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Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Boca Raton

Review №1

I’ve been attending FADS Boca Raton since January of this year and I love it! I had decided to gift myself dance lessons for my birthday, and I am so happy to have found this studio. James identified early on that I was really interested in mastering technique, and quickly adjusted to my needs. We went into “training mode” moving forward. He has took me out of my comfort zone of control and self-reliance, not only teaching me fancy footwork, but how to trust my dance partner, and how to be lead. He takes charge as much as he likes to have fun, making my lessons bright spots in my week. Thank you, James, for pushing me to be better, every single day.

Review №2

I started dancing a little over a year ago. It is the highlight of my week! I always have so much fun and get in a great workout! This has pushed me outside my comfort zone and allows me to laugh at myself which is the best medicine. The staff is welcoming as are the patrons. I highly recommend coming out and giving it a try!

Review №3

Sayra truly is an amazing instructor and such a talented dancer! She was so patient with my fiancé and I while customizing our first dance for our wedding. We tend to rush steps and she not only taught us how to count steps, but also how to really feel the music. I no longer feel like I have two left feet and can’t wait to show off our amazing dance at our wedding! Thank you so much! We highly recommend Fred Astaire Boca Raton!

Review №4

Amazing dance studio! James helped my fiancé and I plan a terrific first dance for our wedding. Great experience overall, would highly recommend!

Review №5

It started as a 2021 New Year’s Resolution but I don’t see this ending any time soon! It’s been the perfect way to end a long work day, meet new people, and just have fun! Just do it’re worth it.

Review №6

So me and my fiancé wanted to be able to actually look good dancing at our wedding, and we were very last minute about making this decision. Now I’m not a dancer to begin with so this was a hard undertaking for me regardless of the upcoming wedding. I now feel confident to take my fiancé’s hand and dance with my wife. Thank you guys for the experience and I think I will continue classes in the future because we really enjoyed it. Instructors we beyond excellent even able to help me, and funny story was I went to high school with James and had no idea it was him until he recognized me. This is the place you should learn how to dance. Warm and fun environment and they make you feel at ease even when you mess up.Thank you guys !!!!!!

Review №7

My husband and I were in the Boca area for business. It just so happened to fall on our anniversary (late May) So, in my typical “what is there to do” fashion, I checked out Groupon. That’s where we found this studio. (We didn’t use the Groupon, but it led us to inquiry). We were pleasantly surprised that they were able to accommodate us that same evening! I don’t know that it’s always like that, but don’t hesitate to check availability even if it’s short notice!My husband and I LOVE adventure and “firsts”. Skydiving together has been checked off our list along with several other thrill seeking moments. Can I tell you that the 30 mins with James was right up there with skydiving???!! I mean, it’s actually much better! Kinda hard to skydive in the comfort of your own home.Also, it’s not just a “couples thing”. I would totally go solo just to learn more and grow in confidence. We were then able to show our teens what we learned…and now THEY have an interest! (Don’t worry James…we won’t be putting you out of a job as instructors 😂😂)So would I recommend this Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Boca Raton FL?? ABSOLUTELY!! I do hope we find ourselves in the area again. It will be a must when passing through.Tammy HHomosassa FL

Review №8

We had our first lesson with Chris and Sayra and it was a blast! Great studio, great instruction, and personable instructors!

Review №9

We went for a couple lessons before our wedding. Sayra could not have been nicer. She devoted all her attention and energy into making sure we were ready for our first dance.

Review №10

This place is absolutely amazing. I Couldn’t imagine finding a better place to have prepared for my wedding. The staff and owners are great people and are excellent at what they do. Completely welcoming and have a passion to teach. I felt very comfortable and they were extremely informative. My wife and I learned our dance (2min and 45 seconds) in two weeks, which included the waltz and salsa. We will be definitely going back to continue our learning, this is something I feel I should have done a long time ago. Talents you will bring with you for life.

Review №11

I am an experienced dancer and have been a student here for about two years. I can state, without a doubt, that this is the absolute best ballroom dance studio in the area! Whether you are a beginner or more advanced student, I highly recommend FADS Boca Raton. All of the teachers are knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and fun. Hope to see you on the dance floor!

