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Review №1

I enrolled my daughter at Stress Free Driving school after exploring others. I liked that Stress Free was easily accessible on the phone and didn’t give me a hard sell. The instructor, Joe was prompt, patient and professional. He gave my daughter individualized attention and constructive feedback. I’m happy to report she passed her road test on the first attempt. Thank you stress free!

Review №2

I took my second road test today but this time with the driving instructor Vincent. He’s very professional and calm which made it so much more easier for me. I highly recommend! :)

Review №3

We had a very good experience with the driving instructor Joe. He helped my son tremendously and was able to pass his road test on the first try. Joe is punctual, friendly, gives constructive feedback to help encourage my son to drive. My son didnt feel stressed and said that Joe was a GREAT teacher. I will be using stress free driving school in a short time for my daughter. Also, Donna is very nice on the phone and they are great with confirming appointments.

Review №4

I passed the test on the first try! Thanks Vincent for all your help! He is very nice person and so professional. Every time I had a lesson he came and picked me up at my house and they made the whole process really easy. I highly recommend Stress - Free Driving School.

Review №5

To say my daughter is a nervous test taker would be an understatement. After failing her road test due to being nervous a couple times, we were recommended to Joe by a few people. After her first lesson with him, she felt more confident. We booked the package including him taking her to take her road test. BEST DECISION EVER! She said he made her feel less nervous than when I was with her. While she was still very nervous for days before the test, Joe telling her she was ready really helped. She took and passed her road test last Friday and we couldn’t be more grateful to Joe and this company. Everyone was super helpful getting her ready, including scheduling her lessons. Thank you so much!

Review №6

Thanks to Joe my son passed on first try!! Joe made this whole process seem very easy. He was always timely for every lesson and very informative about the road test and he was always polite and friendly. My son said he always felt at ease and really good and confident after each and every lesson. I would highly recommend Joes driving school.

Review №7

Vinnie is a great instructor. Helped me pass after I turned 17

Review №8

Thank you Joe and son for the great patience and instruction with my son, Tyler. Today he passed his road test! I highly recommend Stress Free for driving lessons. Very reasonable and always on time!

Review №9

I, with my eyes closed, and blindfolded, without hesitation recommend Stress-Free Driving School, and driving tutor extraordinaire, Joe!Joe has made everything that relates to driving safe, practical, less complex and more stress-free, even the 5-hour class and actual driving test.I never dreamed that i could earn my license in the first try, coming from the Caribbean country 🇯🇲 where the driving is completely opposite.Thanks to Joe, i was in great hands, from the first lesson I did in August 2018.My last lesson, however, was the day of my driving test, and i am lucky, thankful and blessed I chose Joe, rather than go with anyone else.You made it all easier, possible and a reality.Think Stress Free, always!

Review №10

Passed the road test on 1st try. Joe was very Informative and easy to Comprehend instructions. Highly recommended A+

Review №11

I passed the test on the first try! Thank you Vincent for all your help and patience that you had with me! These guys are amazing and so professional! Every time I had a lesson they came and picked me up at my house! They made the whole process really easy. I highly recommend Stress - Free Driving School.

Review №12

Yeah! My daughter just passed her test. This is truly a stress-free experience, most all my friends and neighbors go here and rave on about them and now I see why.Steve is the best and we were very lucky to have found himWe are truly grateful and I could rave on and on about them

Review №13

I had my daughter use this driving school for a few lessons and her road test. She said she felt very comfortable and learned a much easier way to parallel park then drivers ed. She passed her road test first try with a perfect score. I highly recommend Vin and Stress after driving school.

Review №14

I started my lessons with a fear of driving & high anxiety, and by the end of it, I have my license! The staff is extremely friendly and kind and patient and willing to work with you. Theyre wonderfully supportive and motivational. Im recommending them to everyone and anyone who still needs to learn to drive!

