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Asylum Dance Project

Review №1

I cannot tell you how caring and sweet the staff is! My 3 year old daughter started here prior to COVID. She was very shy at first and had a hard time at drop off but the teachers were wonderful with her - distracted her while I snuck out. She then began to love it! We would leave and shed say I had so much fun. COVID hit so they closed but they did a GREAT job with zoom classes to keep the kids involved with dance. When in person classes resumed, my daughter started with this separation anxiety and it was a battle - screaming and crying in the car on the way and at drop off, I could barely pry her off me. The teachers (and Mr. Louis) were SUPER helpful, with trying to distract her and get her involved during class but it got to the point that I pulled her out. I was tired of the battle, I hated to force her to do something she didnt like, and it was a distraction and disservice to the other kids in the class. I thank the teachers and Mr. Louis for the time spent w/ her and well be sure to try again next year!!

Review №2

We love asylum dance! Mr. Greg and Mr. Louis are Fantastic people and are always so positive and loving! My oldest loves the Theater Classes and has been there since the very first class. She has developed a deep love for Theater and Felicia helps her thrive. My youngest started last year and she is shy but has grown and gained so much confidence since she has been taking gymnastics class with Carrie. Cant really say enough about Asylum. They have definitely exceeded my expectations.

Review №3

I just cannot say enough about the Asylum Dance Project Dance Studio! Mr. Greg, Mr. Louis and their amazingly talented staff are the kindest people you will ever meet! When you walk through the door you are always greeted with the biggest smile and they are genuinely so happy to see you and your children! It is such a fun and welcoming environment! My daughter has been going to Asylum since they first opened, it makes me so happy that she loves going there so much and cannot wait for her next class! They also have so many classes to choose from, she has taken everything from musical theatre, ballet, lyrical, gymnastics and hip hop just to name a few! If you are looking for a dance studio for your children, Asylum Dance Project will most definitely surpass your expectations! 😊

Review №4

I’m a professional performer and teacher out of Los Angeles, CA. I’ve had the pleasure to be able to come in and teach a master class for the studio. From the wonderful staff to the hardworking students, the studio holds themselves at such a high standard. All of the students are hardworking and dedicated, wanting to learn and grow as dancers. I would highly suggest taking your dancers there to grow into true professional performers. They have an award winning competition team that pushes the students to not only work on their technique, but work on artistry as well. If you are in the Allentown/Bethlehem area, I would highly suggest Asylum Dance Project for your young dancers!!

Review №5

We have tried a few dance studios in the valley but none have felt like home until Asylum. The teachers are well rounded with dance styles and techniques and treat the children with respect and also encouraging them to never give up and bringing out their strengths. The children learn in turn to be respectful to others along with reaching for their goals and aspirations. They provide encouragement in not only dance, but also in life. Greg and Louis are two of the best people I have met and they treat my kids like their own. In just a short year, my daughter has grown and excelled so much as a dancer. They are very well organized and you know what to expect. I cannot wait for the second year! I am proud to call Asylum Home and the studio family. We celebrate lifes ups and downs and we do it together. I missed my college graduation for my masters degree during competition season since I wanted to be there to support my daughter and would have felt lost otherwise, and the comp team surprised me with a cake and we celebrated together. That is what and how dance families are at Asylum. Some of the most loving and caring families. You will not be disappointed in what Asylum Dance Project has to offer. ❤️

Review №6

If your looking for a family friendly atmosphere asylum is the place! Great teachers who truly care about the kids not only in their dance lives but their general well being! Very organized! Their competitive teams did superb in their first year! Cant wait to see what this year has to bring! Contact them with any questions they will be more than happy to help you!

Review №7

The owners and teachers at Asylum genuinely care about their students and everyone is treated like family. Since joining Asylum, my granddaughter has experienced so much growth in her technique and expression. She is pushed to reach her full potential, and that allowed her to win two titles this year! The younger ones are learning much and having fun, too! I can’t say enough about this diverse and welcoming studio!

Review №8

As a student at Asylum Dance Project I assure you that the teachers at this studio will not only push you hard but help get you there. The staff here treats everyone like we are family and no matter what they don’t give up on you. They make you strive for success and help you earn/win things, whether it is for college, like scholarships or simply winning an award you have always wanted. Being at asylum dance project will forever be one of the best experiences of my life.

