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9455 Benbrook Blvd, Benbrook, TX 76126, United States
Shoot Smart Range. Training. Gunsmith

Review №1

I feel fortunate to live close to the Benbrook location since I use their services often. In the last 9 months Ive received nothing but impeccable service.1. Gunsmithing. Fast, knowledgeable and reasonably priced.2. Training/Classes. Professional, knowledgeable and flexible schedules.3. Firing Range: The staff are always curious, helpful and the ranges are very well maintained.

Review №2

Excellent range, reasonable prices and done very friendly-helpful employees.

Review №3

Everyone is very friendly, very helpful. Best range in DFW by far!! LOWER 9MM AMMO

Review №4

Always very helpful and nice! Their range is up to date and well kept. Never have any issues getting a lane except when they have all lanes closed for a class which hasnt happened much. We have even had our traditional lane get upgraded to a private lane a few times because all of their traditional lanes were being used for a class. Highly recommend this place. There are two or three workers there that are especially very friendly and helpful, just cant remember their names.

Review №5

The staff couldnt be more professional and helpful. Joyce was my first experience and Ive never seen a more safety focused range guide. For a brief part of my military life I was a range master and she was a definite five stars in her guidance and safety in the range. This is my second home, forget the rest. Also, the gunsmith did a great job on my M1 Garand for the modification I requested and the 2 Glocks sight replacements that were installed free due to buying the sights there.

Review №6

Best range ever to go to, always helpful and open 7 days a week cant beat that! Definitely the place to go to!

Review №7

My favorite place to go and let off some steam, and lead

Review №8

ShootSmart Benbrook staff is FIVE out of FIVE STARS across-the-board! Don’t miss out, visit them, even if it’s your first time!! I’ve always wanted to learn how to shoot well and within 10 minutes I was in a lane, gun in hand and firing like a pro! Adam and George are, by far, some of the most professional & kind staff you could ever ask for and I felt very comfortable going in and asking all my questions. They were informative, supportive, very kind, respectful, silly and fun to be around! They made the environment a very light hearted and enjoyable place, esp for my first time in the range. I will never forget the great time I had thanks to Adam and George! Did I mention all this was within an hour of closing time? They never once looked at the clock or made me feel rushed or unwelcome. I repeat, you’re going to want to visit this Benbrook ShootSmart!!

Review №9

Fantastic experience, super friendly staff, great lanes with modern lane equipment!

Review №10

Nice place and very friendly staff. Highly recommended. We’ll be coming back!

Review №11

Benbrook Shoot Smart is great! I bring my entire family to shoot here, and the membership makes use of the private suite lanes handy for instruction. I also use them to handle all of my Firearms Transfers. All of my Transfers are received, and processed quickly for pick up. During this time of nationwide ammo shortages they have also done their best to keep range ammo at a reasonable price! All the facilities are clean and well kept. The location is convenient to home but I would definitely drive further if I had to!

Review №12

Joyce is awesome. I learned a lot and I am much more comfortable with my gun now.

Review №13

Anyone wanting to get licensed or get any firearms training should look here first. Each staff member I’ve spoken to is knowledgeable and extremely courteous and will go out of their way to answer any questions you have and help any way they can. I’ve taken the new shooter and LTC licensing class and they were worth every penny. Highly recommend

Review №14

What a great range! The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, plus they really make you feel comfortable when you are not an avid shooter. There are tons of firearms to rent and the space is so clean. And the best part is how cool the lanes are. Im used to getting hot while shooting at a range in the summer. Not here! The lanes are actually cold! This is definitely my go to range now.

Review №15

More than professional staff; patient, concerned, very careful to meet customer needs. Encouraged questions.

Review №16

Went as a first time owner and all the staff were super friendly and helpful. I’ll definitely be back. Gun jammed after first shot... they came in and showed me what to do if it happens again and showed me how to take my gun apart and put it back together. I appreciated how patient they were.

Review №17

First time going to a pistol range in Texas and really enjoyed this place. The staff were really helpful making sure we checked in, signed the waiver, got a lane and additional protection wear quickly, and we enjoyed getting to shoot. Bad news for now, no rental protection. So if you dont have eyes and ears, be prepared for an extra fee. (~$10/pp).I really liked the actual range and the e-system used to move the targets. There are preset distances you can choose instead of only making manual adjustments.Overall, a good experience and would come back.