Review №15

The best driving school I have ever had. During my first lesson with Joe, the owner, I was well aware of my driving tendencies. During the rest of my lessons we worked on my issues constantly and consistently, not a moment went to waste. At the end of each driving lesson joe checked in with me on things I needed to work on, as well as my over all satisfaction with him and his company. If you’re looking around like I was, this is the place to go hands down. He has tons of experience and is worth every penny.

Review №16

Joe was my driving instructor and he helped me a lot! I decided to take lessons with Joe because I was still a nervous driver, even after driver’s ed. After a few lessons with Joe, I felt so prepared for my road test and ended up with a perfect score!

Review №17

Failed my first road test and was very nervous. Took my next road test with this driving school and got a perfect score(100). Vin was my driving instructor and taught me everything i needed to know to pass my road test. I highly recommend everyone to use this driving school, 5/5 stars

Review №18

This is truly a stress free experience. Lori was amazing and accommodating with our hectic and ever changing schedule. Joe was easygoing and very helpful. My daughter was able to learn everything she needed to know for the road test in just a few lessons. Well worth it!

Review №19

I had never driven on a road before my lessons with Joe. I was very nervous my first time, but driving with Joe made me feel very comfortable and I learned a lot within my five lessons. I passed my road test with a perfect score! He had great patience and encouragement, the name speaks for itself, stress-free.

Review №20

My college sophomore son was so anxious about driving, it was put off until this summer. Joe was able to schedule lessons even though the summer is the busiest time of year for them. He worked so well with my son, that after only two months of driving, my son passed his road test with no problem! If any one ever asks me for a driving school, this place would be my ONLY recommendation! Thank you so much!!!

Review №21

This school is awesome if you want to pass your road test!! My instructor and I butted heads at first but I truly couldn’t pass without him. He taught me so much in only two lessons.

Review №22

Joe helped me pass my road test on the first try in just three lessons! He was so patient and gave me concrete instructions that helped me with parallel parking and turns, which I was nervous about. Truly a great experience and I am so thankful for all the help.

Review №23

Hi All,First of all, I would like to recommend this school to anyone. From the excellent customer service, to calling to remind you a day before your next lesson, to one hour each class which you wont really find in Suffolk county, NY (other schools are about 45 min) for a reasonable price, they arrive at your door on time which says a lot about their professionalism and consider your time/agenda. I took 7 lessons and personally my teacher Vin was great in every way. I was learning before with my husband but I couldnt really get his instruction and me being a nervous driver didnt help with reaching my goal to pass my road test on the 1st time. But my teacher Vin was patience and explained things very easily with examples that I was able to do parallel parking and 3 point turn pretty much right away but of course keep practicing to get better, he also answered any driving questions I had and not only prepared me for the road test but also for the most important obstacles while driving after road test like changing lanes, feel comfortable with driving in the highway. Needless to say I passed my road test the 1st time. Thats why I am giving a 5 review start.

Review №24

My son and I had a great experience with Joe. He was a claim teacher with my 16 yr old. And very informative with me as a parent. When he would drop off he would give you points to work on and reinforce the positive aspects. I recommend him to everyone.

Review №25

Amazing experience for all types of drivers. Me and all my brothers passed because of this school!

Review №26

The best n cheapest driving school on Long Island,they’re excellent on teaching,customer service,full of patience,i would recommend this place to anybody,give them a try there won’t be any regrets,keep up the good work guys 👍

Review №27

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I learned how to drive confidently and calmly and passed my drivers test! Everyone was so helpful including Vin and Christine. I was terrified to drive but they helped me to become a pro behind the wheel. Thanks SFDS!