Review №9

Asylum is a fantastic place for children & young adults to learn not only the art of dance but also the art of life. They learn to be respectful and also respected. They learn to take turns being in the spotlight. They learn that as long as theyve done their best no one is going to ask for more. They learn that everyone has a story to tell and that Asylum is there to help them unlock theirs. Greg & Louis are two of the best people I have ever had the honor of knowing. They are kind, honest, driven & supportive. They expect the best from every dancer, but they also take the time to help each dancer be the best version of themselves. I could go on endlessly, but let me end by saying; if youre looking for a dance school that will treat your child like their own, please run to Asylum 💙

Review №10

Asylum dance project is a place that not only has a well rounded dance education but is very family oriented! They take care of the kids as if they were there own and they lead them down the paths they want to be on, as they unlock their passion for dance and future successes. As a grandparent I know my grandchildren are in the best care with the greatest instructors. I want nothing more then for someone to love my grandchildren as I would. Great job Asylum Dance Project I cant wait to see what the next season has in store!

Review №11

Asylum is hands down the best Dance School for my daughter and in the Lehigh Valley. Luis, Greg, and the entire Asylum Dance project staff go above and beyond to create a true Dance family. They push your dancer to their full potential. This will be our second year at Asylum and we could be prouder to be a part of the team.We’ve been opened to an entire new Dance world, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. ASYLUM DANCE PROJECT you win💙

Review №12

Asylum has been such a great addition to not only my daughters life but mine as well. The staff is so dedicated, compassionate, talented, caring and personal to just name a few things. The energy, happiness and positivity they provide is beyond words and not what I was expecting when we started the first year they opened and being new to the dance world. One of the best things I have done was enrolling my daughter into Asylum.

Review №13

We love asylum dance my daughter is 9 and takes a variety of classes. She is shy but has grown and gained so much confidence since she has been taking classes. The teachers have been so amazing, positive and encouraging to help her gain self confidence! She is excited to dance and is more positive in school. We love our asylum family!

Review №14

Since joining Asylum Dance Project almost three years ago, I have seen so much improvement in all three of my girls. Not only have they improved as performers, but they have all improved socially . My oldest daughter is pushed to her fullest capacity, and encouraged to always do her best. We are finally HOME with Asylum Dance Project.I 100% recommend Asylum Dance Project to those of you looking for a dance home. We truly are one big family!!

Review №15

I can’t say enough about how amazing and professional this studio is. As a lifetime dancer I joined asylum in its first year and instantly felt at home. Within my first few classes my technique grew more than it had in my previous ten years of dancing. Asylum provided me with so many opportunities to grow as an artist and a professional by preparing me for college and my professional artistic career. If you are serious about dancing or even want to be a part of an amazing family this is the place to be!

Review №16

My daughter loves Asylum! Each teacher brings something a little different to the dance floor and she loves that! If your dancer wants the next level in dance look no further. And staff is well organized, which I appreciate as a parent! We also love how important family is, and here everyone is FAMILY💙

Review №17

As the parent of a graduating student, I can honestly say that I saw tremendous growth in my daughter for the two years she was with the studio. I only wish she had the opportunity to have had more years there because the teachers truly push the students to be their best. If you are looking for a family oriented, skilled and professional studio, you will not go wrong with Asylum Dance Project. We will miss everyone!

Review №18

This will be the third dance season my daughter has been with Asylum and they have been nothing but excellent the last three years. She looks forward to going to class and they help her push herself to new levels. Its amazing how much they have helped her grow and develop herself not only as a dancer but as a person. We love our Asylum family!!!!

Review №19

I have had the pleasure of teaching a master class at this studio. The students and staff were a delight and its an extremely fun environment! Very professional and the energy is amazing. I am thrilled to continue this relationship with this studio!

Review №20

This will be my daughters third year dancing here. She loves going to dance and it is hard to get her to leave. She has learned so much this past year being on the competition team. The staff is very friendly and positive and the studio is like a second home. We are looking forward to another great year here.