Review №18

Friendly atmosphere, helpful staff, and way more comfortable than an outdoor range in the Texas summer.

Review №19

Christian was AWESOME! Highly recommend this range. Clean and professional!

Review №20

Clean facility, all the equipment in good working order. will definitely shoot there again.

Review №21

Shoot Smart in Benbrook is great! The staff is so friendly and helpful. I feel I can never ask a dumb question, and I ask a lot of questions. The lanes, store front and restrooms are super clean . I drive 25 minutes (when I live within 10 minutes of other places) just to go to this location.

Review №22

FFL transfer is a little pricey, but other than that this is my new favorite place. Gunsmith did a fantastic job on my Type 99 Arisaka and Factory 26 SKS. LTC class was very well taught, and the salespeople always love talking with me about which historical rifle I brought in this time... This is the perfect place for new and experienced shooters alike!

Review №23

Have gone to several gun stores. This store was the most professional and customer supporting store I have seen.

Review №24

Went here for the first time today, and I am hooked. This will definitely be my primary go-to spot going forward.Firstly, the staff is great. Everyone was friendly, everyone had varying levels of experience and opinions and it was great.The rental firearm selection is very impressive... Most notably: Thompson .45(Semi-Auto), Magnum Research 45/70, Desert Eagle .357, and my personal favorite the Desert Eagle in .50 ACP. You have the option of buying a full box of ammo, or increments of 5 for a little more per round. Rentals are unlimited with a flat rate of $15 for the basics and $20 for the premium fun stuff. The ammo for the rentals is also very reasonable.Their ammo selection is solid, and competitively priced. Around 5-10% mark up from internet prices, which is right in line with big box retailers.My only ammo complaint is that they do not stock 5.56, only .223 which for target shooting is okay.The range suites are great. Clean, orderly, modern, and inherently safer than traditional lane style ranges. They allow holster practice, and there are no rate of fire rules in the suites (great for NFA owners). As long as you arent doing anything stupid, they will leave you alone. Other than that typical range rules apply, eye and ear pro at all times, firearms pointed down range, etc.The maximum range is 18 yards, which is more than enough for pistols, and is decent for some short range MSR practice.They do not restrict the use of FMJ rounds in rifles, which makes practice ammo much cheaper than most ranges, as long as it is not steel tipped or cored, or steel casings. All of which is reasonable.On top of all of that, they offer a 25% range fee discount to Active Duty Military, first responders, and Veterans.All around 5 star establishment. The other ranges need to take note and step their game up.

Review №25

It was a blast. The private suite is very much worth the little extra.

Review №26

Shoot Smart is an excellent range with very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff. I was a first time shooter and have taken private lessons with Matt to help prepare me for LTC. I also took my LTC class at Shoot Smart. Christian was the LTC Instructor and he did a great job with the class. I plan to continue working on my skills at Shoot Smart and would highly recommend this range.

Review №27

I always enjoy going to shoot smart. This is the second location I’ve been to and the employees are so helpful and patient. Their main priority is always the safety of it’s patrons. I look forward to my next visit!

Review №28

Im a French guy who tried Shoot Smart a year and a half ago (its been a while, if precision is needed), and I still remember how nice and profesionnal the staff was. I could explain them it was my first time and they totally got what I needed, and a woman even took pictures and a small video with my phone, while shooting, to share to my French fries. It was really good. (And of course the staff told me, after this picture, to not wear the weapon like this.)

Review №29

Very helpful, professional, knowledgeable staff. Alex, Steve and Jason were patient with the kids, took time to answer questions and show different options.

Review №30

Great staff, very friendly and not pushy or rude like other ranges.

Review №31

The instruction was outstanding. Cassie is excellent and very knowledgeable and helpful. Instruction was clear and concise.With that said, this class could easily have been 4 hours, not 6. I understand a need to promote what the facility has to offer, but 4 hours on a weekend is long enough to keep the attention of those who are paying to attend the class. Really, I felt like I was in a commercial for half the class. However, I got what I came there for and that was for the LTC Certification. So, mission accomplished.

Review №32

Always enjoy coming to look at the gun selection or shoot at the range. Employees very helpful and knowledgeable!