Review №28

This place is wonderful. My daughter used them for a 1 hr session the week of her road test and I found them extremely accommodating to my schedule and made me feel at ease. The instructor was such an amazing gentleman that made my daughter feel comfortable and spoke to me (her mom) and answered any questions We both had. I didn’t feel rushed at all and I truly feel that they both were genuinely concerned about how my daughters experience with the session that it was a positive one. My daughter learned more from Vic in the 1 hour then she learned from her drivers ed class over the summer with another company. If I had known about them prior to me spending 500.00 elsewhere I would have definitely have used them.A wonderful experience we had and I thank both Christina and Vin for making that happen. My daughter passed her road test on first try after using them and the tips the instructor gave my daughter were extremely helpful. I highly recommend them. Thank you guys for making it a great experience :)Mom of new driver

Review №29

Passed my road test on the first try thanks to Joes instruction and guidance. He gave easy to understand directions and provided helpful tips as well as pointed out what I was doing wrong and how to correct it. I started out with barely any driving experience, and after five lessons and a little practice on my own, Joe turned me into a confident, proficient driver. I couldnt have done it without him, and I highly recommend his services.

Review №30

Literally the driving test was stress free... a couple of tips and simple instructions was all I needed to get my licence.I highly recommend their services.

Review №31

Awesome teachers, learned so much over the lesson period and was able to pass my test no problem!!! Thank you guys for everything!!!

Review №32

Joe was great to work with helped me gain confidence in my driving and passed on my first time thanks to his help

Review №33

I would like to take a moment from my busy life to thank Lori and Joe for there exceptional service. Everything went smoothly from setting up driving instructions to the date of the ROADTEST. Joe was awesome with my daughter and hes very punctual. My wife and I started teaching my daughter the basics over the summer and I thought she could use some outside help and then I found STRESS FREE driving. Signed her up for the 5 lesson package and she PASSED HER ROADTEST. So proud of her. Thank you Stress Free Driving.

Review №34

This is a little long but read the whole thing to understand the frustration we had until Stress-Free Driving School was found, and wow, what a terrific company it is.My daughter had previously used another driving school over her first year of college of last summer. Did not go well. Had a first instructor do a couple of lessons. Then I was told she was no longer with the company, so we started over with a new instructor who basically told my daughter everything she was taught was not correct. Called the company and spoke to someone in charge. Was not helpful at all and in denial. Needless to say, I didnt want my daughter to finish her lessons with this company. So we left that company and took a loss. Something we couldnt really afford to do, but we had to do.Over this past year, I did a lot of research to look for a great school to help my daughter with lessons and succeed to get her license when she returns home from college. Did not want the same sad experience like the last driving school.I chose stress free driving school.Where can I start by saying nothing but positive things about this school. She started by retaking her pre-licensing course. Afterwards, naturally I wanted to speak to the instructor and hear what he had to say. So after the class, I personally spoke to the man in charge, Joe. After this conversation, I had a feeling I did choose the right school. I had to talk to him because of what we went through with the previous outfit. Since we were not close to their office and we live some distance away, he was very accommodating to meet us halfway for her lessons. First lesson, my daughter was very satisfied with the way he explained things and taught her. Very different than the last company. We decided to do the package that they offered. Each time was better than the last time. She had to go back to college and the lessons were split up, but no problem with them . They were understanding of this.Well, she started lessons again with Joe at the beginning of this summer. Joe knows his stuff, knows how to teach, knows how to speak to students, and explains things so they understand and do it correctly. It feels as though you are the only one he has in his whole business, which he doesnt, but he takes that time with the student. He prepares the student well. My daughter took her driving test and past on the first time. Joe and stress free driving school has to be one of the best and I highly recommend them to everyone, either for youself or for your child who wants to learn correctly and pass their test. The lessons are even an hour long so you get a lot of hands on driving lessons.Thanks again, Joe, for your knowledge, patience, caring, politeness, ability to listen, and sense of understanding . Same instructor each time she had a lesson, which I believe is a plus and a must, especially if the instructor has a stake in the company. This was our experience with stress free driving school and hope you enjoy it too. Companys name says it all. Stress Free.

Review №35

Waited till the last minute to get my license (yes, Im horrible) but Joe was absolutely amazing that I passed on my first try! Joe and Laurie are the absolute best! I couldnt thank them enough!