Review №21

My kids really enjoyed going to Asylum Dance Project! The owners and teachers are very kind, understanding, and fun!

Review №22

Best dance school experience me and my children have had. There is a very open and loving family like environment. They truly care about the kids and focus on giving them the best dance education and technique that they can. Staff is friendly and well rounded.

Review №23

We absolutely LOVE this dance school, if I could give them 10 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I would ! From the first day my girls came to check it out by attending the very first summer camp here they couldn’t stop talking about it and how they wanted to go back in the fall. Asylum offers a outstanding, positive, professional learning environment with the perfect balance of hard work & fun . The staff here are fantastic and their dedication to their students goes beyond them being their dance instructors, they take a genuine interest in each and every one of their students and it shows in the smiles of every dancer that walks out of this dance school . We couldn’t be happier as a family to have a place for our girls (12&14yrs old) where they feel so at home at and cared for . Our girls love for dance is inspired every week and I’m sure every dancer at asylum feels the same way . Our girls dance skills continue to improve and all of this is more than anyone could ask for from a dance school . #Asylumstrong

Review №24

My son absolutely loves Asylum!! The teachers take the time to appreciate each student. And the owners invest so much of themselves into each student, its an amazing family that Im glad to be a part of. Thank you Asylum!

Review №25

Asylum Dance Project is a great dance school! Our daughter enjoyed all Alysum classes and workshops that she took and all of the teachers as well. She grew a lot as a dancer during the last 2 years at Asylum. Everyone there is not only professional and offers excellent quality dance education, but is also very loving and kind.

Review №26

My daughter has been on the competition team the past two years and absolutely loves it. She has evolved into an amazing dancer and has had so much fun making great memories with her teammates and coaches!

Review №27

I can’t say enough about Asylum Dance. They have a very warm, friendly, family atmosphere. My daughter has grown so much over the past year do to the dedication of the teachers and staff. I couldn’t be happier to be part of the Asylum family!!!

Review №28

Honestly I couldn’t say enough good things about Asylum. I was a competitive dancer there for two years and was apart of the inaugural competitive team. The teachers are always there for you no matter what, if you’re having an off day the teachers will work with you to make sure you are comfortable. The stress the idea of being a FAMILY and they absolutely follow through everytime. You will never find a more professional and compassionate studio. I used to dread going to dance at my old studio and I after I switched to Asylum I couldn’t wait to go to class.

Review №29

I feel the need to write a review and share some personal feelings about the Asylum Dance School. My oldest granddaughter loves to dance so when I saw the Asylum Dance school opening up in my neighborhood I decided to register her over the summer for a combo gymnastics class in 2017.She was 5 at that time and although she was hesitant at first about going into the class with Ms Jeana by the end of the summer she loved her class. Ms Jeana would come out and hold her hand, talk to her and off she went into her class with no problem. At that point I had to sign her up for the fall season. Her only complaint was she wanted to dance, not do gymnastics (my fault I know). With that said, I signed her up for combo dance (tap, jazz and ballet) she was in Ms Jeana’s class again which made the transition nice and smooth, so smooth I then added one of my grandsons to the gymnastics roster with Ms Carrie, once there he adjusted very well, met a buddy and had great time.One day while waiting for the class to end, I observed something that I will never forget. One of the students was sitting at the front desk with Mr. Louis and needed help with her homework and wouldn’t you know (while still working mind you) he took the time to help. I knew then, that this was the perfect place for my grandkids. Not only did I see this once, but several times, with different young people, while the child is waiting for their class they are doing homework. It warms the heart to see such a thing, especially with a school this size with many things going on all at once.The students there learn not only the Art of Dance but also several other things that these growing minds need to be reminded of. Things such as being respectful, Mr. Louis will speak to these teenagers in a Calm, Clear voice when their attitudes get the better of them. I must say the Whole Staff is very Professional, Attentive, Caring and Understanding. If one cannot calm a crying student, another one will step in and take over and before the class is over the child is happy, playing and smiling. I Love It.The Recitals are Spectacular/Phenomenal thanks to the whole staff but especially Mr. Greg. I did not know what to expect when my grands had their first recital. The Dance Instructors would allow the grandparents/parents to watch what the students have learned at certain points throughout the school year and that was pretty much where my mind was. I would watch Mr. Greg dance with ease and grace with the students and without but his head would move with every point/stick. The day of the recital versus what I saw in class was incredible, from the costumes to the performances. I did not realize that they housed so many students. The first recital had me yelling for more, students and staff was everywhere, on stage, in the aisle it was amazing, I’m still trying to figure out “How” they managed to provide such an outstanding show for all to see. Talk about Big Things in Small Packages. The second recital (which just ended) was Bigger and Better than then the first. I tell you I don’t know how they did it. To manage so many classes, teams, student solos, it’s just incredible.Now this part is too funny. My second year watching rehearsals begins and as I watch the little ones on stage I find myself in tears (crying), one of the other parents asked me if one of them was mine and I had to respond with a no. I’m not sure what happened, was it the song the little ones was dancing to? Or the hug at the end? Not sure but it was so cute, so sweet. The day of the recital there was a standing ovation for the same performance, it just grabbed everyone, good to see it was not only me this time.This year I was there for both shows and I loved it. I had little ones with me that was getting extremely restless thank goodness for the food bar. The food bar was so reasonable that I was able to calm the little ones and the big ones down between shows. This should never change, its great to not have to leave because the food is so unreasonable, perfect food, perfect prices.

