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Creme de la Creme

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My wife and I both work full-time jobs and were researching daycare facilities in and around north Plano and Allen. Our friend mentioned Crème to us and I did a quick internet search and scheduled a visit. I was impressed with the facility and its amenities and thought my daughter would enjoy being there for 8 hours a day, so we decide to enroll the school.At that time my daughter was 18 months old and was placed in the toddler class. During our tour, the director stated that there were 2 teachers assigned to the toddler class and that the max number of students for the class would be 12 (1 teacher per 6 kids). The director also stated that Crème’s teachers were well trained and that each teacher had been with Crème for more than a year. However, we quickly began to doubt the truthfulness of that claim. During my daughter’s first four months at Crème, 6 different teachers were assigned to her class. The director provided numerous excuses for the high turnover, including disclosing that one teacher quit because she was having family problems. Crème assigned a newly trained teacher as the lead teach and then fired her after just 1 month on the job.My biggest issue with Crème was my daughter’s propensity for getting hurt while under Crème’s supervision and care. In 4 months at the facility, my daughter was injured more than 12 times and was constantly coming home with bruises on her body. When I would question the teacher the following day about the bruises, the teacher would say that she did not know because she did not witness anything or did not hear her cry.I finally reached my limit when my daughter was scratched on her face on back-to-back days. I spoke to the director when the first incident occurred. The scratch was just under my daughter’s left eye and is likely to leave a scar. The instructor stated that they would let the other child’s parents know what occurred and that they would keep a watchful eye on my daughter and the other child. The very next day, Crème contacted me to let me know that my daughter had been scratched on her face again. Instead of having the two teachers normally assigned to the toddler class, Crème had only one teacher assigned to the class that day. It became evident to my wife and I that Crème did not take any action to prevent further injury to my daughter and the director made us feel as if she simply did not care about what happened to my daughter while under Crème’s care. When I was notified of the second incident, the director’s solution was to move my 21 month old daughter to the class ahead with older students.The director at Crème Lisa is rude and callous. She appears to be focused entirely about the business side of things rather than the safety and well-being of the children whose parents have entrusted to Crème. For these reasons, I would not recommend trusting your kids to Crème.

Review №2

Creme de la Creme has gone over and beyond in preparing my kids for kindergarten. My oldest is going into the 3rd grade and loves coming to creme after school! He gets all of his homework done so there is no crying from me or him at bed time trying to finish homework. My daughter just graduated transitional kindergarten and now loves to READ to us! Yes! I said reads! My youngest will be starting Creme Prep in the fall and I cant wait to see how much he will learn! I could not have picked a better school to put my kids in. We love Creme!

Review №3

We love creme so much my daughter loves going to school every morning. She loves all the different classes Water park, music, Spanish and Mandrian. There are days that she doesnt want to leave when picking up to go home. Thank you so much to our Creme de la Creme family

Review №4

Weve had our son in for about 4 months in the pre K class and weve seen tremendous growth. Hes happy to go to school and happy when we pick him up. Other daycare/preschools weve tried cant measure up. Also he enjoys the different rotations of classes. They also offer soccer during the day for him. He loves it.

Review №5

Such a positive experience here! My son attended here from 4 mos until 17 mos. We only left due to job relocation. The teachers and administrative staff are all so welcoming, kind, and professional.

Review №6

Both of my children have attended Creme de la Creme since 10 weeks of age. My children are my #1 priority. From the moment my wife and I stepped into Creme we knew it was where we would send our children. There has never been any question or doubt about our choice. We checked out other places in Allen and nothing compared to the safety, the cleanliness and and outstanding curriculum offered. The staff there has become like family to us. The care that they give our children is unbelievable. My 4 year old comes home knowing Spanish and Mandarin, writing his alphabet and numbers, and now knows his shapes. This is all stuff that will prepare him for Kindergarten next year.Lisa gave us our first tour of Creme and answered my wifes 600 questions. She was patient and kind and knew our worries about being first time parents and understanding what we were looking for. She also did tours for my mother in law and my wife a 2nd and 3rd time. She always took time out of her day to sit with my wife and go over everything. She made the whole process of transitioning from maternity leave for my wife to going back to work seamless. She understood how hard it was to have to go back to work full time and send your baby to daycare. There was and still is constant communication about our children. Never once were we left in the dark or questioning something. Our questions are answered promptly and professionally. They want what is best for our children so we value what they suggest as far as movement in classes go. They are with our children full time, so we put our full trust in them that they make the right decisions that benefit our childrens educations.We have never had any issues with Creme. In fact, it is going to be hard to say goodbye once our kids head off to Kindergarten. I could never put into words how much we appreciate the love and care that the staff members have shown our children. They simply are the best and the Creme de la Creme of the daycare world.