Review №12

I went with my husband to look for a place where we could dance together, we went to different places and this is the spot that we chose! We had introductory lessons and in this place he seemed so comfortable with himself and with me!! I was so excited that he was so happy doing it and he wants to continue taking lessons with me. Thank you so much for make this happen! I was trying to do it for the last year and now Raisel made my dream of dance with my husband true.

Review №13

I was asked to participate in the 2020 Ballroom Battle supporting the George Snow Scholarship Fund. Seven other local community leaders accepted the challenge as well. I am not a dancer at all but am passionate about the charity and took up the challenge. We spent months learning to dance with Sayra and James all during the pandemic. They took great measures to ensure all of their dancers (and themselves) were safe. Much to my surprise I actually learned how to dance pretty well! The Ballroom Battle was filmed and will air on WPTV channel 5 on September 26th at 7pm. You can see for yourself what they can do with non dancers! They made the experience really fun and know how to get the best out of their students. If you’ve ever wanted to learn to dance, or enjoy dancing and are looking for wonderful partners to fill your dance card, or maybe you are getting married and want to wow your guests, Sayra and James are the best!

Review №14

Good people doing what they love.

Review №15

My husband and I were referred to the Boca Raton location by our wedding photographer. The owners James and Sayra made a customized routine for our first dance at ourwedding. They were flexible with our crazy schedules, very accommodating. We also worked with the rest of the amazing staff, as we squeezed private lessons in a short time. Juan worked with us on several lessons, he is fantastic. Every instructor here is extremely professional and friendly. This is such a happy, and positive place, you can only leave feeling confident and excited. We even attended a few of the group lessons and had a great time. All of the staff is so patient and kind, they make you feel like you can really dance.

Review №16

The owners and teachers at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Boca Raton are true champions(figuratively and literally). They love what they do and it is obvious in how they treat each student. I can honestly say this is my Happy place. Learning to dance is so good for the mind and body-it’s a fun way to exercise. Added bonus is getting to see the professionals dance with each other, they are truly gifted. They earned top awards at their latest competition, deservedly so.

Review №17

It has been a long time dream of learning how to dance with a partner, especially ballroom dance style. I attended a social party a few months ago and took the complimentary lesson offered and I was hooked. The staff is so welcoming, warm, makes you feel right at home & part of their family. They are professional, fun and support you in feeling successful at whatever level you are at. If you ever were thinking about taking lessons this is the place to go!

Review №18

My husband and I have so much fun at this studio! The staff is professional and warm – all are excellent teachers and dancers. They listen to what our goals are and adapt their teaching to what we’d like to do. I always leave feeling happy 😊 The studio atmosphere is so positive - whatever your reasons for wanting to dance, I think you’ll love the experience and people here.

Review №19

The team at Fred Astaire Boca Raton is not only the most professional and experienced you’ll find but an absolute joy to work with. They guide you at a pace that’s comfortable yet challenge you enough to be the best you can be. In a couple of weeks they had me prepped for my daughter’s wedding and ready to make her shine in the dance floor to the foxtrot! Thank you team Fred Astaire - Boca Raton!

Review №20

My three years with Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Boca Raton, Florida were fantastic. I had been sick for many years and my teachers were the reason I joined the human race again. They were excellent teachers and thoughtful, sensitive and caring human beings. I thank John Mark, Eric and James for the person I am today and the fun I am now having in life.

Review №21

My husband and I love this dance studio. James and Sira are fun and professional. They always make us feel comfortable. The entire staff is a pleasure to work with. We always look forward to our next lesson.Ken and Maggie Miller

Review №22

My fiancé and I met Sayra after buying a Groupon for one-time dance lesson. We loved her so much that we knew we wanted to sign up for the 8 class wedding dance package with her! We just finished our 7th lesson and she has completely transformed us from a clumsy, awkward couple on the dance floor to a pair who effortlessly floats through our routine. My wedding is in two weeks and I can’t wait for our friends and family to see our first dance. Each dance lesson feels like a fun date night out for my fiancé and I. We always look forward to coming to Fred Astaire. Lea at the front desk is very nice and always confirms appointments with us via email. The studio is newly renovated and very clean. Definitely recommend!!!

Review №23

This is the most amazing place to dance the night away. The owners are so wonderful, their staff is so friendly, and most of all very talented and patient with everyone who comes there. For me its a dream come true to be able to do what I love the most. Recommend it for anyone.

