Alpha Truck Driving School
1250 W Lake St, Addison, IL 60101, United States
Alpha Truck Driving School

Review β„–1

If your looking for a truck driving school stop look no further!!! There is really no better schoolTo be at then this one. They help you every step ofThe way from a flexible schedule to an amazing lot with so much space to learn and helping you find a job. They make it super easy for the student gotMy license within a couple weeks. I tried a couple other schools like 160 they were horrible. Plus the owner Art is the coolest dude you’ll ever meet!! πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ’―

Review β„–2

Went to this school as a student. Great school. They have all the information you need to pass. Dont look at anything else online. Just follow their videos and the quizzes for the written exam. Just be mentally prepared for it.

Review β„–3

Was a long road cause of my own fault, but the instructors at Alpha made it as easy as can be can be! For good reason thank you Art, and the other Art and Lucas for the stern direction and guidance. If your looking for a good school this is this is the place, Eric Purdy says thank you ALPHA Trucking School

Review β„–4

100 percent recommend this school to get your CDL Class A. Teachers are going to make sure you on top of your game and sometimes be hard on you.

Review β„–5

I highly recommend Alpha Truck Driving School to all interested in obtaining their CDL. The instructors are fully engaged and are committed to helping you pass. They will provide different techniques to your learning style, but you must put in hard work and dedication. This is no joke! This is not something that is given, but rather earned. A HUGE shout out to Lucas my favorite of all. He worked with me to perfect my skills set in the yard. Im forever grateful! Thank you, Charlie, Steve and Daniel for your bravery on the road. Thanks, John for being a Drill Sergeant and perfecting my Air Brakes spiel which was a success on exam day. Thanks to all of you, I passed on my first try. Thanks a million for your patience and feedback. Respectfully, Mayra.

Review β„–6

We had plenty of time the yard and the road, the instructors make sure to grill you on the pre trip so you dont mess up when retaking it costs 450$ which is much appreciated, (I recommend studying it in piecemeal sizes thruout the day, inbetween chores during commercials or on breaks at work). Only issue is that you arent just given info, you gotta ask a lot of questions and figure things out yourself, but the secretaries and the instructors are very cooperative so just ask and youll be fine. Great place to get my CDL.

Review β„–7

Highly recommend going to this school if you’re interested in an A or B class CDL. I personally just passed my road test and obtained my B class CDL. All of the instructors do a great job of explaining what needs to be done they made the whole process enjoyable. Thanks again to everyone at Alpha.

Review β„–8

Good school number one in my book. From Matt in the classroom to the yard good instructors. Charlie good guy... Lucas, Steve, Daniel and Art. Affordable can’t beat this school. Recommend 10000%

Review β„–9

I had a great experience with alpha truck driving school from the house to the yard overall it was a good experience, all the instructors were very helpful, professional, patience and awesome coaches. Charlie at the yard really helped me learn the basic to being on the road and gained that experience and confidence that I would need to prepared myself not only for the exam but for the real deal. By far I recommend this school for anyone that is looking to get their cdl.

Review β„–10

Just recently graduated. Instructors and staff are amazing. Learning to drive on the simulator during my in class training was a huge benefit. Definitely a top of line school, I highly recommend Alpha CDL School to anyone looking to get into the transportation industry.

Review β„–11

Thank you so much all the staff and instructor from Alpha Team.I specially thank you Carles and Steve for extra helping me in skill and road. All the new student, I recommend this school highly!

Review β„–12

Alpha Truck Driving school has helped me accomplish my goal of obtaining my CDL. Im very thankful for the flexible hours, great price and very helpful instructors.

Review β„–13

Great, and very knowledgeable instructors!Helped me pass on my first try, A big Thank you to the entire team!

Review β„–14

Instructors were honest and forward. I definitely appreciate that because it doesn’t allow you to waste your time or theirs. They correct your weaknesses and set you up to be prepared for the test with the state officials. Would definitely recommend and their prices are affordable.

Review β„–15

Great school with even better instructors. they are very thorough and patient; i would recommend this place to anybody looking to begin their career as a cdl driver!

Review β„–16

Good school instructors are strict but for good reason. I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking at getting a CDL.

Review β„–17

Alpha Truck Driving School is one of the best in the business. The instructors are all very knowledgeable and are focused on helping you pass. 10/10. Will definitely recommend anyone here for CDL classes in a heartbeat.