Review №7

My daughter absolutely loves Creme! When she first started, she called it Disney Junior Work. I thought it was just the initial phase of her new school, but almost a year later, she still calls it Disney Junior Work! THE teachers and entire staff are simply amazing. We went to the fall festival and literally, the whole school knew my daughter; even staff that arent responsible for her daily instruction. I am so pleased with this school. They truly care about her education, safety, and overall well-being. We moved deeper in Mckinney, almost Frisco. But, we still drive all the way back to Creme Allen. Believe me, its worth the drive!

Review №8

Since the beginning Creme de la Creme made us feel like home. My 18 month son really loves going every day. Teachers and staff are loving and caring they all know us and treats us like family. The place is wonderful for children as they learn and have fun. Plus you get pics, and daily log on time. The place is always neat and clean. We love going there and will definitely continue there as my child grows.Best preschool in Allen :)

Review №9

This is one of the best preschools in the area. My daughter has been going here for 2 years and she loves it. The staff is friendly and the school is well maintained. I would recommend this to other parents without any hesitation.

Review №10

What a fantastic school to have here in Allen. Come this summer my family would have put 2 children through this school, a total of 10 years. In these 10 years we have seen a lot of changes in this school, from staff, to tuition, to curriculum but one thing that has stood the test of time is quality and commitment to the kids and families.We feel Creme has a true desire to see our kids grow and succeed. If you are looking for a daycare, transitional program or after school program, we would definitely recommend Lisa and team at CDLC Allen.

Review №11

My son started here first week of January and he loves it. He has learned so much since he started. In the summer he loved the water park. For me I like they keep them moving forward and up in classes.Going into the school you are in a tiny town and unlike other preschools they change class rooms. I think it helps with attention and focus. The other thing I love they dont walk from class to class in silence. You hear all the classes singing songs and being kids. My son would never sing around me until he went to this school.

Review №12

My 9 year old grandson attended Creme de la Creme this summer and had a wonderful time. The field trips were amazing and there was never an extra charge. They even have their own water park. He wants to return next summer. Thank you staff!

Review №13

We love Creme! The teachers and staff are wonderful and make it very easy for my husband and I to leave our children there during the day! The education my son is receiving daily while having fun is amazing! We would recommend Creme to anyone!

Review №14

My daughter has attended Creme for the past 4 years. We have been pleased with her development and growth and attribute much of it to the engaging curriculum. My daughter looks forward to going there and we know she is in good hands. Notifications to the parents regarding school functions and activities needs to improve, otherwise 5 stars.

Review №15

My son has been going to Creme for 2.5 years and he still excited about going to school every morning. Ms.Taylor(Gard 3), Ms. Sarah(Gard3) and Ms.Shuly(Gard 2) are really amazing teachers. They taught my son to be strong, positive and have good manners. Friendly directors, dedicated staffs and teachers too!

Review №16

This Creme center is amazing. The staff is sweet and the teachers are fantastic. I have a toddler and Kindergartener (after care) that go here and they love it here. This is the first daycare for my toddler and I was a bit worried he would take a while to adjust but with the loving care and support from his teachers (especially Ms Jessica) he didnt take too long and now he loves it. He has severe food allergies so the school takes utmost precautions with his food. They send lots of pics during the day so you are assured your child is having a good time. All in all love this Allen Creme!!

Review №17

Can I give 10 stars?I have 2 children that have attended Creme de la Creme since 11 weeks of age. From the first time I walked into the school as a first time mom I was blown away. We did our tour with Ms. Lisa, who literally put every new moms mind at ease when sending a newborn to daycare. The place is impeccable. There are multiple full time cleaning staff members who work throughout the day cleaning floors, tables, seats, doorknobs, you name it. Each time the kids are moved from a class a cleaning staff member comes in and cleans the room. For anyone on these reviews who made comments about Ms. Lisa and her manners, apparently they arent paying attention. Her soft voice and how she engages with the children is truly something to see. It is absolutely false information because I wouldnt have had my children in a place like that if the claims were true. So do not let posts like that discourage you from visiting the school. Administration is so QUICK to answer any concerns, or questions. There is never an 8-12 hour wait before having a response to a question. Also, some people wrote and complained about incident reports... people.. these are children, accidents happen. If you are going to let every bump and bruise bother you and force you to pull your kid from a school, then keep them home. As Ill keep saying, I wouldnt have my kids in this school for 3+ years now if I ever felt it wasnt safe, clean, or worth the money.The infant teachers have all been there countless years. They literally all feel like a part of our family. After all, my children are in their care during the week more then they are with us, so the fact they treat my children like their own means the world to us. A big thing that I love is that they supply diapers and wipes (huge life saver when you are packing a bag).It is truly amazing the knowledge that my 3 year old has. He learns both Mandarin and Spanish there. Most things he learns a lot of children do not begin to learn until Kindergarten. There is a constant class rotation. They have stem lab, music, language, art, etc. Ms. Rita is in charge of the curriculum and does a fantastic job with it.You know kids love where they are going when you walk into the school, and everyone is happy. They have a great waterpark in the summer so that kids can get out and play and let loose a little. They also have ancillary programs to choose from which we love for our son. It helps to break up his day and gives him something different to do and look forward to doing during the week. They have countless things to choose from like soccer, t ball, dance, cheer, golf, football, and many more.Safety was another big concern for us. You need a fingerprint to get in, and not just anyone can check your child out. They need permission, and an ID. Literally not one person can just walk in. There are double doors and the main one to get in is locked.I cannot say enough about the school. I know once my kids are ready for kindergarten they will be fully prepared because Creme has prepared them well.

