cheerful yet professional attitude!

Review №4

Love this store fir many reasons, cards, party stuff etc

Review №5

Found so many great bargains & no waiting to checkout.Will be shopping there again!!!

Review №6

Best deals on greeting cards. Hallmark heartline® two for $1.00, you cant beat that anywhere. The quality of the Hallmark® brand are my go-to cards, if I dont write my own. I am a writer, and my standards of verse are high. Hallmark® cards at Dollar Tree dont disappoint.

Review №7

One of the messier dollar stores I have been in. They were restocking but it still had stuff falling off shelves. Good variety, rather small store.

Review №8

Stopped by to get some items for some donation baskets being made. Found everything on the list and more. Of course my 7 year old found some treasure of her own we also had to take home. Wonderful selection. Very friendly and helpful staff. We will be back for sure!

Review №9

What can I say. The price is right and they pretty much have what you need

Review №10

Line took a while as there was only one cashier available as the other was long overdue for a break BUT the one was efficient, friendly, and fast! Love our local dollar tree! It might be small compared to the others Ive been to, but its always clean and has the best employees.

Review №11

This trip was for Easter. They had a very good selection of candy and all the little fun things.

Review №12

Had trouble looking for an item and a cashier by the name of Jenny went and looked down the aisle for a good 2 minutes trying to find one product for me. Very nice and helpful

Review №13

My wife bought all her flowers and vase in dollar tree..

Review №14

Fantastic.. Amazeballs unicorn service . all employees wore T hier masks correctly.. ..( one employ normally d oesnt wear her mask over her nose).

Review №15

Went in looking specifically for aluminum pans with covers. My friend had made me enchiladas and brought them in that container. Great for freezing foods then just remove cover before heating. They had a good variety of shapes and sizes. 3 pans with covers for $1. Cant beat that!

Review №16

I always like the goodies and the prices. I got out with 2 bags of things for $13.00?😀

Review №17

Trying to pick up just 1 item I need, & then I see a lot of fun things to look at & notice something else that I could use....

Review №18

Friendly people, quick service.... And the store is always been nice and tidy every time Ive gone in. Their supply of product is okay for its size but they have a hard time keeping stocked or restocking screen protectors. Otherwise, great store.

Review №19

Great customer service.

Review №20

What can I say. Great store. Always clean. Lots of products. Everything is a dollar or less. Reasonably convenient location in Bonney Lake. Friendly staff. Recommended!

Review №21

Always a great experience here. Friendly employees, clean store and good prices. My favorite shopping stores.

Review №22

Always find something to buy. I mean $1?

Review №23

It was extremely crowded. More than what was allowed.

Review №24

Very nice place to shop for good quality items that are only a dollar. Great place to buy 2 litre sodas.

Review №25

Fast. Cashiers friendly.

Review №26

The sweet checker was friendly and personable. ♥️ Diana♥️😁👍

Review №27

Some very rude pepole work here and not willing to help a senior customer carry stuff out to the car !! This young fat girl working the register was very rude.

Review №28

Store is regulating. Its good

Review №29

One of the worst Dollar Trees in a 50 mile radius. Shelves were empty, store was a mess and understaffed.

Review №30

Very rude employees. I wonder if they get mystery shoppers, Because they would fail miserably!

Review №31

Friendly staff. Clean and organized.

Review №32

As always, the staff here at the Bonney Lake store were friendly and helpful. The store was clean and well stocked.

Review №33

0 stars! Horrible. Nothing ever in this store. Not sure how they stay open.

Review №34

Ive stopped here a few times for cheap quick crafts for kids. Usually its pretty quiet and staff and friendly. BUT when I went in July 17th there was a staff member wearing a MESH face mask. Im not sure if they thought it was funny or actually didnt realise that gives no protection. This staff member was also coughing over and over. I immediately put all of our stuff down and left because I did not feel the staff was taking enough precautions. Will not be returning.

Review №35

Nice stuff for cheap

Review №36

Never leave here empty handed, theres always something. Whether it be birthday card a balloon or some holiday decor. We love going here to get movie snacks. Same movie sized boxes as at the theater but at a dollar a pop you cant go wrong.

Review №37

I love dollar tree its cheap and they have a lot of cool stuff

Review №38

Several people including employees were not wearing face masks. I was a scared to mention it to the customers but I did mention to the teller who had no face mask on but that she was breaking the law.

Review №39

All good,but looked like a Muslim gathering cuz of the masks 😷

Review №40

They are a life-saver. Had just what we were needing for my sons school project all for under $5 total. The man working that night even remembered me when I hadnt been in in at least a month. Great and friendly staff. Thank you!

Review №41

Awesome as always.

Review №42

Long lines but they were very friendly and helpful.

Review №43

Plenty of choices for a dollar to include Sunday news paper not easy to see from the main road

Review №44

Good products great prices awesome staff

Review №45

Went there for a couple of wire brushes but spent $28.00 by the time I got outta there. They had a 25foot line to the one open check stand which was moving at a snails pace. The another person came back from break which cut the line down to 12 feet. I was happy with my purchases and the price of course. All and all it was a good experience and I will be going back.

Review №46

I love the dollar tree and was so disappointed that Bonney Lake didnt have one when I moved here. So when they put one in I was ecstatic! Im a crafter and the dollar tree has so many good things for projects to keep me busy and for just 1 dollar. Cant beat that. Its located right next to the movie theater too, so its perfect for picking up some cheap snacks to sneak in. However, this is definitely on the smaller side with less options. But Ill take what I can get.

