Baltimore Beauty and Barber School
8660 Pulaski Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21237, United States
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See miss Swan. Outstanding Barber with Great Skill... My cut is on point and beautiful. Professional! Im HAPPY!!!πŸŒΉπŸ˜„

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Not gonna lie every time I’ve come here for a cut it comes out look clean πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ And I like how the barber introduce their self to you

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I’ve attended this school for cosmetology. The school stay clean, even the bathrooms and classrooms, and they are very well organized. When I first started it was a little frustrated because the teacher at the time would show favoritism between the students. Then she was fired and we had 2 teachers enter the building. All I can say is that they are 2 of the most wonderful teachers I’ve had. They respect their students, and they believe in their students. I would recommend this school for anybody who’s looking to become a cosmetologist or a barber . Ms.Pam & also Ms.Ro the cosmetology tears her for the seniors I miss y’all so much, Thank you for believing in me.

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The staff was very friendly . My visit there was a breath of fresh air.

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Excellent free haircut today for boys he look very handsome they do a good job

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I dont like to say anything bad about people because I am all for people trying to better themselves. I was thinking about enrolling my daughter in this school but immediately turned off when I stopped by to check it out. The place was grossly unorganized. From the parking lot to inside the school, the neighborhood and school gives a creepy vibe. It just felt intensely out of control and lacking structure.The staff does not come across as polished or professional just a bad untamed environment not conducive for learning.The admission and enrollment guy comes across as somewhat aggressive and pushy trying to pressure me to make a decision. It felt more like a car salesman interaction and they should give people a chance to really feel the place out instead of aggressively overselling themselves. I did not have the heart to tell them this is not a good match for my daughter but I believe it needs to be said to hopefully save others from getting their hopes up. I really had anticipated the reviews were accurate but after visiting this place, I believe they either write their own reviews or standards are questionable. Going back to the neighborhood, I forgot to mention I noticed there was a good bit of what appeared to be recovery clients from the nearby addiction center hanging way too close to the school. It was heartbreaking to see one really frail man in a wheelchair looking lost a few other shady people wandering asking for money. The school is a great concept but needs a lot of work, new community and at least a professional greeter, more control over students and this school also seemed to lack diversity which might help I guess. I understand the need to cater to everyone but this was just really untamed in every sense. Hopefully they care enough about the business to get it together because it could benefit this style community or maybe theyre content with their population.

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Was told to come back after their lunch which was at 1:00. Then when I arrived I was told that I was supposed to come at 12:00 which was the start of their lunch.

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Kiniesha hooked up my hair to a braied mohawk. She had gentle but firm touch. I will be back.

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Baltimore finally has a legit barber school!! Ive been looking for years and have checked out other barber schools in the area and I have always been disappointed. I can say with certainty I found a legit school and they offer Financial Aid which is the only school in baltimore I could find that offers financial aid for barbers. The guy who enrolled me was awesome, he answered every question I had and best of all he walked me through the Financial Aid step by step and made the process unbelievably easy. What really caught my eye was the teachers and the genuine excitement the students were having. I talked with some of the students and they all had nothing but good things to say. The school is huge and set up perfectly and it was very clean. You can tell the people here know what theyre doing and they actually care.

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The Baltimore Beauty and Barber School is fantastic!!The school is conveniently located in the Golden Ring Plaza, right across the street from the Aldis food market and from the outside in the place and people are wonderful. Pulling up you see a huge building with a big BALTIMORE BEAUTY & BARBER SCHOOL sign and the parking lot has plenty of parking. Walking in I was greeted by a young lady, Aniah who has a personality that can light up the entire building. She was knowledgable, respectful, accommodating, and was very patient considering how busy she was and how many questions my daughter and I had for her. She had a line building up behind us, she had other people and staff asking things of her but she found a way to juggle it all and still make everybody happy. I truly admire her professionalism and as for first impressions go, she was off the charts amazing! We got there around 11:30AM and the place was already pretty busy but they were moving costumers along surprisingly quick for how many people were in the lobby. We waited about 5 mins and were able to be seen. The best part about the place is the atmosphere. The students and staff are so welcoming and professional, they made me feel like the center of attention the entire time I was there. Its one of those places that even when your done your service, you still want to hang out and enjoy the fun. You can tell the students genuinely enjoy being there and the staff genuinely enjoy teaching their students. When you have quality staff that enjoys their job, it rubs off on the students because the entire building is radiating with positive energy and makes for such a welcoming and fun environment. Lastly and probably the most important is the cleanliness of the building. The entire time I was there, they had a maintenance man cleaning the building. He was wiping the mirrors, cleaning the windows, cleaning the bathrooms, etc. The cleanliness of the building went above and beyond and that also shows the owners and staff actually care about their place of work. The only minor problem I have with the school is that we are not allowed to make appointments and that they operate on a walk-in only basis. They explained perfectly well why they operate like this and its solely for the benefit of the students (I love that they actually care about the students) but it would still be nice to be able to set appointments. My daughter and I have been to this school 3 times now and each time has been as pleasant as the last. The school left such a lasting impression on my daughter, she is seriously considering signing up with no previous interest in becoming a hair stylist. Thank you Baltimore Beauty & Barber School, we will definitely be back!P.S. They are always doing all sorts of specials, free haircuts, Holiday discounts, back to school haircuts for kids, etc.

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Amazing facility, amazing costumer service, amazing staff. This place has it all.

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