Review β„–18

Greatest choice of my life. This school worked for me because I was able to learn at my own pace. The instructors did not rush me in the classroom and was there to help whenever I was confused. When I learned to drive the instructors taught me a lot and showed me how not to be intimidated.Overall great experience and would recommend to anyone trying to start a career in the transportation industry.

Review β„–19

Awesome Instructors and very knowledgeable in what they teach. Great pricing, payment plans are available as well. i will definitely recommend Alpha Truck Driving School to any person i know thats looking for a GOOD school. if you listen, follow directions, and have the will to learn; YOU WILL GET YOUR CDL. Dont Hesitate.->a message to those that taught me : Thank-You for all you guys did to help teach me, i appreciate you.

Review β„–20

Alpha CDL School was dope!Great instructors, straightforward, want you to succeed.Recommend!

Review β„–21

The best truck driving school you can go to it’s worth the money I promise you Art Lucas Steve Charlie the whole crew is going to teach you how to drive a 18 wheeler I can’t forget Matt and the girls in the office

Review β„–22

Great experience and the training is pin point! I took the refresher course so I can get my license back and Alpha is the best route for anyone in my shoes

Review β„–23

Alpha trucking is worth the money and hard work. All of the instructors from the classroom to the yard push you to make sure that you pass the test on your 1st try. They all offer great tips and details. I felt discouraged at the beginning but I passed on my 1st try. I appreciate every instructor. I MADE IT OUT ALIVE!

Review β„–24

Great experience and they helped me with everything and answered all my question!

Review β„–25

The classroom experience is poorly executed by the instructors due to the lack there of. The instructors scheduling calendar is extremely lacking. When it comes time to do the pre-trip inspection (which is required after you get your CDL permit and before you are allowed to start scheduling your behind the wheel driving), the instructors are very biased. Bring COVID shutdowns involved in middle of al that, no extensions were given to extend the time to complete course which was a 9 month completion time. Now the time span has been extended. Not sure if the school is to blame or the DOT. However the few driving instructors I was able to meet during observation hours at the driving yard were very friendly and professional.

Review β„–26

Instructors are very helpful. Clear instruction of what needs to be done to help you pass the test. And work with you until they know you are comfortable in you skills to pass the test.

Review β„–27

Great school!! The best instructors ever! Big Artur, Lil Artur, Lukasz, John,Charlie, Steven.. They all helped me a lot and taught me everything. They were encouraging me all the time, telling me not to give up and everything. I’m so happy that I chose this school and I got to be there and have so great people teach me. The best school ever!!!

Review β„–28

Instructors were very honest and helpful. I definitely learned alot in the time I spent here. Charlie and Steve were key to my success. Thank you guys very much.

Review β„–29

I really like this school because they have professional teachers that push you to the best of your abilities so that you are the best driver you could be. They teach the theoretical and the practical aspect of the teaching well. No doubt that you will confidently pass the licensing exam!

Review β„–30

This is great school they have very flexible hours seven days a week and they will work with your schedule so there is no excuse not getting your CDL if you’re working two jobs! And want to apply yourself to do better. They have very good instructors they yell at you because they care and will push you to do better making the exam more easier to do if you study and follow instructions and will work with you till you get it right! Hope you read this Art

Review β„–31

Alpha is a good school to go to the instructors are hands on pass on my first try they are hands on with everything give them a call will change your life

Review β„–32

This school was amazing from the start. The sign up process was very smooth and everything was explained to details about the process. The classroom time was very informative and very clear about the steps needed to move on to the next step. The yard time prepared you for your final exam and I was very confident about passing my exam. The instructors were very detailed and really took their time to make sure you were prepared!

Review β„–33

The best school ever, all guys are very helpfull, it was easy and pleasant time. Follow the instruction and anybody can pass.

Review β„–34

Alpha truck driving is the best school around. I was able to learn at my own pace. The Instructors are knowledgeable and dedicated. I passed the class A cdl test with confidence. Invest in yourself Choose Alpha truck driving school!!

Review β„–35

Great experience and it was tough but it’s was well worth it.

Review β„–36


Review β„–37

Good school passed on my first try, would recommend it to anybody.

Review β„–38

Great school great instructors. Overall great experience best part they upfront and honest

Review β„–39

Very good school. Good instructors on the yard they know what are they doing and they always try to get the best of you and get you ready for your test. I recommended 100%

Review β„–40

If you want to get your cdl fast and easy come to alpha wont be disappointed very good instructors will keep your mind at ease.

Review β„–41

Great school and excellent instructors! I passed and got my CDL on my first try. Highly recommend it to those looking to start a career in the transportation industry.

