Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute
11 E Mt Royal Ave Suite 001, Baltimore, MD 21202, United States
Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute

Review №1

I had a great experience with this school, the instructor is Very knowledgeable, Health care profession is always my passion so Ms Ada keeps pushing me to pursue my dream, I started my LPN program last year August and now Im rounding up and will be taking my NCLEX exam in couple weeks. Thanks again Ms Ada for your motivation, youre great..!!

Review №2

My instructor was very knowledgeable. And had a teaching style that allowed me to excel in my GNA career. I will be going back to learn another skill to add to my resume.

Review №3

TOP KNOWLEDGE IS AMAZING ! I am not one to like school, my teachers or waking up early BUT Miss Ada and Miss Howard made it WORTH IT and worth every penny. They also have the resources and experience to take their students to the next level.I can HONESTLY say Miss Ada CARES. She is not just there to teach, she will GO OVER SKILLS with you, she will ASK you how you studied to HELP you IMPROVE and then give you tips, she will ask how your doing outside of the course and she will keep it REAL with you.

Review №4

Loved this place! Ms. Ada puts her full effort into her classes to ensure that everyone is understanding the concepts and skills. The course includes homework assignments and exams. If you do your assignments then you will pass the exams, no doubt! Great class and teacher! 100% recommend

Review №5

Great teaching ethics. Very professional, very hands on. Very glad I choice TKHI as my CNA school. Ms Ada is an excellent instructor. Keep up the excellent work. Thank you.

Review №6

Im so glad that I chose Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute. My experience was great. Ms. Ada is amazing! She made sure each and every student knew and understood the content, thoroughly explained everything and she was just on her A game all the time! I would definitely refer anyone to Top Knowledge.

Review №7

The school is the best I could have hoped for. Ms. Ada is always ready to answer your questions and guide you along. The small class sizes are also really helpful. You know you’re getting too instruction for your money.

Review №8

Ms Ada is by far one of the most passionate instructors I have ever had. I am glad I chose her school. She’s very direct, patient, professional, and knowledgeable. Also, if you’re not willing to put in the time and effort to graduate a program, don’t even bother signing up! I loved her teaching so much I signed up for another course!

Review №9

Ms. Adas Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute is an exceptional place to begin or continue healthcare education. All course work prepares you for state examination as well as real-life practical healthcare skills. Ms. Ada is kind and highly detail-oriented. Overall, Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute was a spectacular learning environment and experience for me.

Review №10

Im only giving a one star because i cant give a zero. The Instructor Adaku Onwudiwe is very unprofessional and rude. The way she treat her students is very unpleasant and disrespectful.. Theres no compassion . As a professor there should be patience and understanding. She make alot of students feel doubtful and timid to even ask for help.I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND TAKING HER COURSE !!!!!!!!!!!!! the institute itself is fine, however THAT PROFESSOR is very condescending.

Review №11

By far THE GREATEST teacher I’ve ever came across. Being a teacher isn’t for everyone but boy oh boy this job was meant for her. I’m so glad I came across Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute because she’s showed that its more than teaching your students. If you come here you will definitely learn and KNOW your skills. Ms. Ada you know I’m talking about you !!!

Review №12

Ms Ada has really inspire me allot she is the best teacher i had i wish nothing but blessing of overflow may god be with you thank you for everything

Review №13

Ms Ada is one in a million when it comes to teaching. Very friendly and loving. Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute is the best and I will recommend for everyone. Much love ❤

Review №14

I really liked this school, they are very professionals.

Review №15

I enjoyed this class. Ms Ada presented the information in a very clear and concise manner. She ensured all students understood each concept, theory and practice before moving on to the next subject. It was a great learning experience. Ms Ada is very personable. Her overall teaching methodology coupled with a positive can do attitude that advocates success for each and every student makes this class a must!! You will not be disappointed.

Review №16

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!Ms. Ada is the best! She takes her time with each student and encourages you every step of the way.I love having her as my teacher and her teaching style is direct and fun. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants flexible hours and payment plans. I am very proud to call my self a grad of her school.

Review №17

Top knowledge health care institute is the best school for you if you are planning to take your CNA/GNA program.Ms Ada is a great teacher, she explains everything in a way you will understand, she is very patient and friendly and will encourage you to achieve your goals.The school is well equipped and clean.I highly recommend top knowledge health care institute to everyone looking to start a nursing career.Thanks Ms Ada.