Review №33

So the other day I came to this location and wanted to shoot in a private lane and let me just say that Jonathan checked me in and was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions. I had never been here before but thanks to him I felt comfortable coming here and he is the reason I will be coming back in the future. Excellent customer service! Thank you so much for all of your help Jonathan. Such a sweetheart!

Review №34

My friend and I went right before closing Saturday and we were treated very well. Alex was SUPER AWESOME. He genuinely cares about teaching others how to be SAFE and comfortable with firearms. We rented a lane and he could tell we needed some assistance, without us asking he just knew. He came to our lane talked us through, told us to breathe, actually gave us basically a free lesson, gave us space but checked on us often. He taught us some well needed info. Alex really is great at what he does, my back was turned and he noticed based on the sound the gun made that I did something, I looked back to ask for help and he already knew what happened, explained what I had done and how to fix it. We had a great time and it was better with Alex helping and teaching us. We will for sure be back this weekend. Thanks Alex🙂We genuinely appreciated your assistance.Great location very clean too-Shana and Shana

Review №35

Very nice store and firing range. Will definitely be going back there. Very friendly people as well.

Review №36

My private lesson with Joyce was great! Within the first 20 minutes I had already learned great pointers I didnt know. Joyce is very patient and extremely informative. I look forward to the next lesson!

Review №37

Love the way you can check in to get in line on the website so you aren’t just milling around indefinitely. The staff is willing and able to answer all the questions you may have.

Review №38

This place is a dump where equipment failure is most likely to happen...they wasted my time once, won’t see me anymore.

Review №39

Joyce was excellent, fun, and great instructor. My wife and I was able to learn the fundamentals through practice. Facilities were clean and staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Plan to get take extra classes before attending the License To Carry class.

Review №40

Clean and well run. This was a Sunday morning and they still had a full staff of helpful people. I used a private lane. The equipment worked well and was monitored by safety personnel. COVID guidelines strictly enforced.

Review №41

Super friendly staff. Matt and Jared, the Managers were very nice and extremely helpful.I definitely recommend this place.Great experience.

Review №42

Looking forward to having my handgun cleaned

Review №43

AWESOME SERVICE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Fun environment and safety always comes first!! Thank you Alex for convincing us to try the Full auto AK-47! Too much fun!

Review №44

We have been to shoot smart 3 times in the past 2 weeks and every time we have been there, its been a great experience. The staff is always friendly and you can tell they really like what they do. Jonathan has been there every time weve come in and he is very knowledgeable and has a great personality. The store in very clean and well kept. They offer memberships and we are thinking about signing up for one so we can go whenever we want.I would definitely recommend this place to anyone whether youre new to firearms and looking for training or whether youre seasoned and looking for a nice place to practice.

Review №45

I go to the Benbrook location almost weekly to use the range. Staff is always courteous and helpful. Have taken several classes here. Joyce is very knowledgeable, informative, and always willing to answer question and help improve techniques on the range. Matt provided one on one instruction to help me prepare for my LTC proficiency test. For LTC class, Richard Waters was very professional and provided a wealth of knowledge of the law as it relates to carrying a firearm. I highly recommend Shoot Smart!

Review №46

Outstanding service and outstanding facility!

Review №47

Good clean indoor range. I really like scheduling time in advance so theres little to no wait on arrival. Can shoot almost any gun so long as the ammo is safe for a range (no tracers or AP rounds...). Staff was very friendly

Review №48

Fantastic range. I only know if one company that lets you shoot rapid fire (including full auto) or draw from the holster, and that’s shoot smart. Sometimes I just want to mag dump, and shoot smart is the place to do it.This Particular visit we had to go to the Benbrook location due to the alliance location having a two hour wait for a private suite. We arrived and will probably taken care of by Charlie who was super friendly and even put us on a public lane until our private suite opened up. The facility is clean, well lit and well stocked, the range officer of the day was Matt and he is an excellent RSO. Give us space and did not hover and only corrected is politely when my father-in-law was loading a weapon behind us ( thank you Matt ).I brought numerous NFA items and was not pestered for my paperwork, though I did have it if asked.Was able rip off six burst fire mags and had a blast.

Review №49

Fast and courteous! A little pricey but I’ll definitely go again.

Review №50

My family LOVES Shoot Smart! The people are nice, the facility is nice and clean. We really enjoy our visits!☺️☺️

Review №51

I learned that... even though I have shot a pistol quite a few times I could still obtain knowledge from a beginner class. I am glad I attended a beginner class which I nearly passed on.