Review β„–42

Great school, great instructors, strive to give the most up to date knowledge & info, work tirelessly to set their students up for success & are the best bang for your buck as far as truck driving schools go in & around chicagoland. Dont hesitate to let Art & the Alpha crew teach you what you need to know, you wont be disappointed! I passed all my tests on the first try!

Review β„–43

This School is the best school you can come to and get your CDL A! All the instructors from the classroom to the yard were really good and patient and gave really good advice on completing mounervers. I PASS ON THE 1ST TRY!!!

Review β„–44

Thanks again for your service, for everything you taught me !! And thanks to all the instructors (Charlie, Steve, Art, Daniel, Lucas and Matt) for helping me get my CDL.

Review β„–45

Great driving school! I had less than a week to leave how to drive a semi and they got the job done! I highly recommend going here if you want your CDL

Review β„–46

Great place to start your CDL career, the teachers are very knowledgeable and have many years of experience. The best thing is they take the time to go one on one. I will recommend it to anyone thinking of to start there CDL classes.

Review β„–47

Attending this school was a fantastic experience. I learned so much and it was a lot of fun. If you are in the Chicago western suburbs and are looking for a school that will teach you what you need to know to get your CDL, look no further than Alpha.

Review β„–48

Best instructors hand down they push you to believe in yourself.They have all the tools you need to get your CDL it’s all on you to see if you want it !

Review β„–49

A big difference from what the school was before and now Ive heard good things about the school thats why I registered but is not right now probably because the owner got bad partners or instructors. except for two instructors that give you points to learn and follow with students step by step the others are Β just yelling and discouraging student saying the truck is not for everyone or making fun of someone who is making a mistake just because they didnt show him the right thing to do, speaking the polish language when other people exist and insulting people using their language. all this is not professional for a school where students seeking knowledge.

Review β„–50

One of the Best CDL schools in the Chicagoland area. Instructors are very knowledgeable and assist and provide you with all the tools necessary to be successful. Shout out to all the instructors. Thanks for Everything...

Review β„–51

I live in Chicago, but I chose to do the long commute to this school for being affordable and after reading the online reviews. I’m happy I did that because I found good instructors and front desk people. Art & PJ are excellent instructors and they do their best to teach you everything so you can become a professional driver. The rest it’s up to you!. PS pictures were taken on the test day

Review β„–52

If your thinking about getting your CDL this the place to come to. Flexible schedule, great instructors, and they do everything possible to guarantee you pass on the first try. I recommend this driving school.

Review β„–53

I pass in my first try. They good instructors and teachers. I recommended this school to anyone. best school in West Chicago flexible schedule, also β€œ best payment availability. β€œ Go now”what you waiting for” πŸ‘

Review β„–54

Alpha Truck Driving School is a great school to get your CDL, Matt the instructor in classroom is very knowledgeable and will not let you go further until he knows you know your pre trip inspection and your shifting from the simulator. Instructors on the yard are all great, Big thanks to Art, short Art, Steve, John, Luke, Charlie. They all provided me great pointers how to do skills and drive on the road. They were tough sometimes but it paid off at the end. I passed my Exam on the first try. It was easy and simple at the end. Just listen to all the instructors what they tell you and do as they tell you, and you will get your CDL class A at first try. Big thanks to them. Girls in the office, were very helpful as well, they explained every single detail before I signed up. They advised me where to go to get my permit done and also where to get my Medical Card and Drug test done. Thank you Alpha for easy and fast service. Highly recommend!!

Review β„–55

Great School and awesome instructors.The place to be if you want to get your CDL

Review β„–56

Thank you Alpha truck driving school. The owner is very friendly and he tought me a lot things.this is the best driving school. I learned not only how to drive a truck but i also have basic knowledge of the industry works. Great lectures and a lot of recruiters come to this school. Very good flexible schedule and super nice staff. Thank you πŸ™πŸ»

Review β„–57

A great school to attend flexible schedule and open on weekends. I got my cdl first try with hard work and devoted one on one teachers. Reach out to this school if your trying to father your career in truck driving.....

Review β„–58

Alpha trucking school is super good and flexible with the schedule. Got my license the first try thanks to the awesome instructors. They teach you quick and make it super easy.

Review β„–59

Great people, very detail oriented. They’ll help you get your CDL at your own pace. Reason I chose this school is due to flexibility and atmosphere.