Review №18

A+ School!!When Signing up for class I had no idea I would be in a small class setting and I enjoyed it more than anything. I was able to ask questions to understand more. Staff was Nice. Friendly and clean environment. Learning devices and equipment made hands-on easier to learn techniques and procedures. The Teacher (Mrs Ada) made learning interesting. She was Awesome and Always Excited about Teaching. She explained everything in detail. I felt well prepared upon completion. Transportation to school wasnt a problem. Bus routes directly in front of school and parking for students was available in garage.

Review №19

My Experience At Top Knowledge Was Excellent Started Off Rough For Me But At The End I Completed And Complished My Goal. Ms. Adaku Is A Great Teacher If Your In It To Win It You Most Definitely Picked The Right Place. Thanks For Pushing Me Along The Way!

Review №20

Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute was a great location to learn and attain my Certified Nursing Assistant certification. The staff and Ms. Ada were not only friendly to me but, also were available to help at every turn if you need them. The instructor (Ms. Ada) is extremely knowledgeable and you can definitely tell that she has a passion for nursing which shows in how she instructs her students. I wish she was offering more classes such as these as I know I would be first in line to take any courses that she is instructing. To all those students who are eager to learn please consider this fantastic location.

Review №21

Ms Ada the truth and her classes are also I am very proud to call my self a grad of her school. Most of all having her as a teacher her teaching style is direct and fun. I would recommend this class to anyone trying to advance she has flexible hours days and ways to pay. I cant wait til she offers more I will be back!#THanks

Review №22

Top Knowledge is the school for you if you want to be in an environment where excellence is priority and the path to getting there is sure as Ms. Ada ensures that each of her students understand the material being covered and adequately prepares you for the in class and state exam.She is patient, friendly, knowledgeable and makes her students feel comfortable to ask questions even if it meant staying after class or coming to school a little earlier if you werent comfortable asking questions before your peers.I am pleased with my experience there and would recommend it to anyone desiring to get a taste of the nursing field at the ground level.

Review №23

Graduated with the Jan 2019 class! I must say that Top knowledge is a wonderful program. Ms Ada, the instructor is awesome! She makes sure you learn and understand what is being taught. She makes sure that whatever skill youre demonstrating is done correctly and she wont let up until its done the RIGHT WAY! Ive learned alot and if I had to do it all over again, Id still choose Top knowledge!

Review №24

The best school and the best teacher I have ever had she is passionate and persistent and patient if you come to her class u are Guaranteed to make it to the next step in your health care journey

Review №25

Being at Top Knowledge was AMAZING. Today is our last day and its bittersweet, Ms. Ada is awesome in the way she teaches. Shes More than a teacher shes a friend. And I highly recommend Top knowledge Health Care Institute. Looking forward to the future. Thank you Ms Ada

Review №26

This is one of the greatest schools to attend. Ms. Ada is a very good teacher, she explains perfectly so you can understand it. Which makes it way easier to do everything. She makes sure all of her students have practiced. She cares about her students, the timing of class is convient since its only a month.Also shes very friendly and this was a lovely class to accomplish.

Review №27

If I could rate my experience passed 5 stars I would, honestly a great experience. The instructor was very care, loving, and confident in us as her students. It Wasnt a normal class room for me, she kept my attention and allowed us to ask as many questions as needed. I overall have nothing bad to say about the program.

Review №28

Attending Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute was an amazing experience for me. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking high quality education, experienced instructors, and realistic introduction into a medical setting.Ms Ada is a kind, dedicated teacher who often goes above and beyond the role of a instructor to ensure that her students are both well prepared and knowledgeable in all related subjects.

Review №29

This school is located at the best place which is accessible by train and buses .Compared to other schools its cheap and the information your getting from the instructor makes passing the board exams so easy. Best investment I ever made in my life, is coming to top knowledge. Thank Ms. ADA.

Review №30

I loved my experience at Top knowledge. And now I have 2 jobs in the nursing field, one in an assisted living and one working with adults with disabilities. Finally make enough to take care of my family. So Im thankful.

Review №31

I discover this school from my best freind who was a previous student. School is located in good place. I consider Ms. Ada the best teacher I ever learned from. She is very friendly and teaches very well. She will help you after class if you needed. I would recommend her to anyone and she offers free ticket for parking. She really deserve 5 stars.

