Agawam Auto School
547 Springfield St, Agawam, MA 01001, United States
Agawam Auto School

Review №1

This place is wonderful! Th people are very helpful and encouraging. Passed my road test here after 2 practice tests with great advice.

Review №2

Allows you to cut the DMV line and avoid the DMV hassle. In one month, I was in and out. Plus, great conversation in the car with the instructor crew.

Review №3

The classes have been very helpful, Ive learned a lot of important points that I didnt know before. It is a great deal, I highly recommend this going here! Thank you AAS!

Review №4

The classes at this school are very organized and educational. Would recommend to anyone.

Review №5

The lessons here are good and pretty interesting, I learned so much and each lesson went by pretty fast:)

Review №6

Class is supposed to start tomorrow. I have sent several emails to the owner and have gotten no response. I have no idea if its in person or online or the schedule or anything! These reviews are all legit from my experience so far. Update: Merchant refuses to give refund of $629 though my kid never attended one class due to not getting info or email to attend class! He lied and told credit card co that my son was actively in class.

Review №7

This school is very professional, educational, and well-run. Highly recommend.

Review №8

Online classes were great very easy to understand the videos and the quizzes after every class

Review №9

The communication is unbelievably poor. After paying for the class in full online, Trying to schedule the appointment took forever as they never answer the phone and only communicate through text. The appointment then got canceled and I was told I would get a refund, after 3 months of texting, calling and emailing and being told the refund was being issued, I had to contact my credit card company to finally get the refund. Then randomly I received an email scheduling someone else’s appointment, along with their bill. It’s clear no one there knows what’s going on

Review №10

Very patient with teaching me how to drive. He told me instantly I was prepared. I was confident going in to my test. I did one lesson and scheduled my road test for two weeks after. Nailed everything the first time as asked by the instructor. Therefore, I passed on my first road test! Thank you for everything Gerald and giving me the confidence to drive!

Review №11

This is by far the best driving school ever and the class help a lot.

Review №12

People are nice and helpful during lessons. But come test day they make you wait an hour after your scheduled time and the instructors are real hardbutts

Review №13

I had a parent class scheduled for 7/29 and just got the zoom link hello its August. You call the place and always get the answering machine!! I text Gerald on 7/29 and he actually texted back staying internet issues no parent class will reach out to reschedule Im still waiting!!! Driving school isnt cheap all the money I paid to be treated like this is insane. Now my son is delayed with on roads and getting his license.

Review №14

Great driving school, would recommend 100%

Review №15

The class is smooth and easy to follow

Review №16

Couldnt even get an appointment.I tried contacting respectfully over and over. I even let them know they were being inconsiderate of my time.This place doesnt care about their customers.

Review №17

I took my driving classes/ rmv test here is 2013 and Mr. Smith also taught my entire family in fact my family members were in Mr. Smiths first class in 1981! Things may have changed but Mr. Smith is a good instructor who takes is business seriously. All the stories he tells are great also

Review №18

I asked for certification for completed classes and they blatantly lied about how long it would take and refused to pick up the phone during office hours. extremely bad and poor quality education

Review №19

My experience with agawam auto school was by far the worst! The amount of unprofessionalism was unbelievable the lack of communication and empathy was ridiculous I paid for the full course all the way back in September only to received one driving lesson after that lesson I was told I’d be contacted to schedule another which never happened so I reached out myself and I was ignored for weeks ! They’re just now sending out a refund check which isn’t the full amount I paid because I attended the bs zoom classes I do not recommend anyone attending this school they’re so unorganized and there’s no scheduling system for driving lessons they also do not disclose on their website that the classes are on zoom.

Review №20

JASON HERE! DO NOT PAY ANY MIND to BAD REVIEWS. It’s only bad if you make it to be. I had a wonderful experience, They were all very cooperative, encouraging, professional, kind and understanding. I would recommend to anyone looking for drivers ed or adult lessons.

Review №21

Worst customer service experience Ive ever had

Review №22

I’m not sure what the bad reviews are about. My lesson went great and smooth and I learned a lot in just one hour session. Looking forward to taking more lessons. Thanks AAS

Review №23

I didnt even get the chance to go here because they would not return any calls or emails. My mom had questions and would call only to get responses from a guy named Boo once every 8 days and countless calls. A friend of mine went here and said she had the same problems the entire duration of her lessons. She also said the instructor fell asleep many times during her driving instructions. On top of this, they charge outrageous prices for 30-40 minute sessions! In one of the few times my mom got ahold of them he said he charges $65 for one half hour session. There is another auto school down the road from them, theyre much better at communicating and have better prices for hour long instructions. Do not waste your money here.

Review №24

If I could give this place a zero I would but I will settle for one star. DO NOT GO TO THIS DRIVING SCHOOL. It is a waste of time. There is absolutely NO communication on their end. They mess up the links to the online classes and then when you need to make them up you cant because you cant get a hold of anyone. Trust me...go elsewhere for your driving courses because this place is one big headache and I have no clue how they stay in business.

Review №25

God is Good Agawam Ma is the best place to Take a road Test real professional

Review №26

So unorganized waste of money do not go there

Review №27

Took my test here about 4 years ago about to be 5 in June. I was very pleased with them always taking me for my lessons on time and everything!! Showed me everything that would be on the test and I passed!! These people saved my life and stress from the RMV!! Thank you!