Review №30

Simply the best. Family atmosphere and sense of belonging. Dedicated teachers and team-mates focused on individual and team goals and needs.

Review №31

If your looking for top notch teachers a wide range of dance styles and a home away from home you can truly call family, look no further . Asylum has welcomed us into their dance family with open arms and huge hearts . While my daughter loves her classes I especially love the adult body blast class, getting in shape while my daughter is in class is such a huge bonus !

Review №32

My daughters has been here for a year now and Asylum has done nothing but make us feel like family. The owners and the teachers here really care about the kids so much and bringing out the best of their artistic ability is priority. I have one daughter on the competition team and she lives at Asylum to work hard but more then anything she feels totally at home and never wants to leave. The environment just makes you feel welcome and if you love dance they will embrace your passion. Im so thankful we made the decision to enroll with Asylum. Mr. Louis goes above and beyond for these kids and the parents! I can not wait for what this year has to offer.

Review №33

Unprofessional, unethical and unprincipled dance studio. I would go anywhere but here.Editing after owners response...I can certainly provide a long, detailed and accurate review outlining your studios unprofessional, unethical and unprincipled behavior. Please let me know if you would like me to proceed. Its also very clear you must be concerned since you seemed to have rallied the troops and had people today add a ton of positive reviews. Check your data base, they are not all members of your studio:)

Review №34

This is the most awesome place ever. The family like atmosphere is so welcoming!! Wouldnt choose any other place.

Review №35

Asylum dance project has become like family to us in such a short time! My 5 year old daughter was so shy but they worked with her so patiently and helped her come out of her shell to dance her heart out on stage! I never cry tears of joy but for the first time in my life I did! I couldnt have been more proud of her and so thankful to have such an amazing staff care for her as if she was thier own. Thank you asylum for being so amazing!

Review №36

I have followed Asylum Dance Project from the moment I knew it was opening. I emailed back and forth and watched as they updated pictures of the studio being built. Why?? Because something just told me THIS was going to be THE BEST place to send my lil diva on her very first moments of her dance journey. Now... This studio truly is our home away from home, we could not be prouder to call them our family. From the teachers to the parents and to her fellow dance-mates, this place has brought out the very best in us and everyone who enters those doors. This school has only just begun to make their footprint in the world, it is much more than music, dance, awards, fun times and the glitz and glam of the stage lights. It is about structure, discipline, hard work, determination, loyalty, respect, and above all LOVE. They truly build relationships that will last a lifetime all while creating dancers that are ready to conquer the world in ways that go far beyond the stage. My tiny dancer will only be 7 this year, and I look forward to every year she grows with this family. We truly are #AsylumStrong 💪💙

Review №37

Best Recreational and Competitive Dance Programs In The Lehigh Valley! Super Friendly & Educated Staff 💙

Review №38

So.much.drama at this studio...avoid at all costs!

Review №39

Details to follow.

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