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Dance International

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I took a salsa and bachata class here while visiting Austin and the teachers were very knowledgeable and gave great advice about how to become a better dancer. The environment was also very welcoming and encouraging. I had a great lesson here and would recommend it!

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Lessons from Dance International were phenomenal! My husband and I wanted to have a surprise twist to our first dance at our wedding. We envisioned starting with our favorite song “Can’t help falling in love” and transitioning into Suavamente.” We brought the idea to Jorge, our instructor, and he choreographed an entire routine for us to do! We had no experience whatsoever and we performed it great at the wedding. Definitely surprised the crowd! 10/10 recommend Dance International and their wedding dance lessons!!

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Probably the best place to go for beginners and intermediate dancers. A very friendly place with a very overall positive vibe and friendly instructor. Went in for Latin night on Saturdays and definitely learned a coupe moves, Ill become a regular for sure, dont be intimidated to come learn!

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Jorge Ortiz taught my wife and I how to foxtrot for our wedding. He was extremely patient with us and really took the time to understand our needs as (definitely not experienced) dancers. The result was magical. So much so that we now have a sincere love for dancing. If youre anxious about those kinds of things, definitely go see Jorge. He like... improved our romantic life through the magical power of dance. Thanks Jorge.

Review №5

I step into Lisa DeLands 5Rhythms Reset class on Monday evenings and am immersed back into myself- through her dance experience! Her luscious world music. Her rich voice. Her wise words. Her patience. Her respect for the bodys wisdom. Her pure fun! The room is spacious and very quiet. The floor is fabulous. The sound system Lisa provides is stellar. Parking is so easy. Each class is delicious! I love Lisa- and value her dance guidance and support!

Review №6

This is a great place to learn the basics of the main types of dance. Instructor Jorge choreographed our first dance as husband and wife at our wedding. He made it fun and straight forward and everyone at our wedding loved it! I recommend the Wedding Package - it gets you 5 private dance lessons and a month of unlimited classes of your choice for a very reasonable price. Ive never enjoyed dancing, but this was fun and I would do it again. If youre on the fence about doing it- just do it, you wont regret it!

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Took a salsa class and hung out for the social dance night which started afterwards. The prices are very reasonable, and the instructors are talented and friendly. They stressed the connection between leaders and followers when dancing and had us do a number of drills and exercises to get a better feel for it. This was very useful for me, and different from any other dance class Ive taken.

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I was invited to Dance International by a friend and never looked back. I started out trying basically all the classes and settled into a few of my top favorites. Its a great studio with teachers that you can really get to know and fun classes for both beginners and intermediate students alike.If you get a chance, take the Hip Hop class. I never saw myself as someone who would get into Hip Hop but I absolutely fell in love with the class and looked forward to it every week. The teacher, Jared, is the most excited for his job of any person I have ever seen. When we all hit a certain bit of choreography he literally dances with excitement and dives into the next section. He drives the class with his energy and excitement. I was only in town for one summer but I wish I could take this studio back with me.If you get a chance, try it out, especially the Hip Hop class.

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Amazing environment to come learn and dance all varieties of music. Cumbia class is really fun, and the socials are great! The instructors are kind and offer great advice on how to improve. Learning to dance here has really helped my confidence.

Review №10

DI has the best teachers! Ive started taking many classes there because everyone is such a great teacher. Always a great experience!!

Review №11

My dance exposure is limited, mainly some Hip-Hop, Salsa, and Merengue. I LITERALLY FELL IN LOVE WITH ZOUK BECAUSE OF THE WONDERFUL INSTRUCTORS!!

Review №12

We joined a few years ago, and have had fun the whole time. The instructors are knowledgeable, and pleasant. Not only do we enjoy the dance lessons, we also have a great time with the staff.

Review №13

My wife and I have been going here almost a year and went from having two left feet to being comfortable dancing in public. As a stereotypical awkward white nerd, this is pretty huge. Beyond that though, I really enjoy the people and the vibe. Really relaxed and friendly.

Review №14

I love going to Lisa DeLands Reset class on Monday nights. Its just the thing I need for my mental well being - and great cardio too! She teaches 5Rhythms, which is as much a spiritual practice as it is a physical one. The space itself is great, with options to have all the lights on for a more energetic class or dim them for a class like Lisas. Theres plenty of space and a large mirror along the entire length of one wall for classes that need it.

Review №15

I took the Intro to West Coast Swing with Dylan and beginner Salsa and Bachata from Helen and it was great. I recommend these classes to anybody interested in dance.

Review №16

I joined Dance International when I first moved to Austin on 2015 and have been going to all their classes since! Salsa, Bachata, Ballroom are my favorites, but Ive tried swing and Argentine tango as well. Super fun classes and great teachers!

Review №17

Been going to DI for a number of years. Fun people (instructors, staff, and students alike), fun classes, and fun atmosphere. Always a happy place.

