Alvin ISD Transportation
1075 Cardinal Dr, Alvin, TX 77511, United States
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Very Friendly and help !

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Never calls parents with bus route information when children are enrolled into the district and requesting bus transportation. In the last 3 yrs I have never recieved a call from them on any of my children. Although all 3 schools have informed me (parents) that we will receive calls once information has been processed and they have been placed on route. I enrolled a child recently and I called to try to find out a pick up time for my area and because my daughter was in the system they refuse to give me the time for security reasons. I called back to see if student was in the system and no one would answer the phone. I called the school who then confirmed she was assigned a route n they offered to call the bus company n have them call me. Once again bus company didnt call to let me know my student was processed. They did call me at which time I asked to speak to a supervisor to express my concern with their lack of communication or following through with what the school instructed parents to do. Basically she gave information that is not provided to us parents when enrolling and made excuses for them not contacting parents with the information. Had this been a one time situation I would have excepted as a oversight but 3 years? 3 different kids?

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Enjoy my job, bus driver.

Review №4

Delivered new school buses.

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No stress, no one hounding you as long as you do your job. Best District

Review №6

Its ok

Review №7

Great drivers. Kids love riding on buses.

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I watched a driver of a handicapped bus leaving Forest heights this morning blow thru the stop sign halfway before completely stopping and was on her cell phone. Something has to be done about this especially since the recent death of that young boy and his grandmother that involved an Alvin school bus!

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My daughter was riding the bus for her first time. I called transportation and the school to let them know it was her first day and she is only 5 and would need help. Her school put a bracelet on her wrist for her bus route to ensure she got on the right bus. The bus driver of route 082B let my 5 year old get off the bus at a stop that was not hers. She was left in a neighborhood she didnt know by herself. My daughter had to go up to a stranger to ask for help. Anything could of happened to my daughter. God looked over her and the stranger she approached was an awesome lady who took her back to school and they contacted me. I have been trying to get a hold of transportation to discuss this issue and no one will answer or return my phone calls.

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Best District in Texas! All airconditioned buses, great place to work! AAAAA+++++

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They never answer the phone and my nephew needs ro known which bus hes rididng

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Work here.. great place

Review №13

I love this place thats where I work

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Bus #36 cut us off on the parkway. He was driving at least 75 mph in the fast lane

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Never answer calls never have correct info always late!!!!

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Awesome bus drivers 😄😄

Review №17

Food. Place to work.

Review №18

Its not a job its an adventure working here its like working with your family

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I work there!

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They are always needing bus drivers.

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Never answer

3.7 Rating
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