Review β„–60

I would like to thank Alpha Trucking School for the experience and also preparing me for my CDL exam.Matt-was helpful, enjoyable, very knowledgeable and patient. He will not let you pass on to the next phase until you are accurate with your knowledge of your pre-trip.Big Art and Lil Art-Both are a Gem in the yard. They will not let you give up on your self. They will make you do it over and over until you get it right. Both Men are Great at teaching you what you need to know for passing. I really loved big Art Attitude and encouragement.Steven-What a Great instructor and I mean that, his Instruction is so on point he’s very calm and patientJohn and Charlie both are very cool and make sure that you get the job done. One thing John taught me is to talk it out while doing the skill to ease your brain and gain knowledge of what your are supposed to do.Luke- What a calm chilled sprit. This guy is so cool I once freaked out during straight backing he told me to hop out and walk it off. Once I did he let me continue on with backing and I did it. his patience is phenomenal!Alpha Trucking school is a great investment, I’ve passed and now I will be heading back into the classroom to get my endorsements.Very satisfied with going to this school.

Review β„–61

This place is awesome!!! I transferred from another school and I can say there is a huge difference in the way your being treated. They pay attention to all the students and give one on one lessons. Very good staff and prices!!!

Review β„–62

Awesome teachers! Passed on my first attempt, theyll push you to do better than the day before! Come check them out and good luck!

Review β„–63

Alpha is an awesome school. Learned a lot, gave me all the knowledge I needed to get my CDL. Would of got my cdl my first time around but I was to stubborn to listen to the instructors. If you listen and do what they tell you to do it becomes easy to pass your first time around.

Review β„–64

Reasonable price and professional staff. Very friendly instructors and helpful.

Review β„–65

Great school! Passed on my first try!! Sign up today!

Review β„–66

As a recent graduate of Alpha I believe this is one of the best CDL schools around. I started at another school the instructors there just didn’t care so I went to Alpha. It was the BEST decision I ever made.The yard instructors at Alpha are tough, but you can see they put their harts into making sure you’re ready for your exam. They have everything set up to give you the best chance of getting your CDL the first time around. They have a pretty basic but REALLY neat simulator at the yard to help you learn your shifting without the stress of having to be on the road, they also have automatic trucks if you don’t understand or aren’t able to get the shifting part of driving which takes off the pressure of driving and shifting. Where most jobs I went to apply for have automatic trucks anyway.From the day you start they give you 6 months to finish your CDL I did mine in just under 4 weeks. I LOVED their open class hours, I was able to come and go whenever I had time to the class to complete my hours.The only problem I had was with observation where it seemed like the some of students just did whatever they wanted it was very distracting to those that were there to study, if I’m to guess that might be the ones that were unhappy with the school and had something bad to say since it seemed like they didn’t want to learn.Alpha gave me all the knowledge I needed to get my CDL and more. After I passed I was reminded by one of the instructors to leave a review which I was more then happy to do.

Review β„–67

Now I can put my review,I chose this school after I finished general knoledge combination and air brakes test.I chose this school because I found 5 stars reviews, Lets start with the class, The instructor is always on his phone and to play some low quality and old videos that you can find them on YouTube as well. I watched truckers against human trafficking at least 12 times but at that 100 hours we did not learn any thing more than that. After that 100 hours which us waste we went to the observation level at their yard for 20 hours . instructors work at the yard, two of them was good exactly owner and African American guy but unfortunately he works only part times and only p.m . but other instructors when would to teach you they start to yelling you and make you more nervous. Some times I missed to change the gear properly because of their old equipments but they only the end i switched to automatic me and my friend just to get cdl and get out of there.That took us 3 months to get our CDL, we had to drive 1 hour from home to yard . Check their yard before registration that is too far.I didn’t get any good experience at the Alpha trucking school and I decided to share it with you maybe that help you. I checked most of the reviews for this school and I figure out 90 percents of the reviews are unreal because the the short guy he will ask you to bring your phone and give him 5 stars the most who wrote the review has only one review on google map.

Review β„–68

Very good school. They have materials in Arabic that help you study. All the instructors are super nice and patient. Girls in the office are also very helpful. Super nice place and great prices. Very happy to get my Cdl on a first try

Review β„–69

Alpha cdl was the right choice for school when it came to getting my cdl, they were very professional and patient when teaching me the tricks of the trade. Would recommend them to anyone looking to get their cdl

Review β„–70

This is a really awesome school at a great price! They over train you so you pass the test with no problem thank you again alpha for all the training and help!

