Russian School of Mathematics - Andover
16 Haverhill St #8, Andover, MA 01810, United States
Russian School of Mathematics - Andover

Review №1

Its a great school if you want your kids to learn more math than offered at school and are willing to work with them on homework and help them out if needed. This is not a kidcare for 2 hours like many other activities, parents actually have to put effort into making sure kids do homework and helping them with it. So you will get whatever you put into it. And yes, kids dont have to like it to learn a lot.

Review №2

Doesn’t responsible for quality of knowledge and quality of learning process they provide. They don’t care if child doesn’t understand, just running the class program and this is the goal. No quality of explanation during the class work. Things became are more difficult and stressful with online learning process. The price is the same, the quality is lowest. As a result, the student, who doesn’t understand, just “collecting” this not understanding moments. We have been in this place for three years and don’t believe in positive side of this anymore. Education process here is lot of stress for student who doesn’t not understand. The biggest problem is RSM Doesn’t Care. But very pushy to charge money every month, one month ahead, and fee charges for late payment. Don’t not respectful for parents who is not math people. Here is very poor and not respectful style of communications. Do not waste your money for this place if your child needs help with math.

Review №3

I personally had a terrible experience at this place. There are a lot of people who go there and enjoy themselves, and thats the point, but if your kid isnt interested in math or doesnt like it that much itll be a terrible experience. The RSM experience is supposed to cater to kids who genuinely enjoy math, and if you dont (like me) the teachers wont care if you fall behind in their class. Their methods of teaching are very old fashioned and theres not much room for creative problem solving, as everything feels like its shoved down your throat. This makes it really hard to be on a level par with the rest of your class if you join in grade 6. The concepts all build on top of each other, and most people start in their first years of elementary school. This makes it really difficult to start learning, especially if your kid is starting middle school at the same time they start RSM. You have to learn all the concepts that have been taught in years you were not there to be able to know whats happening in class at the time, and once you figure that out the class is already on a different topic. I know a lot of other people have gone here and loved it, but most have had a terrible experience since they were forced by their parents to go there. The people who say theyve had great experiences there probably love math as a subject and genuinely wanted to pursue it as an extracurricular, and they most likely started RSM while they were in elementary school. If your kid is older than 12 or doesnt seem to show a love for math, this definitely isnt the place for them and I guarantee they will not like it there. This comes from my own personal experience. The teachers dont care if you fall behind and they cant explain topics in different ways if one way is confusing. The homeworks over the weekend take around three hours to finish, which I think is three hours too many for an extracurricular. Your kid may love it, but make sure they genuinely love math first and are really young; if not, the experience will most likely be terrible for them (it was terrible for me).

Review №4

Were very pleased with the school. Our son started last year and our approach at the time was wait and see. We did not have high expectations and just wanted to try. It turned out great! The school has amazingteachers who *care*. The way math is treated there is not force, grind, repeat; its treated really as a way of life. The kids are pointed to the real life problems that math can help resolve. Questions are encouraged and the kids learn to think. Really, the thing Im most impressed by is that the kid now loves math.

Review №5

Very disappointed with the RSM. RSM transition to virtual classes during the Pandemic, rightfully so due to social distancing, however, they did not show good faith by putting a plan in place to allow parents the option to opt out (as virtual does not work for every child) and therefore, required parents to purchase additional equipment for classes. RSM has poor business practice and did not demonstrate good faith by putting business before the Student’s best interest. RSM refused to pro-rate tuition until classes return to normalcy. This while applying for a Government bailout.Side note: The parking attend is rude and unprofessional. He has yelled and shamed students and parents for not moving fast enough.

