IOM Driving Academy
1450 S Havana St # 114, Aurora, CO 80012, United States
IOM Driving Academy

Review №1

Just took my road test today and passed! I was so nervous due to the fact that I failed my first road test, but the instructor helped calm my nerves, was very friendly, explained steps clearly, and was ACTUALLY TEACHING. Will most definitely recommend any others I come across that are looking for a driving school!

Review №2

Great đriving school and instructors! I have had them teach 4 kiddos and the wife. Highly recommended

Review №3

A wonderful experience from start to finish. The person who answered their phones was so helpful (after I got the run around from another drive school, then went to one with a 3 hour wait). Once I arrived- they got me in right away, were professional and courteous, and sent me away within the hour with my certificate of completion for the road test. I highly recommend this place for road tests, classes and everything in between. An added perk is that it’s a family business.

Review №4

I really regret that I went to that school for a driving test. Starting ride the car with the person who took the test with me. I dont know if he is the owner of the school or an employee there . I told him I was nervous, thats normal, but he kept making me feel more nervous. Nevertheless, I followed the instructions and drove his rickety car very well. The brakes were bad and heavy, and when I used it for the first time, it was imperfect, but I paid attention to how to deal with it. My only mistake, from his lordships point of view, was that I was driving at a slower speed, and when he alerted me, I drove as fast as the permitted way. Other than that, his way is sharp, as if I were in a military court. And he shouted at me when he told me that my speed is slow. rude style It is clear that their goal is only to make money. The worst driving school I would never recommend and I will not repeat the test with them even if it is free.Update for your review.I did not beg anyone. This is defect I sent a message to the owner of the school, Abu Omar, and asked him if he was available today or not, and I asked for the name of the girl who is taking the test. I told him that I know how to drive, but I am nervous. I hope you recommend me to her . The purpose of my request was that you not increase my tension only, not that you unjustly pass the exam. Really shame on you what you say. And you asked me if I knew the rules well and learned here in America and I told you yes, I know how to drive, Im just nervous. And when this person tested me, everything was correct except that the speed was a little slow. I would like there to be some morals. I shall not be accused by you that I begged you to pass the test. shameful . حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

Review №5

Apparently, the instructor was friendly,polite, calm and courteous. Perhaps,my wife arrived for the driving lesson before 3pm.while we were waiting in the lobby for the lady (Instructor)to arrive,I was having a significant discuss with my wife and the husband interrupted.He saysAre you still talkingloudly!Thus, I felt so bad.Rather,silence is the best answer for a fool.I do NOT recommend this location for a driving test.As the husband conduct that.He was so rude and arrogant!

Review №6

My son had been taking lessons here. He had a couple more left. When I tried to schedule, Fana would not respond to my texts. So I called to speak to see if availability with someone else and she answered. She explained she had no openings and no one else did. I ask then why she had not responded back as she said she had an opening on April 28th and when I tried to confirm she never responded back. When I asked she literally hung up on me. Super unprofessional and clearly if she doesn’t want to do the lessons just say that.

Review №7

I went there today and my instructor was very nice. I recommend this place. Thanks you IOM Driving academy!

Review №8

Amazing walk in in 40 min in and out . Great service Love it

Review №9

I have tried three different driving academies but none were like IOM. The instructors here will make sure that you are confident with your driving skills. Trust me, being confident while driving is very important. I was able to take 4 driving lessons and a test in less than two weeks. If you are looking for driving academy THIS IS THE ONE. Also, pricing is much better than any other driving academy. Thank you for everyone here, you guys are great!

Review №10

I had an amazing experience today at IOM Driving Academy. I had my driving test with Fana. Her warm reception was extraordinary. She is a good and patient driver. I did the two hours driving with her and took my test after and I passed.Please go to IOM Academy for your drivers license and you wont regret it.Thank you so much, Fana. You are the best.

Review №11

The instructor is very good and helpful. They are very professional. They made me feel calm. They understood my nerves, the teacher was calm. Best driving school. I recommend IOM driving Academy!!! 10/10

Review №12

Fana is a great instructor and taught me very helpful things to help me become a better driver and gain confidence on the roads.

Review №13

Great driving school ever. What an awesome experience. I recommend this driving school to anyone who would like to learn how to drive or take a driving test. Thank you for treating me like a royal.

Review №14

They take walk ins which is really convenient. Staff is really professional, friendly and welcoming. The driving instructor was great during the test! Would definitely recommend coming here for your driving test and lessons!

Review №15

I’d recommend this place any day over the Auroras driving academy, the people are patient and the test is fair. At first I was nervous but as soon as I started driving all of them went away as my instructor was calm about everything. Definitely go here

Review №16

I had driving lessons and my road test at IOM Driving Academy. It was wonderful and professional. I worked with an instructor named Fana who was a delight to learn from. I highly recommend the place to drivers of all backgrounds.

Review №17

I took the lesson and the test with a professional teacher named Fana and I enjoyed my time. She’s very respectful, careful, helpful, safe and understanding. I would strongly recommend this school specially for parents to take their children.

Review №18

Very helpful and comforting place to take Your driving test. they also provide driving lessons that could be a great start for beginners . Highly recommended for student drivers and tests. It doesn’t take for ever to get an appointment.Abu Omar and Anteneh were very nice and helpful. Thank you guys

Review №19

Very experienced and reliable instructors with a very good environment and Walk in services without an appointment.Id definitely recommend it to anyone who needs driving lessons

Review №20

Amazing place, Fana is a great instructor very calm, great at explaining, i took a 2 hours lesson followed by the test and pass. Will highly recommend IOM Driving Academy!