Review №18

My 2 years old really love here. I thought it will take her a while to get use to the daycare life. Luckily, it only took her 3 times to stop dropping off crying. Creme de la creme has a really good class Schedule, keep kids busy and learn a lot stuff.most other daycare facilities only has one classroom for a kid to stay for a whole day. Well, as an adult, I could not even stay in one classroom whole day and everyday. Creme definitely not having this problem. Its a company not a personal franchise, so the school regulation is clear cut and formal. I would recommend it and we plan to stay there until primary school.

Review №19

I would like to respond to Creme De La owner’s comment however google review won’t let me so I am posting a new review.According to the owner she said these claims are exaggerated and false; therefore, I am attaching some of the incident report I received from the school and a picture that my daughter showing the scratch to her face.Ask any parent how they feel when their child is injured and I’m sure you would receive a similar response.Motivated by money? Lisa, I asked for a refund of my deposit. I could not give you a 30 days notice because I could not continue to leave my daughter in Crème’s negligent care longer than absolutely necessary. So, please, enlighten the readers and tell them how this is about money over a deposit and work I missed.

Review №20

Great place ! Very clean and kids love it here.

Review №21

Worst place to put your kids. Staff do not have manners to talk to parents. The Manager is defensive of staff instead of taking complaints positively and improving on them. Stay away.

Review №22

Creme De La Creme (CdelaC) is like family! My 2 1/2 year old daughter and I are always greeted with a warm welcome as soon as we walk through the door. From the whimsical yet soothing overhead music, to the coy-filled pond and coffee station, CdelaC has an amazing entrance experience. My daughter is always excited about going to school. The facility is always spotless and there is a variety of learning/play areas for students. The teachers provide just enough one-on-one time with students, while also easily bringing them together as a class eager to learn. The curriculum is spectacular and the offered extra-curricular activities and events keep me and my daughter active. I have noticed so much growth in her intellect, personal behavior/social skills and in her motor skills. There is no other school I would rather have my daughter attend. Thanks for ALL you do CdelaC!!!

Review №23

We love Creme de la Creme so much, From the first time I walked into the school as a first time mom I was blown away and so excited. This place is awesome and impeccable. I feel like this is the best place for my daughter, she is 22 monthes she loves going to school every morning. She learns so much in this school all staff are really kind and nice with the kids, she loves all the different classes Water park, Music, Spanish and Mandrian. Kids dont get board and they have lots of fun and this is the first school that they have a lots of program for kids compares with Primrose and Montesory, and their foods are really good. They have multiple full time cleaning staff members who work throughout the day cleaning floors, tables, seats.....Each time the kids are moved from a class a cleaning staff member comes in and cleans the room. My daughter was in Primrose School and we didn’t satisfied she gets board and their food was not good. We love Mrs.Lisa Waidelich she is the Director of Creme de la Creme Allen, she is very nice and kind. Thank you so much to our Creme de la Creme family.

Review №24

We love Crème, we feel safe and happy there always!

Review №25

The staff here ( including front desk receptionist karen as well as the facility director Lisa Waidelich does not have any manners to talk to prospective parents/ customers.They do not show good attitude and i wonder if they had their basic training in people speaking skills.I would never have my child attend to such a school where the staff is so rude and unapologetic about their mistakes.This is one of the worst people i have dealt with in a nursery/ preschool setup in and arround dallas area, . I am going to complaint about them to the Day care head office.If you want to avoid embarrassment, please avoid going to such a place

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This location shares a numerical address with 6 day orthodontics and dental. 👱🏻👆🏼

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