Review №18

Awesome teachers, great crowd, nice dance floor. Currently taking their Latin dance classes, and enjoying it a lot.

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Ive been taking lessons at Dance International for a few months now, and I have really enjoyed my time there.On Saturdays I take salsa and bachata lessons. After a quick warmup, the class is typically split into two levels: beginner and intermediate/advanced. Jorge Ortiz teaches the intermediate/advanced level, and he does a great job of keeping things fun and interesting.On Wednesdays I take Argentine tango lessons from Jason Laughlin, and I feel so lucky to have found him. Rather than teaching patterns, Jason focuses on giving his students a true understanding of the dance. He teaches you not only the movements, but also why you make them, and how you can use them to have a conversation with your partner. Taking lessons with Jason has been a fun and intellectually stimulating experience.Ive also taken several other classes at Dance International, and Ive found them enjoyable as well. With its fun, welcoming, and supportive atmosphere, Dance International is definitely a gem in Austin, and Im glad I found it.

Review №20

I cant say enough about how wonderful this studio is. Ive taken several classes (Kizomba, Belly Dance, West Coast Swing, Jitterbug, Salsa, Bachata, and Zouk) and enjoyed all of them. Every instructor Ive encountered at Dance International has been outstanding, both in teaching ability and patience. Even if you have never taken a dance class before, these instructors will work with you to learn the steps and develop your technique. Definitely take advantage of the socials to practice what youve learned and have fun!

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What a fabulous resource. The staff is so committed and helpful. I have taken individual bachata lessons with Jorge. Ive learned a lot and I always have fun. I also go regularly to the Saturday evening bachata group class and the social. Class is great and there are always lots of good dancers to practice with.

Review №22

The West Coast Swing class is probably the greatest class in the history of learning. Been going to the class for a year.

Review №23

PANIC!!!!!My daughter is getting married in 1 week, and my two left feet are further left than Pluto!!!So I signed up for group beginner lessons with Dance International 3 weeks ago. How fortunate was I!!!!!I never danced before, so now at 61 and a wedding very near, it is time. After all, shouldnt I make my daughter shine for the father/daughter dance?!Decades ago at one of my cousins weddings, my uncle/godfather and his wife danced this amazing waltz so beautifully around the dance floor, while the rest of the dancers just did the rock back and forth movements. For some reason, that has always stuck with me. Now I know why...I am to dance like that with my daughter! (sobbing).So luckily that brought me to DI. I have worked with several instructors here and they have all been FANTASTIC! Each has been very patient and very instructive, especially with the subtleties that make you look good, really good.I have taken almost every group lesson that they offered. My initial plan was to try to catch up on 40+ years of not dancing and to be prepared for whatever at my daughters wedding. What I have found is that all these other efforts have really allowed me to learn to move my body so I dont look like a stiff robot. And you cant deny the benefits of all the exercise.Ballroom dancing, especially the waltz has been fantastic with Jorge. He also teaches salsa, bachata, cumbia, swing, and who knows what all else, and he is incredible as both a dancer and an instructor. He is so great to work with. He is patient, detailed in the right way, and makes it so easy for you to see and do what he is trying to help you do. Jorge is really good.I have also had the opportunity to be taught by Helen (salsa) and Jennifer. I know that my daughter will be having some two step at the wedding and every Texan should know how to do it. Jennifer has been marvelous in getting me up and going with it. In these short 3 weeks, I know I can hold my own with all of these dances.Id be remiss if I did not also include these other 2 important features.One is Bekah. She is the face of DI. Great smile, great personality, very welcoming. She ensures your success. Her injured knee currently keeps her off the dance floor. But what a jewel she is!The other is the facility. It is a good sized real-wood dance floor with great mirrors to see your steps and the instructors at the same time. It is not a cleared out corner of a restaurant used to squeeze in some lessons among the eating patrons. This facility is large enough to divide the lesson into basic beginners and advanced students. So each of us gets what we need.Everything and everyone here is very professional. I wholeheartedly recommend it to all, no matter what your dance level is.Give them a try, give them a call!!!

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This place is definitely amazing!!! Instructors are super cool and nice, I love it a lot!!

Review №25

This place showed me what making progress really feels like! Students, teachers, and studio its self are the best quality/price, and Dance International has the most welcoming atmosphere.

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Very good teachers and excellent atmosphere!

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Hello .. my name is Alfonso. I have been taking Cumbia classes at Dance International and the truth has helped me a lot in my dance technique, as well as in my confidence to dance ... I am really very grateful to the dance teachers.Thanks Dance International .. !!!Hi .. my name is Alfonso. Ive been taking Cumbia classes in Dance International and it has helped me a lot in my dance technique, as well as in my confidence to dance ... Im really very grateful to the dance masters.Thanks Dance International .. !!!

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