Review №21

Had no idea they do not require appointments which was very convenient! I’ve been trying to get my license since March so I could buy a car and the DMV canceled my appointment due to COVID (understandingly so)! I’m so happy I found this place though, they are very professional and accommodating! Highly recommend! I’d called around for a while and this was THE ONLY company I could actually get through to and went in the same day for my drivers test!Reasonably priced as well!

Review №22

Very helpful!!. My sister went there to get her drivers test!, and love how you can just do a walk in during covid-19, thank you!

Review №23

I started last week and today I passed my drivers test! Fana, one of the instructors is extremely patient and no matter what was willing to help me fix my mistakes! A great school!!!

Review №24

They’re professional and really patient ...Thank you IOM driving academy..Would highly recommend for everyone

Review №25

She gave me back my road confidence in few hours, have learnt so much and Im happy to be back on the road.. Thank you!!!!

Review №26

The instructor was really good. Good place to learn driving and professional staff.

Review №27

1. The person who’s answer the phone was so unprofessional, and made me feel like I called wrong place, also I didn’t even understand what that person said. And the person offered me to speak manager2. The manager was the same as well too. When I told him I want more information, he told me WHAT DO YOU WANT? Like what, is this the way you talk to people ?Yo I was just trying to get more info about your courses and driving classes etc, otherwise I don’t really care how’s your business or how long you’ve been doing this !!!!Please be professional and tell your workers how to be nice to people who willing to take a class from y’all !!!3. Please don’t waste your time and money on this4. If it can be possible I would give this place -5 stars !!!!!!

Review №28

I got my license from them. very intensive lessons and method . Fana gave me lessons very carefully .

Review №29

Simple and straightforward. Great place to get your road test. Small, family owned business. Cant go wrong.

Review №30

The experinece with this academy is really awsome.

Review №31

Very quick, easy, painless experience with IOM, would recommend. Thank you.

Review №32

Very good school

Review №33

The way they teach is great, I have learned a lot.

Review №34

I love it it’s a good school!!

Review №35

Very good driving school

Review №36

Best teacher and best school to go to they are safe driving techniques !!!

Review №37

People who run this place are very nice and professional. I did my driving test today. Had no problems at all. I gave my test with full confidence and no stress at all.I would recommend this place to everyone.

Review №38

Professional instructor and tutorial.Friendly staff and please offer some water while waiting.Overall 5 star.

Review №39

With the pandemic and the whole situation is just a mess I thought they would require me for an appointment but it turned out they have walk ins which is very very convenient thx guys.

Review №40

Very good school

Review №41

Good school

Review №42

Most of my friend went to their for driving exam due to don’t want to waiting on DMV, and they got failed at the first day on very small thing, the owner want to make money that’s why he doing that. If you believe on yourself I recommend go to DMV and give the driving test, don’t waste your money on this poor driving test.

Review №43

Not very professional. Location is hard to find. Staff answers the phone like you called the wrong number. I wouldnt waste your money.

Review №44

Amazing service and great instructor.

Review №45

Worst customer service i have ever experienced. They have right to deny service to anyone, anytime without any valid reason. WOW. Its better not to have license.

Review №46

Definitely go here! They are the best you could find.

Review №47

Fast service passed my drivers test in one try ❤️ thanks so much

Review №48

The best driving school.

Review №49

Excellent driving school and instructor.

Review №50

Very Informative driving school. Great Experience!!

Review №51

Very good school

Review №52

Very good school,they are professional

Review №53

This driving School is best one in colorado

Review №54

The best driving school in Colorado. Great customer service

Review №55

Great instructor and welcoming office and friendly environment. Would recommend to anybody

Review №56

Nice persons, nice academy

Review №57

Good school, they are professional

Review №58

This place is nothing but WASTE of money and time. poor coordination among employees. Bad customer service.

Review №59

This deriving school they have relly the best teachers i wanna sey thank u so mache for all off departments spcally for my teacher fana 🤗🤗🤗🤗😊

Review №60

Staffs are very friendly and polite

Review №61

Thanks God

Review №62

I have setup two times appointments never showed up, one time I shown of I asked them for 120 mints but they stole my 20 mints .. such a super bad ppl over the world. They just want to take your money...Hate this place...Waste of time....

Review №63

Great testing place, no pressure and relatively short

Review №64

Very good school

Review №65

Could you do walk ins here for driving test or do we got to make appointment?

Review №66

The best place to learn and doing driving test

Review №67

She is a good teacher

Review №68

Good teacher.

Review №69

I dont recommend to go this school and to have you test taken there.

Review №70

They are wonderful

Review №71


Review №72

Very good place to learn driving

Review №73

Are you guys opened during the virus?

Review №74

Good school 👍🏼👍🏼

Review №75

Good school

Review №76

They were so disrespectful we just went to ask a question and they were rude

Review №77

I like them

Review №78

Worst experience ever.

Review №79

Teaching and advise are great

Review №80

I had an appointment with them and they never showed up. They didn’t answer my call. Kept me on waiting. Bad customer service.

Review №81

Good school

Review №82

Great school

Review №83

Very good. Great staff, especially the respected brother Abu Omar. Very good. The staff is more than wonderful. Greetings to Brother Abu Omar

Review №84

Excellent service and super friendly the girl who attended me

Review №85

Excellent service immediate attention I recommend it!

Review №86

Very well

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