Review №47

Friendly staff and well kept environment.

Review №48

All employees were extremely friendly and helpful

Review №49

Sweetest cashier ever.

Review №50

Friendly staff, clean store

Review №51

Nice workers

Review №52

The store is neat and stocked with lots of product. The staff is fast, friendly and helpful. They keep boxes off of the floor and frequently have a big selection of balloons. Has a wide selection for the store size. Fun place to shop

Review №53

Found this shop very well put together, clean and well organized. Employees were engaging. A okay. Now that I know where it is I will certainly shop there again

Review №54

Amazing staff who are always friendly. I come here a little too often for energy drinks and snacks haha. Great place to stop before heading to Regal.

Review №55

This is a good dollar tree. It is one of the smaller ones around but this store is one of the better selections. They seem to have some products that the other larger ones do not. The store is clean and the srevice was not only friendly but fast as well. I will return to this store.

Review №56

Great shopping however long lines...

Review №57

Very nice lady at the cashier; 3 kids pick what they wanted all their favorite candy, chips under $10 dollars cant beat that.

Review №58


Review №59

I love this store so much it’s cheap for one and for two it has lots of fun stuff and I love how it’s cashiers are nice GREAT

Review №60

I was excited to have a Dollar Tree closer to home. This one is a dump! The shelves are half full. The product on the shelves is a mess. Unorganized and its all over the place. Unopened and opened boxes of product sitting in the isles. Do they need to hire more people? Or order more product to actually fill the shelves? Ill drive to Edgewood or River Road Dollar Tree before Ill go back into the Bonney Lake store.

Review №61

Always a line but all of them the same

Review №62

Love this place. So glad we have one in Bonney Lake now. Wanda is my favorite Cashier :) always super friendly.

Review №63

Loved Loved it!

Review №64

Everything is $1! Less selection than other locations, but still broad for the price. This is a small site, with staff an even mix of friendly and less so. Altogether decent, but definitely NOT my favorite location.

Review №65

Very good but misleading you cant buy the store for a dollar :(

Review №66

Love that store, I cant just buy 1 thing lol

Review №67

Very neat, clean, and bright. A great selection of cards.

Review №68

Employees are so awesome and helpful73 years young . remember her from the safe way deli

Review №69

Went shopping at our local Bonney Lake Dollar Tree for organization containers for our new 5th Wheel. The elderly cashier was pleasant. 😊

Review №70

A lot more than you could expect for a dollar. Nice staff. Clean store

Review №71

Love this store, but its a little small with a tiny selection. The staff here is amazing though...

Review №72

The people at this store should not work in retail. Four or more employees and one customer in the store and NO ONE said anything. Just look at you like how dare you come in here. Well I never will again!

Review №73

The employees are very nice. The store is a bit crowded but its still pleasant to shop and clean. Smaller store with a little less selection than other Dollar Tree locations.

Review №74

Super experience. Loved the store and adored the cashier

Review №75

Love this place! So amazed with everything you can find here!! Such a gem of a place when u need to budget your money...

Review №76

Terrible service gave me wrong change back bad experience

Review №77

Not much for the kids toys

Review №78

Lots of products and everything sold there is only one dollar. You name it they probably have it or something close to it. Friendly staff and usually have at least a couple/few people in the store shopping at all times. I belive they close at 9pm.

Review №79

Almost like any other Dollar Store. Oh the product is the same but the staff are more friendly and helpful than any other

Review №80

The place was a mess, just waiting for an accident to happen.

Review №81

Great things to buy cheap and a staff with great customer service

Review №82

It was awesome, it had lots of candy, food, and utensils. And everything was 1 dollar and a little bit of tax.

Review №83

Clean and easy to find what I was looking for.

Review №84

Slow They like to talk rather than getting people out quickly

Review №85

It ok but u need more workers and helpers dont get me wrong we like it but u need more staff the the people u hv working their r great u need more of them ok just saying keep them and get more of them ok thank you

Review №86

Everytime I go in there its usually friendly vibes and you can find what you need without too much hassle. (:

Review №87

Usually a well organized place, friendly staff & great prices...

Review №88

Excellent customer service good store

Review №89

Everything is a dollar! Love having one up here finally

Review №90

Love it get all my hoilday stuff and my kids love it there

Review №91

Love it. Maybe some more options like the Puyallup location.

Review №92

Went to get medical items to put into a go bag. Lot less expensive than paying full price.

Review №93

Lol xd they made they made vr into a real thing

Review №94

Great spot to just run and and grab cheap stuff.

Review №95

Great dollar tree and not trashy like the one in auburn

Review №96

Great, had everything I wanted to get plus some

Review №97

The only place to buy BD cards $.50-1.00

Review №98

It is a dollar store, cant ask for to much

Review №99

Love dollar stores!😊

Review №100

Has a bit of everything. Friendly employees, efficient check out.

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  • Address:20609 WA-410, Bonney Lake, WA 98391, United States
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  • Phone:+1 253-987-4157
  • School supply store
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  • Discount store
  • Grocery store
  • Home goods store
  • Kitchen supply store
  • Party store
  • Dollar store
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Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–10PM
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Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Delivery:No
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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