Review №6

Excellent school, great teachers and 100% dedication to students. I could not be more happy and satisfied with provided services. Will definitely refer school to my friends.By the way just finished reading other reviews. Just wanna let everyone who is not happy know THIS IS SCHOOL NOT FOR LOSERS LIKE YOU. THIS IS SCHOOL FOR FUTURE ENGINEERS. SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS, ARCHITECRS, ETC. PEOPLE, WHO WILL DONATE TO OUR GREAT COUNTRY AND HELP THE HUMAN PROGRESS. 😁Daniel

Review №7

Worst Experiences ever had. They just want your money. It is a waste of your time, and your kids time. Tuition Fees were never been informed upfront. No documentations of the fees were found by front desk and later they charged you to the nose. Its better off to find your own private tutoring outside for your kid, its much cheaper and more one on one help. Never coming back here again.

Review №8

Best decision we made for our children. Is it easy? No! Did my children work hard? Yes! Has it been worth it? Absolutely!

Review №9

I have two kids there. I like the program and teachers. Great addition to public school math. After two years they improved a a lot not only in math, but also in other subjects.

Review №10

I attend this school, and this gave me a great opportunity to be in accelerated math in school. Every teacher is friendly, and is always willing to answer your questions. This RSM is a great environment for every kid no matter the age, or skill. I have been attending RSM for 6 years now and it only gets better!

Review №11

Great school! The teachers are very passionate about math. Yes, the lessons are not lectures, they teach you to understand the concepts, not just memorize formulas! Both of my kids improved their math skills and feel very confident in their regular school. Thank you RSM Andover!

Review №12

Lots of time wasted. ruined my love for mathematics. half of my childhood was spent on doing frustrating homework and being ignored by the teachers.

Review №13

This will be 7th year for my daughter in RSM. I have seen her grow in her mathematical and her analytical skills. Moreover, since the curriculum is ahead of the school, she feels more confident in maths and get good grades. This also helps her to focus more on the other subjects.

Review №14

Russian school of math has traumatized my son. His teacher constitantly singled him out and yelled at and embarrassed him in front of other students. She would purposefully give him lower grades on homework and tests than other students. Do not spend the money and send your child here.

Review №15

We have had wonderful experiences with RSM for the past ten years while two children, Lucas and David have received superior instructions on Mathematics from excellent teachers. We believe that the solid knowledge and training on Math they have gained through RSM teaching will definitely help them with their future advanced studies.

Review №16

As a parent, I dont think I can praise enough what RSM does for our kids. The school not only teaches the Math as thorough as your kid can take (and you wouldnt believe how deep our kids can go) but also focus and disciplined learning, which is critical for any advanced sciences. They show kids the beauty of the logic behind the Math, how to get results faster not by memorizing but by UNDERSTANDING.The teachers at Andover RSM are friendly at lover grades and stricter at higher grades. And it works - when your kid decides to participate in any of the math competitions, or do early SAT or apply to private school - you suddenly see how many kids from your community are excelling along with your son/daughter.We went through all of this with our son, and do not regret one single moment. The results in his academic progress, competitions and awards make us proud to be part of RSM Andover families.

Review №17

Simply put RSM has been the single best educational decision we have made for our sons. We have had two boys go through the program. The first started in 5th grade and just scored a 780 on his math subject test one and a 800 on his math subject test two - both taken at the end of his Sophomore year. Buts thats not the whole story - the process of RSM - small group learning with excellent teachers and a dedicated staff resulted in his generalizing the competence he obtained in math to other subjects. So important to how he sees himself academically. (Also true for his brother). To get a child through the program however takes a family commitment, a willingness to juggle schedules (sports and music conflicts along the way), and heeding the awesome advice and help of the RSM staff andPrincipal, Anna Parfenov.

