Aiken Intermediate School
101 Gator Ln, Aiken, SC 29801, United States
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This school certainly has some fine educators. However, the school will assign substitutes multiple classrooms to cover over a day, often working them through lunch. The principal is unfriendly, and the staff seem as if they dislike their jobs. The overall morale was very low at the time that I substituted, during the year of 2016.

Review №2

My son just started at Aiken Middle about 2 months ago. I think the whole system there is horrible! There is never any home work sent home with my son or anything telling me what he needs to study so that we can improve his grades. The lady in the front office is just as rude as she wants to be. Its like she picks and chooses who she would like to be polite to. For 2 weeks I tried to turn in money for my sons band rental fee and I just could not get it turned in. One the first day of me trying the band teacher herself told me that she could not take my money it would have to be someone in the front office. The ladies in the front office were of not help with it of course. I sent my son in the next day with the money and they told him the only lady who could take the money was not there to come back the next day. When he returned the next day with it he was told the same thing. My husband went to pay the money the next week and he was told the lady was still not there and no one in the front office could take the money. Of course the lady at the front desk was rude to him about it! I sent my son back again and they told him the same thing. Then yesterday at 1:30 I went myself and they told me she had already closed her books out so she was not taking any money. They told me to send my son in this morning before he went to first period and she would be there to take his money. Big surprise she still was not there. So I went in myself and waited a hour before they told me that she as still not there yet and I could leave the 50 dollars with my son to walk around school all day with until the lady got there so he could pay her. When I told them that I was not comfortable with that then they told me the band teacher could take the money after all. I had to walk to her classroom to had her the money I should have been able to hand her in the first place! The is absolutely not organization in this school. There education system also seems to be a joke. I send my son there to get a education and I FULLY expect for the people in the front office to be professional about their job. I see no reason why someone in the front office couldnt take my money and write me the receipt especially since the lady who is suppose to do it never seems to be there!!!

Review №3

As someone who has just left that school I feel that it isnt a very great school there are a few things that are good like a few of the teachers and faculty but most of the time I hate when Im there Im just impatiently waiting for the day to be done and over with and I cherish the weekend like a god. All-in-all the school is terrible dont let students attend there thank you goodbye.

Review №4

I love this school and all the teachers that work here. I ❤️❤️❤️ This school !!!- Drake Rolands

Review №5

Aiken middlew has to many fight and I think my child is not learning so well she come home with stuff

Review №6

My music teacher mr. Cheek went there and he said he saw do do the restroom on the walls

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Aiken middle school is okay I guess

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Janyl to

3.2 Rating
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