Review β„–71

Best school in the area 😊 passed all exams on my first try all the instructors were helpful and know there trade. Give this guys a call you wont regret it

Review β„–72

Thanks alpha, at first i wasnt sure going into it but once your into the course i really was able to work at my own pace which made me feel less stressed since it usually takes be longer to study and comprehend information. Thanks you to instructors at yard i went into it worried i wasnt ready but they really do know what they are showing you and will get you to keep wokring on ur mistakes til you get it right!!!! thank you for getting me ready to take the test !!!

Review β„–73

Good school highly recommend I want to say thanks to Lukas and John and Steven and Art

Review β„–74

Every instructor was helpful. Each one gave advice to improve my driving. I PASSED MY EXAM ON MY FIRST TRY!!! The single biggest factor that made me choose this school was the cost of tuition and the flexibility. Highly, highly recommended! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸš›

Review β„–75

Alpha trucking school is the best!! These guys are all professional and teach you right the first time around.They work around your schedule, evenings and night classes . They always have the best prices for the course.The staff are very good people. I recommend this place to any one looking to get there CDL class A.

Review β„–76

Just graduating from Alpha Truck Driving school, I can hands down say this is the best schooling experience I have had. They have been extremely helpful in my learning experience. I chose them because they are extremely flexible with their schedules, which allowed me to keep my job while going to school. No other school was this flexible. I will definitely be recommending anyone that wants to be a driver to this school. Hands down an amazing experience.

Review β„–77

I felt that I had made a huge mistake registering with Alpha Truck Driving School and not originally going with a Company or the College of DuPage.Let me explain why:1.)So past the pretty front desk that they have, youll be introduced to the backroom of computers that they have you learning. For the questions in completing your DMV permit requirement, just use the DMV Genie App and save yourself the time and frustration.2.) So you get through the permit and are now expected to learn the Pre-Trip Inspection, well guess what? You are dedicating the next 80-90 hours learning a script you cant even physically apply on the yard. I had a yard instructor yell at my face for not fully completing the 20 hour pre trip inspection( I had already done 16 hours). So you are expected to memorize the actions you do for what the state asks the minimum for the school to complete. So no, you wont actually be docking and undocking a trailer(which is critical to actually do), and they dont let you do that probably for insurance purposes. My actual frustration came when Bald Pin Head Larry said to get off the f***** fake peddle shifter they have in the shack in the yard. The thing is... I cannot learn without physically doing the task at hand, so being yelled at for practicing and learning to shift manually based on what they ask of you in the script really was totally disrespectful to me and my learning experience.3.) Okay.... So lets say you make a mistake and you dont memorize the script they gave you, they will put emphasis in you paying extra for the course. Its not a forewarning, I felt it more as a threat based on the way they talked down to you like a puppy learning the ropes. My issue is that if I can not find an instructor whose willing to spend the time to help you learn, well Why am I in this school to begin with? Advertising the 1 on 1 instructor experience they had seemed like a safe bet along with all the good reviews for the school. But the reality was that the in class instructor will sit on his butt, on his phone 24/7, posting videos of students completing the course rather than dedicate the time to teach you or the students who paid for this schooling. Even when you do come up to complete your pre trip inspection, he will laugh at your mistakes and tell you to watch the pre trip videos again. If Flexibility is to put emphasis in you sitting on your butt everyday watching the same pre trip inspection video without having the actual instructor dedicate his time to having you master the material.... you could literally save yourself the $3300 and rent a truck to go to the DMV to get your CDL-A. Or get paid and find a reputable company to train you. Which btw, Alpha Truck Driving is not a FedEx Approved School.4.) If you looking to get your CDL-A asap, save yourself the trouble and find a dedicated company training program that often trains students within the 5 week deadline they want you to graduate and start working for them, compared to the 6 Months they provide for you to complete this course.... so why would you need that much time when youre trying to complete your cdl and start work ASAP?5.) I thought that with the 1 on 1 training they say they provide, this would be a great option for me.. As a 2nd generational truck driver and not heeding my fathers advice of 30 years of truck driving experience in not registering for this school; I admit this is truly made the biggest mistake I have ever taken in assuming that the quality of training at Alpha is proficient enough in having you become a future Truck Driver. Boy was I wrong!* And one more thing! That pretty little simulator they have in the back, actually is just what you wont be using if your trying to get your cdl-a. Because the difference between actually driving and playing a game is no where near the same thing!If you dont like to be yelled at and talked down to for trying to learn, well Alpha Truck Driving is not for you or your money!

