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Howl N Woof

Review №1

When our dog was a puppy we wanted her to socialize as much as possible so that is why we chose howl n woof. She was doing great at play time at first... except she wouldnt do well in the kennel and would rub her nose until it would bleed. They tried to help with lavender (what scientific data proves lavender calms dogs anyways?) and bully sticks which only caused her to have a stomach blockage and needed medical attention...She started developing anxiety from being in a kennel and begun being scared to get in her kennel at home. They wouldnt allow me to see the conditions in which they were keeping her pinned in and said that the dogs are expected to settle down after playtime and stay in their crates until next playtime which I thought was irresponsible since dogs have different energy levels and their website said they cater to their individual needs. 15-20 min twice a day is not a sufficient amount of time for a dog to expend their energy, especially my dog who can play and sprint for and hour straight. Then she apparently began herding and nipping during playtime and they were suggesting that your dog doesnt seem happy here because of her behavior. We hired a certified dog behaviorist said that their tactics is what drove her to an anxious state because they forced her into a uncomfortable position with no positive reinforcement and that her herding/increasing aggressive behavior during play time was due to frustration with the conditions, excessive energy, and anxiety. I believe the people watching the dogs are not certified as I would get mixed review from everyone. One employee would say she did fine then I would get a call from the owner the next day about issues with my dog. If your dog is mellow, then this place might be fine but if your dog needs even the slightest guidance or emotional help then stay far away and find a place that doesnt lock your dog up for hours and tries to force them to cooperate resulting in the dogs self injuries.

Review №2

Our dog Bailey has been going to Howl N Woof for years and she loves it. She goes for both day care and boarding and weve always had a great experience. The owners are amazing and really care and there are so many staff members that have been there since we first started taking her (maybe 6 years ago) and to us that longevity really matters in the quality of care they give. She runs to the car when we tell her its day care day! and she comes home happy and tired.

Review №3

Howl N Woof took terrific care of my pup while we were away for the weekend. They went so far as to take this pictures (and many more, plus videos) for us and post them to their Facebook page so we could keep up with him while we were away. They gave him a bath on the first day and also gave us a report on how he was around the other dogs during his daycare days to see if he would be a good fit there. They also made sure to find a group of other dogs that had similar personalities that he could play with throughout his time there.The only con at all I could find would be that you have to pay for the 2 mandatory daycare days prior, where the other dog boarding / lodging locations that I looked at didnt charge for the daycare trial day. I also didnt see anywhere when I was looking to board our pup that said that we would or wouldnt have to pay for the charge so it was certainly on me for assuming we wouldnt.

Review №4

Cody loves going to Howl n Woof! They are great with him and his quirks. I always know he is in really good hands.

Review №5

Weve been using the Howl N Woof for years and cant recommend them enough. Our adopted lab mix was a lot of love and energy when we first got her. After taking classes at Howl N Woof we all became more comfortable together and shes now a happy member our family. The day care is outstanding and the amount of attention and love they show our pup is great! The crew is extremely professional and you would be doing yourself a favor by sending your pup there.

Review №6

Caring and enthusiastic team members make this my dog’s favorite place! Highly recommend!

Review №7

Boy do I love Howl N Woof. They take such good care of my sweet pup and clearly care about his well being. I have never once worried about anything with their operation. You should take your pup here too so mine has another to play with 🙂

Review №8

I love that they actually know my dog and dont just pacify me with shes fine she had fun. If she was anxious one morning they will tell me in detail what she did to make them think she was anxious and how they responded to make her comfortable while still encouraging her to get back out there and make friends. They staff is also kind enough to take my calls if I ever want to check on her during the day... I only call once so I dont put my crazy dog mom on full display.My large dog get nervous around other large dogs and the Howl N Woof team was so patient with her with they were integrating her into groups.I know how much my dog loves it there now based on the crying in the car when we get close, which doesnt stop until the staff has taken her back. My dog was a little hesitant the first two drop offs but by the 3rd she could not get out of the car fast enough.

Review №9

They take such great care of our pup and give us an update at the end of each of his play days. Each dog gets individual attention. Just the best! I would not go anywhere else.

Review №10

The operation and team at howl and wolf is amazing! They are responsive, helpful and extremely friendly. Plus every person shows a genuine love and and care for the pups including our boy Enzo. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a daycare or boarding.

Review №11

We absolutely love this place. After an absolutely terrible experience with another daycare/lodging place, We found this hidden gem right down the street from us! It’s a little hidden with enterprise in front, but we are so happy we found them. Our Three year old Mini Schnauzer has a ton of energy and taking her here a couple days a week helps us make sure she gets the exercise and fun time that she needs. They also offer a lot of cool add ons as well if your pup need some extra attention! They are awesome for extended stays as well. Our go to place to make sure our pup is well taken care of. Big thank you to all the awesome people there!