Review №24

This was a truly uplifting, fun first dance experience! The instructors were warm and inviting and very knowledgeable. They took away our nervousness and we left feeling as though we had made a good choice for lessons. We look forward to our next lesson.

Review №25

It is so much fun! James and Sayra treat you as if youre the only students! Kim and Juan are absolutely delightful! I am having a blast! Best decision I ever made! Laughter and dancing is the best medicine!

Review №26

If you are looking for a life-changing experience or just a way to have fun dancing and meeting new people, Fred Astaire Boca Raton is the place to go! The owners and staff are all extremely knowledgeable and effusive and the student body is always friendly and supportive. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone looking to learn how to ballroom dance!

Review №27

This studio deserves more stars than I can give. I started here at the age of 12 or so in a downward spiral of depression to the point of seriously contemplating giving up on life completely. If it werent for the staff who welcomed me with open arms and added me to their dancing family, I do not think Id be alive today.That being said, Ive seen the owners change hands and teachers come and go which some would think would ruin a highly social environment, but The Boca Fred Astaire Studio still offers a release that no other studio ever will and the physicality and the social aspect of it is irreplaceable in my life. If anything, now with the new owners, the atmosphere has only changed for the better and Ill be coming as often as I can to be a better dancer and a better person.

Review №28

Best dance studio around!!! The staff is amazing, fantastic environment for beginners as well as the more advanced. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn ballroom. You wont find better than this studio. James and Sayra truly care about there students. The instructors are amazing!

Review №29

Best team and amazing experience. My wife and I were fortunate enough to do a showcase and lessons there in the past and cant say enough great things about our time there. Will definitely be back!

Review №30

Look no further for a dance studio ! This studio is such a welcoming place and the dance 💃🏻 instructors know how to teach their trade very well! Besides.. they are the best !

Review №31

I had my dream come true my country club at Aberdeen held a dancing with the stars contest I went to Fred Astaire dance studio’s in Boca for lesions they were absolutely fantastic and with their expertise in training I came in first place and run the Marable trophy everyone should have an opportunity to go there they are professional kind and outstandingIf you want to learn any type of dance Fred Astaire dance studio in Boca is the place to go you will not be sorry you signed up give it a try you have absolutely nothing to lose

Review №32

I should note before I go any further that I never actually had the opportunity to use the gift certificate that was purchased for me at this location because of the owners behavior. This review is a caution to anyone buying a gift certificate from this location that you will want to read.My girlfriend purchased a gift certificate as a Christmas gift for us from this location last year. The purchase price was $220 for three lessons. The gift certificate came with a requirement that it be used within three months (in hindsight, that is a very short window). Shortly after it was given to me, I tore my labrum in my shoulder and had to undergo surgery. When my girlfriend approached the owner about extending the expiration date, they requested a doctors note (are you kidding me?!). I actually had to have my doctor write a note proving that I was having surgery and that it would be a six month recovery process. You would have thought that Fred Astaire was my employer rather than a dance studio that should be more concerned with customer service. They agreed to extend the gift certificate by another three months, which was still projected to be earlier than my recovery date from surgery.I was cleared for most activities on October 7, but just before that, as the gift certificate was about to expire on the week of 9/23, one of the owners (Sayra Vazquez) communicated that we would have to use the gift certificate during the week of 9/23 or it would expire.This prompted me to do some investigating. Upon a search of the law in Florida, I found that gift certificates that are purchased (not won or given away in a promotion) in Florida cannot have an expiration date on them. However, if they are won or given away at a promotion, they may have an expiration date. I brought this law to Sayras attention on 9/26 by e-mail. It took her three days to write back, and when she did, instead of admitting that they made a mistake, she instead tried to argue with me that she did some investigating and that the gift certificate that she sold my girlfriend was actually a promotion, not understanding that a promotion is something that you dont actually pay for under the law.Instead of admitting that she made a mistake, she instead tried to find a legal loophole to justify her illegal business practices. When I called that to her attention, rather than saying Im sorry, youre right, you can use the gift certificate at your leisure because that is how the law works in Florida, she instead said that my girlfriend and I were not the right fit and proceeded to give us a refund of the $220.What a shame and a terrible way of doing business. Imagine having to undergo a surgical procedure and recovery and in the back of your mind have to deal with a dance studio on your a** trying to rush you to use a gift certificate before you actually have clearance from a doctor. What would be the point of that other than to try to screw the customer over and have them eat the cost of the gift certificate...I see many positive reviews about the actual dance instructors and classes at this studio. That is awesome and I do not doubt that they are great at teaching dance. However, the people running this place, including Sayra, havent a clue how to treat a customer. Be forewarned that if you dare by a gift certificate from this place with an expiration date on it (an illegal act by the owners), you better make sure that nothing comes up in your life that prevents you from using it in the short window that they give you, or else you will be met with the burden of having to get a doctors note and possibly lose the money you spent on the classes.What would even be a reason to have an expiration date on a gift certificate, albeit a three month window? You can come to your own conclusions on that one...