Review №28

Total scam! My daughter had an instructor that will fall asleep while she was driving. Awful at returning calls, texts, and emails very unprofessional. Reschedules at the very last minute and thats once you try to get in contact with him otherwise no call no show. My daughter has a road test schedule for tomorrow and as of today he never took her through where they will take her to take the road test or for a pre-test as most driving schools do. No advice as to if he felt she was ready for the road test or not this only states that clearly he only wants your money as if your not prepared you are most likely going to failed the road test and have to take more driving lessons. Other driving schools will let you know if and when your ready for the road test based on their observations which in this case their are no observations as the instructor tends to fall asleep when he is supposed to be awake and watching you drive. This is not only a liability issue but a SAFETY issue. I wonder what the RMV has to say about this... Just an FYI- this company has had one file complaint with the BBB-better business bureau already so please be in the look out or better yet save your money and valuable time and go somewhere else for your own well being. THIS PLACE IS A TOTAL SCAM!!!

Review №29

Worst driver instructor i ever had. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!! first he goes to sleep while you are driving, then he will tell you that you are ready to take a test and you are not. Also he never returned my calls but sent me the document paper for my road test. i only went here because my sibling went here but he stop going to them due to this. i would not reccomend here at all. i wish i could give them no stars with they scamming behind

Review №30

This is the worst school and a complete scam do not go there or send your kids there by any means! They told me and my dad we had to pay In cash witch of course we though was weird but we obliged. They went on too ask for abnormally large sums of money for our testing and lessons and such and we now came to figure out they were not correctly keeping the books up with all of your transactions and are tying to charge us repeatedly for more money though the dvm and the school themselves. On top of that they did not prepare me for what would be asked and expected on the road tests.. during my time at the school I learned nothing. During my lessons the instructors would Carelessly talk on the phone the whole time and teach me nothing, one time i even had this woman instructor who was apparently heading to a Florida vacation this same day she was suppose to be instructing me. She proceeded to talk about how she would be leaving in just a few hours for Florida, tough me nothing, and then 2 weeks later when I went back to take my road test she was so overly occupied with her trip she didn’t even ever remember me!!! Another time I had a male instructor who I swear was sleeping during my lesson! Ether that or his breathing must sounds like snoring. NONE of them would ever answer phone calls or respond to emails it was so unprofessional. The most scamming part of this all is when we Realized all this and became fed up and stopped going to them and switched to a much better school they are continuing to to try and charge us for random thing I never even took part in and test dates we never made. STAY CLEAR OF THIS AUTO SCHOOL IT IS A COMPLETE SCAM AND THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT TEACHING YOU TO DRIVE THE CARE ABOUT YOUR MONEY.. in cash.

Review №31

Great people; was real helpful I was stuck in a bind needed to get through the course and instructions quickly. Did it all within a couple weeks. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you so much

Review №32

Very IRRESPONSIBLE, over 18 instructor wouldnt return phone calls. I would have to call repeated times just to get a response and schedule the next lesson. This guy is quick to take payment but not doing his part. If your looking for a professional well handled driving school experience, I would not recommend this driving school. If you dont mind that the instructor is on his phone and not instructing then this will work for you.

Review №33

Only allows you to pay in cash and they had me paying $60 for a 30-40 minute lesson. The driver fell asleep during my lessons multiple times. Didn’t listen to me when I told him a specific rmv. Never communicated with me for extra charges and when I called the rmv to schedule a different test I was unable to because I owed money he had told me he was paying for. Very unprofessional.

Review №34

Jerry man is theaf and a fruad man a big man.i go online agwam driving school website and book my class and he come and give me hardly 5 to 8 minutes class and he said I give you tomorrow class and he neaver back dont pick my call and dont reply my messages thay are just take money cash and gone gone no one go agwam driving school Jerry man is a big fruad gust waste your time and money.

Review №35

I have been trying to get in contact for the past month they wont return my money and will not responding

Review №36

Never seen any driving school like this, amazing!. I recommand everyone to go!

Review №37

Im happy I found them! I needed to rent a car and find a sponsor for my road test in Springfields RMV (MA). Im not living in that town, but that was the only RMV with available appointments for the road test without having to wait more than 4 weeks. So I took the bus to Springfield, and Gerald, the instructor, even picked me up from the bus terminal. I also took an hour of class to become confortable with the car and to practice a bit. He is kind, patient, and cares about the details. All his advices were useful. And finally I passed!

Review №38

Very very poor service and jarry man he take money and gone no call no message. 👎

Review №39

Signed up for the 150+100 plan i.e. 3 lessons and the test at the school location in their car with the provided sponsor. They barely did 2 of my lessons and whats worse is that they didnt prepare me for what would be asked in the test. So i failed the first time. They offered a repeat prep class before the alternate road test but didnt provide that either. By now i didnt need lessons and I cleared the second road test . Suggest pre-booking all appointments with stress on preparation for the test.

Review №40

So unPROFESSIONAL., I paid for 2 lessons and only did 1. The next day I was suppose to get my second lesson, the Driver Blew me off for 3 days straight. Then he knows Im still waiting for him to show up. He sends a text he will be here in minutes. Then another text hes in traffic, the final text was they would refund my money in a check . well to me this looks like they dont want to come teach me to drive. What an unPROFESSIONAL experience. Shame on there school.

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