Review №18

A couple years ago, my mom enrolled me in Russian Math. I had heard many things about RSM, some that, today, I feel are correct and some that I feel are wrong. I wasnt really sure what to expect at RSM, but RSM has surprised me. It has been such a positive experience over the last three years, helping me be prepared for the math in each coming year. Having covered much of the material in RSM the year before, math in school was a much easier class, meaning I was able to focus more on other subjects if necessary. I have also taken the PSAT and math SAT Subject Tests, and I never could have received the scores that I did for those tests with just having the experience I had in my math classes at school. The ability to have covered the math in two different environments allowed me to have a much better understanding of the material than maybe some of my classmates at school. Furthermore, the smaller size of an RSM class allows for a very close-knit learning environment, which has definitely helped me in achieving a better understanding of the material, because there was a better student to teacher ratio. Enrolling your child in RSM will be one of the greatest decisions you can make for them. I wish I had been able to attend RSM from a younger age. My family was not too aware of RSM until we moved to Andover, so I didnt end up starting until 8th grade. Going into 11th grade this year, I know I will be ready for Pre-Calculus in school, and it is all thanks to RSM. My teachers have been great, and Mrs. Parfenov, the principal, is kind and really does have a passion for helping the kids. She, and all the teachers, are there to help the students, and no matter what the student says, RSM will be a big help in the long run. And to the students, you need to accept this amazing opportunity and keep an open mind, even if you feel learning math is the best way to spend that time. The teacher only want to help you, and going around believing they are mean with a stubborn attitude wont make it better. Dont take RSM for granted.

Review №19

These hateful comments are made by students who were simply too lazy to put in the work and effort that the curriculum demands. RSM in an advanced after school program, and rightfully so. If you are enrolled into an advanced program, then you must be prepared to take on the work. Personally, the school, although challenging at times, brought me ahead of my public school counterparts by at least 8 months of curriculum, meaning that when we began a new lesson in my legitimate school, I came in completely knowing and understanding the topic. RSM Andover helped me push far ahead of the rest of my class in terms of mathematics, and allowed me to begin taking math courses with students two years older than me. Some of the teachers may be strict, but it is quite reasonable to agree that the stricter teachers are usually the most efficient. Overall RSM Andover has changed my life for the best, and for the record, if the school was truly so bad then it wouldnt be growing and expanding at such a high rate.

Review №20

My friend always complains about rsm and she hates it so much. she always mentions how the teachers are extremely biased and how they favor certain students more. she literally hates going! its not the math part, but its the teachers apparently. parents pay thousands for their children to learn math only to get badly treated by the teachers.

Review №21

My brother and I have gone there for a while now. The teachers dont pay attention to EVERYONE. They only have favorites

Review №22

Very helpful teachers and staff, prepared me for school and improved my grades. The teachers can be strict at times, but they understand that people learn at different rates, and the system accomodates this. I have friends who were always behind at school starting to thrive in their classes, and friends who were further prepared for lessons that they would recieve 6 months to 2 years from the time they learned it at RSM. I was just always ahead in high school thanks to RSM, it was awesome.

Review №23

I started RSM in the 4th grade and I remember spending hours and hours trying to learn how in the world distributive property worked. It was a really tough time to say the least. The fact of the matter I was I simply did not know how to learn. RSM never became easy for me but it did catalyze a huge amount of growth with me. RSM has given me the confidence to pursue an undergraduate degree in physics with hopes to further that education to a PhD. Without a strong background in math I never would have even thought to try studying physics. Whenever I hear about people hating math, or god forbid hating physics, I often respond do you hate math, or do you just hate not being able to do it? RSM allowed me to discover that I did not hate math. Not only that it gave me the confidence to try to learn things that I have no confidence or talent in. RSM gave me first hand proof that dedication, one of the few variables we can control to the equation of success (and happiness), can be harnessed to bring you to completely different endpoint from where you started.

Review №24

My friend said Tanay wants to kill himself (hes in the eighth grade)

Review №25

This place sucks. i went once and it was terrible even though i did well.

Review №26

Great program, wonderful teachers, highly recommend!

Review №27

Worst place EVER. Might as well rename it Hell School. Ive never liked school. This experience just made me want to burn the place down 🙄🔫

Review №28

Teachers dont care about your education, they only care about being paid for not teaching you anything.

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