Review №36

I just passed my road test after three fails with only 5 points off. After I failed three times I find this driving school and I had 4 lessons with the instructor. He is very nice and helpful. He taught me parallel parking using his own method which makes it much easier to parallel park. Also, he is always encouraging you, telling you what you are doing good and bad at. Ive developed right ways of noticing the road situation, knowing where to look at whenever I am doing turns, 3-point turn or parallel parking. I really like the lessons here and I do recommend it.Also, they pick up at Centereach, which is very convenient for me.

Review №37

My daughter had a great experience with Joe the owner/instructor of stress free driving school. I would highly recommend this driving school.

Review №38

Excellent!!!Joe and Lori are great. Joe was always on time for the lessons and the road test was easy for my Son.Well worth the money. Highly recommended.Thank you.

Review №39

My son passed his road test on his first try thanks to Joe at Stress-Free Driving School. He had ten lessons and became more confident with each lesson and was very prepared for the road test.

Review №40

The best, Joe was absolutely amazing! He gave my daughter the confidence she needed to pass on her fist try. Would definitely recommend them to everyone. Learned more with him in 1 hour than an entire summer at drivers ed!!

Review №41

If you want to learn how to drive and pass your road test Joe’s the the right man, he helped me out a lot and really made sure I knew how to fix my weaknesses. Thanks to Joe I passed my road test!

Review №42

My experience was superb, thanks to Vincent my instructor and Christina who works in the office. J. Bogdanowicz

Review №43

Awesome. Excellent. Joe was very good instructor and you can easily understand his lessons and I passed my road test in first attempt. Thanks Joe. Thanks Stress Free Driving School.

Review №44

Worst experience ever. He only criticized the way I was driving instead of correcting me & was not patience. He should be Trained to communicate with his clients not huffing & puffing.Don’t spend your money in this place it’s not worth it they barely teach you anything.He stressed me out. & went off on me over the littlest things. He’s not a good driving instructor

Review №45

Passed on my first try. Very helpful and goes out of his way to make sure you are perfect

Review №46

I passed my road test on the first try :). I’m so pleased with the way he teaches.Very professional!

Review №47

I have learned a lot from Joe! 5 lessons from other driving school is just one day to Joes! There is a reason why he is sooo busy, this is guy is the best! I never planned to learn to drive in in 3 decades and I was really scared! I lived in Queens all my life and moving here in Suffolk, one of the hardest part for me is learning to drive. I have a phobia in driving and Joe took that away and helped me calm and taught me how to be a good driver. I remember he says that he will teach me to drive in the real road (not in just residential or easy streets) because that really matters, not just passing the road test! Please do not think twice, wait until you get a schedule with Joe and it is worth it! Thank you Stress-Free Driving School!

Review №48

Tried to scam me and my friend by changing prices after offering a discount - shady business. They may teach well but they will change their prices to manipulate you.

Review №49

I love joe sirHes nice man I never drive in my 30 years life not there in America not in my country Pakistan but I past my road test in first tryHe have nice experience for teach you

Review №50

Excellent teacher. I took the 5-hour pre-licensing class and his 1 hour driving course. He is patient, knowledgeable, and truly loves his job.

Review №51

Joe is excellent! Passed my road test! Highly recommend to anyone!!

Review №52

I was very stressed the entire time. He made jokes to calm me down but even the slightest mistake and hed go off on me.

Review №53

Was offered a discount for referring a friend to the Stres-Free Driving school, and when I called back they lied and changed the price on me so that his discount wouldnt be a discount at all. Very shady business practices.

Review №54

Took the 5 hour course, very helpful and the instructor was hilarious

Review №55

Helped me and my brother pass our road tests first try! Never thought I could do it. 10/10 recommend!

Review №56

Worst place ever This place is just a scam they only want your money & dont teach you anything hes not a good instructor very rude person @Joe

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