Review №33

This studio is so AWESOME. I would tell everyone, come see for yourself, you will not be disappointed. Love these guys,, Joe Veccia

Review №34

Wonderfully talented and amazing teachers!!! Truly a pleasure to go there! Teachers are ready to take you to any level you want to achieve.

Review №35

I just moved to Boca and was looking for a fun place to learn how to ballroom dance. From the moment I walked in, I felt welcome and at home! I was greeted warmly by A.J., the manager, who introduced me to James, the most amazing dancer - and quite handsome too! Its been a year now and my ballroom dancing has come a long way baby!!! I look forward to the group classes and the guest parties where I get to mingle and meet some fabulous people!! Love my Boca Raton Fred Astaire Dance Studio :)

Review №36

James is great! My fiancé and I had a terrific experience learning out first wedding dance!

Review №37

My husband and I are 50-something beginners. All of the instructors are supportive, knowledgeable, and fun! We are having a great time learning to dance!

Review №38

This studio is great and the staff and management are very helpful. My cousin who has Parkinsons really benefited from the dance instruction and personal attention. A+++

Review №39

Juan gave me confidence that I didnt have. Patient and a good guy. Ill be back, boys.

Review №40

Excellent Instructors! Never any pressure to do above whatever class you choose /Weekly Group and Party Dance Instruction varied for personal choices/ Studio spacious, well appointed and cared for/ staff and members friendly and comfortable to learn with.

Review №41

Beautiful studio! Amazingly talented people! Just the best place to dance

Review №42

This place could have a million 5 star reviews, but unless you step into the beautiful studio, meet the exceptional owners and staff, and take your first incredible lesson, you will never truly understand what it means to be part of the FADS Boca family. Just take my word on it and set up your introductory lesson today!

Review №43

Im learning new moves that i hadnt learned the three years i was in CT. Plus, fred Astaire is more fun. i took dance lessons before years ago at a different studio, but it wasnt as much fun as Fred astaire.

Review №44

I have been a proud and enthusiastic member of this studio for more than five years. James and Sayra have helped me change my life and have fun doing it!

Review №45

Everyone there is so talented and patient. Im so greatful they taught us our wedding dance. Sayra and James are amazing

Review №46

Pam is Awesome the lessons are getting me ready for the 9th Boca Ball Room Battle. Great location and the Instructors are world class

Review №47

Instructors are worldwide recognized champions in the Ballroom Industry.Very Professional and welcoming studio!!

Review №48

This is my happy place!!! I love to dance, but had never done ballroom before and thought it was going to be slow and quiet waltzes with very serious grandmas in polyester gowns ... I could not have been more wrong!It turns out Fred Astaire Dance Studio Boca Raton is not your grandma’s dance hall! The owners James and Sayra, and their staff with love what they do and it totally rubs off on the students! When I first walked in, I only wanted to learn fast-paced dances like salsa, cha cha and swing; but the amazing teachers and Best music they play got me interested in the smooth dances too, like the waltz, tango and foxtrot (without the polyester). It’s the most fun and who knew it would be such good exercise! I love this place and encourage anyone who wants exercise without feeling like you’re exercising, a social atmosphere and the nicest people and teachers! Don’t over think it! Try it !!

Review №49

The instructors are fantastic. It’s a fun learning atmosphere.

Review №50

Great fun and exercise...I always learn something new when Im there..the staff and teachers are the best!

Review №51

Love it! Big and beautiful studio. So fun!

Review №52

I purchased shoes and they are awesome! Thank you!

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