Review №52

Great staff who are helpful in every way. Their ammo specials with lane rentals are the best in North Texas.

Review №53

Given all of the COVID-19 limits, Shoot Smart Benbrook made the process very smooth. It was the first time I had been to the Benbrook location. Charlie explained everything and with a cheerful smile. The private lanes are AWESOME! The brick walls allowed me to not be distracted by anyone. I will definitely be back.

Review №54

The only pro I have about this facility is that it is new.Here is a list of the cons -Problem number one - the computer controlled target carriers frequently break down and needs to be rebooted. This has happened to me the last three times I have visited the facility. This gadgetry is supposed to be impressive...well, I am not impressed.Problem number two - the staff. If you like paying for the privilege of being treated like an inconvenience at best or a safety hazard at worst rather than a customer, then this is the place for you. On my last visit I found that they would much rather harangue you about an unopened bottle of soda in your range bag then fix the problem with their wonky electronics....which took two of them to get repaired.Problem number three - very expensive to shoot there without a membership card.I will not be recommending the Benbrook Shoot Smart to any of my friends or gunsmithing clients, and I certainly will not recommend it to the students in my firearms classes.TR GrahamThe Glocksmith

Review №55

Been to a lot of ranges and this place has so far been my absolute favorite. Awesome staff (special thanks to the handy gunsmith), range guides are helpful and just cool in general. Decent prices, always cool guns and has not let me down yet. Compared to some other nearby ranges, this is my favorite so far.

Review №56

I am very lucky in that I live approximately 2 minutes from Shoot Smart Benbrook. But even if I lived 30 min away I would still use this range. The staff are all very friendly, courteous and respectful. Joyce, Joe and Jeff are great people to work with. The range lanes and equipment are all new and excellent. The only thing that I think should be changed or upgraded is the lighting on the public or regular lanes. The lighting in the target area is a bit dim. And the lighting at the shooting position doesnt seem to be in quite the right spot. On the private lanes the lighting at shooters position is better. But this is just very minor issue. Overall the range is just excellent as is the retail area and staff. I really have enjoyed my going on 2 years membership there and just renewed last week. I highly recommend Shoot Smart

Review №57

(Went during vivid-19) Staff went the extra mile to make sure customer and staff were safe and practicing social distancing. Staff was still friendly and kept the place in great shape. Was a great opportunity for the Wife and I to blow some high pressure steam off and practice our 2nd amendment responsibility.

Review №58

Love the range at Shoot Smart Benbrook!! Great people and modern equipment.

Review №59

Professional and clean environment. They take extra precautions for Covid, masks are required. Also, handling the weapons, you must wear black.gloves. only thing, the gun mark up is a little much. A pistol with an MSRP of $700, sold here would be $900...overall, not too shabby.

Review №60

My wife and I have visited shoot smart 3 times for range time and always had a wonderful experience. The facilities are amazing, lanes are clean and well lit.We recent attended an LTC class at this location taught by Rob Gilbert. Rob was very personable and made us feel very comfortable. I would HIGHLY recommend taking a class taught by Rob.

Review №61

I always feel welcomed here. This was a special trip because I had my sons with me and we got to do some father/son time. The private suites made my son feel comfortable learning about semi-automatic firearms and we had a great time.

Review №62

Had a private lesson with Matt. It was fun and informative. Looking forward to next time.

Review №63

Was my son’s first time going and it went great He’s is a veteran of the Navy and he was excited

Review №64

Ive been here 4 times in the past 3 weeks. This is a great range. Its clean, well maintained and so far never very crowded (at least since the times I have gone). I live across the street so it is super accessible. The staff is knowledgeable, laid back, easy to talk to and are willing to offer great suggestions and pass on knowledge to those of us who need it. I like this location so much that I became a member. Please keep up the great work!

Review №65

Had a great experience the staff was helpful

Review №66

I literally just walked out once I was finished to post this...This place has to be one of the most professional place with amazing staffing and very very nice people and I’m black!I know that has nothing really to do with the range but if you know you know..They were so nice super professional not a lot of eyes on you or weird behavior nothing they were very clean and trust me I will always come back here! Hands down best in DFW got my vote!

Review №67

Very helpful. Even though they didnt have the ammo in stock I needed they still spent the extra time to help me find it and recommend substitutes.