Review β„–78

They did a great a job taking me step by step on every little detail and make sure I was well prepared. By the time I took the CDL it was a breeze. Highly recommended!

Review β„–79

I’ve been to alpha before COVID,during quarantine and now after and throughout all they have been very dedicated to teaching their students all the necessary skills to get their license. Keeping their student safe like having online classes and limited seating in classes. I can’t thank them enough for helping me get my license.highly recommended to anyone

Review β„–80

Great school great instructorsThey prepare u and give u the knowledgeFor a better future

Review β„–81

I pass in my first try, this instructors are Amazon, they dedicate time to make sure you pass. If you want your CDL, I highly recommend Alpha truck Driving School. You won’t regret it.

Review β„–82

Passed my CDL on my first try! Thank you ALPHA truck driving school for all the help & A special thanks to Matt, Art, John, Luke, Art & Steven you guys are all amazing!Sign up today! Youll pass & you wont be disappointed!

Review β„–83

Best school to get your CDL A license. All the trainers are well trained and they give each student special attention during the course. I got my license in the first try. Choose this school and you won’t regret your decision. Alpha Trucking School rocks!! 🚚

Review β„–84

Dont waste your money, its a scam.

Review β„–85

I passed my test on the first try! Great school, great instructors, friendly and very thorough! Highly recommended!

Review β„–86

Got my CDL today in one shot! Alpha truck driving school The Best! Best crew in town i swear from the office classroom and at the yard, these guys needs an allstar plaque, specially to art man you know what is thanks a lot, i just think some of the instructors needs to turn the notch down a little bit because when they yell at their student some of them don’t like it and it adds up pressure and it leads to frustration and it causes trouble between student and instructors, we all need those respect right.. but at the end of the day these guys wants you to pass all you do is listen to them apply and execute, shoutout to steve the best cool dude very calm and very informative been with steve for the last couple days before my testing he helped me big time, shoutout to matt at the classroom he will make sure that your pre-trip is spotless before sending you to the yard for the behind the wheel, its a day and night difference compare to the last truck driving school i went to, very organized from the start until the end alpha truck driving school highly recommended folks! Two thumbs up from me, i can see big future with these team and dominate the truck driving school scene here in town for sure goodluck guys more power. πŸ‘Œ

Review β„–87

Awesome school, great people, best of the pest placeI am pass first time

Review β„–88

Real nice place got my cdl on a first shot The trainers are great and really patient. This place has an amazing driving range and a shifting simulator. The environment in the classes is really cool. Matt will test every one on the pre trip and you will know your stuff before you leave. I liked that they have a flexible schedule and they work with you to get it done That place has the best prices around and payment options

Review β„–89

I just passed my CDL on my first try,it was the best experience,it was quick and had no problem passing all three tests,the instructors were very helpful and honest,I thank you guys and good luck to everyone who comes to Alpha to take there CDL

Review β„–90

I just passed my CDL test with Alpha truck driving school, first try, the program was top notch, instructors very helpful and knowledgeable. Would recommend them to anyone wanting to get their CDL License !!

Review β„–91

Great school I got my cdl in no time. I had a good time learning how to drive a truck. All the way instructor are very patient and knowledgeable. If you are looking for a truck driving school. Alpha is the way to go. Thank you

Review β„–92

Looking to get your CDL, is the best school to go.Passed on first try, highly recommended.

Review β„–93

Great school instructor are good and make sure youre ready to pass.

Review β„–94

Great school best opportunity you can take going to alpha people are great the classes are worth every second

Review β„–95

Best school best people highly recommended πŸ’ͺ🏻Pass from the time

Review β„–96

Passed on my first try it was fun getting my cdl at alpha truck driving school. Great instructors and awesome simulator. Really good place highly recommended to anyone

Review β„–97

Great school had an amazing time learning about the entire trucking industry. Had a lot if job offers during the time in class. Highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to get there CDL. Thank you very much for all your help

Review β„–98

Passed all exam on the first try. i highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in getting their CDL. this guys will work with you and actually teach real life driving techniques. Big thanks to all the instructors and staff at alpha for all there help.

Review β„–99

Very good school, teachers really care about the students and give alot of support and great instruction. I am happy i chose this school and i passed all test on my first shot. Thank you for all your hard work.

Review β„–100

Great school I passed on my first try. The instructors are awesome and very knowledgeable. They will definitely help you get you your CDL. The yard instructors will push you until you are ready to test but they do it in a fun way.

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