Mission Achievement and Success Charter School 1.0
1718 Yale Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106, United States
Mission Achievement and Success Charter School 1.0

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This school is amazing! All the staff, including the principal are great. My sons scores have increased every year. The teacher/ student ratios are where they should be. The school has an A rating. Very few schools achieve this level of education and this is solely based off the students scores. I believe in this school and plan to keep my son there until he graduates!!

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This school is absolutely ridiculous. My 1st grader was being bullied and so he was moved to another classroom. I wasnt notified; had to hear it all from my 1st grader. The only time I have ever been contacted was when my child was acting up. I have never heard such pettiness in my life. He was rolling on the carpet, he was jumping around, he was kneeling on the chair. All normal things a 6- or 7-year-old would do when they dont get regular recess time.There really isnt regular instruction from what Ive seen (at least at the elementary level). The children work and learn on the computer using I-Read for most of the day. It seems long, tedious, and boring so prepare yourself for a lot of the petty calls mentioned above if your student isnt engaging in the curriculum.Also, a lot of the principals family members are staff and students so if you have a problem with one of them, good luck on getting any resolution.Before you send your student to this school, do your research!

Review №3

The quality of the education and the administration have gone downhill over the past two years at MAS. This was at one time a great school . I think when the second school opened up it spread administration too thin and the school is now terrible. Teacher retention is really bad. Teachers quit or are fired in the middle of classes. This happened over 10 times to one of my sons in the 2018/2019 school year. Once teachers are gone the grades are made up and students are not given credit for work completed. The principal, JoAnn Mitchell, is rarely at the school and is very hard to work with. Be careful sending your children to high school at MAS because transcripts are not accurate and can cause issues with graduation and also acceptance into Universities. I have found out through research that many of the teacher in the classrooms alone with students are not even licensed teachers. Along with all of these issues and the lack of administration the fighting, bullying and drugs are out of control. I do not recommend sending your students to this school.

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My kids went to the old coors location and me and my husband would receive calls while working over stupid stuff! Either one of my kids was leaning in there chair, I have a picky eater as they would call it, so he would cry and not eat and call me every single time! he ate fine at home and never acted like this at his other school which I thought was a red flag and now there in there old school and they are just fine! The teachers are really young like fresh outta high school or a college school and obviously don’t know how to handle a child’s behavior. I get they don’t get paid enough but calling every single time while me and my husband are at work, over something so small I did my part of talking to my child I don’t understand what else they expect you to do. All I know is there loving the school they are at now and I will never recommend this school to anyone.

Review №5

This school is literally a prison. Their food is disgusting, the teachers are terrible and the school is so overly strict!!This school is setting students up for failure. They rigged the graduation for all seniors!! Theres no way those seniors are not gonna make it through college!DO NOT PUT YOUR KIDS IN THIS SCHOOL

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This school says its suppose to be college prep but its really not this school is horrible teachers they lose them constantly its a process that will never end. They force the kids to be in cohorts the school has no freedom what so ever, its small and jammed with people I was a student its horrible for parents who are reading do not send youre children to MAS it is horrible everything about them is a lie. The rules are unfair and the teaching for high school is at a 5th grade level the kids are rude and bullying is horrible dont go to this school save youre money and go to a real high school that will help youre actually become someone

Review №7

MAS was a school for kids that do not take education serious. I love the Opportunities for sports and some activities but other than that the way the school is set up is not out kids in the long run. I now go to Rio Rancho Public schools and that is way better than MAS charter school. They said One on one will help but the one on one is really not helpful They are just there to watch the students behavior. You might just have one teacher in the classroom. The school Says you will be a step head of other schools when I got out of that school I realize I was behind my class. MAS is not good for students that have behavioral issues due to the fact that it’s mainly academic and not for kids that will ruin chances for others to learn

Review №8

This school is God awful dont send youre kids to this school it is horrible worst u can think of they have teachers who dont care about the students only a check if you want teachers that do care send them to a real school . This school is full of lies as big as the principals mouth. People believe me a go to a real high-school they teach every kid and at a 5th grade level. All the positive comments on this school yeah right lies. If you want your children to suffer and have no freedom send them to mas. A school with no respect. Send them to a real high-school where they have jrotc were they can actually learn more things then mas and have way more respect. Mas is trash dont send youre kids

Review №9

This school claims to be college prep, yet they treat their upperclassmen like children. In college, you will need to take responsibility for your work and actions in order to pass, but thats not the case with this school. Here, you could do nothing all school year and still pass. Even if you arent the best behaved, if you are friends with the staff or the children of the staff (especially the principals daughters), you will get away with anything. This school has high test scores, not because of the curriculum, but because they constantly test the students. Students have very limited freedom and are treated like slaves. There are few teachers whom care about their students. Others disrespect students and dont know how to control their classes. My grades have personally gone up since I left, so please reconsider putting your children in this school.