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Review №33

Top Knowledge is exactly what youll receive when attending TKHI. The instructor is very thorough. She goes above and beyond to insure that you will be equipped to enter the Healthcare field. I highly recommend attending this school. UPDATE - just celebrated my 1 year anniversary as a patient care tech at hospital.

Review №34

Miss Ada is the best, she knows all the materials very well and she delivers it in a simple and easy way. She cares about every single student and their progress. If you show up to classes and pay attention you will pass. I will 100% recommend Top Knowledge to anyone.

Review №35

From the very first day I arrived at the school, I was excited because the school had the right materials in a well structured and excellent learning enviroment . Top Knowledge is the real deal.Miss Ada, you are so amazing and exceptional.I highly recommend Top Knowledge to take your nursing career to the next level.

Review №36

The best school ever nice neat and clean.... a great teacher with reasonable prices :). Miss Ada makes sure her students understand the material fully and is very supportive in studies. I couldnt ask for a better teacher, thank you so much for everything Miss Ada your the best!!!!!!!!

Review №37

Mrs. Ada is an excellent and patient teacher and tries her BEST to ensure every student succeeds. She definitely trains you to be one of the best CNAs, literally. FYI, if your concerned about parking, the school offers discounted parking passes for one the cities own parking garage only a block away.

Review №38

I truly recommend Top Knowledge Institute. I was nervous about returning to the field but my instructor made me feel very comfortable also helping me to overcome personal obstacles. I really appreciate the experience and will never forget the amazing people Ive met along the way.

Review №39

I loved my experience at Top Knowledge Healthcare. The teacher will work really hard with you. You will have lots of fun as you learn how to become a GNA. The class is short so you have lots to learn. The teacher Ms.Ada, I so love her. She will not leave you behind. She takes the time out to give you extra help if needed. Top Knowledge is the best and you wont regret coming here.

Review №40

Top Knowledge is the best school ever. Going in I was scared of not being able to get a grasp on things being this was my first time within that field. But after graduating I am now confident more than ever. And the learning experience was fun. Im gonna miss it. Thanks TKHCI.

Review №41

She is amazing teacher! She won’t let you give up on yourself! I highly recommend this school.

Review №42

Fantastic Experience. Learning the material was fun as well challenging. The teacher, Ms. Ada, was excellent. On a scale from 1 to 10 I give it 100. Highly recommended.

Review №43

My experience with Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute greatly surpassed my expectations. Ms. Ada, the instructor, has a deep passion for her work, both as a teacher and a nurse, and that passion shows immediately. As such, she pushes her students to their full potential, leaving us more prepared for when we start work as a CNA. She taught me far more over the course of the program than I had thought possible over such a short period of time. Ms. Ada was always well prepared for the classes, is an efficient yet thorough teacher, but is also kind and pretty funny to boot. The small class size, and that questions were always encouraged only made the experience more enjoyable.If you are considering becoming a CNA, I highly recommend Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute.

Review №44

My experience at Top knowledge has been wonderful. From the first day of class I felt that I was going to learn all that I could and be well prepared for the Healthcare field. The instructor Ms. Ada is amazing! She passionate about teaching and willing to give you the extra attention you may need so you can be success. I would recommended attending this school to any one who is looking to get their Cna/Gna because youll definitely be well prepared to step right in to the field.

Review №45

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at TKHCI. Ms. Ada is a EXCELLENT teacher! She has the warmth of a dear friend, but the knowledge and skill of a great professor. Ms. Ada makes a connection with each one of her students and applies that connection to your learning. If you are looking to get your foot in the door in healthcare, Top Knowledge is the perfect starting point.

Review №46

This is a wonderful school. They offer CNA/GNA classes at a reasonable price and scholarships may be available. They also offer Certification for Med Technicians, CPR/First Aid, and Pharmacy Technicians at a reasonable price. The teacher was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The staff was warm and friendly. I highly recommend this school to anyone seeking advancement in their healthcare career.

Review №47

This is a great place to take your classes at its hands on and the teacher will help you understand if you don’t get it....she is really great you will have a great time in her class she will encourage you and still have you laughing...I wish I can take he class again!