Review №12

TLDR; they keep all the dogs in cage kennels the majority of the day which is pretty messed up.I’m moving to the area and have been looking for a new daycare/place to board my dog. All their reviews were so awesome but I couldn’t find a single picture of their interior boarding set up so I decided to call and ask about it. When I asked the guy on the phone said that each dog had a “kennel with a blanket over top” that they stayed in. I asked if he meant the cage-style kennels and he said yes. This was shocking since every place we’ve gone to before had indoor “fenced” areas with a bed, water, toys, ect. for each dog. But I thought hey, their reviews are so good maybe they are only in the kennels overnight when they board? Nope! I asked and the guy said they are in there AT ALL TIMES when not in a play group and play groups are 15-20 minutes “every hour or so.” At that point I said thanks but no thanks.I honestly couldn’t believe a place that crates the dogs in their care ~80% of the time could have these kind of reviews. Then I remembered why I called in the first place: despite posting 30+ pictures per day I could not find a single picture of their interior setup anywhere on their Facebook or website. After the call I re-read their website again I noticed more veiled references to the dogs actual situation but it is very vague and really doesn’t tell the truth of just how much time your dog is spending in a crate.After a few hours to reflect I started wondering if the people who currently send their dogs there know this and how are people who are looking at their website and reviews supposed to know this without directly asking the question like I did? That’s why I decided to write this review, because people considering this place should know how they treat the dogs in their care without having to go out of their way to ask.

Review №13

Best doggie daycare ever!! The whole team is awesome and very knowledgeable. They take great care of our fur baby and he absolutely LOVES it there!!

Review №14

WE LOVE HOWL AND WOOF!!! They are the very best with our tri-pod pittie mix, Supernova, who loves going to school every week. They are very attentive and will give me updates when we pick her up. They will also reach out if they noticed your dog has worrisome marks on their body or if they are acting unlike their typical self. Supernova loves this place and the people. Your dog will not be disappointed!

Review №15

They are the BEST! I would never leave my dog anywhere else. I feel so good knowing that my dog gets all the love when he goes there and always feel comfortable knowing they keep a close eye on him. Awesome people who were there that genuinely care about you and your dog.

Review №16

The staff was very nice and called mid-day to let me know how my pups first day was going. It was nice to see pics and video of her playing and to know how her day was going. Well definitely be back!

Review №17

We have been taking our FurrBabies to Howl n Woof for the last 9 plus years . Amy and Cody have helped us train and work effectively with our dogs. The staff always takes the time to answer our questions and address any concerns we have. We love Howl N Woof!

Review №18

My six month old puppy looks forward to attending Howl n Woof. I appreciate the thoughtful caring way the team engages with my dog. As a new pet parent, I feel reassured by the social media posts and report card which chronicle Opals day.

Review №19

Weve been taking our dog, Jaco there for 3 years..... Love it

Review №20

The actions of my dog show the high quality of dog daycare at Howl N Woof. She rushes to get in the gate in the morning and then she balks about leaving in the afternoon. When we get home, she goes to bed because she is tired from her busy day of socializing. It’s very obvious that the staff enjoy working there and they get to know the dogs. I heard one call to another dog that “your best friend is here” when my dog came in. As for value, have you looked at how much dog walkers charge for one hour? I appreciate that they evaluate a dog before accepting them as a client.My dog and I highly recommend Howl N Woof

Review №21

We have loved our experience with Howl n Woof! Our dog enjoys the doggy day care social time, learning how to safely play with other dogs, adapting to other playstyles and enriching her life. We also like that they use intermittent rest time in crates so they can reset between playgroups and relax. The staff is very friendly, they took their time during the 1st walk-through, got to know our dogs personality and have consistently been friendly and welcoming every visit. We 100% trust they are committed to a happy, safe and clean environment for all the pups! Highly recommend checking out Howl N Woof!

Review №22

Howl N Woof has been a great place for my dog to socialize and get her energy out. My dog has been going there for years and she is excited every week when she is dropped off. Its a great place and I highly recommend it.

Review №23

We have been going to Howl n Woof for about 10 years. My dogs live it and they have thrived being able to have their play days.

Review №24

Simply the best! We’ve been taking our dogs to Howl n’ Woof for years, mostly to doggie daycare for our big, super-energetic dog. She goes nuts the minute we pull into the driveway. I know she would totally live at Howl n’ Woof if she could. Their boarding program is fantastic as well. I know that our dogs are in great hands when they are at Howl n’ Woof. HIGHLY recommend!

Review №25

My two large dogs LOVE going to Howl N Woof. The staff places them individually into appropriate groups so they get to make new friends. I appreciate the new process for pick-up and drop-off which is well designed for social distancing and staff safety. This team cares about your pet and it shows.

Review №26

My dog, Remi, loves Howl N Woof!! He gets so excited everytime we show up. Great employees. They are so sweet, animal lovers, and really get to know your dog. They also take pictures and post to Facebook and Instagram of Playtime. Couldnt recommend them enough!

Review №27

We love Howl and Woof! Clementine knows when it’s Tuesday and waits (not so) patiently by the door to go. She is well looked after and she’s a very social pup because of her time there. Everyone who works there is kind and helpful!