Review №10

I am a student at MAS. I like the fact that they have cohorts and I high school the let you go to your own classes alone. In 10th you can sit where ever you want and be with your friends. Everyone who leaves bad comments on this school is lieing .

Review №11

This school is absolutely horrible because they continue to make both of my children wait 4 or more hours to use the restroom! One of which is a female and in 9th grade! This is rediculois! I have had to pick my 6th grader up because two of his teachers refused to let him use the restroom, he waited four hours before he had an accident! Im going to follow up with this and take matters into my own hands! Just imagine all the children that are waiting hours to use the restroom!

Review №12

The parents at this school need to stop parking on the street to let their children out. Stopping traffic flow, parking illegally and letting them out on Yale and Ross is dangerous for your children!!! A child may be killed if this isnt changed. Very rude parents!

Review №13

Im a student there and i love it. They help me and take there time with me. Soooooo love that school

Review №14

I love this school so much its so so so so so fun I LOVE IT :)

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My son has been at this school since the day it opened (in our 6th year). I just couldnt put my kid in one of aps horrible middle schools.My son is a nerd and wants to learn, but is bored in a most of his classes. His scores went up significantly the first few years, but he isnt continuing to be challenged except in the classes at CNM.Unlike other commenters, i feel like bullying is handled swiftly. There were a few instances where it was He said, she said and they looked into the situation until they got the truth and then dealt with it.There is a lot of staff turnover, which makes me wonder, but i feel like the staff and teachers are overall good.I think the behavior rules are ridiculous. This is college prep. High schoolers are escorted from class to class, to the bathrooms, and to the lunch room. Everyone below 10th grade has to eat with their cohorts. The principle says theyll have plenty of time to socialize in college. I feel these are key years to learn socialization and theres such a thing as too restrictive.When my son started at cnm, he was shocked at how loose the rules are because hes used to the crazy restrictions of this school. And hed been told by teachers that college was the same.I love the fact that they pay for cnm, but think its ridiculous that they refuse to count those classes as anything but an elective. Is getting high school English(which they have 2 classes of daily) really more important than having college English in a college prep school?? There are other public and charter schools that count them as credits. I have family at unm that work in this program as well as another teenager, so know this is true despite their claims.My son wants to graduate from here, but wants to graduate early and go on to college for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately they refuse to work with us making this happen. I think itd be great PR for them - some of the kids here even graduate early, ready for college. Or one of our first students was able to go from nearing proficiency to graduating early as part of our first graduating class. But its not to be.Also, Im a little concerned about test scores. While my son is nearing advanced on the parcc, its not translating to ACT or SAT scores, which drive college scholarships.Overall I feel like my son is getting a good education in a safe place, just wish there were some additional considerations.

Review №16

This school is a educational school but I dont like the way the rules are.

Review №17

The teaching is great but the Principal not so much a long with the Dean

Review №18

My experience isnt good my son goes that school and there is alot of bulling around the principal doesnt resolve that issues. She rather unenroll students.

Review №19

I like this school, but damm im trynna leave.

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My friend says he is having a easy time here, he wants challenge. He is scared for his future as he thinks this school is not preparing him for it.

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I go to the school and they are way to strict they are suspending people for stupid reasons which isnt right

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This school is not what they make it out to be staff never really available and when they meet with you to discuss situation they make you feel unimportant my child was uncomfortable there

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When people ask me where I go to school I tell them, “MAS charter school”.The response is always,” I’ve never heard of it”.My response, ”you don’t want to”.

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Love you mom lolz

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I love my school

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Corrupted school, honestly feels like prison.

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Best school and education ever!!!

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This was not a good school.

Review №30

Worst place to put a kid at

Review №31

Can people where a lack skirt there

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I miss mas charter school

Review №33

Love the school!!!

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The teachers really care about the students! My daughter absolutely loves her teachers and is encouraged to work hard. My daughter loves going to school! I appreciate the hard work of the administration to keep us informed as well as wonderful learning environment for the students.Teachers really care about students! My daughter loves her teachers and is encouraged to work hard. My daughter loves going to school! I appreciate the administrations hard work in keeping us informed, as well as the wonderful learning environment for the students.

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