Review №48

This place is the best! The curriculum isnt confusing and the teacher only test you on things she actually teaches. I think the two best qualities about this school are, its affordable with a couple of good payment options and unlike other schools the teacher makes sure you are a competent CNA/GNA when you finish.

Review №49

The experience at Top Knowledge was very rewarding for me. Our instructor was very sincere about her caring and knowledge. I made some new friends and I enjoyed everything about learning.

Review №50

Ms. ada is wonderful! I would definitely recommend this school she made sure we understand everything and made sure we was pepared to graduate! She makes you feel comfortable and motivated to finish! Thanks ms. Ada!

Review №51

I graduated January 17th and took the GNA exam yesterday (& passed!). The instructor, Ms.Ada, will go above and beyond to make sure every single one of her students is well prepared for the exam and well prepared to go out and work. The school is very neat and organized. Im so glad I chose Top Knowledge. Beyond satisfied with my experience!

Review №52

I love Ms. Ada!! She is a great teacher. If your looking for CNA/GNA program this is a great place to go. She has all information that we needed for CNA/GNA program. I would definitely recommend my friends for this school.

Review №53

I must say, Ms ADA is a great teacher. These ways weeks Ive learned so much. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone.

Review №54

I had an amazing learning experience at Top Knowledge. Everything was seamless from registration to course completion. The website was easy to navigate and also has scholarship resources. I applied and received a scholarship that covered my full tuition. Ms. Ada is a knowledgeable clinician whose passion is evident in her teaching and customer service. She presents the content in a way that is easy to understand and provides resources for material that may be more difficult. There is sufficient lab time to learn and practice your skills, leaving you extremely confident to participate and gain hands on experience in your clinical rotation.The school is clean and well maintained and fosters a positive environment for learning. The discounted parking was also very convenient for the downtown area. Ms. Ada is patient and makes the learning experience fun with anecdotes from other cohorts and student graduates in the field. She goes the extra mile to prepare you for the GNA, resume review, job search advice and other professional advice to exceed beyond the date of course completion. This course will help prepare you for your entry into healthcare and inspire you to continue to grow in the field of healthcare.

Review №55

I normally don’t make comments our even care to make comments but i have never experience terrible customer service like i just did. I was calling because i was interested in the weekend CNA classes and a gentleman answered the phone (sounded young) and was very whitty and had a smart mouth. All i asked was “i saw that the weekend classes had already started and was wondering when it will start up again?” His response “if it’s not online then we don’t have it yet, you need to check online periodically for that” then proceeds to say “do you have money?” I said “yes” confused as to why your asking me that he then says “oh since you have money you don’t need help cause you balling” like i have never experienced that and i work in customer service so that just threw me for a loop! I was interested but if you have staff working there that answers the phones like that i can only imagine what the rest of the school is like. Smh

Review №56

Top knowledge is an awesome place for anyone to start a CNA/GNA career. The instructor makes the whole process easy, from the assimilating, to testing, to skill, trust me its a breeze with a her help. Just FINE will be your middle name.

Review №57

Very professional place. i had a great experience there. instructor works with you to make sure you get the training you need. great schedules to accommodate someone who works. i would recommend this CNA/GNA training anyone.

Review №58

Top knowledge, definitely an Apt description for the high level of education you will receive at this school. I dont normally give reviews, so Im just going to touch on the main points I find important and that will most likely be important to you.the class size will be around 10 to 15 people, so the instructor will provide something very close to one on one instruction. The classrooms are well equipped and every student will get ample opportunity to get familiar with the tools of the profession. Each student will be provided a workbook and study book to better reinforce the lessons taught in class. The school will also provide parking to students that drive.Now a about the faculty. The school is run by two people. One being the head instructor/owner (Ms Ada) and the other being her younger brother that runs the front desk. Ms Ada is a caring, funny, and feisty individual, but above all else she is a capable, engaging, and knowledgeable instructor. The younger brother is a funny, helpful, and kind person as well.Now a little about me. My name is Jonathan, and Im a graduated GNA from this school. I found employment less than a month after receiving my GNA, and I attest to the quality and accuracy of the skills taught to me by Ms Ada. This school gave me the tools I need to be successful and it can do the same for you.side notes: little tips I found helpful in my work.1: Make use of the draw sheet or youll break your back.2: lift with your legs or you wont last a mouth.3: scrub and clean the client just like you scrub and clean the floor.4: If you dont use it, you lose it.