Review №28

Really happy with how theyve welcomed my dog and kept an eye on her. If theres an issue, communication is quick and they work with you to find a solution. Great location and easy to get in and out. Thanks!

Review №29

Super impressed with these people. Not only did they take great care of my dog; afterward the owner called me and we talked about him for half an hour. I feel like they really have a handle on what theyre doing.

Review №30

My dog loves going to Howl-n-Woof. He sprints out of the car when we arrive. I always know he is well taken care of and he has become a much more social dog from attending. I recommend this place to all my friends who need a place to care for their dogs.

Review №31

I still drive from Pflugerville to take my dog to day camp here! She loves it! They’re amazing with fearful pets, and individualize play groups based on temperament evaluation.

Review №32

My family and I LOVE Howl-n-woof!!! We have done training and day care and are exceptionally pleased with our experiences.

Review №33

We LOVE the professional and loving care H&W staff give our Toby!

Review №34

Tubbee definately loves it here great socialization and she’s been a daycare pup for almost 5 months or so; would definately recommend! Love the communication from staff and the different services they offer.

Review №35

Our Goldendoodle loves to go play with his friends at Howl n Howl. It’s the best part of his week and we trust them completely to take good care of our pup!

Review №36

Charlie-Boy loves it here. He is a big boy and can be a little rough. Since he’s been going here he seems to have much better manners when playing with other dogs and is more respectful to dogs. He always is excited when we get there and comes home happy and tired. They are really good about posting photos on Facebook too.

Review №37

The entire staff clearly have a love for each dog they take care of. I recommend this spot to anyone looking for a safe place to watch their dog.

Review №38

We take our puppy here routinely for doggie daycare so that she can socialize. They are friendly and conscientious when caring for our fur baby.

Review №39

Tubbee has been using their daycare services for about a month and I love the communication as to how tubbee is doing everytime she goes in and she definately burns all her energy out when she’s there! Definately reccomend for the fur babies 🐶

Review №40

I love this place! The doggos are always happy and have a wonderful day when they go to Howl N Woof. Staff are knowledgeable and have really great relationships with our furbabies. The are responsive and really get to know our furry friends. Absolutely recommend!

Review №41

Best place to take your babies. Great staff. Owners are amazing. My babies love it.

Review №42

My dog and I really like Howl n Woof! My dog has been many times for the day care and has been boarded a couple weekends and once for a whole week. I was worried, because it was the first time he has ever been boarded that long. Everything was great, my dog loved it and continues to love going for day care. They have a big outdoor play area for the dogs to run around and there is always someone with them at all times. The owners and staff are great and they really care about the animals.

Review №43

Very knowledgeable and their training puts out great results.

Review №44

Nice, well-trained staff treat the dogs with respect (and firm discipline if needed). Our dog loves it there!

Review №45

Awesome doggy care and training. The staff are extremely friendly and caring.

Review №46

My dogs have a blast and then they sleep all night when they get home!! I highly recommend this place

Review №47

The staff is awesome and the facility is very clean. Our dogs are always excited to stay there.

Review №48

Fantastic! Our year-old black lab has lots of energy and anxiety about being left alone during the day. Despite having a walk in the morning and a dog-walker visit in the afternoon, we still returned home every night to some form of home, furniture, or personal item destruction. Stressful for everyone.She now returns home from Howl N Woof happy and tired! Her anxiety level is much lower and she cant wait to get out of the car in the mornings to go and play with her friends! The folks who work there are professional, personal and fantastic with the dogs. Not to mention the constant pics and videos being posted to their Facebook page throughout the day just reaffirm how much our dog and the others love their time at Howl N Woof.We move out of the area next week and know we will be challenged to find anything close to the great environment provided by these folks.

Review №49

I absolutely love Howl N Wolf. Our dog has been going here 3x a week for over a year. The staff are great and you can tell how much they care about animals.

Review №50

I wrote another review in yelp I think. Let me tell you, my dog Pedro has a BLAST there! This is a super anxious dog (around humans)--not aggressive, but was found in the middle of San Antonio and goodness knows how humans treated him. He enjoyed doggy day care in San Antonio, so when I moved to Buda, I was particular about where I took him. I wont support businesses who dont support spay/neuter, rescues, the ones in Kyle/Buda were out. I came across Howl n Woof since they are on the way to school (I teach high school), and they got great reviews. I took Pedro in, and after one day, he already made great buddies there. I love it when the crew takes videos and pics of my guy playing. I have never ever seen him so happy and playful. The folks there are dedicated, knowledgable, on-the-ball, and MOST IMPORTANTLY----my dog comes home every Monday tired, healthy, and happy (well, probably sad that he has to wait a week to see his friends again). I wont take him anywhere else.

Review №51

My doggies love it here!

Review №52

Our dogs love coming here for doggy day care or for boarding during trips and always come home worn out and happy from all the playtime they get. So much better than a normal boarding place where they would only get to go out once or twice a day.

Review №53

Love our dog as their own.

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