Review №68

Haven’t even been in the range and I already dislike this place. Got here at 12:30pm and reserved a lane at 12:45pm. Was told it would be about an hour wait, ok no problem. I got a text at 1:29pm saying it will be 28 minute wait, ok cool. Got another text at 2:09pm saying it’s another 19 minute wait. I’m getting frustrated at this point. I go inside and ask what the deal is and was told I have 2 people in front of me and it’s still a wait. Then I was told I could have made these actions online, which I know I can and tried to do that but their website was down and I couldn’t even get on their website. Got another text at 2:39pm saying it will be a 10 minute wait. Here we are, 2:45 and still flipping waiting to get a dang lane. My “oh it should only be a 60 minute wait” has turned into 129 minutes and counting. My wife and I are here to shoot, we had to get a babysitter For our little “date day” gave her times we would be back and that we would be home no later than 3. Here we are 15 minutes til 3:00pm and haven’t even got in yet. After today I’ll never be back.

Review №69

When to break in my new AR-15. Great facility, great staff, and I am glad they are taking the COVID situation seriously and taking steps to protect their customers and staff.Only comment would be please cool it off in the lanes. I had to leave earlier than I had intented because I was sweating so badly. When I got to my vehicle and took my mask off I could wring the sweat out of it.

Review №70

First, the check in system is frustrating and pointless. Then the clerk seemed sincerely annoyed to be there. Then he said, Nobody carries .380 ammo anymore. Youll need to rent another weapon. And, Youll have to purchase eye and ear protection. Nobody is loaning it out anymore due to Covid. By the time, I rented a Glock 9m, 2 small baggies of ammo, eye and ear protection and range fee, my son and I were up to $150. I had to tell my son we couldnt afford that much and give it back, which was heartbreaking on his 15th birthday. I called Elk Castle and they got is in immediately, had several boxes of .380 ammo and loaned us eye and ear protection for a grand total of $59. Looks like the guys at Shoot Smart thought it was okay to lie if it made them some extra money. They nearly ruined his big day. Thank God for Elk Cattle and an honest man named James.

Review №71

Place is not bad. Just a heads up when you call and ask for information ensure you verify before you head over. I called to ask if my five years old can fire and was told yes a month ago and today showed up and was told she had to be 8. Very disappointed. We was getting ready to get a membership but now against it. If the organization cannot train their employee to verify the smallest information, then more training needs to happen. My husband and I both took half a day off of work to try and spend the time with our children just to turn around and one of us have to stay in the car, not even able to watch in the building due to COVID-19. Thanks for ruining our family plans. Bad on just for not re-verifying.

Review №72

The staff are so nice and helpful, they really accommodated my son and I. They went above and beyond the definition of great customer service. If we could give ten stars each we would. I can’t remember the names of all three staff members at the Benbrook location, but I do remember Alex.Thank you guys, for making our first shooting experience a great one!

Review №73

We shot here for the first time today. The facility is very well maintained. We shot in a private lane. The line extender lets you send the target out in yard increments, no guessing required.The waiting area has lots of comfortable seats. The gun rentals are decent, with a range of calibers. They have a small accessory selection such as holsters, range bags, magazines, etc.They carry reloads and some new (I didn’t look closely since I brought my own). They supply hearing and vision protection if you don’t have your own.The staff were all friendly and helpful.I recommend this place and will shoot here again.

Review №74

They are very nice and very friendly to me and helped me out with everything their GREAT 👍 😊

Review №75

Ive now shot at Shoot Smart Benbrook twice and I have to say that theyve won me over. SUPERIOR customer service. Big shout out to John and Manny for going way above and beyond. All of the staff are attentive, yet laid back and professional. Lots of former military who know their stuff. Youre there to shoot and they let you do just that. The private suite affords you the opportunity to shoot with friends and family. You can shoot your rifles and handguns for as long as you want. Innovative customer friendly approach.

Review №76

Always a great time. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!

Review №77

Super great people. Knowledgeable and helpful. Great prices and tremendous service. Great for range time, lessons, training, and shopping!

Review №78

Shoot Smart Benbrook is down the street from my job. I get off at 6 and they do not close until 9! It’s just perfect! Staff are always great and I LOVE the private suites! My favorite range by far!!!