Review №59

Being a bit older and returning to school was kinda scary to me. The instructor there cared about each of the students and made sure we all got the necessary help to make sure we achieved our goals. It has been a great experience and I would highly recommend this school if you are looking to further your education to become either a CNA or GNA.

Review №60

The best decision I ever made was attending Top Knowledge. It led me down an amazing path all because of the wonderful instruction and support I received from Ms Ada. It was because of her and the confidence she instilled in me, that i passed my CNA, passed my GNA and went on soon after to take a course for patient care technician, applied for and was accepted into the SOARING program at The John Hopkins Hospital, where I am now a clinical technician. It all started at Top Knowledge with Ms Ada. She really cares and makes sure you know the work and are prepared to go out there and be a loving compassionate and skilled CNA. I met amazing people, who have become a loving support system. I am very blessed and I pride Top Knowledge in helping me gain the confidence to follow my heart. Thank you Ms Ada!!

Review №61

My experience with Ms. Ada is one of great appreciation. I can recall so many times the objective would seem well out of reach but Ms. Ada would walk me back through my previous mistakes and let me come to my conclusion.

Review №62

I love this school I would recommend this to my friends and family. To my great teacher she did a good job with us and we learned a lot and I got a lot out of this class

Review №63

If I could describe my experience at Top Knowledge with one word, it would be Fantastic. The school is neat and well kept as the teacher makes certain of that. Ms Ada was such a wonderful and personable teacher. I learnt a large portion of work in just a short time. She gave each student the attention they need without making the other feel left out and answered our questions thoroughly. The services I received- From walking through the door on the first day to the last day- was Top notch ! Ms Chuck was super friendly as well. I actually looked forward to going to class everyday during the course of my program. I was sad to leave but with the skills I got, I know I am adequately equipped for any CNA/GNA job I take on. An exceptional school to say the least. Transparent and genuine. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Review №64

Awesome!!! I love Ms Ada.The first week of class she make you feel so Comfortable,the way she teaches she makes you understand so well, she doesn’t stop until you get it.I love all of her stories, everyday of class your going to get a story and a laugh,very fun class.she pushes pushes pushes you to Succeed.Its like you already know her, she’s the best.Outstanding school.TERRIFIC AMAZING GREAT COOL😎 WONGERFUL LOVING❤️❤️ Just the BEST teacher ever.YESSSSSSSSSSSyou did that Ms Ada(10/12/2017)Congrats to Geraldine Marcia Bria Bobbie joe,We did it TOP KNOWLEDGE

Review №65

By far the best experience to date when it comes to continuing education. Ms. Ada has an exceptional style of teaching which makes the class fun but also allows for you to learn and retain the information. The schedule for classes accommodates almost any schedule. I highy recommend this school to anyone looking for a Gna/cna course worth their time!

Review №66

I really did love anything about the school, they work with you . They push you to be the best student that you can be . I appreciate everything that they have ever done for me . I HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO ATTEND THIS SCHOOL .

Review №67

I have never met any brave, professional and patient teacher like ms Ada. Top knowledge is at the top of all nursing schools.Frieda...

Review №68

Miss Ada was really strict and helpful for the knowledge and test~~it was a really nice experience for me to study there~

Review №69

Mr. Chuck or whom ever answered the phone was so arrogant and rude. I just wanted information about one of the programs and he wasn’t professional.

Review №70

Love Ms Ada !!! Love she take her time with her students and only want the best for her class

Review №71

I enjoyed my time at Top Knowledge. My teacher Ms. Ade really is the best !!!

Review №72

Top Knowledge is a tip top organization! They made it easy to register. Miss Ada, the director of Top Knowledge and our instructor was extremely knowledgeable and organized. She was very invested in the progress of each and every student. She made sure we learned everything we needed to know for the CNA class and the GNA exam. She even provided free review sessions prior to the GNA exam. The location of Top Knowledge is in a safe part of the city with parking nearby. I recommend this school very highly.

Review №73

Rude, So Rude Never Will I recommend this School!!

Review №74

The instructor is not only an excellent teacher but she is a woman with great qualities and I wish there were more people like her.

