University of California, Berkeley - Clark Kerr Campus
2601 Warring St, Berkeley, CA 94720, United States
University of California, Berkeley - Clark Kerr Campus

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Best dorms on campus! There is so much here: a pool, a track, beach volleyball courts, dining commons, tennis courts, basketball courts, and conference center.

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Its fine.

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Great campus and wonderful food

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Pretty campus. Lots of paths through the campus where the kids can explore on bikes. Great activities for the kids in the camps run by UC Berkeley in the summer. Ive been here for conferences, too, and the facilities are nice. However, there is not very much bicycle parking, especially not around the conference hall, and Ive always ended up locking my bike to the railing.

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The rooms are so much more spacious than the units or foothill. The walk gets you in better shape and the food is pretty decent. Compared to the unit 2 triple I stayed in over summer, Clark Kerr rooms are heaven!

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I like to work out after work at the Clark Kerr track. Especially because it has pull up bars.

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Clark Kerr is the best and its the most tight knit of the residence halls, especially if you dont live in the suites. Everyone knows each other and the same people go to the dining hall at the same times every day so youll get to know everyone. But please stop getting so drunk that your health is in trouble and you do something embarrassing.

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Clark Kerr is a great choice for students seeking to live in a dorm. The rooms are relatively spacious, the dining hall has a great menu and there is a swimming pool, study lounge and mail room of its own. The only downside maybe its distance from campus, which is about a 10-15 minute walk.

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I love the horseshoe driveway. Its quite mesmerizing. 🤘

Review №12

Clark Kerr is a beautiful place to live, and the commute, while far, is often exaggerated. Theres lots of natural scenery, big rooms and lounges, and its adjacent to student-accessible track, pool, tennis courts, volleyball pits, and hiking trails. And it is surrounded by a similarly beautiful neighborhood that makes you feel as though you are frequently separated from the chaos of the UC campus. This, however, comes with a downside of feeling isolated from the campus activity and prone to staying in your dorm room rather than getting out and involved at school.All in all, the one serious downside to Clark Kerr is the uniquely antisocial atmosphere. Certain cliques -- primarily the athletes and the frat/sorority rushers -- dominate the dorms in a homogeneous and unaccepting way. Its difficult to avoid them, and it can get annoying if you do not fit nicely into them. There certainly arent as many hardcore STEM kids here; its generally more a party culture kind of group, if youre into that.Living here for a third year now, so there is definitely a net benefit. But you need to be prepared for the kinds of exclusive crowds you encounter here. Of course, there will be decent kids, but its definitely a different kind of group predominating here.

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Arguably the best UC Berkeley residence hall for freshmen. Ignoring the 20-min walk to most of campus buildings, location, the proximity of the dining hall to the dorm, and spacious rooms make it a great place to spend your first year of college.

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Beautiful campus right at foot of trails.

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Beautiful campus. Nice dorm rooms.

Review №16

You wont get any friends from your floor😔

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Super far from campus but the best food and dining hall; great facilities just outside.

Review №18

Horrible since the Stewart company stopped taking care of things. CSI coop are horrible. The staff are bullies and verbal abusers Im sure theres going to be a court case sometime soon

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Wonderful place to live. The best Berkeley dorms available!

Review №20

Good luck getting in. Great school.

Review №21

Lovely campus with beautiful courtyards and bright and airy classrooms.

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Spanish style buildings give it a unique vibe in contrast to the rest of Berkeley

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Beautiful enclosed campus with tennis courts and volleyball courts.

Review №24

Okay housing, but always lacking in essentials, like hot water.

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One of the nicest dorm and area in Cal

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Consistently best brunch dorm food on campus

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Great conference center in a beautiful building.

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Fresh air and with bay view!

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Nice place with lots of fresh air..

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Beautiful and peaceful place.

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The best freshmen dorm at Berkeley.

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Best campus

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Great facilities!

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Chris home

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