Review №79

The employees there are so knowledgeable and helpful! They offer private shooting ranges that were very nice and clean. The targets attach to an electronic module that lets you know the exact distance youre shooting at. They also offer gun rentals.

Review №80

Great service and experience as always. This is by far my favorite Shoot Smart in DFW. The staff at the Benbrook location are truly exceptional.

Review №81

This was our first time here. I loved it!! Awesome customer service and super friendly staff. Clean and really appreciate a spot to sit down and have a cup of coffee. Glad there was a gunsmith on site to help us. We’re regulars from now on!!

Review №82

Came here as soon as I bought my first shotgun and the people here were extremely helpful and taught me the basics of having one and using one all before we even discussed shooting. They gave me a great deal on some ammo and also set me up with a private suite! Keep it up y’all and thank you so much!

Review №83

This is a great new location to shoot at for every in Southwest Fort Worth and surrounding area. Very new and clean, and the Shoot Smart chain is awesome. Check in was easy and they square you away quickly. The private lanes are nice and allow rifles and rapid fire. The lanes top out at 18 yards. The range officers are nice and let you do your thing. One came into my booth once and offered me a few pointers when I was reloading which was nice. The rental wall is impressive and I look forward to shooting here again. The workers at the front desk said that they are a little slow which is nice for me since theyll probably have an open lane, but I dont anticipate them being slow for long especially after a Groupon promotion. This is a great venue to shoot at.

Review №84

I love this place. I always have a great time there.

Review №85

First, I was terrified of all guns. Never ever even touched one in my life. Then decided to take some of the classes here. Joyce was my teacher. She is a great teacher. I THANK her so much for the lessons she has passed on to me. I know, I still have work to do but never could of done it without Shoot Smart/Joyce. Again Thank you I will definitely return on the regular. So happy to hear you can become a member and visit any locations too!

Review №86

Benbrook Shootsmart is the best! Staff is wonderful and make you feel welcome. I havent tried Grand Prairie, but tried Alliance and it wasnt the same. Worth the drive😁

Review №87

Had a great time. Nice clean range with a great staff.

Review №88

Friendly staff and clean modern ranges and a nice selection of rentals. Great visit!

Review №89

Excellent place to shoot. J.Grable was very knowledgeable and patient. . The lighting for the lanes is perfect. Ammo prices are relatively lower than expected.

Review №90

Always friendly and knowledgeable staff. Gunsmith does great work and doesnt try to upsell any work that doesnt need to be done. Staff is super helpful and attentive.

Review №91

Great range. Helpful and courteous staff. I really enjoy my membership with Shoot Smart.

Review №92

Great staff. Personable, professional and friendly.

Review №93

Range officers complain if you shoot faster than 2 seconds per shot. When the range office saw that bad reviews were being left he proceded to harass our group (all military) even more.

Review №94

Class with David, an outstanding instructor!Thank youSteve

Review №95

Range is small, but nice. Staff is helpful.

Review №96

I have shot at this location for a few times now and I had a great experience Everytime. The place is very clean and organized. They have a good selection of handguns and rifles to try out. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful.

Review №97

Very helpful, respectful and customer friendly staff. All lanes are closely monitored which leads to a sense of safety. Very satisfies.

Review №98

They are technically outside city limits but close enough to several neighborhoods to be a noise nuisance constantly. They built and opened AFTER these neighborhoods were well established. Shameful!

Review №99

Great like always super good service

Review №100

This is a good range to shoot at. They have private suits so no time limit and less rules. You can rapid fire in there and draw from the holster in there to shoot as well. But they over charged my friend on his fees and wouldnt give him a refund. They just gave him free range passes. So make sure your charges are correct before you pay. Lastly, we had a bullet lightly hit the steel up top and they told me I had to pay 25 bucks. I went out and looked at it. It had no dents or real damage at all. Just a little white powder residue that was easily rubbed off with your fingers. One of the workers informed me that thats why they tell everyone they charge a 25 dollar fee for each shot that hits it. I told them Ive been here three times now and yall have never told me that. You never told any of my friends that either and Ive brought 5 friends with me. None of us were ever told that. So over all good shooting range. Just watch for being over charged and they have one employee who claims they inform you of things that no one has told you. Like the 25 dollar fee per hit.

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  • Address:9455 Benbrook Blvd, Benbrook, TX 76126, United States
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  • Phone:+1 817-862-7773
  • Training school
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Working hours
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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