King Tech High School
2650 E Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99508, United States
King Tech High School

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I love KCC best school out here this school teaches me so much and treats me like a real student instead of just passing me on. I recommend this school to all student and I DO NOT RECOMMEND GOING TO WEST HIGH SCHOOL!! Worst school in anchorage!! Don’t bring your kids there bring them to King Tech High where they actually treat you like a real person love this school. :)

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Great place for high schoolers to learn a trade. Students get hands on training in jobs that they can go into rightout of high school. Example of classes and certifications in early childhood care and development, plumbing, nursing, welding, automotives, botanical care, 1st responders, computers, server technology, programming, hospitality, Alaska tourism .... This was a great school send my daughter too. By the time I got custody of my daughter; moving her from AZ TO AK she was halfway through the 11th grade. We found out about KCC for her senior year. KCC has a nursingprogram which is the same program offered at UAA. The program was developed and taught by the same professor at UAA and KCC. A prefect chance to get a college level program and nursing certification paid for by the Anchorage School District. Lastly, I recently found out that KCC also offers classes at night for adults sponsored by businesses, unions and others looking to teach adults their trade and looking for employees. Some courses are free or very low cost with military and Veterans get a discount. An old Army buddy of mines took a metal fabrication class at KCC in his free time and got certified in metal fadrication and hes a medical primary care doctor at one of the local hospitals. KCC is a great resource for advanced students, students who r able to handle college level classes to get a head start on college and in a way also good for at risk dropout kids; you cant get a degree in plumbing or welding; but, kids can get professional level certification in these types of careers. So for being long winded about KCC; but its a great resource for high schoolers. I hate that my daughter didnt get to got to KCC longer and take advantage of more of the programs KCC offers. Thanks

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This school is amazing. Everyone is so nice and friendly.

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The building is kept clean and in amazing condition, and the teachers are nice and fun to work with

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