Review №75

Ms.Ada is such an amazing instructor. Nothing but good things to say! I recommend anyone looking to get their CNA/GNA attend this school. Its affordable, Ms.Ada works with your schedule & she really cares about her students knowing their skills & material !! My class was the best!! Shoutout to the Graduating Class of 8/21/17 lol #TopKnowledge!!

Review №76

If you are seeking a great school for your CNA or GNA, look no further. Top Knowledge Healthcare Institute truly lives up to its name. I am a DC resident and when I was searching for a good school I was intrigued by the high ratings and great reviews of TKHCI. I am glad I went. It was worth the travel and time away from work. From the start of registration to the end of the class and beyond Ms. Ada and Mr. Chuck are there for you and make you feel like family. The environment and atmosphere is welcoming, professional, energetic, and respectful. Truly I can go on and on about TKHCI but the center and heart of it all is Ms. Ada. Ms. Ada loves everyone and takes you under her wing. She is patient, knowledgeable, caring, honest, and passionate about her work. TKHCI and its staff have flexible schedules and classes to suit the needs of many. Their goal is certainly to encourage, enlighten, and have success for their students. Give TKHCI a try, you wont regret it, and youll be glad you did.

Review №77

I Truly had a wonderful learning experience at Top Knowledge. The instructor was was very helpful!

Review №78

Mrs Ada is so Chuck amazing.what a good experience.thank u i miss you guys

Review №79

I would recommend this school to anyone thats looking to become a CNA/ GNA. Ms Ada is so easy to talk to, she is very determine and she will encourage you to do your best. I am new to all this CNA stuff but she made it so simple for me to understand. With hard work and a good teacher like Ms Ada you definately will make it and pass all your exam and your state test.. just remember dont be afraid to ask questions because she is eager and willing to answer what ever questions you have.. she is an AWESOME teacher !!!!! We finished on 6/ 27/2017..

Review №80

Top Knowledge Health Institute Downtown Baltimore,with conducive learning environment,affordable tuition,flexible payment plans & great location,is the school for you, if youre searching for the PERFECT Cna/Gna school around Baltimore.Ms Ada the Super-Duper teacher will guide you & help you fix it. Shes smart,very knowledgeable and clear, you will never come out the same after shes done with you. She guides her students to do their very best and become the best Cna/Gna in town & shes always willing to help. Her class is so engaging & fun. Shes the best teacher Ive ever had...Take her!

Review №81

I Loved Everything About Top Knowledge, It Was Such A Great School Too Attend With A Very Loving, Caring, REAL Instructor ! She Was ABSOLUTELY The BEST ... I Learned Alot & I Would Recommend Anybody Too This School I PROMISE You Will Be Satisfied & Even Appreciated From The Instructor As A Student ... She Works With You From The Heart ! There Is No Such Thing As Quiting As She Would Always Say .

Review №82


Review №83

My experience here was wonderful. I learned so much I was pushed to do betterMs Ada was one the best teacher hands down.I definitely recommend this school to anyone that wants to get their CNA/GNA.

Review №84

Top Knowledge Health caer is a good CNA and GNA school for students who willing to learn. Ms Ada will make Show you learn what you to know and she good at her job, and she is lovely and caring person that I ever known.

Review №85

If youre looking for an amazing CNA/ GNA program look no further than Top Knowledge healthcare institute the instructor Ms Ada is an excellent teacher she goes above and beyond for her students she genuinely wants everyone of her students to succeed. TKHI is the school for you.

Review №86

Words cannot express how happy I am to have chosen this school for my CNA/GNA certificate. Our teacher mentor Miss Ada is one of the most intelligent and patient person Ive ever met. And I highly recommend TOP KNOWLEDGE to those who are planning to become CNA/GNA. I was very very satisfied with the whole experience . And trust me guys you will too. 😉😀

Review №87

I loved the Cna/Gna class and my teacher Ms. Ada. She is such a kind hearted person and a great intructor. When learning the information she explains everything to the point that we understand. It is a guaranteed that you will pass this class if you listen, pay attention, focus, and study! Ms. Ada goes out her way for her students and she makes sure you will succeed and go through with everything! I will encourage anyone who wants their Cna/Gna to attend Top Knowledge, no other program is better. You will be satisfied! ☺️

Review №88

Ms. Ada Is By Far The Best.!!!!! She Made the most difficult things seem so EASY.

Review №89

A wonderful school, curriculum isnt hard, and Ms.ada is a great teacher!

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